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Twitter is  censoring accounts before a single tweet goes out

Perhaps her hypothesis on a Twitter feminist intern makes sense after all…



There are two really important things happening on Twitter right now: one is #GamerGate and the other is Twitter’s “collaboration” with WAM (Women Action and Media) to thought police Twitter users and remove anything or anyone that “offends” feminists and other social justice warriors.

Guess who offends a lot of feminists?

I can’t let these particular tweets die. I just can’t. They are too funny. And they are the perfect explanation of what “offends” feminists.

facts tweetproof

Facts and evidence. That is a very basic description of what I tweet, and because the facts don’t line up with feminist ideology, I am consistently reported as an abusive account. Here are some examples of things I tweet, for those who are not interested in the clusterfuck that is Twitter.



college degrees









So much abuse, amirite?

Taylor Swift has become the soundtrack to my life on Twitter at the moment:

Cause the players gonna play, play…

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The Hydra Script (AKA How to kill the Twitter corporation)



The constant use and abuse of Twitters’s TOS banning people like Thunderf00t, The amazing Atheist, Judgy Bitch, The Ralph Retort and many other prominent users is a cause not for concern, it is a cause for utter contempt towards Twitter and the travesty of their Terms of Service. Said TOS is a constant vulgar display of leftist hypocritcal power constantly portrayed as “equality”. Their TOS is an easy to manipulate, politically-driven, broken system that blatantly and falsely tries to portray itself as “fair”. This mediocre lie painted pink is best exposed every time Twitter allows for the leftist SJW side to mass-block people via blockbots coded by pathological true abusers that portray themselves as the “abused”.

It is a blatant, one sided, corrupt and hypocritical SJW dance. But the main problem with Twitter’s TOS is that it is a direct reflection of feminism itself because it closely follows and mimics the feminist dogma falsely portraying itself as “fair” for both genders but from the onset it favors just one side, giving it mostly rights and nearly zero responsibilities, while demanding the other side to comply with mostly responsibilities and “rights” that can be removed any time is needed; feminism puts you in jail, twitter bans you from their platform.  Twitter gives rights and nearly no obligations to those with “the right ideology”, but if you dare have the “wrong kind of ideology”? Good fucking luck because both feminism and Twitter will have you ejected & banned.

How can a system that empowers and encourages mass censorship be defended or respected?

Exactly, it can’t.


Just like dictatorships, Twitter and feminism cannot be respected regardless of how much they try to buzzword themselves with their marxist rhetoric thinly disguised in enterprise lingo, Twitter is an ideolocally leftist snakepit painted in corporate colors. Both Feminism and Twitter TOS are systems that  mimic religions, they make the political personal and the personal political, they rely on emotion instead of  reason. Just like a religion, feminism and Twitter deserve ZERO intellectual respect.

But why waste time with a Marxist snakepit like Twitter then? Well, the reality is that  Twitter’s value is not in its absent honesty or its imaginary fairness but its true value consists of it being a platform for promotion. The reality of Twitter value is less than elegant; Twitter is a wall to plaster messages on for free.
Just like an empty wall, Twitter is an advertising object that deserves to be used but not “respected”. It deserves to be exploited, to be unceremoniously abused & defaced just the same way it has been abused by hordes of SJWs manipulating it via their “blockbots”/scripted objects of mass censorship that facilitate the banning of whomever disagrees with said SJWs. Blockbot scripts effectively make Twitter a Feminist/SJW’s wet dream; a place where everybody listens, everybody agrees and everybody conforms. The purpose of these SJWs is to turn Twitter into another socialist church painted in radical feminist pink. To these people, their belief is harmony but cannot entertain the idea their fervent feminist belief is the death of their intellect.
I for one, refuse to follow and respect a broken system such as Twitter’s TOS because it is as invalid as a theocracy or feminism itself; allow me to state it thusly;

BTW, feel free to quote me on that & get me banned, I have plenty of backups.


This is how the TOS is routinely exploited by SJWs
1. SJWs manipulate Twitter manually or via blockbot to target & mob an account they dislike
2. The target account gets banned
3. Target loses access to all followers AKA Twitter’s “disband the toxic community approach”
4. Target is placed in an appeal process limbo
It is not a secret, pathological professional hypocrites like Randi Harper have direct connections inside Twitter that condone and foment their behavior which explains why they rarely get suspended despite their extremely well documented destructive actions towards other people’s careers. Suffice it to say that if you are not as well “connected” as Randi Harper you will sooner or later lose access and all ties to your followers because that is the first thing you lose upon being suspended. But why does Twitter have this fetish with cutting off all links to followers? The answer is plain old yet glorified censorship. By severing all links with like-minded audiences they are just censoring shared ideas by claiming they were a “toxic” community anyway (even the language would fit the feminist narrative) In a nutshell, Twitter is designed to take away your followers as soon as you get banned but not access to your tweets, this cutting off all access to followers is a decaf version of Randi HArper’s blockbot because both want to isolate those with “the wrong ideas” and all you are left is with your tweets but you are entirely isolated (this may change, so backing up your tweets often is a must)
However, Randi is not the only one with access to Twitter insiders and according to some descriptions by some of those anon insiders working at Twitter, what ALLEGEDLY goes behind the scenes is that Twitters has an internal “blockbot” algorithm that constantly scans for behaviors consistent with that of  disposable troll accounts (usually these troll accounts do almost zero follows, no favs,  then tend to @mention multiple people with repetitive tweets and contain lots of swearing, also you may find this amusing but trolls have the “bad” habit of writing the tweet after the @mentions BUT if the same tweet is written the opposite way around the internal script does not flag the account as easily) after the “suspect” list has been compiled by Twitter’s internal “blockbot” instead of blocking them directly, the script sends the daily hefty list of “suspect” accounts to a number of interns to perform a semi-manual review then decide wheter to ban or not, which to be entirely honest, said interns jobs truly suck because they are doomed to always be outnumbered. This semi-manual approach is ultimately archaic but conveniently safe, why? If Twitter relied on their own internal blockbot alone, they would end up banning too many leftist/feminist accounts which would result in a PR nightmare, they would piss too many people and those vocal minorities would turn against them in a heartbeat, because, to quote the Joker,
By the same token, SJWs would instantly tear Twitter apart if they made the mistake of accidentally angering the SJW mob the falsely consider “allies” that is the reason Twitter relies on interns to make the decision whether to ban or not the suspect accounts. However, this semi manual approach carried out by interns is deeply flawed because accounts such as @thunderf00t/Phil Mason’s did NOT match any troll behavior at all to be mass flagged, yet he was suspended. He then appealed, his followers started complaining en masse and Twitter made an exception & reinstated his account (most likely to avoid a PR crash but not out of fairness). This “exception” to Thunderf00t’s account is the perfect example of Twitter’s hypocrisy as it demonstrated how their internal algorithm is easily turned off behind the scenes to ban an account manually whenever needed. Fairness inside Twitter is a travesty.


Why do people lie? Because it works.
Why do SJWs/Feminists lie to censor? Because it works AND gives them an dopamine high. Feminists &V SJWs get off on their delusional Joan of Arc-like delusions of grandeur every time they ban someone. Make no mistake, the act of banning someone who thinks differently, gives them a false yet warm sense of achievement, it gets them off the way they can’t in real life; it is glorified subset of an orgasm for intellectually anorgasmic people; feminists. Feminists themselves are Pavlovian female dogs trained to wet themselves everytime they see the loud confirmation of someone being suspended, theirs is positive reinforcement of their lowest ambitions.
But what if they no longer could get off on it?
The solution would be not preventing them from banning but encouraging them to do so WHILE taking away all the pleasure from it.


Hypothetically, if feminists created a script for mass censorship of accounts, the best response would be creating a script for mass creation of accounts & free speech. In a nutshell, this proposed theoretical script would be named a “hydra script” where for every “head” or account banned/cut off, the script would automatically create two or more replacements just like the mythological monster. So for every blocked account there would be 2-3 clones automatically created complete with tweets and autofollows. The implications of such script would be interesting to say the least as Twitter would have a hard time coping with the number of accounts created, and would eventually have to make signing up far more complicated (thus further hurting their already ailing stock price) or they would have to implement mass banning themselves and go full on SJW which would  quicken the demise of their stock.
Despite the fact this script does not exist yet, all software started with a proposition shuch as this & big things always have small beginnings. Let me explain to you how it would work, just imagine the script in action, you download the extension for chrome/the script for firefox then it starts backing up your followers and most recent tweets and you would barely notice it until it became necessary.
You got banned? Click on the “hydra me” button and 3 copies of your now defunct account will be made while your most recent tweets are being replicated in the background.
You lost your followers? Click on the “Hydra my followers” button and your backed up list of followers is recreated and your community starts being rebuilt.
Your favorite accounts got banned? Click on the “hydra follow” button and you will re-follow all of your favorite now multiple accounts with the click of one button.
More banning? No problem. More banning means more accounts…and much more frustration for them.
Think about it, Twitter still relies on interns to avoid making the mistake of shutting down accounts en masse by mistake, these interns are always outnumbered & have to look at the tweets by the “flagged” accounts to decide if they fit their nebulous very flexible TOS but if they were overwhelmed by the number of hydra accounts? They could not keep up and they would be forced to either stop banning people as often or they do now or they would have to amp up their dictatorship and end up with a ghost town. The hydra-script/ Hydra-bot would be a catalyst for their hypocrisy and tendency to ban people. Furthermore, outside Twitter, by banning en masse, Feminists/SJWs would be multiplying the “problem” they wanted to suppress, this is called the cobra effect.  
Again, the result might be 3 possible case scenarios,
1) An arms race where SJWs (both inside and outside Twitter) would hesitate to ban simply because it would exponentially multiply the audience of those they hate. (the same principle of torrent sites; for each one whose head is cut off 20 more heads grow.)
2) Twitter goes Full McIntosh, starts mass banning indiscriminately, friendly fire increases then the colateral damage of “good accounts”, they piss too many people off, people start to flee, thus effectively killing their already rickety stock.
3) A far far less likely scenario where Twitter when faced with its demise corrects course


Here we get a little technical but just bear with me, the Hydra script would ideally be a all-in-one-browser fork of Firefox/TOR bundle or a heavily modified fork of the chromium extension of Tweetdeck or, even a portable Chromium fork itself. Chrome on the other hand may not meet the requirements because it is not as “open” as its Chromium counterpart.
The script itself would have some stealth activities always running such as creating the backup accounts (AKA stealth-spawn) while the original one has not been banned yet but the script keeps setting backup accounts in the background while ocassionally asking the user to aswer afew captchas and while setting the backups to “tweets are protected” while also recreating the colors background and photos of the original account along with the tweets. Similar to Tweetdeck but without limits to the number of accounts to broadcast from. A modified client of Tweetdeck of HydraDeck would be easy to spot and block by Twitter but if properly done Tweetdeck could be properly exploited by the Hydra script to retain the possibility of managing several accounts at once and broadcasting from all of them whenever needed. This would be central to the Hydra script, always creating backups in the background while always being able to mass broadcast to all spawned accounts (with a maximum of perhaps 20 backups always being renewed as they get shutdown). Ideally, as soon as the main account gets banned, 2 of the backups in “protected tweets” mode would be activated & go live while retaining all of the followers while the stealth process would start again to renew the now two active accounts.
The hydra script would ideally mirror all of your tweets to your WordPress blog/Google docs to prevent Twitter’s very, very, very response of erasing of all your tweets upon banning (unlike now, when you get suspended you still retain access to your tweets but that could change in a snap). This would have to be set up by hand once by the user. Obviously, the presence of a human would allow for the advantage of streamlining the creation of backup accounts while automatically filling all fields and only presenting the captchas necessary for the creation taking away as much frustration as possible from the process. Which leads to another implication, twitter requires a new email to create a new account but mail providers would make it more difficult for disposable emails to be created, what would be the solutions? A dedicated mail server? That would not work as twitter would ban it and the hydra would stop working, perhaps the best solution would be an amalgam of a torrent client where each computer on the network would falsely mimic a mail server for the sole purpose of account creation, only, no email capabilities beyond receiving the activation email, that way Twitter would not be able to easily keep up.
Lastly, upon the email & its resulting twitter account being banned, the script would also give the option to change the defunct account’s passwords to complex ones to close them and prevent hacking and/or misuse. That is why Chromium password manager and master password features would make this process faster and open source.
*The proposed Hydra script would make the banning of an account almost meaningless while keeping the value of the account itself.
*Expandability to create in the near future, an uncensored network response to Twitter by migrating & recreating a list of both followers and accounts
*The Hydra network would mirror a decentralized, uncensored micro blogging platform following the example of bitcoin (each browser is a copy of the ledger of uncensored tweets)
*The community itself would be similar to the bitcoin blockchain with torrent-like features thus making Twitter obsolete in the near future
The main potential hurdle would be the high likelihood of the SJWs trying to overload the Hydra script by banning more accounts than what the script would be able to spawn.
*They would hunt down the browser and the IP address which perhaps would escalatre the arms race or thwart the scripted creation of throwaway accounts
*The Hydra script would be a catalyst to the already existing arms race
*Twitter as a database is a protected, centralized system & duplicating it requires descentalized anonimity
*Wordpress and Google docs are also centralized therefore they could impose limitations if Twitter pushes them


The problem of a company cosntantly telling people what to think is not new, it is called dictatorships and Twitter is a corporate dictatorship to be defeated & it won’t be neither the first nor the last one. Other corporate dictatorships have been confronted and defeating or are still facing losses; for example, the music industry never understood mp3s until Apple took advantage of a vast grey market of illegal mp3s by giving users access to a hard drive called iPod. Blockbuster never understood streaming until Netflix ate their lunch. The movie industry never understood torrents until the Piratebay opened the torrentgates. Banks never have not yet understood charging fair prices until perhaps Bitcoin starts eating their market by charging the same flat fee of ~1-2 cents even if you transfer a million dollars. Those technologies have changed things and they will never be the same.

But how can we cause the fall of the Twitter dictator? How can we dismantle it?
Well first of all we need to look at its weaknesses Twitter is a unicorn that does not make money, unlike Google with “Alphabet”, it has failed to diversify and is a one-trick donkey. The strength of Twitter is its userbase because that is what they sell to advertisers they say “hey look, we have all these people you can sell your product to” take away the users and Twitter is dead.
How can we murder Twitter/TWTR in a cold, organized manner?
I would propose adapting the bitcoin protocol to make community ledgers. But first, let me explain for those who have heard of bitcoin but do not know why it keeps bank owners awake at night.
Imagine you are a bank and you make money by charging people obscene amounts of money for small things like money transfers, your customers complain but since all the other banks do almost exactly what you do, you just laught to their faces or tell them to leave, on top of that even if your customers wanted to start their own banks, they can’t because the “ledger” or the list of transactions to all of your customers is secret and only available to you. Then a certain new irreverent fucker called “Bicoin” comes into town and breaks all the rules you built your business upon. This fucker gives a copy of all Bank members & transactions to each of his customers and makes them all anonymous and they MAY no longer need you because each computer is a mini bank, if one goes down, there is thousands of other users with an identical copy to take its place and they make your old business model irrelevant. 
Now let’s apply the same idea to the death of Twitter
Imagine you are a Twitter and you make money by charging advertisers obscene amounts of money for small things like selling them databases about your customers, your customers complain but since all the other social networks do almost exactly what you do, you just laught to their faces or suspend them, on top of that even if your customers wanted to start their own social networks, they can’t because the “ledger” or the list of customers and their followers   is secret and only available to you. Then a certain new irreverent fucker called “Hydra-Bicoin” comes into town and breaks all the rules you built your business upon. This fucker gives a copy of all Social network members to his customers and makes them all anonymous, they MAY no longer need you because each computer is a mini social network, if one goes down, there is thousands of other users with an identical copy to take its place and they make your old business model irrelevant. 
It would then stand to reason that at a given point Twitter would have to be sold before it lost more value the way it happened to 4chan.
Granted, bitcoin is still in its diapers & we do not know if it will be successful but there is a chance a variation of it may replace banks if they do not adopt it first fast enough. By the same token, if the bitcoin protocol, (which is open source) could be adopted to gradually migrate Twitter’s user database and allow each user to keep an exact copy of the social network you would gradually cause Twitter to experience a user base exodus which would result in an irreversible loss in its stock value then as the Twitter beast would keep bleeding users, the de-centralized “Hydra-Bitcoin” network would grow more and more, why? Because of the lack of censorship and the freedom a headless, descentralized network offers just like GamerGatehas tried from the beginning. However, the Bitcoin protocol is far more resilient than Gamergate because it would only be a matter of an ill-advised decision inside Twitter to erase the hashtag altogether which would result in an enormous backlash but would definitely harm Gamergate because it would be the same “disband the toxic community approach” but in a massive, masive scale and, guess what? It would work. Why? Because too many people would get lost in the confusion or looking for another social network that can “host” the movement. That is the fatal flaw of 4Chan/8Chan/Gamergate in their current form: they require a host. And as long as you need a host, it can shut you down any time it wants. (think about it, most of the content on 4chan/8chan regularly 404’s if not saved by the user, “Bitcoin-Hydra” could do exactly the same with a “swap” space provided by the network cleared every 48 hours, what is important stays, the rest is up to the user to save it) again a host can shut you down any time it wants just the way Twitter does.
But Bitcoin? Pfft! Bitcoin is its own host and you have to turn off all of the computers in the network for it to stop it and since all of them have the incentive for keeping the PC on because as long as you do, you will keep making money by “mining” bitcoins. Which brings us to the best part of this proposed descentralized social network nicknamed “Hydra-Bitcoin” every possible user of the network would ask the following simple question
What’s in it for me?
The answer is simple, the longer you keep your PC running the more you mine/generate a currency generated by the network for the network and the longer you keep it on, the more you help a community that has no censorship and has no dictatorial nanny shutting people down. What is in for you is free speech. Plus, it is hard to think the real Satoshi Nakamoto would oppose dismantling a dictatorship
This is just an incipient draft for coders to bounce ideas around, feel free to propose take and create anything you found useful, that is how the torrent and the bitcoin protocols originated.
Ideally the hydra script/Hydra-Bitcoin would be the beginning for an open source protocol for descentralized community hosted by the users for the users, yes it would be likely to suffer from the same bad rep bitcoin suffers but at least it would be a truly headless, descentralized social network for authentic free speech.
Thank you for reading.