Holding Japan hostage

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Your house is on fire and you have 3 options before calling the firemen:

1. Throw water at the flames
2. Run inside the house and wait
3. Not calling the firemen because you need time to make up your mind

It is not a tough choice, yet Japan’s birth rate is on fire and they are choosing a mix of options 2 and 3.

One of the nations with the brightest minds on earth is facing its self inflicted extinction by making the dimmest of choices. The main reasons for Japan to commit this paradox of slow economic-seppuku-by-demographic-starvation are, to my eye, the following:

1. National Racism in the guise of Cultural Pride

Japan will not accept immigrants, not in the past, not now, not in the future. Simply because they either stay Japanese or nothing. No way around it, it is part of their culture to segregate the non Japanese. Today, even if born and raised in Japan, the children of Korean parents are not always issued Japanese citizenship and usually referred as Zainichi, not as Japanese. Japan has a long history of repatriating Zainichi Koreans found to be “Incompatible with Japanese culture.”. Logic does not matter as much as the pride of being one of the very few genetically and culturally pure Japanese parents because Japan would rather isolate itself than accepting reproductive defeat. This collective denial reached sci-fi levels in recent years when Tsukuba University showed the media their powered exo-suits for caretakers, who are expected to be overwhelmed in the near future with the needs of the disproportionately elderly population. In other words, instead of even thinking of the possibility of immigration, the Japanese would rather brace themselves to take care of the geriatric tsunami they themselves are creating.

2. Children of Karoshi

Japan has long had a tradition called Karoshi: males working themselves to death to serve a master. Things did not improve after Japan’s acceptance of defeat after WW2. It was either suicide to avoid shame or accepting defeat and a lifetime of shame. Japan chose the admission of defeat and national shame simply because the delusional tradition of the disposable warrior does not extend to the untrained, unbrainwashed population. The masterless Japanese nation and its admission of defeat was a collective cross-generational searing trauma inflicted upon an already post-apocalyptic culture. This national psychological defeat created an unbearable void to be filled desperately with something else, something where the lost pride could be found, something else but suicide which, paradoxically, ended up being re-purposed slower suicide in the form of overwork. In a stark demonstration of overcompensation mixed with a misplaced need for a sense of worth, the post war generations of men in their early 30′s and 40′s, rebuilding their atomized national pride, would work shifts of 12, 14 or even 16 hours for weeks, months or even years, slowly building the tradition of using as few vacation days or none at all to give their co-workers and superiors the clear message of compulsory collective sacrifice-dedication.

The result a few decades later?

A widespread social anomaly affecting multitudes of otherwise healthy men without a family history of disease, dying of stroke, heart attack, chronic fatigue or a combination of the 3. The phenomenon was fittingly baptized “Karoshi”.

The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has been tracking this phenomenon since 1969 and over the years things are not improving: in 2007: 189 workers died, many from strokes or heart attacks, and about 208 became ill due to overwork. Those who die are not surprisingly, mostly male. Karoshi in and of itself may seem trivial as more than 189 people die on road accidents every year but if we consider the impact of those who commit suicide during formative years, the overall heavily reduced lifespan of males in management, the absent fathers due to either work or work related death, the problem is clearly not trivial at all for those affected by it from birth and the resulting incomplete and dysfunctional social structures with missing family members. This has created a social phenomenon with the more recent generations of males who tend to despise the traditional obligation of males slowly working themselves to death and have instead, embraced more herbivore lifestyles that not surprisingly, those lifestyles go directly against the fundamentals of the older generations: older gen chose academic excellence and sacrifice? then newer gen chooses little or no school. Older gen chose competitive high stress high karoshi-risk management jobs? Then newer gen chooses low wage unambitious low stress jobs. Older gen chose family and multiple responsibilities? Then newer gen chooses as few responsibilities and no family. That last choice is crucial to Japan’s future demographics: No family.

Many of those now young “herbivore” (or “grasseater”) men may or may not realize they are the byproduct of growing up in a fatherless household-culture, yet, the crucial point is that the new generation is unlikely to marry and reproduce. Despite the herbivore movement, Karoshi is still alive and actively killing men to this day, conveniently, it is never a surprise that the male aspect of Karoshi is never brought up by feminists. Why would they even mention the male primary victims of their own death if they want to take that credit without dying at all? Dead disposable men are a banality when compared with the injustice of not “empowering” women for “progress” in the workplace.

3. Feminism by western proxy

The analogy of the house on fire is perfect to describe what is happening to Japan, while the house is burning, the feminists want to sit down and “empower” women at the work place which is akin to sitting down and voting to decide what to do with the fire instead of just throwing water at it. At least that is what Lillian Cunningham at the Washington post blindly and unapologetically proposes. The nuggets of fools’ gold in said article do not come from Cunningham only but also from Japanese feminists such as Kuniko Inoguchi (Japan’s former gender minister) who is quoted as saying the following,

“In this country [Japan], we have never had a real radical feminist movement like many countries have, lacking that, I think we have not been able to make a dramatic change in mindset.”

Inoguchi not only proposes radicalism but also developed a gender target to be imposed upon Japanese corporations to place women in 30% of their senior manager positions (not unlike the gender quotas to be imposed in the European Union). Let that sink in: the best solution for a looming demographic collapse is to radicalize and “empower” women for “gender progress” instead of asking them to get pregnant. Statistics show the higher the level of education the woman has, the fewer the children she will have. Consequently, enforcing gender quotas and using feminist pseudo-logic will only keep women at school then work and lower the birth rate. No need to sugar coat it: Cunningham and Inoguchi are just playing stupid because if they plan on keeping women mostly at school and work, the result will be they just won’t become mothers. Cunningham even defeats her own argument in her own article with the following quote:

“Right now, however, [Japanese] women don’t seem to be very empowered in the bedroom or the boardroom. The average Japanese woman has 1.3 children, one of the lowest numbers across the globe. She is also far less likely than her male counterparts to work full time. According to Goldman Sachs’s research, 70 percent of Japanese women quit their jobs after having a child.”

Women lack “empowerment” but quit 70 percent of the time? That is cartoon-like feminist pseudo-logic trying to ask for both having the cake and eating it (or rather have the cake of children and eat the cake of work in a state of desperate demographic emergency) which makes no sense. Cunningham conveniently, as most feminists do, cherry picks a favorable number to whine about (70% pregnant women leaving their jobs for not being “empowered enough”) and downplays the inconvenient ones (1.3 children per woman) the number of pregnant women is abysmally low but she conveniently focuses on the whining aspects of lacking empowerment by that magical 70%. Unlike Cunningham, let’s focus on the inconvenient productive aspects of that number. 70% is a gigantic majority to accommodate. How about the lost productivity every time a woman takes a job away from a productive male or female just to get pregnant the first or second year on the job? How about the places that woman took away from higher education for a degree she will not use? No, Cunningham knows the cartoon-like lie she is trying to sell, she is an excellent hypocrite and is just playing the part, Cunningham understands that women taxing the system with fake childish ambitions for a degree they will discard as soon as they have their first child is not too different from the scene in Disney’s “Lilo and Stitch” where a little girl forces an adult ready to pay at the counter to give her the money only to put it back on the counter and take credit for “paying”. Their demands make as much sense as a fairy tale where the castle is on fire and the princess in the tower but wants a new dress or she won’t come down and marry. Is it so difficult for the princess to realize that if she does not save herself no one will marry her corpse? Even a fairy tale princess would realize, no one is that stupid.

Why then, does Cunningham keep talking if she is aware of her verbal string of absurdities?

That is why it is so important to read in between their lines: Gender ideologues like Cunningham and Inoguchi are not as asinine as they seem, rather, as Mykeru defines them in his “Creepy Clowns” video analysis: “They are like jackals that roll on carrion for camouflage. In reality, they are predators that want to roll on a real victim to pass as something else.” Cunningham and Inoguchi clearly understand the issue at hand but as opportunistic predators, they really do not care about helping the authentic victim, that is, the comatose Japanese birth rate. Not at all. What they see is an opportunity to hold a victim ransom and make self aggrandizing demands.

Think about it: they understand Japan needs women to get pregnant but since they do not control Japanese women and their reproduction, they declare themselves glorified self-appointed imaginary representatives of all females and ask for a gender quota ransom. Is akin them wearing white t-shirts with a bright pink message saying “We can reproduce but you can’t. Pay us or we will kill Japan’s future. Note: We offer no guarantee. Donate now.” They claim they may have the solution but first you have to pay the ransom but even if you do, it may be too late because the patriarchy will get in the way of all the things they do not intend to do anyways. It is dishonesty and plausible deniability at an international level through the sponsorship of feminist intellectual dishonesty, it is all about not promising anything but asking for as much as possible. When the Japanese demographic-economic collapse takes place, they will just blame something the evil men did that prevented the poor women from achieving full potential, while feminists like Cunningham et. al. laugh from their retirement mansions in the Bahamas (bought with all the money they made out of glorified feminist hypocrisy).

Feminists like Cunningham and Inoguchi tend to find a movement, pretend they want to fix a problem by demanding the moon & the stars, make the problem worse, and then get a great deal of personal gain along the way. Their approach is dishonest but effective; it is like knowing a toddler has gone missing, and you already saw the body floating in the water but instead of telling the rescue team what you saw, you join them, lead them away from the corpse and portray yourself as a heroine for the cause for maximum camera time quite “luckily.”

In this case, it is Japanese demographic carrion offered to feathered feminists.






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  1. jackoutis says:
    COMMENT BACKUP Avatar Abel Dada • 7 months ago Incredible – I just read this article that covers much the same ground. http://www.theguardian.com/wor… •Reply•Share › Avatar graham strouse • 7 months ago In fairness, Japan’s problems do go a lot deeper. They’ve got limited natural resources, a population of 128 million vacuum packed into a tangle of islands with less land mass then the state of Montana. Furthermore, centuries of warfare with their neighbor states (particularly China & the Koreas) have left them less than popular in the ‘hood. Then there’s that constant earthquake/tsunami problem epidemic to anyone living on the Pacific Rim of Fire. This is an actual geographic feature, and not a Metallica album, mind you. I apologize for getting off topic but basically we are dealing with one seriously FUBARed state here. “Empowering” women is obviously not going to help matters. It may make some academic types feel good but it really just diverts attention away from Japan’s geographic, historical & cultural weaknesses. Feminism is a distraction that Japan can’t afford to indulge. •Reply•Share › Avatar Redfield • 7 months ago Japanese society seems to be a very complicated mix for most Western cultures to understand, I am not pretending to have a lot of knowledge here, having admiration for these people it is also constrained … I see some broad parallels with their society and how the West has reacted with feminism over the post WW2 period. For instance Japanese citizens seem to accept (at least with a public face) the concentrated wisdom of a few that are the power behind the scenes, they don’t seem to question a lot that is foisted on them. And like the West the proxy power of feminism was never questioned until recently for fear of social ridicule. Having alternate opinions and voices within your society and the ability to express these without public shame does lead to a stronger and eventually more integrated social order. Do you see the similarities here? Do you know that most of the Japanese public are anti nuclear? And yet they have one of the highest concentrations of nuclear reactors for their land mass! Japan has a very serious situation with Fukushima that seems to evade most of the Japanese and Western media attention. For instance 3 cores have melted thru containment at Fukushima, these reactors are the biggest reactors in the world, each one of those cores contained over 120 tons of nuclear fuel, they simply don’t know the location of these cores and are presumed to be moving thru the ground (China Syndrome), and they probably melted thru containment over two years ago. There is over 43,000 tons of nuclear and spent nuclear fuel on that site, if one of these cores hits substantial ground water, it will be game over for Fukushima, then Tokyo, if they lose control of the site the spent fuel pools will boil dry and the radiological fires will possibly endanger the planet … please go on to a website Fairewinds.org! Japanese pride is one thing, the West has offered the Japanese help all along with this. The Japanese PM has waited ’til this past weekend to appeal to the world for help (I think the guy is pissing his pants) … Who would have thought building six large reactors on a fault line, over a reclaimed river bed, at ocean level where the local archives have document large tsunami’s in this area since being recorded 500 years ago, that they would have any problems?? See the Japanese are waking up, there have been large demonstrations right across Japan recently against this form of energy, hopefully it is not too little too late! You don’t have to wait until the worst case scenario happens to right a wrong, feminism like nuclear fission should be banned across the world (yesterday) … Check out that site if you get time .. see more •Reply•Share › Avatar OneHundredPercentCotton Redfield • 7 months ago Accepting “help” from The West is like accepting help from The Mafia. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. •Reply•Share › Avatar Redfield OneHundredPercentCotton • 7 months ago In my estimation I was about .5 of a light year off topic with those comments … And yes I can imagine asking the marfia for a favour runs the risk of having the debt called in one day! Because not many people read comments after the story has run for a few days, I will add this at my own risk:) Japan is male centred culture, part of its greatness is because of this, I wonder if its weakness is also part of this? The nation is enigmatic to outsiders, so it probably is a question for the insiders to answer, but it does seem to have the inverse situation to the West … •Reply•Share › Avatar OneHundredPercentCotton Redfield • 7 months ago It’s not having the debt called in – it’s the unknown and never ending “interest” that ALWAYS comes attached. •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis OneHundredPercentCotton • 7 months ago Well, where have I seen that kind of Japanese stubborness refusing help even when desperate? OH! yes single mothers…wait there is daddy state for that. Too bad Japan has no VAWA billion$… •Reply•Share › Avatar OneHundredPercentCotton Jack Outis • 7 months ago And we’re in soooooo much better shape because of it? It’s isn’t “help” when you’ve ended up selling your soul to the devil. •Reply•Share › Avatar John Narayan • 7 months ago Jack, slow down dude! Take more time to read and comment. •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis John Narayan • 7 months ago Will try. Red bull is a hell of a drug. •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis • 7 months ago Good points vanguard, let me adress them in order. Immigration as a long term solution No it is not a demographic panacea. Immigration in and of itself can be executed correctly (applicants have a degree, experience, some capital, certain age range) or incorrectly (no criteria & little or no training programs) if done correctly we have to point out the paradox of the perfect immigrant, if he or she is qualified young and capable, why immigrate in the first place? Immigration is not a long term solution but what my article failed to convey is the sense of magnitude of the problem. Japan is in a truly desperate situation. The problem with some of the most emotional readers and their psychology is that they immediately misunderstood the article as a suggestion for the west to do imitate Japan and let immigrans in which is toddler logic because 1) the US does not have a birth rate problem (It currently reproduces at the rate of a 3rd world country) 2) Japan will not accept immigrants and that open door stance was never neither stated nor implied in the article A freudian slip mixed with xenophobic dung slinging keyboard warrior impulsiveness was what motivated Henry Davies to emote like a Jezebel poodle. Emotional people do not deserve intellectual respect because that is what feminists do. Henry came to the wrong site to throw a tantrum. In an ideal world, nobody would have to immigrate because your country would as good as the other ones. In our world, however, we have countries stuck in the middle ages, bronze ages and paradoxes like Japan. In conclusion Japan need that influx of new blood but they also have to fix their own sociological autism because relying on others instead of reproducing themselves is not a solution. Stagnant rates in European countries Yes the economic situation is a very important factor in Europe which had to left out because of the scope of the article. History shows that as the economy worsens so do the relationships of the locals with the immigrants. Look at the golden dawn party in greece. The harder it gets to get a job the more rac ist the locals become and that is pure rebranded tribalism. Possibly the biggest concern would be the Muslim immigrants and their children as those children will be expected to either integrate or become radicalized which puts them in a tribal state again, one big tribe is expected to integrate a small one to a degree. The problem with Islam is that their apostasy stance (death penalty to those who switch religion) is too primitive and promotes violence and more tribalism, Islam is now what Christians used to be 1500 years ago. Those are a few of the gigantic problems ahead that I could not have elaborated upon. In conclusion possibly as countries are not supposed to reproduce at the levesl we expect them to, case in point China, which is undergoing the equivalent of the industrial revolution england went through, (lots of workers dying and plenty of pollution and the resulting higher birth rate to replace the lost human resources) China is expected to slow down become richer lower their birth rate and offload their manufacturing to whomever becomes the Industrial mule of the 2100’s. So yeah all of that could not have fitted in the same article but I see your points. see more •Reply•Share › Avatar vanguard • 7 months ago A good article in general; I have a slightly different view regarding immigration as a solution and hence my conclusions differ a little bit. What we can say is that Japan is ahead of the west in the terms of demographic evolution; even if we’re not dealing with exactly the same problems as Japan (many western countries do have a large influx of immigrants, like the US/UK/GER) this will still help us understand what problems we’re going to face in the future. Those may not at all related or interesting for the MRM, but I still think these developments need to be watched closely. I do not think immigration can solve such a problem in the long run (but it is of course the only option left for Japan, unless they simply go on as if nothing is happening) simply because immigrants should not be the answer to a purely domestic problem. As the living standards in all countries slowly rises, most countries cannot afford to loose huge portions of their young population to aging western countries. And morally, they should not have to fill this niche either. Once reproduction rates stagnate along nearly all countries (and if the correlation between high living standards and low fertility remains), this whole point becomes moot anyway. It is a bit as if every country tries to enforce mercantilism at the same time; at the end nobody is going to get anything. Immigration is this case would be a short term solution to a much bigger problem. As you may be well aware, population sizes in many western european countries have been stagnant for the last 20 years, if not for the immigrants and their children, nearly every european country would be shrinking. As the economic situation becomes worse, the numbers of immigrants drop sharply (i.e. Germany and the UK). Since economic and population growth seem to be heavily linked, immigration will be a short term band aid at most. But no real solution. •Reply•Share › Avatar OneHundredPercentCotton • 7 months ago Attention ALL men, This Is Your Future: •Reply•Share › Avatar Daniel Freeman OneHundredPercentCotton • 7 months ago “This video has been removed by the user.” •Reply•Share › Avatar Grunt • 7 months ago Well, first off, my opinion is that we should not cast judgement on another nation or culture. Second, if I were a Japanese man faced with the choice between being a wage-slave drone, as well as husband to a faithless wife, I too would choose to go off and eat grass. Why propagate a failed social construct? Why swallow poison? The current system offers Japanese guys certain misery and destruction. Stepping out of the paradigm allows for the possibility of change at some point in the future. If it all goes to hell, they are at least afforded the opportunity to enjoy their lives for some time. If the ship is going down, and nothing you do can stop it from sinking, do you mindlessly toss trundle down to the bilge pumps, or do you grab a bottle of wine, some bread, then hop in the nearest lifeboat and take your chances? Again, my opinion is that Japanese men are making the wisest possible choice, given their severely limited and abysmal options. Better to die on your feet than be a lamb to the slaughter. •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis Grunt • 7 months ago I see your points. Problem is my little article had as a thinly veiled purpose to see if this can be prevented in the future in the west AKA learn form history. I would not like to think the children of today will have to witness their own become grass eaters/rioters/self harmers or something else not seen yet by 2050. •Reply•Share › Avatar Nordom Jack Outis • 7 months ago Do you mean that being grass eater (which is somewhat similar to being MGTOW) is as bad as being self-harmer? As for the article, I mostly agree with your points. Except for “Japan will not accept immigrants, not in the past, not now, not in the future. Simply because they either stay Japanese or nothing… …instead of even thinking of the possibility of immigration, the Japanese would rather brace themselves to take care of the geriatric tsunami they themselves are creating”. It’s look like the best or even the only way for Japanese have to embrace immigration. In my opinion, this is wrong notion. The result can pretty much be like what happening in Europe with their middle-east immigrants’ problem in the short perspective and complete replacement Japanese population and culture in the long run. How it would be any better from just dying out? It can be even worse, considering that simply dying out would have more powerful impact and leave at least their legacy mostly intact for others, while gradual changing would just erase Japanese culture along with their nation by changing it to the point of being unrecognizable. •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis Nordom • 7 months ago Dear Nordom, Fair enough. It really is a satisfaction to see how AVFM commenters behave in opposite ways to feminists. Feminists get emotional ban and censor. Here, we should welcome civil dissent and even personal attacks. (I am looking at you Henry :P) we dont have to agree on everything to have a discussion & we don’t have to become emotional yelling monkeys. We are not feminists. •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis Nordom • 7 months ago No I do not want you to shut up, I actually respect you for reading and remaining civil because this you have done, constitutes an impossible for feminists and I truly without snark commend you for that. Allow me to elaborate Nordom. Xenophobia and Solipsism go by the hand because both rely on a visceral reaction to death. Foreigners that look different and speak other languages are seen as threat and we react with irrational fear (phobia: fear without thinking). Our own deaths elicit a very similar response and we react with an irrational fear. The origins of xenophobia may go all the way to the paleolithic and encounters with hostile hominids from other species such as Neanderthals but most likely we will never know(maybe Neandertals were killed off by us? or they predated us?at least we know we carry their DNA so we inter-shagged them often). The origins of solipsism, well, that is a difficult one because it works on the principle of some mentally vulnerable people lying to themselves to keep a sane mind, in other words, if the vulnerable person is at the brink of having a mental breakdown when faced with death they tell themselves nothing exists after they die, which gives them strength. Think of a coward, arrogant cow that firmly believes Mcdonalds will go out of business if they slaughter her. It is a lie but makes the cow feel important (& stops the diarrhea). In case of coward arrogant xenophobes, they do not believe other people are “people” so if their culture becomes extinct they believe human kind goes out of business and there is nothing after. It is a lie but makes them feel important. If you, Nordom, consider the theoretical disappearance of your unique culture a bad thing by using Japan as a facade then that constitutes a lie that makes you feel important. Moo? see more •Reply•Share › Avatar Nordom Jack Outis • 7 months ago Just for the record, I’m not a Japanese and I’m not projecting what can or can’t theoretically happen to my culture on their’s. And I don’t think that humankind will cease to exist if some person, culture or country disappear. I think you should try to take what I was saying at face value.) But I still consider disappearance of any culture as a bad thing since in my opinion this would impoverish all of us. Maybe I’m a simple hoarder.) Well, anyway it’s beside the point as you already said that you didn’t mean immigration as a long term solution. Although I’m not sure it would make a difference even in short term in Japan’s current situation. •Reply•Share › Avatar Deucalion Jack Outis • 7 months ago Actually, yes we did kill off the Neanderthal. The problem was competition. We wanted the same prey, the same resources, the same real estate. And, unlike them, we had taken to eating a wider variety of foods, such as fish, which had increased our intelligence beyond theirs. Our equipment was more refined, our diet more varied. As a result, we were more prolific, with more of our offspring surviving each year. We began to outnumber them 3-1, which is a devastating advantage in our favor despite their marginal strength and endurance advantages. As to sharing their DNA, we normally don’t. The similarity in DNA is the result of the most direct common ancestor of both species, Homo Erectus, if I remember correctly. They were our sibling species, but not TECHNICALLY what we would recognize as truly human. But the DNA difference was so minimal, it was as if the difference between different Canidae, say Great Danes and German Shepherds. We COULD breed together. As such, nearly 1-5% of all European descendants may have Neanderthal DNA… And I’m lucky (Or perhaps unlucky) enough to be one of them (Revealed through a mandated DNA test when I entered the criminal “Justice” system.) •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis Nordom • 7 months ago No Nordom, I do not think being a grass eater is as bad as being a self harmer, if you are trolling you have to practice more. If you are serious then I will explain. We have seen what happens to fatherless children, they may end up “ok” like a grass eater or they may go all the way to riots, crime, drug addiction, self harm and all the of random results of a broken home russian roulette legacy. “OK” as a grass eater is not excellent but is certainly much better than all the other choices in life since a classic family where you marry have children and see them grow until they have their own without the threat of divorce and male bankrupcy is just less likely than winning the lottery thanks to feminism and a system that encourages women to divorce. Your second point, If you have listened to Paul, the fruits of our work today will not be seen by us but perhaps by the children of the next generation. I have personally spoken and played ball (soccer and volley ball) with muslim children not older than 7 and they laugh and run like any other American child. The problem is not the children it is the parents that teach them to hate someone different. Now your use of the term “dying out” seems to indicate you may have read what happened to American indians and how they nearly died out due to our ancestors invasion of their therritory. Same in Ruanda with the Tootsies an Hutus same what Ghen His Khan did with his armies. If you understand math & magnitude, what would happen if Japan started accepting selected immigrants is not within the scale of what has happened in history with the examples given which were brutal & full of savagery, so the term you are using is off & not accurate. Again, if you are trolling I suggest a different line of business because you are not talented enough. If you are serious then I will explain, I think you understand Japan with a very xenophobic American heart (the wrong kind) & you fear what would happen if the Canadians or the Mexicans were able to enter the US freely & stay. If in 200 years everybody in the US spoke only French & Spanish and said “eh?” at the end of each sentence & the English language was gone, I would not mind at all as long as feminism had been erradicated, the system was fully secular and the family structures & education were much more functional than now because there would be a future and loving families for those children. Tell me Nordom, does that give you xenophobic nightmares ending with “eh”? If it does and 200 years seem impossible, your short sightedness may indicate you may think the universe needs you, (Note: it does not need me, you or anybody) really, really really it does not. Check this out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S… see more •Reply•Share › Avatar Nordom Jack Outis • 7 months ago First of all, I’m not trolling. I’m completely serious here. Second, I’m not American. As for xenophobic part, I would really like to this dialog be free from labels if possible, as your words seem somewhat close to shaming tactics in that part. Well, on the other hand, maybe I really am xenophobic, since I don’t consider openmindness as solely good thing (cause in my opinion openmindness in extreme form=no borders and no restraints, morality included). As for Japan accepting selected immigrants, they already do so. Just more thoroughly selected and in much less numbers than other countries. But your article’s theme (one of, at least) was about low birth rate, so I assumed that you think Japanese need to accept immigrants for, let’s say, “population replenishment”. And I think that’s not a good solution as this lead to eventual replacing japanese nation (they’ll still have low birth rate) and culture (recent and not so recent history demonstrated enough problems with multiculturalism and assimilating another culture) with some other nation and culture. My overall position is similar to that of Vanguard’s post. If it makes me a xenophobe that I consider disappearance of another unique culture and standardization of the world a bad thing then so be it. And no, I don’t believe universe need anyone at all, but I don’t really see how it related to what I was saying. Was it a veiled request for me to shut up? •Reply•Share › Avatar theoutside • 7 months ago Japan has been a long-term victim of British Empire intrigue in East Asia. They are perhaps, the paramount victims of what we now call MI6, or British Intelligence, with its combination of geo-politics and internal destabilization/cultural corruption. Unless of course the Chinese are worse victims. Those interested should look into the research done by the Larouche organization on this subject — British geo-political intrigue in East Asia. In the post-war period, of course, their CIA “allies” helped them, but the British had a way of screwing over their CIA dupes and tools. Philby and his friends were, for example, especially effective in creating the Korean War, and although the Viet Nam War was mainly the work of Dulles, Stimson, and company, there was significant British input. My verdict: feminism is one socio-cultural manifestation of imperialist/globalist/monetarist (usury-based economy) decay. It can ultimately be defeated only when that larger system is replaced with one based in production and cooperation among sovereign states. That’s the task of the 21st century. But this time — and here’s where I part company with Larouche and his parrots — technological advance and production must be done without assuming male disposability. How to do that is, in my view, the chief political question of the new century. •Reply•Share › Avatar Henry Davies • 7 months ago Oh yes, I’m sure Japan would benefit hugely from an influx of poor uneducated migrants. Certainly hasn’t caused any problems in the West. Have you even been to Japan? The level of ignorance if not outright stupidity displayed in your post is difficult to even fathom. This is the sort of nonsense I’d expected to read in an issue of the NYT/Intl Herald Tribune. A nation of over 120 million without slums, low crime, high educational achievement, clean, cohesive? Pshaw. Bring in the unwashed hordes of India and China and the rest of backwards Asia. •Reply•Share › Avatar sammich heist Henry Davies • 7 months ago My wife also had her purse snatched by a motorbiker thief, there’s an epidemic of this type of crime in Japan among other types. I often see Yakuzas rought up (to put it lightly) shop owners and custommers all out in the open in public. This “low crime” you claim is a lie, Police looks the other way and greatly under-report incidents as the governement has a lot of connections with organized crime. 1 •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis sammich heist • 7 months ago Again I made the same mistake, you were actually talking to Henry and not me. Sorry sammich. •Reply•Share › Avatar Deucalion Jack Outis • 7 months ago Not your fault, really. They’ve kinda screwed the comments system in this new iteration. It used to have a tag that said “In Reply To” and the username of the recipient… But now it does these godawful box within a box, lighter to darker bullshit… I DESPISE the new comment reply system! Not worth the money paid for it, I’d be demanding free fixes, or preforming firings! •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis Deucalion • 7 months ago In reply to Deucalion: Ahhhh I did not know that! Well, ithink I will have to type the reply from now on… it would be worse if there was no commenting system, we will have t make do…bummer I misunderstood sammich. •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis sammich heist • 7 months ago Is that a personal experience or valid numbers? From the point of view of an ant even a rock looks menacing. What happened to you or your wife is irrelevant to their demographic emergency. As my granpa used to say “If he has a dog in this fight, that man cannot think straight or be relied upon” •Reply•Share › Avatar sammich heist Henry Davies • 7 months ago Sorry bud, you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Japan has a ton of slums. they have slums all over the place. http://s1.hubimg.com/u/2049320… Google Image “Japan homeless” All you have to do to see them is get out of the tourist attraction spots, work in Japan and ride a bike off the main streets you will come across them invariably, they have slums everywhere. And they are extremely and openly racist as a society, in the media, in the workplace, walking on the streets, in restaurants and shops. They do not expect foreigners like me to have the capacity to understand their bigotted remarks spoken out loud. The upside is I kept good note of the people that were genuinely nice and respectful and really enjoy my time with them, but those are few and far between. Japan isnt an anime, Japanophile idiot. •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis sammich heist • 7 months ago Hey Sammich, I owe you an apology man, it is my first day commenting and replied to you thinking you were talking to me when you were actually replying to Henry. My mistake. •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis sammich heist • 7 months ago I see you are upset. Are you offended? Both your emotions and being offended have no intellectual value. Just because Japans has slums it does not mean they do not have a demographic emergency. Please leave your emotions aside and challenge me intellectually with dispassionate valid points. Stop imitating feminists, it does not work, Mr “sammich”. •Reply•Share › Avatar vanguard Jack Outis • 7 months ago No offense, but you seem to respond to the wrong person; his reaction to the claim that there are no slums present in Japan was response to the User Henry Davies and not the article itself ;). •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis vanguard • 7 months ago Oh, I see…If I replied incorrectly my apologies then. First day using the site & comments. Sorry guys. •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis Henry Davies • 7 months ago Well Henri, Japan is no position to bargain, look at their numbers. Now if we stay away what feminists do which is “emotions first reasoning later” How should I understand you comment? Emotions first or reasoning first? The problem with racism is that it is also based on emotion. You immediately went for the most negative because that is what you thought of first? Did you think of places such as Singapore and their immigrantion models? Switzerland? Canada? Should I rephrase your comment in a more feminist version? Quote: “Have you even been a WOMAN you cisgendered PIG? The level of ignorance if not outright stupidity displayed in your post is difficult to even fathom YOU ARE JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHER MEN ” <- Jezebel? If you worked for Jezebel you would not have to switch too many words around Henry. Have you considered applying? you got the rage chops just switch "immigrants" for "men". Give it a try, they hire anything emotional. PS Regardless of what you or I think the children that will outlive us have already been born. Many of them are immigrants. Does that instill xeno-fear into you? See? emotions again. Like Paul said, it is all about the legacy we leave here not about our primitive fears. Don't fear the skin color of babies, they will replace us anyways. •Reply•Share › Avatar Henry Davies Jack Outis • 7 months ago Nice canned argument. Content: zero. Won't waste time trying to spell out the obvious. •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis Henry Davies • 7 months ago Mhhh, you reply with one line and you call my reply "canned"? That is projection. Get out of your Jezebel character projecting its own flaws onto others and debate me with logical dispassionate points. Challenge me intellectually, not with emotions. You are not a feminist Henry. •Reply•Share › Avatar John Narayan • 7 months ago I better stock up on Toyota's before the decline. Japanese culture is rooted in shame, and people that are shamed, have an inferiority complex lash out and blame others due the distress and lack of empowerment.Also they don't know how to say the word no. Having said that I have worked with many Japanese most of them are ok, but they have been living in Australia for some time, the Japanese that are my mates would agree with this article. •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis John Narayan • 7 months ago I have also worked with Japanese guys, they are cool stressed dudes (especially when they sit down to eat and place the hot napkin on their faces before their food arrives) I did not like it when they replaced my avocado square in the sushi with a wasabi square though. Not cool… •Reply•Share › Avatar John Narayan Jack Outis • 7 months ago I prefer wasabi. •Reply•Share › Avatar Kevin • 7 months ago No wonder. All of this explains this video I got a notification for yesterday: [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72OXo9nYsxw&w=580&h=357] Their own government has to play Cupid. Go figure. •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis Kevin • 7 months ago Cupid? Oh man, that is sad. Pandas don't reproduce well. •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis Jack Outis • 7 months ago Maybe that's why I couldn't find pandaporn on 4chan last time…. •Reply•Share › Avatar Darryl X • 7 months ago "Gender ideologues like Cunningham and Inoguchi are not as asinine as they seem…" No. They are completely asinine. •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis Darryl X • 7 months ago Well, yeah, I am still working on getting rid off my Politicall Correctness. Getting there… Next article will be raw, searing truth. Promise. •Reply•Share › Avatar Abel Dada • 7 months ago Excellent piece. Obvious conclusion – Feminism will demographically "kill" Japan if they let it. A Femitheist paradise •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis Abel Dada • 7 months ago Thanks for the comment but please provide feedback, criticism or personal attacks are welcomed. (I doubt you will personally attack but it is only fair to open that door, we do not want Jack here at AVFM to mimic feminist dissent banning antics, do we?) •Reply•Share › Avatar sammich heist Jack Outis • 7 months ago Great article, I have nothing to say against the article itself, its mostly right. But I think the basic premise is off and that make the whole theory go into the wrong direction. Its missing the forest for the trees. Feminism isn't attacking Japan; Japan *IS* Feminism personified. To the list of Toxic Female behaviour I already listed that permeate Japan, add: – complete cultural narscissism – extreme denial (as was seen during the war, and that is still going strong today) – censoring and banning dissent: you must never say "no" both at a public/political level and inner group conversations – decisions only by consensus of the group (goes hand-in-hand with previous point) – commonplace parental alienation applied to the workplace in the form of "coworker alienation". Japanese society as an single entity is a toxic woman. And like a toxic woman, Japan is a master of deception, of putting up a perfect front in public while wrecking havoc domestically. •Reply•Share › Avatar sammich heist Abel Dada • 7 months ago Sorry bud, Feminism's got nothing on Japan. Japan is "Feminism" personnified. Slavery of men to a lifetime of servitude to their employers and wifes. "Foreing ideas, laziness and decadence are a poison to the purity of Japanese society" 日本はかんぺきじゃない。けっこう悪いだよ。日本は外国人ほんとうにきらいよ。 「出る釘は打たれる」って言うので外国人はかなり出るから。 You need to have lived there to truely understand how racist, self-centered and delusional Japan as a whole is. Makes one really appreciate the many truely friendly individuals one meet over there among the sea of vile bigotery. Japan is truely the embodiement of Toxic Feminity, it is a complete matriarchy once you get past the pretended males in "power" scape goats. All the nasty behaviours displayed by Japanese society are typical of manipulative females: – The shaming tactics – The bulling tactics by shunning – The extreme conformity – the lack of personal merit/achievement-based recognition – Appearances over all – extreme gynocentrism and male as utilities – the rigid hierarchy of social circles The whole country runs on an extreme case of Toxic Feminity and Male Disposability. Japan was already what modern day feminism has become, dialed to 11 and that's what destroying it. •Reply•Share › Avatar shadowmoses • 7 months ago Allowing mass immigration into Japan would destroy Japanese culture. There is a difference between extreme national xenophobia(which seems prevalent in Japan) and displacement of a historical people by migration (see Great Britain and Western Europe). •Reply•Share › Avatar Nameless shadowmoses • 7 months ago Britain and Western Europe are not experiencing the displacement of historical peoples by migration. This is blatantly false and I have no idea how the idea got so popular. For all intents and purposes, the western European countries are going through the same thing Japan is: their birth rates are declining and therefore the native populations are declining. The difference is, Western Europe's relative openness to immigration is allowing people from other countries to fill the vacuum left by the decline in order to satisfy the demand for labor. The immigrants are not displacing anyone; they're just filling the vacuum. There is no argument that the immigrants are the cause of Europe's demographic crisis. I myself have no desire to see Europe turn into a giant refugee camp for middle-eastern immigrants, but that this may be happening is, in my opinion, 100% the fault of the Europeans and their governments; they have no one to blame but themselves. And I don't see how you can raise this as an issue in the same sentence that you criticize Japanese xenophobia. You do realize that there's no alternative, right? A country with a declining population can either go the Japanese way and wither and not allow immigration, or they can go the European way and allow immigration and allow their culture to erode. Short of human cloning, there are not other options. 1 •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis shadowmoses • 7 months ago I disagree. Japan is in no position to bargain. Look at their numbers. If you are placing pride as a priority instead of math, that is exactly what feminists struggle with. Do not fall into the emotional trap. 1 •Reply•Share › Avatar OneHundredPercentCotton • 7 months ago Just last week I had a conversation about this with my son's girlfriend. She's American born, but first generation Asian. Her parents arrived as refugees in the '70's. The topic was marriage, and how much it has fallen in popularity all over the world. I mentioned the Japanese Grass eaters and what I understand about them from my own sparse research. My sympathies being with the Grass eaters. Her take was it's the WOMEN who are suffering from MEN'S stubborn pride and insistence of adhering to traditional male roles, being head of the house, in charge, The Boss. Her take was Japanese women are leaving in droves to find men who are less obtuse and intolerant. I had to tread lightly…I was having an uncomfortable flash back of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's "equal" relationship… So I continued with ; "Women are "equal" to men, until the shit hits the fan. Then women WANT to step aside and let men take charge"( 9/11 First Responders, Fukishima 50, Impending total economic meltdown). "Equals until the shit hits the fan…and sooner or later shit ALWAYS hits the fan". Conversation…ended. I know military people stationed in Japan treated like that, but most come away with a sense of respect for Japanese. Somehow, in my heart of hearts…I hope in standing their ground they prevail… •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis OneHundredPercentCotton • 7 months ago Well, been there, done that. First you pose a logical argument then being thrown a bucket of emotional diarrhea. The problem with a person that sees themselves as a victim is that they want agreement from a conversation and nothing else. If anything, a conversation is an exchange. I am sorry she could not control her emotions. Been there & received that. •Reply•Share › Avatar Daniel Freeman OneHundredPercentCotton • 7 months ago Her take was it’s the WOMEN who are suffering from MEN’S stubborn pride and insistence of adhering to traditional male roles, being head of the house, in charge, The Boss. Her take was Japanese women are leaving in droves to find men who are less obtuse and intolerant. Your son's girlfriend is projecting her Western cultural norm of a belief in Patriarchy theory onto another culture. She should be ashamed of herself! The men are actually not in charge, and the girls are still holding out for men with permanent jobs as they always did. It's the boys who are making new rules by not playing the game. •Reply•Share › Avatar OneHundredPercentCotton Daniel Freeman • 7 months ago I don't think she should be ashamed of herself. I think it's a shame she wasn't taught critical thinking skills, which are not only verboten in an American Education, but pretty much unheard of by refugees that are required to be GRATEFUL to be here. She's just complying with the rules. I only mention it because it left me with my mouth gaping at the totally opposite interpretation between what she has been taught and between what I have been taught. I'm the beneficiary of ornery American parents who received a great pre WWII education, which included truth seeking and critical thinking, as opposed to children currently indoctrinated into accepting their parents are bigots and fools and The State has their best interests at heart. She isn't malicious, she's just a product of the state, like most young people we are dealing with. •Reply•Share › Avatar Daniel Freeman OneHundredPercentCotton • 7 months ago I was being sarcastic about the shame, because no one can meet the ever-moving standards of the arbiters of cultural sensitivity. It was a misplaced, undirected joke. Sorry. To be completely serious, there is at least one college-level text in critical thinking that is available for free. •Reply•Share › Avatar feeriker OneHundredPercentCotton • 7 months ago I gather that your son's girlfriend's attitude is probably more American than Asian. based on what you describe of her response to what you pointed out, she sounds like a typical entitled little American princess. •Reply•Share › Avatar OneHundredPercentCotton feeriker • 7 months ago To be fair, she's more "cliche" than "entitled". Her parents were those most unwelcomed "boat people", having survived eating rats and seeing their family member's corpses shoved over board as they were forced back to sea at gun point from various shores. Say what you will about Jane Fonda, she save many lives by shaming this country into accepting those refugees. I learned this from his girlfriend, her parents are extremely humble and would never discuss such things with us. You can see in their faces they've lived with a great pain and suffering going back well before coming to this country. I think she's just the beneficiary of the finest and most expensive American Education System (paid for by taxpayers not her parents) as the child of refugees. She's studied abroad during High School and has participated in amazing philanthropic endeavors as a part of her education, yet she speaks in American Education System cliches to a degree I don't think she has a goofy or original thought of her own. I'd say she's more a product of circumstance than "entitled". •Reply•Share › Avatar TigerMan • 7 months ago Re Feminism – that little "postscript" is the longest part of the article. As for your racist accusation – that is a little more than ironic given that you are suggesting that a more tolerant and diverse attitude is a "white man" thing. •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis TigerMan • 7 months ago Oh well Tiguerman…there is a certain number of bumps to every road. I also found the "racist" remark out of context. I am not sure he has a dog in that fight. Go figure. •Reply•Share › Avatar forweg • 7 months ago Disappointing article. One can find similar propagandist nonsense on sites ranging from VDare to CNN. It should be re-titled: "The Problem with Japan According to the White Man: The Inferior Japanese Must Become More Like Us" The little postscript about the very real damage feminism is doing to Japan, which should be the main body of the article, doesn't save it. •Reply•Share › Avatar Mateusz Wacek forweg • 7 months ago Forweg: Since when are people precluded from pointing out issues, commenting on them, and proposing solutions, based on skin color? You don't have to be yellow to criticize Japan any more than you have to be white to criticize Sweden. To assume otherwise is essentially ethnic nationalism. Also, does your ban on opinions include Japanese who are white, such as Martti Turunen, who served on the Diet Of Japan? 1 •Reply•Share › Avatar Clivius forweg • 7 months ago You seem to think Japanese culture should be immune from criticism, particularly from westerners. I see no justification for that conclusion other than you don't like it and consequently consider it propaganda. This is nonsense. If you have an issue with the piece, justify your position. 1 •Reply•Share › Avatar Theseus Clivius • 7 months ago Ironically, this is how racists, and racial separatist scumbags justify their position. Basically they say "Hey Japan and China do it in the name of cultural purity, how come white western countries can't do the same"? Y'know as loathe as I am to admit it….a broken watch is right at least twice a day. The rotting blue whale carcass in the room is that western countries would be strung up and hung out to dry if they tried to use similar reasoning to keep out a foreign (and non-white) element from their lands. I am extremely skeptical that forweg would be taking the same relativist position if it were thus. Sorry, but the "we can't criticize other cultures" card seems to only apply to non-western/non-white countries. I call it like I see it. If I am going wrong, could someone please give me a rational response as to why they believe so? •Reply•Share › Avatar OneHundredPercentCotton Theseus • 7 months ago OTOH, "we can't criticize other cultures" is comparable to "other cultures need to accept the rape of their culture because WE do". •Reply•Share › Avatar Nameless forweg • 7 months ago I think I kind of agree. The equation of Japanese cultural pride with racism is a bit over the top. Japan is a very ethnically homogenous country for geographical reason, not like America (or like America has ever been, really). Ethnically and culturally homogeneous countries are generally naturally more apprehensive of outsiders. And what's worth noting is the Japanese social cohesion and communitarianism, which is also partly rooted in the historical unavoidably communitarian nature of rice-based agriculture when compared with the types of agriculture prevalent in the west, was largely necessary for the survival of the Japanese to survive, and even after WWII, was a major reason for their rapid economic development. That social cohesion and communitarian mentality is one of the major reasons why Japan isn't still a third world country today. Now, this may also lead to relatively more xenophobia as a bi-product, but it seems understandable that they would be skeptical about abandoning a cultural system that brought them into the first world just because Americans say it's the right way. And I'll also note, with respect to your claim that the Japanese are racist, I have a differing experience: every Japanese person I've met in the US was extremely polite and even eager to adhere to American cultural norms to fit in, and while one could speculate that they might harbor some well-hidden contempt for Americans, there is no need to speculate whether many open-minded freedom-loving Americans harbor contempt for other cultures: they tend to be pretty up front about it as soon as they get off the airplane without knowing a word of the native language, expecting everyone in every country to speak English to them, and mocking foreign customs out in the open while scouring for the nearest McDonald's. •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis forweg • 7 months ago 1. I understand you are disappointed. Would you like to write your own article instead? Send it to the AVFM staff, they are very helpful 2. Allow me to clarify: Despite your perception the article is not about race, it is about errors that can be learned from history. 3.The article does not need a "saving" this is not about damsels in distress fairy tales. People will like it or dislike it like in your case. If what you meant was "satify forweg" maybe next time you will find something better here at AVFM since the other writers are more experienced than me. Til next time forweg •Reply•Share › Avatar Jared Spencer • 7 months ago Once again, the break down of the family as a necessary and vital foundation is bringing a society to a crisis point. Men have, as ever they have, worked themselves to death and look out from that death bed but do not see their replacements, the legacy of children and family that all of that hard work really deserved. At the same time, those who should have been acting hand-in-hand with them to support and vitalize the whole thing are viciously blaming and shaming whilst demanding entire galaxies from their wholly imagined enemy. •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis Jared Spencer • 7 months ago I think that we agree on metaphor of the princess in the burning tower choosing the worst moment to make demands right? Who is gonna marry her corpse? Granted you may find a suitor if she is not too burned but nothing good will come out of that…***IShudders***don't go to Liveleak.com *** •Reply•Share › Avatar Alessandro • 7 months ago Japan has a problem of over-population (they need to import food), so a period of low birth rate is not bad. Their successful system is based on society tacitly forcing persons to respect rules, so it is difficult for them to integrate foreigners. This also allowed them to avoid importing occidental problems, such as feminism. •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis Alessandro • 7 months ago I disagree. a period of low birth rate with their numbers is extremely serious. Lower bith rates result in lower numbers in the work force, more money goes to tending to the elderly. Investors take their capital to other more vital countries. Even if the country is urbanized it is as useful as an empty decaying Mansion. •Reply•Share › Avatar Mansure Jack Outis • 7 months ago Don't see why you got a negative. You made a good point. In the old days, parents would look after their children until the children get married (young). By the time the parents became old the children would be free too look after their ageing parents as their own children are grown and married. This was a functioning community system that feminist claim to want but worked hard to destroy. Now seniors have to depend on a state that wants to screw them as much as possible, hoping they would die before they can claim benefits. Our parents and grandparents created the system that we currently have the misfortune of living in. •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis Mansure • 7 months ago I agree Mansure, children used to benefit enormously from grandparents but now that tradition is nearly lost in the west. My understanding is that dementia is not new and in the olden days it was a problem too but I am still unsure if it was as common as it it today or it increased due to the isolation elders go through. In regards to the negative well this is not Jezebel, dissent is welcomed. Plus, only feminist get insulted. 😉 1 •Reply•Share › Avatar OneHundredPercentCotton Mansure • 7 months ago Our children are now saying that about us.- – and they are FAR more angry and hostile about it, too. You word that like it was intentional to screw us over. •Reply•Share › Avatar HieronymusBraintree • 7 months ago Barring some beneficent cataclysm, sooner or later our species is going to have to move its way through a geriatric crisis like Japan is having now. There are just too damn many people on the planet to be sustainable. Japan may be a victim of its own racist chauvinism but they may wind up being a useful example of what to do or what not to do. Pregnant Japanese women will only kick the can down a road which, if you ask me, looks like something of a dead end. •Reply•Share › Avatar Bolo • 7 months ago Japan is a Xenophobic culture. The Samurais went to civil war in the Meiji era because the emperor wanted to open trade with the west in order to stay competitive with the rest of the world. In the 1800's, during the Meiji period, swords were still the primary weapons in Japan, that changed when trading for guns began. Japanese people are also very stubborn by their culture. At the end of WW2, the A-bomb was dropped because the Japanese were prepared to fight down to the last child even when they were defeated. The war in the pacific dragged out ridiculously longer than it should have. The dropping of the A-bomb was a move to end the war. In Japan, there are stores were Gaijins(Foreigners) cannot shop, they're simply not allowed in. My friend who is from New York, he lives there as an English teacher tells me about the blatant bigotry he faces on a daily basis. He has told me of instances where JP men and women have made fun of him for eating lots of meat while sitting in restaurants. He said JP have blurted out traitor to his wife while he is out with their daughter. He has told me crazy stuff about racism toward him and Chinese people when they go down to the Osaka castle. No matter how dire this situation gets in Japan, I don't believe they will let foreigners in or relax their rather tight immigration laws. In a lot of Anime, one of the common themes is encapsulating Japan in a bubble while the rest of the world gets destroyed. I don't blame the Japanese for how they act, its just a staple of their culture. Some Japanese people do have an open mind, unfortunately, many, the vast majority are very very stubborn. •Reply•Share › Avatar Nameless Bolo • 7 months ago Your interpretation of events is disputable. In fact, some Japanese officials (with apparent credibility) referred to the Soviet advance on Japan as the major factor in motivating Japan's surrender. I know we Americans always spoon-fed stories about how when we kill thousands of innocent people it's for "the greater good," but just as likely (more likely, in my opinion), we dropped those bombs on them because we were afraid they would surrender to the Soviets and not to us (and there's evidence that they were in fact planning on a conditional surrender to the Soviets). So what was done may have been done to ensure that the US got the prize of Japan, and not the Soviets. It is generally known, after all, that the cold war really began, albeit very subtly, before WWII even ended. •Reply•Share › Avatar Mansure Nameless • 7 months ago Atomic bombs was mainly to flex it muscles and to show Russia who is boss, and second reason is to test their new weapon. They wanted a live target. Japan was already defeated. They dropped two atomic bombs and then on August 14, 1945 after Japan agreed to surrender, American proceed with a raid consisting of just over 1000 planes, making it the largest raid ever. •Reply•Share › Avatar JJ Bolo • 7 months ago I saw Hiroshima, and the museum, and it showed that they were forcing their population by order of their emperor to tear down their own houses to make each and every one a kill zone so their soldiers could fight from house to house. THey were going to kill everyone. I mean everyone, even their own people to stop us. I hate to admit it, I really do after seeing what it caused, but I would have dropped it to. They would have fought to the very last men all the way up to the coldest tip of Hokkaido. If we ever quit, they would have built back up, and probably tried to attack us again? Either way, millions upon millions would have died of both our grandfathers (killing us by nonexistence most likely), and theirs, and their people. A friend of mine saw an older gentlemen dying on the street. He was choking, and started having a heart attack; my friend administered CPR. The Japanese just walked by their countrymen like nothing happened. He went over and called an ambulance. The guy died because no one stepped up and got him there faster. His wife just had a child, I bet many people called her traitor. Yet they wonder why these women have foreigners babies. However, when they divorce their man, he does not get to see the kids, nor does he pay child support. THe state truly replaces him. At least they are honest, but the man is out of luck. Even their prince who has three kids only got 2 of the three because he is royalty. His other the mom got, and I guess he has not seen that one? Ritual suicide is still prevalent. When the trains stopped for a half hour, it was because another worker committed suicide. Man or woman, no matter, they both jumped in front of the trains often. So often, the police on the tracks collect evidence, and clean up i a half hour or less. Suicide, cultural hatred, cultural pride, sake, and feminist stupidity go together like atom bombs and earthquakes for those people. They will not change. Some times, even glorious cultures with proud history have to die out and get replaced. I guess the Japanese are just facing their time? see more •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis JJ • 7 months ago Facing their time? Hard to say if they will be proudful enough to drive themselves to extinction. They have been proudful once, the bombs were dropped, they stopped and chose not to be proudful and surrender. They have swalloded their pride when faced with trauma but their demographic problem now is too slow-burn for them to notice they are the frog in the lukewarm water. •Reply•Share › Avatar JJ Jack Outis • 7 months ago Use whatever cliche you want. The frog to boil metaphor is just one more thing. Pretty soon, the atom bomb of immigration may become too strong. But for them, it will be Koreans and Chinese doing the flooding. When it comes time, nothing is going to stop them. But themselves. They have a "proud tradition" of preventing anything to the future. They are stuck in their ways. I don't say it out of pride, or condemnation. Merely, an observation of what their people want. They have to discover themselves, perhaps a major crisis is what the doctor ordered? •Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Outis JJ • 7 months ago Well , Chinese may want to go to Japan because of the urbanization, but there is Shanghai or Hong Kong for that. The Koreans? well, Japan does have more resources to offer but now they are powerful enough as long as their Samsung + other Chaebols keeep going. If anything, they would want to go to Japan for vengeance but not out of reason. I think one prideful desperate solution may be for the State to purchase mass surrogacy but then the problem is: who will fix the emotional state of the State-purchased orphans? I have worked with Koreans Chinese and Japanese. They were all awesome hard working guys. But that is what foreigners out of their country do sometimes. I would definitely dislike theose cultures being lost or eroded due to lack of new blood. •Reply•Share › Avatar OneHundredPercentCotton Bolo • 7 months ago "Some Japanese people do have an open mind, unfortunately, many, the vast majority are very very stubborn." Some Western people do have an open mind about Sharia Law, too, but the vast majority are very, very stubborn. These are people who threw their wives and daughters to their deaths off "Suicide Cliffs" to keep them from Western clutches. I can only imagine their "open minded" response to Miley Cyrus putting the bump and grind on a man almost twice her age while foam finger banging herself. Imagine not wanting to embrace THAT? •Reply•Share › Avatar Greb OneHundredPercentCotton • 7 months ago Bullshit. The problem with Sharia Law (and with Islam in general) is that violates human rights. This is a very SERIOUS matter. Being open-minded about 'Tongue Girl' Cyrus doesn't mean that you have to embrace or like it. In my opinion, she's trying to slut up because she has no talent and she needs to get sexual attention in order to keep her income. But I support her FREEDOM to do so. If there's people wanting to pay to see her making sexual poses, something that I don't understand, fine, good luck to them. Simple rule: check in what side of freedom lies Sharia Law and Tongue Girl being free to be slutty. Because they lie in opposite sides. •Reply•Share › Avatar Nameless Greb • 7 months ago Free taxpayer-funded infanticide (partial birth abortions) for their teenage daughters without even having to so much as inform on of their parents (or the father of the child) in many western countries, together with a proverbial piano hanging over his head by a rope in the form a wife, mother, or daughter who can do anything from sending him to prison, beat him, or ruin his reputation with a simple phone call, to, with a little bit of cleverness and planning, kill him, without ever having to face repercussions might just be enough to make a typical middle eastern Muslim man balk at the thought of getting western 'freedom' and democracy, and not entirely unreasonably. And given our serial failure to respect other countries' right of self-determination, I couldn't altogether blame him for speculating about the sincerity of our belief in these rights. •Reply•Share › Avatar OneHundredPercentCotton Nameless • 7 months ago Looking at us through other's eyes, I gotta say we don't look all that good either. Just sayin'….

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