DISCLAIMER: Do not imitate psychos by doxxing them. Let’s instead dispassionately gather evidence against those who doxx & make threats THEN put them in jail.


It gets thrown around pretty easily these days,
“You disagree with me!? You are a terrorist! Worse than Hitler!” 
To be honest, Godwin’s law is a constant while debating feminists on social media, be it Twitter, Facebook or all the others, it is actually a countdown before someone impulsive enough calls the other a terrorist for daring to agree/disagree with feminism.
But when hyperbole becomes acts in the real world, where innocent people are put in harm’s way, then we can talk about actual acts of terror. This logic (or logic as a whole) tends to be rejected by feminists on twitter because to them what they feel defines reality and facts do not matter. Even within pro Gamergate circles there are feminists that claim to support the movement but they snap at you as soon as you mention feminism is directly related & weaved into Gamergate. Here is how their favorite verbatim talking point goes,
“GamerGate is only about ethics in journalism please do not touch feminism”
Let’s analyze their impulsive demand, you are actually asking people to criticize the lack of ethics exercised by feminists in journalism but you demand they do not to talk about feminists themselves because feminism has “nothing to do” with their motives for dishonesty? That is a spectacular act of dishonesty in and of itself. It actually is akin to saying;
“Charlie Hebdo is only about ethics in journalism please do not touch Islam” 
Think about it. Would you actually be asking people to criticize the lack of ethics exercised by Islamists killing journalists but would you demand they did not to talk about Islamists themselves because Islam has “nothing to do” with their motives for dishonesty & murder? Congrats, we hit a new low of willful leftist-feminist retardation even with GamerGater feminists.  By their flimsy logic, Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn, Rebecca Watson, Brianna Wu and every other present and future anti- GamerGate feminist would not be a “true feminist” which just perfectly mimics the logically fallacy of “Not true Scotsman”

What is #GamerGate?

Mountains of pixels have been typed on the subject but to make it short, as an analogy, imagine MSNBC had been involved in a case of blatant corrupt journalism and kept denying all evidence of its wrongdoing. It would read as follows:
“#MSNBCGate started when a sector of the leftist leaning media (the one in charge of TV journalism) was caught red handed exchanging sexual favors for positive reviews of products which led to them being exposed colluding to push or reject products not based on quality but all kinds of bribes (besides the sexual ones) detractors of MSNBC started a campaign named MSNBCGate on social media. MSNBCGate is still going to this day because those corrupt TV journalists still reject all evidence of their corruption. ” 
Imagine after all the damning evidence MSNBC still denied all of their involvement with corrupt practices. If that analogy is clear then this is GamerGate in a nutshell:
#GamerGate started when a small sector of the leftist leaning media (the one in charge of video game journalism) was caught red handed exchanging sexual favors for positive reviews of video games which led to them being exposed colluding to push or reject games not based on quality but all kinds of bribes (besides the sexual ones) detractors of corrupt game journalists started a campaign named GamerGate on social media. GamerGate is still going to this day because those corrupt Game journalists still reject their collusion despite all the damning evidence. Yes, to this day they still deny all of their involvement with corrupt practices.
With that in mind, watch this video #GamerGate in 1 minute 

Who is @lizzyf620?

Let’s say you support a movement that rejects journalistic corruption but also feminist lies. Let’s say that movement is called GamerGate therefore you must be a fedora-wearing, big, fat, hairy, celibate, reclusive and butt-ugly male gamer right? Lets say you are the opposite, an attractive young woman and you openly mock these assumptions about gamers on Twitter. Let’s say you take no prisoners and your level of gifted satire & snark are only rivaled by your very feminine, above average physical looks. Then the feminists say you are just a “male posing as a female”, then you take selfies with clear hand-written text showing them you are actually a real woman. Then the feminists say you are just “photoshopped”, then you record yourself on video sarcastically apologizing for being a man. Then the feminists say you are one “isolated case” then you start recruiting dozens of women like you and on video sarcastically apologizing for being a “male posing as a woman” along with dozens of people representative of gamer diversity The reaction from feminists towards you? Harassment and threats. Let’s say that despite all the blow back and actual harassment you experience you never play the damsel and instead intelligently mock those who harass you. Then you, the attractive young woman also dare write and defend GamerGate on a “little” website called Buzzfeed which feminists successfully take down and censor only for your supporters to complain until Buzzfeed restored it. 
Let’s say that both you and your defense of GamerGate go semi viral. That was the moment when it became clear feminists had long declared a fatwa against you, the attractive young female gamer.  Let’s say you also are a mother of two. Let’s say that shortly after the Buzzfeed article, those anti-GamerGate feminists released all your personal information on you & your family, including your two toddlers.

How leftist media defends “decent” women

Imagine this: Anita Sarkeesian has two toddlers and all of her personal information was leaked: real name, address, place of work, list of family members and to top it off, photos of her two toddlers. It would be all over the news.
“Misogynist males have threaten the children of feminist Anita Sarkeesian!
Is there a limit to these monsters!?”
The one above would make for a great Jezebel headline right? Guess what? None of that media circus will happen to Lizzy.
Why? Because she does not “deserve” it. It is only harassment if men & non feminists do it. Lizzy is not a feminist therefore she is fair game to doxx & hunt down.
Much like  petite porn stars  who get beat up & put in hospital by their partner, mass media will barely report on that and instead focus on Anita Sarkeesian’s fabricated “suffering” which almost always gets primetime and even bring her to display her apocryphal victimhood on the Colbert Report & MSNBC.  With Lizzy, it will likely be the same simply because she does not comply. She does not need to be a porn star, she does not need to be the wrong kind of “whore” all she needs to do is not to comply with feminism because does not require the dogmatic sponsorship of leftist hypocrisy to exercise reasoning. Lizzy, a single mother of two working as a photographer, will likely not benefit from the usual white-glove treatment of “pedestalized” martyrdom leftist media reserves to the ilk of Anita Sarkeesian. No, the threats against Lizzy and her family do not constitute “real” harassment because for the leftist media, she is an apostate to feminism, one that refuses to comply with the pink thought mafia. Just like Islam, the religious mafia which must kill those who abandon Islam, feminism and its SJWs hounds will threaten to harm those who abandon and publicly question feminism. Feminist Social Justice Warriors will hunt you down because you dared offend feminism therefore them. But what moves these SJWs? The reality is that “SJW” is an overrated term. What truly moves a SJW is not “Social” it is their narcissism, it is not “Justice” what they seek either, they seek retribution and they are far from being “warriors” what they truly are is cowards hiding & looking for an opening. They are not SJWs, they are Narcissistic Retribution Cowards (or NRCs for short) willing to do anything and bend their already warped sense of justice and imaginary logic for the sake of their thinly veiled narcissism. They will do anything for feminism including threatening to harm little children.
Just let that sink in. Think about the very low level these people are willing to stoop to for the sake of feminism. Imagine their flawed thought process led by their deformed metastasized sense of justice, which would go like this:
“I hate this Lizzy whore…There must be a way we can get her to shut up…mmmhhh…Should I threaten her livelihood and get her fired? Threaten herself? Threaten her loved ones?
Yes…threatening her loved ones sounds fair…She deserves to suffer…Lets see…Who is the most vulnerable, most innocent human being she is related to? Yes her two toddlers! I am willing to threaten her two innocent toddlers in the name of feminism…because she offended feminism…and offended me”
In life, we judge people by their ideas and actions not their appearance or ethnicity.
Make no mistake, judging by their actions, this is how low these people may “think” for the sake of feminism: they will threaten little children because it does not matter what happens in the world, feminism must claim the moral high ground, even by threatening to harm children.
Yes, any means necessary including threatening innocent little toddlers.
Is this really your moral compass feminists?
Threatening to physically harm little children?
Is this what it comes down to you SJWs/NRCs?
Is this what it comes down to?
You crossed the line. Children are untouchable.

Against Doxxing Them Back

The predictable reaction for moral human beings is to protect children then the mother then the father. It does not take that much to warp that outrage into doxxing those who threatened her children and doxxed Lizzy but that escalation would only be a flaw. Our legal system is designed to prevent these escalations because they usually result in worse crimes. As flawed as the legal system is, it is better than the original lynch mobs because lynch mobs tend to get their targets murdered and often without evidence. The reality is that we all want revenge when children are put in harm’s way, but in a lynch mob? All it takes is someone to lie and manipulate said mob and get someone that manipulator dislikes, murdered. It is a very old form of social diffusion of responsibility or in other words you get others to do your dirty work while getting away with murder by proxy. If anything, our legal system is a a process for measured, controlled revenge aimed at preventing said lynch mobs.
The SJWs that doxxed Lizzy are a lynch mob and imitating them would not make any of the supporters of GamerGate better than a lynch mob of a different color. Doxxing is the new Lynch mob.
Again. Do not imitate psychos by doxxing them, let’s dispassionately gather evidence and put them in jail instead.
Also let’s dispassionately look at the actions that led to Lizzy being doxxed.
1. Feminists dislike Lizzy and her free speech.
2. Feminists tell Lizzy to shut up or else…
3. Feminists organize a lynch mob of SJWs to put Lizzy’s info on the table in the hopes for a psycho to do the dirty work. Still ongoing.
Do you know who else organizes lynch mobs? Islam calls them “stonings”.
1. Islamists dislike Charlie Hebdo and its free speech.
2. Islamists tell Charlie Hebdo to shut up or else…
3. Islamists organize a lynch mob of radicals (fatwa) to put Charlie Hebdo info on the table in the hopes for a psycho to do the dirty work. It worked.

A Word on the Fallacy of “Islamophobia”

Let’s clear this upfront, nobody is born genetically Muslim. Nobody is genetically born Jew or Christian or any other religion for that matter. Religions are taught by indoctrination, they are absent in the genetic code of people. Despite these facts, it has become a common talking point claiming “Islamophobia” exists almost as if it were Xenophobia or Racism itself. The reality is that if “Islamophobia” existed so would “Christianophobia” or “Buddhismophobia”. What is actually judged is the flawed ideas and actions present in religions and those who perform them. Case in point: the HBO documentary Mea Maxima Culpa exposing the Vatican shielding their pedophile priests, did not turn its viewers into “Christianophobes”.
“Islamophobia” is a dumb, poorly thought excuse to try to mix religion with the many ethnicities in Islam, which is absurd as nearly all ethnicities are represented in Islam. Again, in life, we judge people by their ideas and actions not their appearance or ethnicity. Look at the recent track record of Islam since September 11, it is not a religion of peace, it is a religion where suppression of free speech & martyrdom is rewarded/encouraged, where free speech warrants death.
By judging the flawed ideas and conduct of feminists we do not become “Feministophobes” (which they haven’t come up with yet but is to be expected as they imitate Islam so well. )

Welcome To Feminism; The Pink Islam.

When it comes to free speech being obstructed, we all become Charlie Hebdo. Let’s compare and contrast the actions of radical Islam and feminism.
ISLAM SAYS: “Your Free speech is offensive. Die Charlie Hebdo!”
FEMINISM SAYS: “Your Free speech is offensive. Doxx & issue death threats against Antifeminsts!”
Just paint Islam in pink and see the parallels. We live in a pervasive Sharia Law state painted in pink called feminism where if you dare disagree you will be outed & doxxed with the express purpose for a psycho to do the dirty work for them.
Unlike Islam, which actually sends gunmen to assassinate those offensive free speech infidels, feminism delegates the dirty work to “someone” that can doxx those who do not conform with the dogma of pink Islam. The parallels are there, what is different is their magnitude. The main difference is, despite the fact that feminism does mimic a religion, it does not yet openly define itself as one. It is however based on emotion, dismisses evidence while asking you to “just listen & believe” does not pay taxes and opposes all criticism even by doxxing those who disagree. It would be hard not to see the similarities of an Islamic fatwa calling for the head of an infidel on a platter and feminism doxxing people like Lizzy to just “scare them” with their personal info, on a platter.
Notice that last subtlety: “just to scare them”, almost as if feminists had prediction or control over the actions of a random psycho after putting Lizzy’s info on the table. Of course, for those leftists defenders of feminism the comparison with Islam would be “unfair” because they would theoretically say;
“That’s offensive! We do not actually kill people yet, we only threaten to kill them and their toddlers for disrespecting feminism.”

You crossed the line feminists. Children are untouchable.

Feminism is Islam painted in pink and deserves zero intellectual respect.

Thank you for reading.


  1. “BOTH sides: this was not the work of GG, or anti-GG, or KIA, or Ghazi, or 8chan, or Baph. Don’t blame groups, don’t guilt by association. This is the responsibility of whoever posted it, and no one else. ” – Lizzyf620 (http://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/2tbbkg/a_final_letter_to_gamergate_from_lizzyf620)

    It might honor Lizzy if you respected her wishes and didn’t blame an entire group of people for the work of one individual who was supposedly paid by someone else to dox Lizzy.

    And, by the way, from what I remember, Lizzy considered herself a feminist.

  2. Lizzy was the best. Smart, funny, and ridiculously steadfast in her #GamerGate activism. I wish I had 1/10th the bravery and determination she has when I was her age

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