gamergate vultures

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The Problem
Imagine a group of vultures around carrion: if anyone shoots and wounds one of them, there is a chance the other vultures will immediately vomit carrion as a distraction/defense mechanism.

Recently, a vulture has been shot and wounded. Its name is Gamasutra, and the other vultures, The Verge/Polygon, are vomiting articles about a bullet called #gamergate.
For those who have followed #gamergate, it comes as no surprise that some companies are starting to react to it. Long story short, the #Gamergate incident started with a feminist self-proclaimed game developer who managed to get her lackluster “game” reviewed by having sex with 5 confirmed journalists from major videogame game review websites which led to even more leaked documents showing how feminists are actively controlling game journalism while taking bribes. This led to the press knee-jerk reaction of widespread censoring of anything pertaining to #gamergate itself on social media. This blatant banning of dissent & suppression of information by the corrupt press has led to (predictably) even more attention/reactions from companies & advertisers to corrupt videogame review websites themselves.
Case in point, in a recent opinion piece, Electronics Arts Director Chris Mancil equated the treatment of gamers by the corrupt gaming press to the way riot police treat protesters. Even more remarkably, Intel recently pulled all of its ads from the corrupt gaming site Gamasutra because of the complaints from pro #gamergate gamers. Guess what? The leftist press, aka The Verge, sees this victory as (wait for it) “spooky misogyny.” 
Why would a site like The Verge stay away from a neutral point of view? From journalistic integrity? Well, the explanation is far less elegant than what they would like it to be. Along with Gamasutra, several other sites were also flagged by gamers as corrupt—and one of those flagged sites is called Polygon. Not surprisingly, Vox Media owns both The Verge and Polygon.
It is the duty of hypocrites to say one thing and then do the opposite; therefore, it only makes sense for hypocrites at The Verge/Polygon to lie about chip maker Intel’s decision because they fear more of their advertisers would do the same to them out of pressure from pro #gamergate fans. It is not even a thinly veiled conflict of interest; it is a blatant lack of journalistic integrity reporting on a lack of journalistic integrity itself. Vultures do eat their own vomit when stressed.
Who’s neutral then? This article? Theirs? Someone else’s?
See? The problem of having a dog in the fight is that you see only either blood or glory (but seldom something in between).
BTW, this article is written by a troll, so feel free to leave now.
For Those Who Stayed
Let’s just understand why a corporation like EA would allow its director to comment on an issue considered to be “too polarizing”? Why would they let their director imply the press is biting the hand that feeds them? EA has their own skeletons in their closet, but they definitely want that hand to keep feeding them. It is gamers who put the food on EA’s tables (whether they dislike it or not, they owe most of their income to gamers). Did EA’s director make that decision out of pure capitalism, leaving morals aside? The leftist corrupt press abhors when a company chooses reason and capitalism instead of their version of leftist “progressive reason.”
EA cannot stay profitable if they follow the corrupt press’ moralistic dogma in which they belittle their own gamers/customers by saying they are Gamers are over & are unnecessary.  Yes, game site Gamasutra allowed their editor at large, feminist Leigh Alexander to label male gamers at large as “embarrassing & unnecessary” by constantly referring to them as “game culture” yet in her article Alexander refers to a culture made of mostly to males and by stating those males are part of an “Embarrassing Gamer Culture”
Get it yet? In her article, Alexander uses “Gamer Culture” almost as a not very subtle euphemism for the feminist lingo “Rape Culture”. Turns out Alexander’s article was not “subtle” enough as the backlash to her article resulted in Intel’s withdrawal of all of their ads from Gamasutra.
(Dear Leigh Alexander since you don’t need gamers, I’m sure you don’t need Intel’s money either…be proud.)
Of course, any of this criticism to Alexander or most of the other feminist journalists involved in #gamergate is immediately flagged as an “attack”.
See, the leftist press is very likely to invoke Hitler (especially on Twitter) whenever reason is more important than their leftist ideas.
But Intel’s decision to pull out from Gamasutra must be perplexing for both male and female feminists; it must be unfathomable for their imaginary intellect to even entertain the thought of a giant corporation not wanting to partner with those who belittle their customers? It must be hard for feminists to stop being hypocritical when all they can muster against a logical question is:
But … but … why would Intel be against “equality”?
No, Intel’s decision is not related to feminism; it is likely related to pure common sense: you don’t get to insult your customers and still exist as a business.
Here are some valid questions feminists won’t even entertain in their solipsistic heads:
  • Is Intel’s decision objective or subjective?
  • Does it stand to reason for Intel to care about its customers?
  • Does it stand to reason for Intel to care about not losing sales?
  • Don’t you think there must be a valid reason behind Intel’s decision?
  • Don’t you think a corporation as big and profitable as Intel does not reason its decisions?
If anything, Intel’s decision is the result of customers voting with their money. We have a wounded Vulture called Gamasutra, AKA Leigh Alexander.
The Solution
Let’s predict the future, let’s make a safe, reliable bet: next time another advertiser pulls out from another red-flagged corrupt press site, the corrupt press themselves will vomit something leftist along these lines while wagging a disapproving finger:
Oh, you see? More fat, fedora-wearing pigs posing as females, they are all misogynists!
New advertiser pulls out? Corrupt press will say “misogyny.”
New advertiser pulls out? Corrupt press will say “misogyny.”
Over and over again. Every single #gamergate victory will likely be dimmed and smeared by the press because that is exactly what got #gamergate started: suppression of information and widespread collusion. Amusing how they repeat themselves.
So What Is the Solution?
 Answer: WAF* Female Gamers 
(*Women Against Feminism gamers, or “WAF gamers” for short)
We saw the same phenomenon with the Honey Badgers at the Detroit convention: the press will have to pay attention to them because their presence NULLIFIES the lie of a misogyny-driven group. Women Against Feminism wield enormous power with their presence because they endorse the group they are in as “safe” as opposed to the detractors always labeling it as “unsafe” at best. Yes, it sounds like the presence of a collective nanny, but the satisfaction of seeing the press not knowing what to do but to report it is worth every single moment of it. (Even with the mockery of childish music, they still promoted it; I am looking at you, Vice hypocrites.)
(Note: Feminists are women, but women are not feminists. WAFs are women who do not consider themselves “superior victims,” aka feminists. In the #gamergate community, there are both females who consider themselves feminists and female gamers who consider themselves gamers.)
Conversely, WAFs also wield enormous power with their presence, but so far they limit themselves to mostly just pictures of themselves, articles, and tweets. I am not sorry to break it to you #gamergate WAF girls:
Selfies alone won’t cut it,
video is worth thousands of pictures/frames.
Let me make this clear, pro #gamergate WAF girls:
So far, the problem with WAF gamers is that they have great power but choose not to use it. That has to change.
The moment they start recording themselves on video and reading an open letter to advertisers asking them to pull their support from corrupt journalist websites, we will likely see a dramatic response from the advertisers and the media. Videos of WAF gamers would nullify the lie of the movement being driven by “misogynists.” It would make it much harder for the press to keep lying. If dozens of women clearly say something along these lines:
I am a female WAF gamer and I support #gamergate.
I do not want to be represented by corrupt journalists.
*Corporation name*
Please withdraw your support from X site.
and if the dozens become hundreds and so on, it would make it much harder for the press to try to label a group as male and misogynistic with plenty of women speaking for themselves.
Record yourselves, girls, you have great power.
Thank you for reading.


  1. If any consumer movements can only win by relying purely on the girls, then sexism has really gone far.

    But that’s not the case because these girls simply have “internalized misogyny”. Luckily they have others who know better for them to decide for them what they like and don’t like.

    Fucking disgusting. I’m a guy, I’m not ashamed of it. And I don’t care if people call my women-hating, because I’m not. None of the women in my life think so. I shouldn’t have to defend such vile accusation without proof or evidence to justify that I would be.

  2. Did that Verge article REALLY quote Zoe Quinn’s “I’ve been recording your IRC for weeks” posts? Like, seriously, and not as a joke?

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