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Turkey Meltdown!

the great Cenk
Bill O’reilly’s  theatrical impulsiveness, arrogance & penchant for interrupting whenever a guest says something against the ideology of his own show became a dubiously honorable trademark. His knee-jerk behavior became so emblematic, it gave birth to his most widely known parody: The Colbert report. 
But the young Turks’  leading man, Cenk Uygur, became a parody of himself while acting just like Bill O’Reilly during his recent meltdown  on video while interviewing Karen Straughan.
How could a man of Cenk’s caliber, education and intelligence turn himself into a well-intentioned, poorly informed high-status idiot just like Bill Oreilly?
By being Intellectually lazy.

An impulsive well-read Turk

Cenk is by no means a man without education.  He could defeat most average TV station staff in a debate but…if he is so smart, why did he fail so miserably against Karen Straughan? Is Karen a genius? She is definitely very sharp but she is not a genius and neither is Cenk. If none of them truly is an exceptional savant, what was the thing that drove Cenk into his own defeat? Possibly, what turned Cenk into a fool was his own intellectual laziness and lack of professionalism. His laziness was obvious when he failed to properly research a woman like Karen and instead, just like Bill O’reilly, he relied on interruptions and theatrics to try to make up for his lack of preparation. It is not a secret, a journalist worth his/her salt must research the person they will interview and failing to prepare is preparing to fail. If we also consider Cenk got hammered the night before the interview and arrived 30 minutes late, no wonder why he failed so miserably. But besides the behavioral blunder itself, Cenk’s failure outlines a far more pressing implication: Lack of consistency at the Young Turks Network.
Cenk is the leading man of a network that labels itself as “independent” he is a man that is constantly criticizing both the left and the right but, what did he do while interviewing Karen? He joined the left! (the most retarded impulsive left with Bill O’reilly rightist style to top it off.) He was not supposed to join either of the most impulsive sides but Cenk delighted us all with a veritable steamy swirl of intellectual retardation from both wings.
Cenk is a man who was supposed to represent new media through the web not join the most idiotic sides of both the left and the right in one single tantrum. Unlike the leftist media, (which uses the Colbert report to routinely lampoon the rightist media & Bill O’reilly) Cenk managed to lampoon himself in the worst way possible: A meltdown

Loss of credibility

Would you trust a teacher that pretends to read while holding a book upside down? Yes, if you are gullible enough you could say, 
“Wow! my teacher can read upside down!” 
But most likely that would be wishful thinking and chances are your teacher is just a plain lazy liar. Now consider this question,
Would you trust Cenk, a man who pretends to be impartial but switches all the way to the left when upset? By the same token, you could say
“Wow! Cenk can “play” an amazingly convincing retarded version of himself, he looks almost as retarded Bill O’reilly!” 
But most likely chances are Cenk is just a lazy leftist liar that loses his cool when put under pressure yet still pretends to be politically “impartial”. Make no mistake, he himself is the leading man of TYT network. Problem is, his little “impartial” lie crumbles as soon as he is confronted by a “difficult” guest. Of course “difficult” means, (in the purest O’reilly sense)
“One of those pinheads that does not agree with me!”
Cenk’s political impartial stance lie is just a facade, a fabricated form of ideological camouflage for the right environment…like a Church.
See? Whenever dealing with hypocrites you have to imagine themselves as priests in a Church who want you to do only two things: Listen and agree.
You do not go to their church to ask questions. Unfortunately our poor deluded Cenk expected a woman like Karen to agree with his ideology despite all the evidence and her videos he still tried. Again, either he did not do his homework researching Karen or he fervently believed he was right. Based on his emotive church-like delivery, my money is on the possibility Cenk acted out of faith, in feminism.

Welcome to the Church

It is familiar in nearly all religions to first tell  you
“You are sinful and undeserving!, You were born sinful that you will sin everyday! YOU SHOULD BE GRATEFUL!!!”
then…they pass the basket…
See? Tithing is a very old form of guilt tripping used by all religions to get freebies out of gullible people. It is a little different for feminists but they use almost the same routine, they just get a little crafty and switch a few words here and there, unlike religions, feminists do not call you “sinful” they call other evil men “misogynist” and expect you to relate, because, well guilt tripping works, just look at their kickstarters. Granted, female feminists guilt tripping men is piece of cake, where it really becomes a harder cake to chew is when female feminists try to guilt trip other women. What really is hilarious is seeing someone trying to take a bite off a frozen piece of cake and breaking their teeth while at it, which is what Cenk did when trying to guilt trip Karen into
“Please Karen! Give a thanks to feminism for the vote!”
Really? Of all the women he could have tried to guilt trip, he chose a woman of Karen’s caliber? I sure hope he was trolling because nobody can be that retarded (oh wait, Cenk is a feminist). It really boggles the mind how Cenk ever considered that was going to fly, he was actually asking Karen to
Be grateful to feminism”
Which is akin to religions asking you to
“Repent sinner! And be grateful to God for everything you do not deserve!”
Indoctrinating Karen into feminism is as easy as converting Richard Dawkins to Islam. Not impossible but good luck with that.
Oh Turkey boy, you truly brought a pink spoon to a gun fight.

Female Privilege Tsunami

The undeniable blowback and negative comments on Cenk treatment of his guest, only highlight that which he was meant to dispel: Female privilege. He was disrespectful towards a woman, a woman,  A  W-O-M-A-N !. There is no way people would have reacted this negatively had he treated a male guest in exactly the same or even worse way. Think about it, he actually made a poorly thought attempt at humor by asking Karen to “go and make him a sandwich” (yes hungover people tend to be unfunny) which only resulted in thousands of dislikes. It truly was a landslide of negativity all because a bland harmless joke aimed at a member of a protected class. And what happened to Cenk’s image in the comments? His metaphoric ass was handed to him. See Cenk? That is “equality”. It is indescribably amusing to witness how much abuse a male feminist can get and not a single female feminist comes to “rescue” him from the “abuse”. Karen herself could have reduced Cenk to a pile of hesitation had she asked him this question point blank at the beginning of the interview,
“Would you be able to reverse the damage if a random woman falsely accused you of rape Cenk?”
See? Cenk would be as defenseless as any other man, Karen could have asked him that question & he would have been defenseless for at least an eternity of 3 seconds. That is power, even if Cenk refuses to even entertain that thought. Of course he would have come up with excuses after 3 seconds, but his silence would have been priceless. (think about it Turkey boy) But the problem with hypocrites is that they always have more than one layer of dishonesty.

The Turkey Onion

Granted, judging by his behavior, it is clear Cenk is a well-intentioned, poorly informed high-status occasional idiot of the Young Turk variety. But how come is it possible for him to function so well and reason so clearly in some areas that are NOT feminism? Why the selective intelligence? Why the selective clarity of thought? Why the selective discipline? Well the answer may lie as clearly as his emotional outburst. See, many male feminists tend to be useful idiots with the heart in the right place but mentally emasculated. They can be engineers, mathematicians or even neurologists  able to
“Question everything but feminism”
In the case of Cenk, he is very likely to think of the women he is very close to (a mother, sisters, daughters, a partner) BEFORE he reasons a concept like feminism, but as a rule, he “feels first” & he preemptively cancels his own reasoning. It would stand to reason he is acutely aware of the fact he is supposed to reason but when it comes to feminism, he foregoes all thinking because of the vivid images of the women he cares about in his life. As a person like Karen calmly challenged him with facts his level of frustration increased. Why? Because a woman like Karen is supposed to care NOT “harm” the women Cenk cares about. Let’s imagine for a second Cenk’s thoughts before he burst into rage
“Karen is a radical! A harmful woman! Women like her will weaken feminism and endanger the women I CARE about…there must be a way to make her realize she is wrong…or at least make her look like the radical fool she is…FUCK!…She keeps bringing her stupid historical facts….She is sooo evil yet she is making sense…FUCK! I can’t touch her because she is a woman! GRRR! OH, FUCK THIS! I AM GONNA CUT HER OFF & ASK HER TO MAKE ME A SANDWICH!!!” 
Then Cenk exploded in all of his delicious rage. He could not bear a woman like Karen who brought too much cognitive dissonance to his pink table of authorized thoughts, he failed to deal with a woman he did not fully understand. The cognitive dissonance alone would have been enough  to frustrate him the way it did but when coupled with the possibility of his subtle underlying awareness of him being dishonest with himself, he just exploded.
Why did he explode? Why did he deliver the “LULZ”? It would stand to reason Cenk is painfully aware of his emotional conflict of intellectual interest but since feminism is off the menu of reasoning, all he had left was his now inglorious rage. His rage was possibly the result of so much back and forth friction of his gears of reasoning grinding against his broken pink stone totems of belief.
This belief-driven back and forth and ultimate rejection of reasoning is not unique to feminists, it is the mark of religious people, it is the essence of religious hesitation as SkepToor states in this video, which roughly goes like this.
1. The religious person is shown an obvious contradiction in the religion
2. The religious person ventures into reasoning
3. Reasoning causes the religious person worry (“what if my whole belief is a mistake too!? Oh noes!”)
4. Person immediately resorts to repeating their religion’s tenets to give themselves comfort against that worry.
5. The religious person effectively prevented their reasoning
Again, judging by Cenk’s clear ability to exercise sound reasoning on a daily basis but his refusal to dispassionately & objectively reason feminism, the implication is that he has an emotional conflict of intellectual interest perhaps driven by guilt or the need to choose a “lesser evil” or perhaps he is just that retarded all the time and I haven’t noticed. As the video evidence suggests, Cenk failed miserably and he broke his own feminist balls against Karen’s wall of reasoning.
I reiterate it, few things can describe my joy for Cenk’s misfortune, it truly was a perfect metaphoric raping of Cenk’s ideological ass by Karen, who was wearing a cold 10” 24-grit sandpaper strap-on of facts.
Up yours dry, Turkey boy.