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Rebecca Watson & Sarah Moglia: the cult of narcissistic self-pity


How feminists with poor mental health are taught to demand intellectual immunity

Using twitter to criticize feminists and compare them to creationists has been successful so far, in less than a week after opening the account, they had already developed intense emotions unrelated to love for me (I even got “blockboted” or mass blacklisted on the fourth day). They certainly make noise but that was intended from the beginning, radical religions always try to censor dissent. For them, it is heresy to think & disagree.
See, their reactions are not new to atheists, due to my line of business, for the last 10 years I have been walking the same beaten path, having conversations with radical religious people both in person and online. After a few years I started writing down things many of them seemed to coincide saying, a shared memorized almost verbatim script of sorts. Things like the problems and motivations Islamic, Creationists, Mormons and many other interviewed religions shared. With the most fervent, most radicalized ones nearly always displaying a partial disclosure/indication of past of sexual abuse, substance abuse or high impulsiveness. The more intense their mental illness were, the more radical the person had become. Some cases were sad, such as the recovering alcoholic that had to close his eyes and pray intensely in mid-stride when he accidentally saw an ad related to alcohol that triggered his intense fear-looking compulsion, almost like a sunken ship survivor holding on to the last floating piece of debris. Other cases were just frustrating because the person was clearly depressed or had expressed suicidal thoughts and/or behavior, their religion alone was not making the cut modern medicine could have done if combined with their faith as emotional support. Many of the people I spoke to gave me the impression they stayed with religion because it gave them an emotional support base, a community of sorts but not because they had a choice, for many of them religion was their last straw before self destruction. The desperate need for emotional support seemed to drive them to join their respective cult then it became an addiction. When I talk to feminists online and in person I see a similar broken emotional landscape, the more intense their mental illnesses, the more likely they are to have become a radicalized feminist with a higher addiction to false emotional support through feminism. And once again, this came with the same frustrating impression of feminism being used as an imaginary panacea, a “catch all” to heal all of their very real mental illnesses.

Case in point, I recently came across Sarah Moglia, a twitter user whose T-shirt joke backfired then was storified.


She (predictably) did not control her emotions, got very upset/offended and continuously defended Rebecca Watson & her cash cow site Skepchick.
Sarah defended Watson almost too fiercely and, as expected, there was a connection, a conflict of interest. See, Sarah Moglia is a columnist for Skepchick. After screening her articles for emotional tone & level of radicalism, I came across her self-confession-therapy-like piece.

In this essay Sarah talks about her past, depression, references to non consensual sex, rape references, loneliness and attempts to motivate herself. As with religious people with unresolved mental illnesses, Sarah seems to have put all her faith in a movement to help her cope with her real problems with imaginary solutions.

Predictably, I saw this young woman as vulnerable. That guilt trap of advertised vulnerability almost worked and this article was almost never written. The words “guilt trap” or rather “guilt tripping” were the deciding factor to write this piece. 

See, the fact of her having suffered from her mental illness does not mean she is exempt from criticism. She cannot be mentally ill and a healed person at the same time. She cannot put both her good and flawed thoughts as an adult woman out on the Internet and expect no accountability. That is the guilt trap of feminism, they blatantly advertise vulnerability then guilt trip you to avoid intellectual honesty & accountability. Sarah is an adult woman with the same number of responsibilities and rights any adult male or female should have but feminism has trained her to mine her own self-pity in exchange for intellectual immunity. In other words, feminists with mental illnesses are perfect “untouchables” or “lepers” to go out and spread their religion. If they encounter resistance, they guilt trip you until you pity enough to avoid them or until they brainwash you.

But if the guilt fails, they accuse you of being a misogynist. (picture packs of blind Jehovah’s witnesses high on acid knocking on doors with hammers & anybody that does not open is gently hammered to a pulp as a “satanist” )
They bet on guilt and pity so that an adult is treated with the distortion field of toddlerhood. Sarah herself is a human shield used by feminists. (yes, If you were truly mentally ill, you would not be allowed to be online to begin with dear hypocrite Sarah)
Religious people also try to guilt trip you when they want to get away with their scams & delusions, alcoholic or not, depressed or not, feminists or not, criminal or not, they are nearly always adults playing the victim. Similar to the classic priest that incessantly guilt trips you with “he died for your sins!” until you tithe handsomely, because, well…they guilt trip you until you end up believing you owe them one Jesus and since they don’t make them anymore…you tithe.

Guilt tripping does not work that well online for Sarah, if she expected me not to point out her flawed thinking just because she have suffered from one/several mental illness, she is mistaken. Sarah is not a child anymore, she is an adult woman putting her ideas online. Contrary to feminist dogma her ideas do not grant her (or anybody) intellectual immunity because nobody is exempt from criticism, especially online. Sarah does not understand our time as vulnerable ignorant children has long passed.

We all suffer in life Sarah, plenty of people have it worse than you, you are not a child with terminal cancer or a child war survivor, you are just a woman that refuses to be an adult because of your addiction to self-pity.

The reality of life is that we all fall in order to learn how to pick ourselves up.

Feminism falsely teaches women like Sarah to fall & stay on the floor begging for someone’s pity to pick them up. If she did not believe pity empowered her, she would not have written her past suffering with the Internet as her hostage+therapist.

Here are 3 lies the religion of feminism teaches human shields like Sarah on a daily basis

“I deserve everything because I suffered!

Not true. Plenty of people suffer much more than Sarah, Rebecca & whole Skeptchick staff.

Unlike countless women, Sarah & Rebecca grew up in a first world country, in a fully urbanized city, with paid education, overnourished and a roof over their heads. Compare this to little girls in Afghanistan who are born into bronze-age equivalent villages, without any hope of education, malnourished and often enslaved and sold shortly after birth. Sure, no one has it worse than those pudgy Bostonian princesses.
Sarah and Rebecca know these contrasting facts about their lives versus the lives of women of the 3rd world are not convenient for Skepchick members and for western feminists in general. They have to lie to achieve their quotas. They have to lie to their readers by spreading propaganda conveying the message “women in Boston suffer just as much as women in Afghanistan, be afraid, very afraid” then, they ask for donations. Their tactics constitute the manipulation of the very real suffering of a collective group of women abroad for western personal gain. However, the second lie is the deepest most blatant one. Why? Because Sarah & many western feminists lie to themselves daily without even noticing.

How? Well, they have to lie by telling themselves daily their narcissism is compassion.

When they write pieces like Sarah’s about themselves & what their future selves would tell their past selves with the excuse of “helping others who may relate” it still is pure narcissism with hints of sci-fi. Sarah’s piece in simple English reads pretty much like this;

“I suffered, I suffered, I suffered, people were mean! & I suffered, I’d like to grow up & be strong but I suffered so much. Did I tell you I suffered?”

If feminism & Sarah were a foreign movie, we would hear an incomprehensible foreign loud language but the subtitles would repeatedly say “I suffered”
Sarah does not realize that in order to help others heal we must first heal ourselves. Suffering is not a badge, suffering is a part of life, of learning and of healing. Sarah’s problem is that she does not compare her suffering with the greater suffering of others, she is the only one that counts. Sarah & her sisters fervently believe their narcissism is not their fault. Sarah is a good example  the current state of feminism, they have a widespread mental health problem retooled as “the female right to be pitied”.
Sarah has not healed her PTSD & depression, she instead found a cult (feminism) the cult tells her nothing is her fault, the cult then presents to her the supreme catch-all escape goat (The Patriarchy) then Sarah’s state becomes one of permanent victimhood as the patriarchy takes all accountability and agency from her life. Every interaction with other women may include hints at their shared oppression and together they stand in front of the mirror of their own compassion. Unlike feminism, the purpose of real therapy sessions is to become less dependent on the sessions themselves as the medications and a healthier life style help the patient. But just like religion, feminism is too eager to proclaim itself the “be-all solution” through the pontification of perpetual victimhood. Feminists like Sarah are praised for displaying the deformed casts of their plastered broken emotions while wearing perpetual crutches  made of rape memories. Unlike a fractured limb, their fractured emotions and their crutches are seen as “badges of honor”. Their mantra reads “It is very OK to be a perpetual victim”
The reality is that it is not “OK” to be a perpetual victim. The longer you pity yourself the longer you will remain blind to someone else’s greater suffering. If you are the only victim that counts you will fail to see there are people with chronic or terminal diseases with conditions much worse than Sarah’s depression.
The problem is that feminism is quite happy to keep women in this infant-like intellectual limbo, they never resolve their past trauma, they loiter in the swamps of self pity perpetually staring at their narcissistic mirrors, just like Sarah. Their cult of women is always dedicated to telling each other how “oppressed” they are while patting each other on the back & saying how great a job they are doing going nowhere. The religion of feminism uses you, swamped narcissistic women, as cannon fodder for donations. They take your mental health problems and put them on display on a corner to guilt trip people into paying, like an addicted prostitute never allowed to heal and try another occupation with feminism as a pimp.

“I am right because I suffered!”

After feminism effectively pimps women’s past suffering & hooks them to the opium of their own compassion, they remain enslaved to this group-think of female toddlerhood. The behavior they show online and offline is that of a person that firmly believes they have been given a really “bad hand of cards in life”. That someone is “always out get them”. Let that sink in, someone is “always out get them” which is, in and of itself the kind of idea that would normally prevent you from even getting a job (during the initial screening of job applicants to weed out the psychos). Life is not “cards”, if anything, life has been magnanimous with those of us who can type on a computer. Life and the world does not owe any of us anything. The world does not even owe any of us an apology for what happened to any of us in the past. Believing the world owes you anything is a tacit admission of narcissism. But when you are a feminist like Sarah or Rebecca Watson, the delusion of narcissism is encouraged and when you add the second mental disorder of sociopathy to the mix, you effectively have an often young hateful woman that religiously believes the world owes her an apology and the same world is always against her.

These young priestesses of the narcissistic cult of victimhood have to be kept permanently fearful for them to be marketed effectively as a bargaining chip for donations. It suffices to look at Skepchick’s traffic and its several branches to see this. But most importantly, we should look at the pervasive victimhood in the vast majority of Skeptchick articles. Their articles are a narcissistic victim’s opium. Guess what? Rebecca Watson is laughing her way to the bank daily selling ideological opium. (my guess is that Sarah’s bank account pales when compared with Rebecca’s as Sarah is just a mildly useful pawn).

The worst thing is that this is a self perpetuating addiction, the feminist victims stay victims because they are incompetent at anything else. For someone whose sole competence is to play the victim, they become even more addicted as they get older.
Suffering does not warrant us anything if we do not learn from it. Western feminists leader like Watson are too comfortable lying to their followers because they use them as cattle, as bargaining chips, as human shields for pity, to ask for donations.
But if we look closely at the backgrounds of the writers of Skepchick we find they are usually western, brought up in affluent neighborhoods with education and housing paid by their families. These westerners, often white privileged women turn a blind eye at their 3rd world, darker skinned often in abject poverty counterparts only to point their western fingers to “privileged white men”
Hypocrisy takes many shapes and when feminists get offended by pointing at these facts we can see we are on the right track.
And adult demanding to be “empowered” solely because he/she suffered does not help anyone. If suffering was a currency, the third world would be paved in gold.

“I am right because I am offended”

Feminism claims intellectual immunity on the imaginary grounds of being “offended” just like religions. Throughout my interactions with Creationists radicals, Muslim radicals, and Feminist radicals I have noticed 3 points theirs & many other religions share in common

1) Their religion is the only valid one
2) They consider all the other religions invalid
3) If you tell them all the other religions use 1 and 2 identically. They “Get offended” & end the discussion.
“Getting offended” has no intellectual value and should no longer be used, that rule applies to me, to you, all feminists and everyone else because “Getting offended” is the quickest way to claim you won an argument by lying.
Anybody can misuse the words “Getting offended” to either stop the other party from asking questions or just to flee reasoning.
It is so burned and misused that it no longer means anything because it never did to begin with, anybody that claims to be offended by an idea may as well be lying. When you tell religious radicals “Getting offended” is not a point or an argument but just a word to stop the dialogue, that they have become  addicted to those meaningless words, then, an incredible paradox takes place in their solipsistic heads.

The greatest irony is that when confronted with their addiction to get offended, religious people get offended…again.

Just like their religious counterparts on twitter, Sarah & Rebecca attempt to silence the other party by wasting their 140 characters with references to being offended. When you start giving “offended” people a free pass, what they really get is a very costly exploit, a loophole in the system; they get intellectual immunity.
I do not have such immunity neither does anybody else. I want to be debated, criticized & I welcome personal attacks because I have no right to get offended, same applies to everyone else. But spouting nonsense without any accountability is what  feminism and radical religions blatantly encourage. It is dishonest, manipulative and has no intellectual value. Just like feminism itself.
Sarah Rebecca and all the Skepchick members of the feminist victimhood, please understand this feminist dogma cannot heal your addiction to self-pity, self compassion, your PTSD & depression because feminism is not a cure for any mental health problems, it is a perpetual continuation of them. We adults should care about preventing the suffering of children & future generations. You are not children anymore.

Important Note for Sarah, Rebecca, FTB, A+, Skepchicks & all feminists:

Please note I do not care about your suffering because you are not children anymore.


Don’t come to the internet for therapy, it is as useful as fixing a hangnail with a chainsaw

Holding Japan hostage

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Your house is on fire and you have 3 options before calling the firemen:

1. Throw water at the flames
2. Run inside the house and wait
3. Not calling the firemen because you need time to make up your mind

It is not a tough choice, yet Japan’s birth rate is on fire and they are choosing a mix of options 2 and 3.

One of the nations with the brightest minds on earth is facing its self inflicted extinction by making the dimmest of choices. The main reasons for Japan to commit this paradox of slow economic-seppuku-by-demographic-starvation are, to my eye, the following:

1. National Racism in the guise of Cultural Pride

Japan will not accept immigrants, not in the past, not now, not in the future. Simply because they either stay Japanese or nothing. No way around it, it is part of their culture to segregate the non Japanese. Today, even if born and raised in Japan, the children of Korean parents are not always issued Japanese citizenship and usually referred as Zainichi, not as Japanese. Japan has a long history of repatriating Zainichi Koreans found to be “Incompatible with Japanese culture.”. Logic does not matter as much as the pride of being one of the very few genetically and culturally pure Japanese parents because Japan would rather isolate itself than accepting reproductive defeat. This collective denial reached sci-fi levels in recent years when Tsukuba University showed the media their powered exo-suits for caretakers, who are expected to be overwhelmed in the near future with the needs of the disproportionately elderly population. In other words, instead of even thinking of the possibility of immigration, the Japanese would rather brace themselves to take care of the geriatric tsunami they themselves are creating.

2. Children of Karoshi

Japan has long had a tradition called Karoshi: males working themselves to death to serve a master. Things did not improve after Japan’s acceptance of defeat after WW2. It was either suicide to avoid shame or accepting defeat and a lifetime of shame. Japan chose the admission of defeat and national shame simply because the delusional tradition of the disposable warrior does not extend to the untrained, unbrainwashed population. The masterless Japanese nation and its admission of defeat was a collective cross-generational searing trauma inflicted upon an already post-apocalyptic culture. This national psychological defeat created an unbearable void to be filled desperately with something else, something where the lost pride could be found, something else but suicide which, paradoxically, ended up being re-purposed slower suicide in the form of overwork. In a stark demonstration of overcompensation mixed with a misplaced need for a sense of worth, the post war generations of men in their early 30′s and 40′s, rebuilding their atomized national pride, would work shifts of 12, 14 or even 16 hours for weeks, months or even years, slowly building the tradition of using as few vacation days or none at all to give their co-workers and superiors the clear message of compulsory collective sacrifice-dedication.

The result a few decades later?

A widespread social anomaly affecting multitudes of otherwise healthy men without a family history of disease, dying of stroke, heart attack, chronic fatigue or a combination of the 3. The phenomenon was fittingly baptized “Karoshi”.

The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has been tracking this phenomenon since 1969 and over the years things are not improving: in 2007: 189 workers died, many from strokes or heart attacks, and about 208 became ill due to overwork. Those who die are not surprisingly, mostly male. Karoshi in and of itself may seem trivial as more than 189 people die on road accidents every year but if we consider the impact of those who commit suicide during formative years, the overall heavily reduced lifespan of males in management, the absent fathers due to either work or work related death, the problem is clearly not trivial at all for those affected by it from birth and the resulting incomplete and dysfunctional social structures with missing family members. This has created a social phenomenon with the more recent generations of males who tend to despise the traditional obligation of males slowly working themselves to death and have instead, embraced more herbivore lifestyles that not surprisingly, those lifestyles go directly against the fundamentals of the older generations: older gen chose academic excellence and sacrifice? then newer gen chooses little or no school. Older gen chose competitive high stress high karoshi-risk management jobs? Then newer gen chooses low wage unambitious low stress jobs. Older gen chose family and multiple responsibilities? Then newer gen chooses as few responsibilities and no family. That last choice is crucial to Japan’s future demographics: No family.

Many of those now young “herbivore” (or “grasseater”) men may or may not realize they are the byproduct of growing up in a fatherless household-culture, yet, the crucial point is that the new generation is unlikely to marry and reproduce. Despite the herbivore movement, Karoshi is still alive and actively killing men to this day, conveniently, it is never a surprise that the male aspect of Karoshi is never brought up by feminists. Why would they even mention the male primary victims of their own death if they want to take that credit without dying at all? Dead disposable men are a banality when compared with the injustice of not “empowering” women for “progress” in the workplace.

3. Feminism by western proxy

The analogy of the house on fire is perfect to describe what is happening to Japan, while the house is burning, the feminists want to sit down and “empower” women at the work place which is akin to sitting down and voting to decide what to do with the fire instead of just throwing water at it. At least that is what Lillian Cunningham at the Washington post blindly and unapologetically proposes. The nuggets of fools’ gold in said article do not come from Cunningham only but also from Japanese feminists such as Kuniko Inoguchi (Japan’s former gender minister) who is quoted as saying the following,

“In this country [Japan], we have never had a real radical feminist movement like many countries have, lacking that, I think we have not been able to make a dramatic change in mindset.”

Inoguchi not only proposes radicalism but also developed a gender target to be imposed upon Japanese corporations to place women in 30% of their senior manager positions (not unlike the gender quotas to be imposed in the European Union). Let that sink in: the best solution for a looming demographic collapse is to radicalize and “empower” women for “gender progress” instead of asking them to get pregnant. Statistics show the higher the level of education the woman has, the fewer the children she will have. Consequently, enforcing gender quotas and using feminist pseudo-logic will only keep women at school then work and lower the birth rate. No need to sugar coat it: Cunningham and Inoguchi are just playing stupid because if they plan on keeping women mostly at school and work, the result will be they just won’t become mothers. Cunningham even defeats her own argument in her own article with the following quote:

“Right now, however, [Japanese] women don’t seem to be very empowered in the bedroom or the boardroom. The average Japanese woman has 1.3 children, one of the lowest numbers across the globe. She is also far less likely than her male counterparts to work full time. According to Goldman Sachs’s research, 70 percent of Japanese women quit their jobs after having a child.”

Women lack “empowerment” but quit 70 percent of the time? That is cartoon-like feminist pseudo-logic trying to ask for both having the cake and eating it (or rather have the cake of children and eat the cake of work in a state of desperate demographic emergency) which makes no sense. Cunningham conveniently, as most feminists do, cherry picks a favorable number to whine about (70% pregnant women leaving their jobs for not being “empowered enough”) and downplays the inconvenient ones (1.3 children per woman) the number of pregnant women is abysmally low but she conveniently focuses on the whining aspects of lacking empowerment by that magical 70%. Unlike Cunningham, let’s focus on the inconvenient productive aspects of that number. 70% is a gigantic majority to accommodate. How about the lost productivity every time a woman takes a job away from a productive male or female just to get pregnant the first or second year on the job? How about the places that woman took away from higher education for a degree she will not use? No, Cunningham knows the cartoon-like lie she is trying to sell, she is an excellent hypocrite and is just playing the part, Cunningham understands that women taxing the system with fake childish ambitions for a degree they will discard as soon as they have their first child is not too different from the scene in Disney’s “Lilo and Stitch” where a little girl forces an adult ready to pay at the counter to give her the money only to put it back on the counter and take credit for “paying”. Their demands make as much sense as a fairy tale where the castle is on fire and the princess in the tower but wants a new dress or she won’t come down and marry. Is it so difficult for the princess to realize that if she does not save herself no one will marry her corpse? Even a fairy tale princess would realize, no one is that stupid.

Why then, does Cunningham keep talking if she is aware of her verbal string of absurdities?

That is why it is so important to read in between their lines: Gender ideologues like Cunningham and Inoguchi are not as asinine as they seem, rather, as Mykeru defines them in his “Creepy Clowns” video analysis: “They are like jackals that roll on carrion for camouflage. In reality, they are predators that want to roll on a real victim to pass as something else.” Cunningham and Inoguchi clearly understand the issue at hand but as opportunistic predators, they really do not care about helping the authentic victim, that is, the comatose Japanese birth rate. Not at all. What they see is an opportunity to hold a victim ransom and make self aggrandizing demands.

Think about it: they understand Japan needs women to get pregnant but since they do not control Japanese women and their reproduction, they declare themselves glorified self-appointed imaginary representatives of all females and ask for a gender quota ransom. Is akin them wearing white t-shirts with a bright pink message saying “We can reproduce but you can’t. Pay us or we will kill Japan’s future. Note: We offer no guarantee. Donate now.” They claim they may have the solution but first you have to pay the ransom but even if you do, it may be too late because the patriarchy will get in the way of all the things they do not intend to do anyways. It is dishonesty and plausible deniability at an international level through the sponsorship of feminist intellectual dishonesty, it is all about not promising anything but asking for as much as possible. When the Japanese demographic-economic collapse takes place, they will just blame something the evil men did that prevented the poor women from achieving full potential, while feminists like Cunningham et. al. laugh from their retirement mansions in the Bahamas (bought with all the money they made out of glorified feminist hypocrisy).

Feminists like Cunningham and Inoguchi tend to find a movement, pretend they want to fix a problem by demanding the moon & the stars, make the problem worse, and then get a great deal of personal gain along the way. Their approach is dishonest but effective; it is like knowing a toddler has gone missing, and you already saw the body floating in the water but instead of telling the rescue team what you saw, you join them, lead them away from the corpse and portray yourself as a heroine for the cause for maximum camera time quite “luckily.”

In this case, it is Japanese demographic carrion offered to feathered feminists.