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Github : Paying the price for hiring cunts



The case of Julie Anne Hovarth vs Github had all the the makings of a cookie cutter Adria Richard-Sendgrid event and its resemblance just increases with each update.

Not surprisingly, Julie, as most hypocrites do, has switched her tune from “sexism” to internal politics and now still wants more heads to roll despite the fact that her version of event is far removed from reality according to a recent post on medium detailing how she dated several people within the company, failed to barter sex for power/promotions then started to spread rumors of male co-workers having been cuckolded and their babies not being legitimate. See? She is completely innocent…

But this debacle got its crowning confirmation when one of Github co-founders Tom Preston-Werner  “had to resign” just the way the programmers at Pycon “had to fire themselves” for “unacceptable behavior” sure…that sounds politically correct enough. But without the obstacle of the lies of political correctness, the act of firing a co-founder just because of a cunt is more damaging to Github than to Tom Preston-Werner himself. Simply because men like Preston-Werner will ultimately go on and be more successful than Adria and Julie combined. In 30 years time what will Adria and Julie have done vs Tom? Tom most likely will be still active and Adria and Julie will be old fat and frustrated at their failures because nothing will have been their fault and because they were always “oppressed”.

The difference between a Social Justice Warrior and a true Entrepreneur is only one of them truly achieves and the other wants to be forever “empowered”. The problem with empowering people is that if they fail they can always say the empowerment was not enough but not their fault. Empowering an army of donkeys without a lion commanding them is just a lost battle. Congratulations Github keep empowering the social justice warriors donkeys!

Regrettably, “Empowerment” in the tech sector translates as

fire your high achievers to keep your PR happy. FYI, PR is more important than  technology



In 30 years time. Would you like to know how many githubs and sendgrids Adria and Julie will have started?

The answer is most likely ZERO.


Why? Because no one “empowered them” or because of the “tech patriarchy” or some other excuse.

Poor vulnerable princesses! The patriarchy causes them to be mediocre…Right?

Fucking cunts…






BTW here is the medium post just in case it is “casually” taken down




Every story has two sides and for several weeks now Julie Ann Horvath has decided to share only the details of her side of her experiences at GitHub and the circumstances around her departure.

A few of us, those who knew Julie and the events that occurred, have decided that if Julie wants to share this story so publicly then everyone should at least have all of the story.

Here are some details that may help explain this story a little differently.

The Engineer
Julie calls out an engineer in her story. The engineer she alleges harassed her was in fact an ex-boyfriend that she was still friends with at the time, not a random coworker she barely knew. They had dated prior to working at GitHub and were on good terms at the time.

The project he “ripped out” code from was a small css refactoring on an internal side project that he was helping her with. At the time of the incident, she was not upset about it and it was quickly fixed. At the time of her departure, she was not on great terms with him and her public story changed.

The Cofounder and His Wife
Around the end of 2012, Julie started dating a close male friend of the cofounder’s wife and didn’t like that they were close. She asked them to stop being friends and when they would not end their relationship, Julie started telling coworkers that the wife had affairs and that the cofounder’s newborn child was not his. She told this to multiple coworkers directly and also to the wife through her boyfriend.

This is where the wife reached out to her and the rest of her story starts. All of Julie’s story involving the cofounder’s wife occurs only after Julie was spreading vicious rumors about him to even new employees.

Three months later, the first Passion Projects talk was held at GitHub. It’s difficult to know if this was a concession by the cofounder for her to stop threatening his family and undermining him to his employees, or perhaps just a way for him to try to get on her good side so she would not want to hurt his family.

We share this because reading through the TechCrunch article with this in mind changes the story for us. It seems less like a story of gender issues and more like a story of the problems that arise when employees date coworkers and cannot separate work and personal life.

We dislike that she is taking advantage of people’s trust in her in order to craft a message for which she wants to be the symbol. Good people are suffering for a story she knows is not fully true and she does not seem to care.

The Podcast Failure of AVFM




Live365 more curse than a bless

The switch to live365 has been a disaster for commuters like me. The audio is much better but the cost of requiring people to tune in goes against the on demand industry we live in. Want to watch a movie? Easy, go to Netflix. Want to listen to a podcast? Download it from iTunes or a similar service. Want to read the news? Get them from your feed reader. Our world is an on-demand one where schedules are no longer a limitation and the content is available immediately. That unless we are talking about AVFM’s outdated system. Want to listen to AVFM? Prepare to follow all of these steps,
1. Go to the live365 site,
2. Locate the schedules
3. Make your time zone conversion
4. Organize your schedules around it, (just like in the last century)
5. Listen (if possible)

The move from blogtalk radio involved the loss of the audio feed (common practice of service providers to lock you in) which fragmented the audience and now the iTunes feed appears as last active last February. This is catastrophic as the iTunes feed was already a miracle (apple bans any idea they feel is subversive, even bitcoin) and wasting the feed and its audience this way is just unforgiveable
The sore thumb of AVFM’s “new” outdated delivery system goes entirely against the grain of the industry. In this world of low attention spans forcing the audience to go an extra step just results in a loss. The common response my gripes from the AVFM staff might be “Well, then just don’t listen, we do not need you, fuck off”
Allow me to state that AVFM is a jewel in brute and cannot give itself the luxury of losing audience members because AVFM already is being boycotted and hampering its own advancement with outdated delivery methods is just not a choice. AVFM needs a stable feed they own independent from live365.




The Badger Waste
The second problem is the shooting on the foot the “Honey Badger” radio show represents is as it is the highest rating, most listened to show yet it has no direct feed (correct me if I am wrong but I could not find it) The badgers have been smart enough to circumvent the limitations of the live365 move by implementing Google hangouts solutions along the live365 updated audio podcasts.

Why is the honey badger relevant? Because it shuts feminists up before they can start lying. The sole presence of 3-4 women does give a movement such as the MHRM movement visible credence to those who only see it as a “fat neckbeard” pit. The badgers are a smart powerful ice sheet breaker ship in this feminist frigid post modernist world. They need to be promoted along with all the other podcasts at a stable place.


Shooting AVFM in both feet

Currently AVFM plans to set up a repository with the mp3 files but one answer remains unclear; Will the new site distribute the audio via RSS feeds?
If the answer is “No” AVFM & Paul Elam are shooting themselves in the foot (and they had already shot themselves after the blogtalk radio loss.)

Because of these reasons
*RSS feeds have a very specific purpose: simplify adoption.

*Their current method has a very specific detrimental effect: reduce adoption & cause audience losses

*They simply cannot expect new audience members and the podcast industry as a whole to comply with AVFM’s outdated, detrimental and misplaced priorities.

*Their method is outdated. Since the 1880’s it became clear paperboys were at least as effective as news stands. AVFM is asking people to go to their newsstand. (<- That. is. Backwards. &. Dumb.)  Because RSS feeds are today’s “paperboys”. Please wake up AVFM.





Problems to solve
Since I am not a feminist, instead of bitching and demanding something, I want to propose the a few solutions. First I want people to understand the challenges of RSS feeds hosting and bandwidth costs. Having a popular podcast that is downloaded often is costly. Youtube costs nothing because they get their money from the ads but if the ads did not exist each youtuber would have to pay very expensive monthly fees for what now is ad-supported/free.




1.Youtube channel with all the audio
This option would involve taking all of the present podcasts and trancode them into smaller “false” video files which truly just contain audio then upload them to youtube then expect users to download and reverse the transcoding process on their own making the process wasteful slow and complicated if the user wants to listen to the audio file on the go. It could be useful for people who listen to their media on their desktop computers.

*Simple upload
*RSS-like subscription but not real RSS

*All audio content needs to be encoded into “video”
*”video” shows are not really video and rather just audio with a static image
*The transcoding of audio into video (adding time consumption)
*It cannot be distributed like an audio RSS
*It complicates adoption
*Listeners have to download, convert to audio and side load episode
(adding even more time consumption)





2. Free Google drive Repository

The barebones idea of uploading the all of the previous and future mp3 files to a series of free google drive repositories could work but it would only allow people to manually download the shows and manually goes against RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication)

*Free storage
*Allows audio only

*No syndication/ No RSS
*Maximum badwidth can be limited if too many downloads are logged
*Too barebones





3. Libsyn Account

Libsyn is a well known integrated solution for podcasters that has been around for quite sometime and offers affordable
rates and the the much needed RSS feed functionality

*Cheap 5-15 dollars per month
*Allows for RSS syndication

*Volume and popularity of shows may increase the bill for libsyn
*AVFM and Paul will frown at a second bill added to the already hefty one from live365 (live 365 should provide RSS feeds but that involves the catch 22 of losing the feed again when AVFM switches providers in the future)

In conclusion, in today’s world on demand is not a choice, it is a must.
I will go the extra mile and provide my donation for the libsyn option just for the sake of having a better more on demand choice.


The future is mobile, all of your future recruits are 20 something dudes (+ 1 or 2 dudettes) who have a lousy job and a smart phone. Paul has made it very clear he wants to leave a legacy after he decides to quit. Does it make sense to neglect smartphones as the most likely source of new recruits? Not at all.

The future is mobile, period.

Thank you for reading