It happened again.

Another “Adria” tried to co-opt a company and failed. Fortunately, she was “persuaded” to quit by the wife of one of the company founders…All right, let’s call a spade a spade, Julie Anne Hovarth was CUNT-BLOCKED on her goopy tracks. Just like Adria Richards with Sendgrid, Julie tried to co-opt a company called Github but unlike Adria, who managed to get two male escape goats, Julie was “coincidentally” told by the wife of one of the Github founders to play nice or quit and keep her mouth shut, Julie complied with none of the above. Just like Adria, She went to Twitter to vent her “oppression” and smear Github as an allegedly misogynistic tech company. Tech companies should understand that hiring social justice warriors like Adria or Julie is just bad for business. These social justice warriors, are not productive people, quite the opposite, they are entirely detrimental to the company because the main purpose of a social justice warrior is activism not actual work. They are dysfunctional because they drag their own personal grievances to work and harm productivity the way they would harm their own personal relationships and children. They make the political personal. They are the worst people for the job and the tech industry (like many others) is being cunt-aminated with these parasites. But this begs the question, with that kind of dysfunctional profile.   How do they get in?  




If you wanted to hire a competent firefighter which one of these two would you hire?

1. A piromaniac (loves fire)  

2. A pirophobiac (fears fire)

Well Adria Richards got the job and men are “her fire” (hint, she does not love them) in short, she was the worst fit for the job, a woman who despises men having to evangelize a work force made of mostly males. Julie Ann Horvath shares many traits with the original Adria, so much so that they seem to have been bred by the same single mother. These “Adrias” tend to have these radfem personality traits, *have below-average skill set *have an “always on” predisposition to get “offended” *have a permanent chip-on-the-shoulder attitude *always try to lecture men about how they should behave. *always try to lecture men about how “privileged they are” *they are hard to work with (i.e. she is a cunt) *Are humorless (as long as humor comes from men) *They have a “hypersensitivity radar” tuned to find “microaggressions” everywhere *Their “radar” causes perpetual grievances about men *have an “us vs them” ideology *Always look for excuses to take men down for “harassment” *Proclaim themselves judge, jury and executioner *Like to be “feared” by getting people fired (which gives them radfem brownie points) But, how do they get in? Well, ask HR. They are quick to “give a hand” to their own dysfunctional members of the sisterhood. Sounds familiar? This will also ring the bell, typically, once hired, management gives them near-endless concessions (again, plenty of “sisters” in HR) but when “Adrias” harm productivity they have to fire them (unless of course, they work in HR). “Adrias” usually proclaim themselves judge jury and executioner and will manipulate social media to trigger two mobs, the first one, which will “hunt down” the supposed offenders (be it an individual or a company) and the second mob, which will attack the “Adria” in question and not surprisingly, she will carefully screenshot all of their “hate”. This is deliberate, she will use that mob’s “hate” as bargaining chips for a new job, donations and in general, for radfem cred/brownie points. Make no mistake, this is magnified proxy violence. Instead of a primary school manipulative little girl getting a bully to beat up those she dislikes, we get a little feminist getting two bully mobs to attack those she dislikes and herself for pity points. The cherry on top is that after triggering all of this proxy violence she faces no real accountability as the diffusion of responsibility works wonders for her. Besides, how could she be accountable for her actions with all the “hate” she is getting? You would expect the tech industry to have learned from this. Guess what? Another “Adria” just hit the news, meet Julie Ann Horvath





But who is Julie Ann Horvath? Let me illustrate,



She is a cunt, of the tech variety       Julie Ann Horvath is a full time social justice warrior with a part time job as developer. She also has degree in English literature (seriously, she does not have an engineer degree at all) Despite the fact that female journalists tend to lie on her behalf (more on that later).


not an engineer 2


In a nutshell, Ms Horvath started working at Github in 2012 (a successful tech start-up), did mediocre divisive work, became militant (she even had an internal club advocating for women in tech called “Passion projects” but it should have been named “Radfem Incubator”) and ultimately failed to co-opt the company as she was CUNT-BLOCKED by the wife of one of the owners. She then started her own “TATTLE-GATE” in a very similar way Adria did. She apparently “quit” but in the town of affirmative action a victim like her will not wait for long. Here is a brief time line of her year and a half at Github   *Github hired  her in 2012 (company was small)

  • Was the only female coder at Github & disliked it
  • Became a diva “[ I ] had a really hard time getting used to the culture, the aggressive communication on pull requests and how little the men I worked with respected and valued my opinion,” TRANSLATION: I didn’t feel special (when treated equal)
  • *Turned into a royal bitch “[ I ] participated in the boys’ club upon joining but when [my] character started being discussed in inappropriate places like on pull requests and issues, the situation changed.” TRANSLATION: I went from diva to royal bitch when people criticized my mistakes *Started internal female militancy, was given “Passion projects” (so that she would STFU, allegedly)
  • Devoted more time to “Passion Projects” than actual work (which was an internal cult of feminism disguised as promoting women in tech) *Kept pushing for internal militancy and threatened to quit *Horvath started dating a male co-worker
  • *The wife of one of the founders asked Horvath out for drinks and told her not to quit or say something nasty about her husband’s company. TRANSLATION: We know you are a cunt Julie
  • *Horvath kept threatening to quit
  • *Horvath asked her partner not to tell the founder or his wife anything about her (anything to hide? Allegedly?)
  • *Founder’s wife kept talking to her and allegedly checking her internal chat logs
  • *The funder’s wife sat in front of her at work to keep an eye on her, allegedly *HR asked to have a conversation with Horvath to discuss the “girl’s night out” conversation with the founder’s wife
  • *Horvath’s partner was asked to provide details too
  • *One month of internal investigation on Horvath followed the HR talk *Founder’s wife kept talking to her and allegedly checking her internal chat logs
  • *Allegedly, the funder’s wife sat next to/in front of her at work to keep an eye on her
  • *Founder asked to speak to her but Horvath demanded HR be present
  • *Founder allegedly accused Horvath of threatening his wife
  • *Horvath cries (HR watched, allegedly) *Founder allegedly criticized Horvath for dating a co-worker
  • *Horvath cried more, (HR provided tissues, allegedly )
  • *Founder asked Horvath’s partner to resign, partner refused
  • *Horvath quits
  • *Horvath obtains a screenshot of ex-coworkers  celebrating her departure in the internal chat
  • *Horvath asks the chat conversation to be taken down, request is refused *Horvath starts airing her grievances on twitter
  • *Github rep gets tweeter “heat”
  • *Github starts full internal investigation
  • *Github puts founder on leave (the one whose wife took Horvath out for drinks)
  • *Github allegedly puts Horvath’s boyfriend on leave (all the events above are allegedly according to her own words)
  • Side note 1: unlike Adria, Horvath did not have the opportunity to “out” a specific male, she was successfully CUNT-BLOCKED instead by the founder’s wife. BTW, kudos to the founder, imagine if the husband, not the wife had inveted her for drinks, what a gigantic “elevatorgate” false rape allegation mess would have been.
  • Side note 2: the best thing of this CUNT-BLOCKING strategy is that Horvath had no “firm” grounds to claim harassment by a male representing the tech patriarchy and its pervasive oppressive silicon phallus (ever wondered what the “glass ceiling” was made of?) TL;DR Horvath is a tech-incompetent, divisive radfem cunt queen who never managed to co-opt  Github, the wife of one of the founders cunt-blocked her until she quit. (BTW apparently using your wife to cunt-block radfems saves you money)






It is excruciating to see how the tech industry will waste enormous amounts of money hiring social justice warriors for positions that will place them in direct conflict with their personal beliefs because they just dislike/hate men. Is like recruiting Talibans into the US army and expect no “friendly fire”. Julie followed Adria’s steps almost to perfection. Mark my words, as long as the tech industry has no psycometric standards to weed out sociopathic hyper-sensitive feminist from being employed, these “Tattle-gates” will keep happening and become financially costlier every time. You cannot hire women who hate men or vice versa.

men are just like animals

Have you ever heard of radical feminist calling men animals? They fail at euphemisms.




How can this be prevented? How can companies keep themselves afloat and avoid the financial costs of these social media dramas?

In short, how do you preemptively CUNT-BLOCK these radfem cunts?

Well, not hiring women would be ideal but since that is illegal maybe the second best choice would be, as mentioned above, requiring potential overly-paranoid-hypersensitive-social-justice-warriors-feminists type to pass a psycometric test. Which they would fail the same way an impulsive sociopath would especially with questions such as this adrias cursor You are a sociopathic cunt Adria This would save the company/start-up numerous liabiilities and loss of capital. So, how do you make a social warrior? What are the tell tale signs or red flags to pay attention to? Well based on Adria’s very own profile, her on anecdotes on her videos and insider accounts as well as Julie Anne Horvath profile and behavior (they do have lots in common, especially always claiming nothing is ever their fault) Julie allegedly quit based on some “unkind” comments on the anonymous whistleblower app “Secret” shown below,

screenshot from 2014-03-23 021658

Anonymity yields so much honesty


I would theorize we will see more insider accounts from Julie’s ex-coworkers depicting her character through the whistleblower apps “Secret” and “Whisper” in the near future. The best part of these apps is that they will provide anonymous coverage to the antics performed by these divas, which in and of itself is valuable data on behavior patterns, in other words these apps may provide the cautionary tales and tell tale signs typical of these radfems. It is not impossible to imagine these apps being used by HR in the upcoming years to see a potential employee’s track record (as much as they do nowadays with Facebook and twitter accounts) to avoid hiring them. Leaving the future aside, let’s  turn our attention back to the profile of a social warrior and focus on some of the background tell tale signs of the typical hypersensitive-social-justice-warriors-feminists that have come out of the woodwork to date.





  • *Raised by a single mother
  • *Has a past of molestation/sexual abuse
  • *Has “daddy issues”
  • *Has a form of untreated PTSD
  • *Has an inferiority complex
  • *Struggles with science math and STEM in general
  • *Holds a humanities degree + incipient/non existing scientific training
  • *Has joined the cult of feminism (“in the closet” feminists are also common)
  • *The cult of feminism  allows them to see science as a “Patriarchal system made by men”
  • *Behavior obviates main focus is militancy not work/science
  • *Publicly falsely claims the inverse, main focus is “work/science not feminism” This is only the basic profile, it however fits plenty of feminists and not only the ones in the tech industry. Now, if we dive deeper into the personal beliefs commonly held by radical feminists groups and people like Adria and Julie, the list of red flags just grows as shown below



  • *Has joined the cult of feminism due to her perceived “oppression”
  • *Has a Erotomaniac+Delusions of persecution traits
  • *Erotomaniac+Persecutory delusions = provide empirical personal belief in the “Rape Culture” delusion ( in other words, she believes everyone desires her to the point of wanting to rape her)
  • *Joins the cult of feminism  to unsuccessfuly “treat” PTSD + Inferiority complex, in the cult, they are magnified instead
  • *Joining the the cult of feminism  provides a group of similar mental patients who share the same faith, confirmation bias and group-think which are combined with the previous personal empirical belief in “Rape Culture”. The result is a cluster of shared cult delusions i.e. “all men are potential rapists”
  • *The cult delusions further promote their own belief in being “perpetually potential rape victims” & equal their daily risk of being raped to those faced by women in the republic Congo.
  • *Groups of female mental patients in the cult of feminism will cross-pollinate & fossilize their shared mental disorders
  • *The cult of feminism  allows them to declare women “superior”
  • *The cult of feminism  allows them to see themselves as permanently “oppressed” even if they are the equivalent of the “privileged, educated, western white men” they criticize
  • *The cult of feminism  allows them to see science as “Patriarchal system made by men”
  • *The cult of feminism  fosters a constant “Us vs them” mentality

Put all of the above traits in a female, give her an ounce of power then place her in a start-up full of male developers and see the “dongle-gate” happen over and over. It is the worst most polarized combination possible, hiring someone that has a phobia and expect them to be professional. They are the worst fit for the job. Don’t hire a pirophobiacs for a firefighter job. But this begs the question. How do these deviants get in? How do they manage to get hired? Well the infiltration building is located in a a town called “affirmative action”. Their presence inside companies commonly follows these stages: infiltration, co-opting/division and incubation. These stages result in two possible outcomes: permanent infection or  purge.




  • *Infiltrates company through an HR contact. (No surprises, most HR management is dominated by females)
  • *Chances of being hired are exponentially higher when HR is female & militant
  • *HR has a default tendency to help or promote through affirmative action
  • *Feminists have a tendency of exaggerating qualifications for the sake of sisterhood perfect example of lying courtesy of sister Nellie Bowles

not an engineer 2

Example of “acceptable sisterhood white lies”


For all intents and purposes the fact that Julie Ann Horvarth does not list an engineering degree in her linkedin page implies that either she never earned it  (thus her coding was learned outside a university) or that she forgot to add it (unlikely) This leads to the implication that journalist Nellie Bowles neglected using the term “developer” and chose instead “engineer” for the “sake of helping a sister”.

The journalist Nellie Bowles lied. Plain and simple. (even if Github referred to all of their employees as “engineers” it would still not make sense) Once I googled “Adria Richards linked in” I landed on the Linkedin page (a monumental feat for mediocre journalists such as Nellie Bowles, apparently) once there, I was interested in cross referencing Adria Richard’s Linkedin profile with that of Julie Ann Horvath’s and low and behold, it became evident that most HR headhunters would notice their flaws and reject their CV’s (that is if these ladies were males) Here is a brief list of what I these radfems share in their CV’s

  • *No science degree
  • *Lots of “padding” in the work experience area (constant job switching in the case of Adria)
  • *A tendency to focusing on public speaking but not hard science and work related qualifications
  • *A tendency towards focusing on “helping women”* and public speaking (TRANSLATION: militancy matters, actual work does not) (*mind you, helping women like them only, not those in the 3rd world.

Of course that saying feminism is elitist and racist would be soooo offensive. But I just did. So fuck all of you radfems) The “padding” in work experience is especially interesting as they both seem to be making up for what they lack in science credentials. Notice the tendency to highlight their public speaking and militancy.

In a nutshell, their focus is feminist militancy not tech work. I took the time to annotate some of their CV’s Click on the thumbnails to see the highlighted CV’s (Warning Adria Richard’s CV is a long clusterfuck of padding and job jumping, suffice it to say she hops (gets fired) from job to job a lot) adrmini         Here is her annotated (MASSIVELY PADDED) CV

adria richards - linkedin annotated

1-0000 2


julie ann horvath

Then the most recent one Julie, the queen cunt (formerly ball busting full-time at Sendgrid)

Then the talented fraudster con artist “Mrs Ripley” Anita Sarkeesian and her manager or mini patriarchy incarnate Jonathan Mcintosh according to this detailed sleuthing we have all seen. 


anita sarkeesian _ linkedin

And finally the Skeptic cunt that claims to “question everything” but her own dogma; feminism. Suffice it to say that her current profile does not put her in an employable situation beyond being a receptionist. Worst thing is her site is not generating enough revenue, that is why now she is e-begging through Patreon.


rebecca watson - linkedin


After all the research on Watson I found a few of her so called “attack sites” against her (first, secondthird ) on her site but I am not going to give her free traffic. (especially now her traffic is so low, -get a job cunt!-) so I found those sites to be either rambling (worse than me, no less) or have an “honest, take no prisoners” approach to criticism. Yet, none of them qualifies as “hate” (Rebecca’s favorite pity-cash-earning term) Among all of the images and comments I had to comb through, one worth mentioning is an Australian-New Zealand based blogger going by the pseudonym “franc hoggle” (one whose saga will be worth of its own post at some point in the near future). For the time being, I will give you the short version, it involves a said blogger, who made very direct criticisms of the Freethought blogs radfems and of Rebecca herself.

This led to the radfems retaliating doing exactly what they do not want to be done to them: doxxing. The hypocrisy shown by the FTB acolytes, their FTB messiah PZ Myers and Rebecca Watson is just  as subtle as Hiroshima’s mushroom cloud. Another one that stuck out as somehow accurate about her character (despite the fact that I am certain it is either a photomanip or a parody account, that unless she had a Hugo-like breakdown at some point) would be the following image; behold Rebecca’s thoughts if only she were slightly less dishonest.

    screenshot 2 Mean? Yes. Innacurate? I doubt it.


After researching the reference to the so called “Sid”, it surprisingly rang true after she divorced her now ex, Sid Rodrigues. No surprises here, short marriage then she proactively filed for divorce due to “lack of satisfaction” pattern, as usual with radfems. What is surprising is the way her need for attention was displayed during the wedding and the utter narcissism of holding a complete conference (TAM 7) hostage to witness their shared vulgar display of need for validation in the form of a mock wedding. (yes, they pretended it was a “surprise wedding” but had already been rehearsed, yes, I did not believe it either, but their acting was worse than low budget porn) It would stand to reason this stems from a neglected childhood yielding her (their) need for validation as simulated adult.

This constant need for validation in her behavior seems to be what drives her as it does with most social justice warriors, they perceive themselves as “neglected” and “wronged” hence the need for “vindication”. Rebecca is into skepticism as a pundit because of her own personal chip in her shoulder, that is why this highlight into what otherwise should have remained private: she broadcast her personal life all over the internet to feel she is worth something. Along with her pundit antics that have not landed any wide media attention (no left wing TV “features” ) She works out to be a mediocre imitation of Anne Coulter minus the money or talent for trolling. At least Coulter has better pundit status and recognition for her antics in mainstream media. Rebecca does not, even as a pundit, she ranks low, very low.

wing hypocrisy Fortunately only one is a millionaire.

Anyways, enough with Rebecunt Twatson.Let’s go back to the stages of cunt infiltration in the enterprise.





As you can see people with abysmal CV’s as the ones above still get through and HR manage to hire them this is what they do after they are hired to try to divide and co-opt the companies they infiltrated, then the following behavior is observed

  • *Actively starts to censor speech, starts with one word she finds “offensive”
  • *Claims “women” find the word offensive (notice the “I” for “women” swap)
  • *Censorship of speech and word swap increase
  • *Tries to recruit other females into militancy
  • *Females that refuse are labelled “gender traitors”
  • *Starts trash talking the “female traitors” to create more division
  • *Consistenly has work-conflicts with “gender traitors”
  • *The conflicts result in more enemies and more supporters. Succeeds at polarizing people and fragments them into factions pro and against her
  • *Consistently claims mistakes are not her fault
  • *Consistently claims “people are against her”
  • *If mistakes are backed up with evidence she claims she “is being framed”
  • *Tries to recruit males through “shaming tactics”
  • *Tries to recruit males through “friend zoning”
  • *Some of the recruited males (friend zoned) become “white knights” the others just obey to avoid more conflicts
  • *White knights are usually “friend-zoned” but do varying degrees of work for her
  • *”Gender traitors” cannot be “friend zoned” thus tensions increase
  • *Claims there is a “complot against her” but not against any other of the other females at work *Due to PTSD+Erotomaniac+Delusions of persecution she believes she is constantly sexually threatened by males in a “Corporate Rape Culture” not surprisingly these males are usually against her
  • *Fragments productivity as she does not interact with “Gender Traitors” &  “Potential Rapists/rape apologists”
  • *Lack of interaction disrupts work line and communication with teams
  • *Lack of team work is “never her fault” *Staff often nick names her “Queen”, “Diva” or “Antisocial” (at best) but “Bitch” and “Cunt” are preferred outside the corporate environment




  • *Devotes most time to corporate militancy
  • *Devotes less time to corporate work
  • *Constant conflicts and friction with team members have added up, some staff memebers refuse to work with her
  • *These conflicts result in above average “talks” with HR/Supervisors
  • *Time for “talks” cost time and money thus projects are negatively affected *She sees “talks” as evidence of a complot against her
  • *Claims low performance is not her fault, rather, the company is “against her”
  • *Starts cajoling HR, if HR backs her up, behavior continues
  • *With HR back-up, she plans to make an example out of a male by getting him fired *Gets a male fired (usually by sexual harassment claims) this is seen as a “badge of honor/brownie points”
  • *HR stops monitoring her as the fired male/escape goat has been offered
  • *Supporters secretly cheer her “badge of honor/brownie points” she then feels “Respected”
  • *”Respect” is seen as a license to continue with her behavior and militancy
  • *HR is co-opted *Is given near endless concessions by contacts, be it HR or female influenced management





If management is female-influenced (wife of founder likes her) & HR contacts grow, she will stay and censor the company, then this happens permanent cunt infection Sandberg is the perfect example of infiltration and permanent infection by a toxic royal cunt. Sandberg became a permanent infection in Facebook mostly because as a Harvard graduate she has more credentials than other feminists plebs such as, Adria Richards, Julie Ann Horvath, Rebecca Watson and Annita Sarkeesian. She is still widely criticized and hated for reasons ranging from elitism, over protection of females working at facebook and in general being a toxic cunt that announces her toxicity with phrases such as “Don’t hate her for being successful” sure, just hate her for being a cunt.






In those cases different from Sandberg, the co-opting fails and the toxic cunt is fired (I am looking at you Adria and Julie) The reasons for the failure are many but mostly the toxic cunt made more enemies than allies and If management less female influenced, finds her performance lacking, she will be fired or forced out (for contrast, males get fired much faster for a fraction of the divisive behavior). She resorts to

  • *Haggling through threats of making the affairs public
  • *Misses work due to “stress” caused by the situation
  • *Seeks to get fired instead of  quitting in order to sue
  • *Behavior worsens
  • *Contemplates extracting information from the company (contacts usually prevent this)
  • *Starts planning media drama + “Bundle of hate/Badge of victimhood”
  • *She is then ejected like corporate diarrhea (similar mess ensues)




The social warrior will tipically smear the company/individuals and portray them as responsible for their firing/events (according to feminism, she is never accountable) the false victim usually follows these premeditated, deliberate steps in their social media drama

  • *All females that did not help her are labelled/hinted as  “gender traitors”
  • *All males are labelled/hinted as “rape apologists” (same punch as calling them “rapists” minus the legal liabilities)
  • *All criticism online is “hate” by default
  • *States there was always “complot against her”
  • *”White knights” on Twitter multiply *”Gender traitors” on Twitter multiply and are usually named
  • *”Misogynists” are usually named /fired
  • *States there was always a “complot against her”
  • *Labels the employer as a “Corporate Rape Culture”
  • *Lack of team work was never her fault *Incriminating screenshots of staff/individuals “nicknaming” her surface *Incriminating screenshots of social media opposition add up (she calls them all “trolls”)
  • *Impulsive opposition (trolls) flings more “verbal excrement” helping her with her deliberate “exit plan”
  • *Incriminating screenshots of social media opposition become a “Bundle of hate/ Badge of victimhood”
  • *Media outlets capitalize and draw attention to “Bundle of hate/ Badge of victimhood”
  • *”Bundle of hate/Badge of victimhood” +”verbal excrement”  goes viral
  • *”Bundle of hate/Badge of victimhood” generates massive “Online Pity”
  • *Money starts coming in (donation button was conveniently placed)
  • *”Online Pity” minimizes/erases past flaws, accountability as she is a “victim”
  • *”Online Pity” lands her a new job or more donations (leftists/white knight supported)
  • *Claims all women are subject to “exactly the same treatment”
  • *Claims she is “at risk”
  • *Does not file any police reports
  • *Does not suffer any sexual assault attempts against her, assures the opposite on twitter/social networks
  • *Does not file any police reports
  • *Does not suffer any assasination attempts against her, assures the opposite on twitter/social networks
  • *Does not file any police reports *Claims the police won’t help her
  • *She keeps taking screenshots of the “threats”
  • *”Bundle of hate/Badge of victimhood”  keeps growing
  • *Trolls don’t realize they are helping her recycle all the threats for real money.
  • *Trolls keep helping her, cycle continues





We are starting to see a pattern. Hypocrisy.   dongley     hula




For those who have spotted the similarities between these toxic cunts & their track records, you may find this checklist close to the reality in your very own work place. There is always at least one that scores very high.

cunt graph! Same cunt breed.

Notes on question 1 “Was raised by a single mother”

Anita Sarkeesian

Her wiki lists she was raised by Armenian parents originally living in Ontario Canada before moving to the USA. The sleuthing report contains some brief mentions of her family during her constant travels. I only found a video of her mom, Seta,  cooking lentils  but I could not find any mentions of her father. It appears the family has enough wealth to afford to have a daughter who studied a useless degree and has no work experience despite being in her 30’s.

Rebecca Watson

Her wedding video makes reference to her “family” who appear to be 2 possible siblings attending the wedding. It is unclear if the parents attended the wedding judging by the 4 people appearing in the grainy low light video 1. A hand is raised next to the men filming 2. The other standing next to him another 3. One filming with an old fashioned camcorder while waiving 4. On the far right a lady that (who may or may not be the mother) also waives at the camera. It is unclear if the parents attended the wedding. 4-mebers On the skeptic guide  to the universe podcast, she has referred to her father approximately 3 times in the last 5 years, in one of those instances, she referred to him as a person that worked for a “big corporation that poisoned the environment” the corporation in question was (allegedly Bayer or Dupont) either this is her “Seattle” environmentalist speaking or this points at a strained relationship with the father. In the skeptics guide to the universe podcast Watson has also mentioned she grew up in a house with a pool and her “eyes would always sting after playing”. It appears that despite all of her criticism directed to males, she grew up white and privileged, her father was white and privileged, her main platform for media exposure and the one that carries the podcast is also white and privileged, Steven Novella as are all the other members of the podcast so they all seem to qualify. Again, just like with Anita,  we see the trend of family that has enough wealth to afford to have a daughter who studied a useless degree and has no work experience despite being in her 30’s.

  Adria Richards 

The only one that seems to have a perfect 10 for all the wrong reasons is half Jewish/Half black princess Adria Richards was born in New York then her parents moved to Minneapolis. It appears her parents split when she was still a child. Again, all this information is provided by Adria herself during her many video rants but even if she provides it any remarks on such info are considered “stalking”. Cheap fake paranoid cunts.

Julie Anne Horvath

Could not find data on her parents but judging by her radicalism there is a high chance her parents divorced and had a strained relationship with her father (if it was one of those rare cases where he was allowed to interact) Will try to interrogate more ex-coworkers on the secret site and update accordingly.



As mentioned above Julie got cunt-blocked and a perfunctory apology was given,  I am glad to see companies cunt-blocking cunts with other cunts. (even if they are their wives)     The apology above is just a damage control tactic, it does not change the fact they got rid of the cunt. It would not be surprising if the founder “on leave” was just on a previously agreed vacation. What is unclear is the identity of the second person put on leave “the referenced Github engineer” who may or may not be Horvarth’s boyfriend. Why would you put him on leave if he did not do anything? Which implies that possibly he had a role in the conflicts. My money is on the possibility Horvath used him as a proxy violence object against others. If he gets fired he may still never learn what happens when you date a toxic cunt like Horvath. The fact that he started dating her speaks of his lack of common sense. Never date at work, especially a cunt like Horvath. What is also interesting is the series of events that led to her departure which were allegedly recounted by her in an email send to techcrunch, which should be taken with a grain of salt. Now, aside form the fact one thing we have learned with feminists is that their versions of events are usually completely opposed to reality, this screenshot seems to be more reliable than her account of events.

internal 2

The annotated screenshot above enraged her enough/was the deciding factor for her to quit and accuse the company publicly. (It is unclear if she saw it and then quit or if she had quit and shortly after the “secret” post went up) If the screenshot is any indication the following two points are very meaningful

1. “Greenshirt” (allegedly an ex-coworker) was very active on the conversation and was by no means alone in sharing stories on Horvath’s unprofessional behavior

2. The second point just delivers a text book definition of an “Adria” it reads, “Queen has a history of RAGING against any professional criticism. Leadership has stood idly by while she lied about contributions, threw hard working coworkers under the bus (again and again) and spread vicious rumors about women at work” The above depiction of

Horvath’s behavior at work perfectly illustrates the typical trend of management turning a blind eye at these readfem antics at the expense of productivity and the increase in internal conflicts caused by the cunt in question. It just boggles the mind the number of concessions that must have been given to her and the glaring double standards of her treatment vs the near zero tolerance given to men in the tech industry. This trend in tech, like all of the areas where feminism has been injected, has the aim of lowering standards and promote false female victimhood. It is an expensive set of habits that many companies will have to reason and consider before even accepting a CV from a female, which in turn damages the credibility of the rare but existing hard-working non-feminist women in tech. Double standards work to the detriment of productivity and that is money lost every day. There should only be one standard for both men and women.        

PS *After some light banning I am back on twitter! BTW here is a friendly invitation to all of you colorful headed ladies on prozac; follow me on twitter & be unhappy everyday!



  1. […] STEMming the Bro-Culture featured Julie Ann Horvath, a designer and developer who was the target of online attacks and threats (warning: link contains offensive images and language) after claiming sexism drove her to quit […]

  2. […] Bro-Culture featured Julie Ann Horvath, a designer and developer who was the target of online attacks and threats (warning: link contains offensive images and language) after claiming sexism drove her […]

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