The Talented Mr Chu (part 1 of 3)

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DISCLAIMER 1: What follows is a mixture of speculation and satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the article itself (go & eat your heart out Chu-boy).

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent #GamerGate. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll Status. For those who stayed, behold;

I want you to sit back and marvel at the image above. I want you to examine the multiple contradictions Arthur Chu offered in one single, impulsive tweet. Look at the implications, the desperate conspiratorial claims, the massive public fuck-up, all in one single shot.

Why? Because, in one single moment of impulsiveness, he managed to not only bypass his own intelligence, but also offer an accidental glimpse at his own troubled personal life (and look almost as desperately conspiratorial as Alex Jones). To be fair, Arthur Chu is by no means a person with a low IQ and I would theorize his is around 120 (we could argue on the validity of IQ testing but that is material for another article). Suffice it to say, when it comes to general culture, he clearly is not a dumb person, yet, if he isn’t, why would he have tweeted the retarded text above?

See, it is the unfortunate mark of SJWs to have a history of abuse early in life which often results in an introverted, socially-inept, closeted narcissist with a massive broken-childhood chip on their shoulders; as a result, we have a partial adult who sees themselves as someone who was wronged by society and so they seek personal retribution by using social causes as an excuse for poorly camouflaged self-gratification. Contrary to the term “Social Justice Warrior” people like Arthur Chu seem to fit the profile of a “Narcissistic Retribution Coward” (NRCs for short). NRCs also have the bad habit of guilt-tripping you with their past abuse to obtain different degrees of intellectual immunity (but since I am a Troll, I do not care about any of their suffering because they are not children anymore, they are adults.)

In that case, it would not be impossible for an NRC like Arthur Chu to have grown up in an environment where he was neglected by his parents and/or bullied because of his ethnicity; which forced him to adopt a coping mechanism which appears to have been the aggregation of the encyclopedic knowledge he used in his Jeopardy victories. What truly is surprising is how selective his discipline is; for a person of his intellectual strength he makes himself incredibly vulnerable with the dumbest of mistakes such as the tweet above, to top it off, he makes a fool out of himself on a regular basis on Twitter & does not seem to learn from it (plenty of people use him as a source for mockery).

As a result we have a man in his 30’s, with a troubled past and very low impulse control despite the high IQ. But again, how can someone so smart fuck up so often? See, the problem is Arthur Chu’s intelligence truly resembles that of early chess computers because it is narrow and ornamental. His track record suggests his intelligence is the result of a glorified coping mechanism for past abuse which he uses to convince himself he has a sense of purpose in life, such as displaying the world he can win at Jeopardy. Furthermore, the implication is that he may have done it only to show his parents, teachers or past bullies they were mistaken about him; or even worse, only to convince himself.

Leaving aside the plausible implication of his closeted inferiority complex being overcompensated by his desperate need for public recognition via Jeopardy proxy, let’s focus on his real world credentials. What else has Arthur Chu, achieved with his intellect? Has he used it in STEM research of any kind? What real-world solutions has he offered to society? What has Arthur Chu achieved in the 3 decades of his existence? On both of his sites, he lists himself as a voice artist, public speaker & Jeopardy winner.

That is it.

No, it is not fiction or bland satire. To date, Arthur Chu’s publicly demonstrated intelligence is mostly applicable to a game show & comparatively just as narrow as an early chess computer. To add public insult to his own self-inflicted injury, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt & assume he did NOT sign up for the Ashley Madison website and someone in Gamergate actually used his email to smear him. Does that mean he has also been falsely signed up on other cheating websites and those hacks are being planned at this very moment just to harm his reputation? Yes, that is quite a stretch…But let’s just stretch that even more just to see if Arthur Chu’s conspiratorial claims pass the Occam’s razor principle,

SIDE NOTE: For those very few who have never heard of Occam, here is a short Occam Razor example: Let’s say you live alone and when you came back from work in the afternoon, you notice there is an unfinished bowl of cereal and you do not remember making that mistake. There are two main explanations, either you:

1) Are the victim of penny-sized aliens that like to break into people’s houses and have rave-orgies in bowls of froot-loops while people are at work and that is why the milk in your bowl is so goopy & curdled.


2) You forgot you left that bowl.

Statistically speaking, (and unless you regularly consume heavy doses of crystal meth) the chances of the little aliens throwing orgies in your cereal are very, very low and the chances of you having forgotten the bowl extremely high. Therefore, Occam’s Razor principle indicates that we shave away all the eccentric explanations and we conclude the simplest explanation is the most likely: you just forgot.

Going back to Arthur Chu and his Ashley Madison GamerGate conspiracy claims; lets give him the benefit of the doubt & assume one of the following two case scenarios,

1) Minority Report Chu

“There are many hacks that have not happened yet but Arthur Chu has managed to see the multiple future crimes & smear campaigns that will eventually be perpetrated against him by evildoers of #GamerGate in the year 2016. However, he cannot disclose any of them yet because his statements would alter the time space continuum and possibly disrupt reality. So Arthur has the responsibility of seeking not only justice for others but to the universe itself & beyond.”

2) Troubled Chu

His sexual life is boring and he wanted to have an affair via the Ashley Madison site.

I don’t know about you, but I am going with option 2, simply because according to Occam’s razor, statistically the simplest explanation is the most likely to be true. Even though Arthur has more than enough Dorito human blubber to float in a precog tank, he really does not strike me as a person that can clearly see the future because, for one, he has trouble seeing the results of even his present actions. I could be wrong, but my money is on him having a boring sexual life, he got caught red-handed, got anxy and tweeted without thinking and now he is just doing some very desperate very lame damage control.

Just put yourself in Arthur’s shoes. You openly advocate for morals and mercilessly judge people who do not think like you. But when you are caught being dishonest, you understandably panic just like Reverend Ted Haggard who campaigned against gay people but was caught red handed being gay himself (he panicked almost Chu style, but without the Twitter melt-downs. The main difference seems to be Arthur Chu is straight, but the hypocrisy? Seem to be equal or greater).

In conclusion, Arthur Chu’s track record so far seems to indicate he is an impulsive person with a troubled past, a narrow gifted intellect only applicable to Jeopardy, with a boring sexual life and a hypocritical misplaced sense of justice. He would have no sense of purpose in life otherwise. His narrow intellect has consistently failed to allow him to understand his own thought process.

Dear Arthur, just stop shooting. You ran out of toes a long time ago…


Let me beat you to the punch: I want all you SJWs to judge me the way I judge Arthur Chu. I am not above any of the rules I used.


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