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DISCLAIMER 1: I discourage people form contacting Nicholas Nyberg AKA @SrhButts, he already is under investigation, it is now up to the authorities to arrest him on charges of tax evasion, distribution of child pornography & pedophilia.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent #GamerGate. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll Status. For those who stayed, read on;

What is #GamerGate?
Mountains of pixels have been typed on the subject but to make a short analogy, imagine MSNBC had been involved in a case of blatant corrupt journalism and kept denying all evidence of its wrongdoing. It would read as follows:

“#MSNBCGate started when a sector of the leftist leaning media (the one in charge of TV journalism) was caught red handed exchanging sexual favors for positive reviews of products which led to them being exposed colluding to push or reject products not based on quality but all kinds of bribes (besides the sexual ones). Detractors of MSNBC started a campaign named #MSNBCGate on social media. #MSNBCGate is still going to this day because those corrupt TV journalists still reject all evidence of their corruption. “

Imagine after all the damning evidence MSNBC still denied all of their involvement with corrupt practices. If that analogy is clear then this is GamerGate in a nutshell:

#GamerGate started when a small sector of the leftist leaning media (the one in charge of video game journalism) was caught red handed exchanging sexual favors for positive reviews of video games which led to them being exposed colluding to push or reject games not based on quality but all kinds of bribes (besides the sexual ones) detractors of corrupt game journalists started a campaign named GamerGate on social media. GamerGate is still going to this day because those corrupt Game journalists still reject their collusion despite all the damning evidence. Yes, to this day they still deny all of their involvement with corrupt practices.

With that in mind, watch this video #GamerGate in 1 minute

Fast forward to the present, the factions of pro and anti #Gamergate have been at war social media for over a year and their battles often closely resemble that of the men’s rights movement where anti #Gamergate members are hard left feminists falsely accusing the pro #Gamergate of anything they can, which ranges from violence, misogyny and pedophilia just to name a few, sounds familiar? Yes, we are talking about feminists here.

What if I told you there was a feminist SJW on the anti #Gamergate side on Twitter that spends his days accusing his ideological opponents of being “immoral” and constantly & falsely accuses them of being pedophiles? Sounds like a feminist right? Well what if I told you the same SJW has been found to have engaged in acts of pedophilia with his 8 year old cousin “Alice” (pseudonym)? What if I told you there is ample evidence the SJW in question boasted about his pedophile preferences online and even distributed photos of his underage cousin and possibly abused her?

Let me write it on the wall, the parents of the little girl have corroborated that Nicholas Nyberg used his underage cousin “Alice” to generate and distribute child pornography, here is the evidence,


The hypocrisy is undeniable, Nicholas Nyberg falsely accused others of being pedophiles while being a closeted pedo himself. It is just ashtonishinly hypocritical and vile. With al this evidence, who in their right mind would defend a pedophile?

Exactly. A feminist, look,

part 1

I want you to sit back and examine the sheer feminist detachment from reality courtesy of @CultofVivian. Behold her failure to be a decent human being, observe her complete lack of forethought before typing and most importantly notice how she willfully foregoes logic for the sake of her religion: feminism. (@CultofVivian, your feminist stupidity truly is spectacular.)

In the tweet above we can see @CultofVivian/Vivian, a SJW trying as hard as she can to force people to be politically correct towards a pedophilile; Nicholas Nyberg. For the sake of contrast, If Vivian was a Catholic SJW she would be requesting politeness for a pedophile priest, like this

part 2

The problem is that SJWs like Vivian get away with their politically correct delusions on social media and usually go unchallenged unless they are directly compared with the behavior of pedophile apologists in the Catholic church because the parallels are undeniable, but hypocrites like Vivian have practiced distraction techniques for years and when caught red handed they play the victim and try to claim “it is not fair” “it is different” or will use many other distractions to drive attention away from their delusions. Let’s preemptively address them,

  1. “Your comparison is unfair!”

No. It isn’t. You are just a hypocrite looking for a rock to hide under Vivian.

  1. “You are misgendering all transpeople!”

No. I am not. I am removing superficial politeness towards a SPECIFIC pedophile named Nicholas Nyberg who DOES NOT represent all transpeople just as pedophile Lawrence Murphy does not represent all Buddhists, Anglicans or any other religion.

  1. “Your wrote a hit piece on me!”

No Vivian, I only reported on your spectacular stupidity.

Most likely, Vivian will come up with DARVO  & more distraction noise but quite honestly, I will wait to debunk her lies if needed, feminists like Vivian are like Creationists, you never know what kind of illogical babble they will barf out. She will try to pretend to be the victim, she will use that tactic to claim to be “harassed”, coward clowns like Vivian wear that clown grease and roll on carrion to pass as something else just like stated on this short video courtesy of Mykery (just skip to minute 44:50).


As a Neo-Troll, I can quite safely tell you, you can verbally abuse male feminists online possibly 100 times as hard as you would with any female feminist and not a single woman will come to their aid, proof of that is the abuse I have hurled at male feminists like Arthur Chu and so far not a single female feminist has come to his rescue. Again, not a single female feminist will help a male feminist under attack. See? That is their “equality” in movement, obviously, in feminism equality means it mostly works to the service of feminist women, because, to feminists, male feminists are not people, they are objects to be used but if they ever stop being useful, they will be declared less than lepers & will become a mere hemorrhoid the hyena of feminism will bite off its own asshole.

Because as a rule, males are supposed to “take it” to “man up” to “toughen it out” but females? Those need to be coddled, to be protected somehow because exactly the same insult looks way, way “meaner” when hurled at a female both online and in real life. But, have you ever wondered why this behavior takes place where people prioritize and relate to women far more than to men? Look at homeless people and the ratio of males vs females in the western world; it is roughly 9:1 and people just feel much worse for a homeless female than for a homeless male, even if they suffer just as much, even if they are not aggressive, for some odd reason nearly all of the empathy goes to the female homeless person, seems very odd we would reduce a person’s humanity based on their appearance but the explanation is simpler than the expected, it is called Empathy Gap, in a nutshell, it means our brains will miscalculate based on appearance and “gut feelings” rather than on logic. This is blatantly reflected in the legal system where for EXACTLY the same crimes a more attractive looking person will get a much lower sentence, despite the law being the same for everyone, we often see on the news that an adult who has had sex with 14 year old minors will get a much lower sentence or just some perfunctory community service as long as she is blond, young and attractive (usually a teacher) but if you reverse the genders? The male version of the same teacher would get the full sentence for having had exactly the same sexual acts with 14 year old female minors, but the uglier he is, the worse the sentence will be. But what if he is black? Good fucking luck, because jurors will immediately go for the heaviest sentence the law allows. But of course…that would not be racist at all, it would be just a twist of destiny, right? But what if you are a young attractive female who viciously murdered another human being? You can get away with murder most of the time because the legal system will spend millions of dollars bending over backwards to give you the lowest sentence possible, even if the evidence is as damning as it can be, they will still try to give you as much empathy as possible, just like it happened with Jodi Arias.


This is especially important in cases such as Nicholas Nyberg because he has successfully used female pronouns to earn automatic empathy (avoiding the empathy gap altogether) for exactly the same crimes a male would already be in jail for, the fact that so many people defend Nicholas despite the volumes of evidence, is testament of him exploiting the empathy gap because as long as he can get away with the female pronouns, he will get far lower sentences and far less judgement or in the case of his followers, he gets full intellectual immunity simply because he has successfully managed to fool them, but this crafty and subtle appropriation of the empathy usually reserved only to females is immediately erased when we see him in his original form, like this,


Look at the hairy shoulders, look at the stubble, look at the unshaven armpits, look at the eyes that could express predatory contemplation, the word pedophile somehow fits automatically. But for some odd reason, when we look at Nyberg in his more feminine form; without the hair and without all the other male biological markers, the brain does not register him the same way, look,


See? even if we added the the word “pedophile” it would look like an “attack” or a failure at humor, almost as if the word did not match the picture and almost as if there was an immediate skepticism towards considering a female-looking individual “unflikely predatory”, as opposed to a male looking individual where the human brain just assumes the word matches an actual pedophile and he is “likely predatory”. Problem is, from the perspective of a vulnerable child, both are as terrifying and damaging.

If proven guilty, Nicholas will be declared a sexual predator of the worst kind, the one that abuses and exploits the most vulnerable human beings; children. But a predator like him has managed to camouflage itself as something else and manage to convince people he is a “she” and he is not a pedophile but a “hero” of the SJW cause, some have gone as far in their worship for Nyberg as to sending him pictures of their own children as a form of “support” which is akin to offering fresh flesh to a predator you worship.

See, this is not new, in nature, plenty of predators use these tricks to pass as something else because SJWs like Nicholas nyberg wear this victimhood camouflage just like the strategy predators use; they roll on carrion to pass as something else, to pass as a victim, to pass as dead things, or to quote youtuber Mykeru

“ [SJWs] wear contrived victimhood […] like a dog rolls in shit to conceal what they are”

The inconvenient truth is that besides the male ones, there are many cases of female & an increasing tide of transpedophiles in all societies but the empathy gap often gives extra camouflage to the ones that do not “look” like a pedophile, like in the case of Nicholas Nyberg who successfully morphed out of the features that would have made him more suspicious.

Just like predator pedo Lawrence Murphy disguised himself behind the camouflage of benevolent priesthood to pass as something else, so did predator pedo Nicholas Nyberg who disguised himself behind the camouflage of benevolent femininity to pass as something else.


Moral universalism or a sense of “moral magnitude” is less complex than what it seems; between choosing to protect a child or an adult the child wins. A person who molested a child deserves a far, far more severe sentence than that of a person who did not pay for a parking ticket. To SJW’s, universal morality is like common sense, not that common. Furthermore, they get easily confused when asked to think not just “feel”. But the more we ask for reasoning and less emotion the more SJWs fail at identifying what is universally moral, take for example this question,

Who is worse? A person that raped one woman or a genocidal war lord that committed over 20,000 war atrocities?

If you asked a feminist, they would want the death penalty for both because they would make an emotional judgement not a reasoned one. But beware, if you ever point this out the feminist will denounce you & anybody that disagrees with her as someone as “bad as rapist warlord” (See? Either you are with her or against her, US VS THEM mentality once again).

Moral magnitude seems to be as complex as quantum physics for feminist & SJWs who defend Nicholas Nyberg, despite all of the evidence, they insist on defending him and in cases such as Vivian’s distorted sense of magnitude, she even has the gall to demand a pedophile not be “misgendered”.

The problem with social Justice warriors like Vivian is that their sense of morals is more like a jenga tower, if you remove the slightest “political correctness” she collapses and starts snapping & becoming outraged.


Besides being delusional, the behavior of feminists who defend Nicholas Nyberg is just as astonishingly immoral as that of religious zealots. Just imagine asking feminists like Vivian this question;

Who deserves the death penalty; a rapist or a trans-pedophile like Nyberg?

She would possibly say something along these lines,

“Of course a rapist deserves death penalty! But a feminine SJWs pedo? Come on give him a chance! He has done so much good for the community!”

which mimics what Roman Catholics defending their pedophile priests may say,

“Of course a rapist deserves death penalty but a respectful pedophile priest? Come on give it a chance! He has done so much good for the community!”

No Vivian you got it wrong, a pedo has automatically given up all his/her rights to be properly “gendered” what you propose is akin to a Roman Catholic believer demanding people still kiss a priest in the back of his hand after he has been charged with pedophilia, Vivian, your spectacular stupidity prevents you from seeing why a pedophile is universally reviled by most inmates in the prison system, even some of the worst most violent inmates still despise pedos. What Vivian proposed is so wrong that is not even wrong, it is delusional, it is as delusional as a religious person demanding special treatment and accommodations for a pedophile priest for the sake of all his past “good deeds” for the community. That is not how it works dear delusional feminist, the moment there is enough evidence to start an investigation on charges of child pornography at the level of Nyberg, who not only shared pictures of a child but also enough information on the child’s location to effectively endanger the child. It does not matter who you are, you could be Nelson Mandela or Jennifer Lawrence, if either Mandela or Lawrence molested a child, they would automatically lose all empathy from society at large for harming a child. All is left for pedophiles is due process but not sympathy.


It is unfortunate but it has happened before that SJWs have endangered children just to retaliate against their opponents in Gamergate, case in point Lizzyf620’s children were endangered in a vile doxxing attempt to force her out of Gamergate and to be entirely honest, I for one wanted to retaliate on her behalf because we all have murderous thoughts when someone has either molested or murdered children, but instead I decided to reason and write this article. The difference is that most people do not confess to their murderous thoughts because of political correctness and their own fear to be socially “ostracized” for having thought about murder. Murderous thoughts are not “sins” we all wish for the bad guy in a movie to die the most horrific death possible and that is not labelled as a “sin” BUT the problem is not the murderous thoughts the problem is when a person acts upon such murderous thoughts, that is when lynch mobs may start. (what makes Nyberg especially heinous is that he allegedly is a criminal that has already acted upon his pedophile thoughts and urges)

The reality is that when children are murdered or harmed, we all think of retaliation towards the murderer/abuser just the way we think of the death of an evil character in a movie. That impulse aggregates with multiple individuals who not only think but are impulsive enough to act on those impulses and exert some primal form of “Social Justice” which often becomes a “Social Justice Lynch Mob”. Our current legal system is the result of the prevention of those individuals throughout history. If you want to be cynical, our legal system is an imperfect system for calculated fair retaliation or a glorified revenge system we still call “justice”. Is it perfect? Far from it but it surely is far better than letting people hang their targets from trees and setting them on fire. History is replete with cases of impulsive people who took the law in their own hands, and the problem is that lynch mobs often get their targets wrong, which begs the question; are those who accuse Nyberg of pedophilia a lynch mob?

The short answer is NO.

First and foremost the accusations have been corroborated by the parents of the child, that should be the first thing to bring up every time we speak about the Nyberg case. Furthermore, Nyberg is not the “victim” of a lynch mob because lynch mobs act on little or no evidence and can be easily manipulated by those who only seek retribution. Secondly, the amount of evidence on Nyberg illicit activities is incredibly vast, so much so the journalists and the legal department of Breitbart have poured over them as well as making them available for the skeptics to review. Again the parents corroborated the story, look at it yourself again,


To date, Nicholas Nyberg has been left alone free to play the victim and is currently under investigation and that is the way it should be. We should always let the authorities take care of these cases. Granted, despite all the evidence, there is still the distant possibility Nyberg is not entirely guilty that is why nobody but the legal system should take care of his sentencing.


First and foremost Nicholas deserves a fair trial, just like anybody else does. Due process must be followed. Secondly, Nicholas does not deserve to be called a “she” or by his female alias simply because a potential criminal like him should not be given privileges. He deserves the full brunt of the empathy gap and I encourage you all to abstain from using his female aliases because he likely uses them to obtain sympathy and intellectual immunity, if he is sentenced as a sexual predator his aliases will be proven to have been social camouflage for a predator to pass as something else. The little girl Nicholas Nyberg took pictures of and possibly molested is the victim NOT Nicholas. See, this is the problem with SJWs, it should not be necessary to remind them the basics of universal human morality but paradoxically,  they need to be told over and over, thus, few ironies in life are as pure; SJWs, who pride themselves of their superior morals fail at understanding the fundamentals of being a human being; the children are the victims NOT the pedophile. The reality is that the well-being of children is always more important than that of adults. Without children there is no future for the species.

Thank you for reading.


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