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DISCLAIMER 1: What follows is a mixture of speculation and satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the article itself. (go & eat your hearts out hypocrites)

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent #GamerGate. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll Status. For those who stayed, behold;



Here it is again, let it sink in,

” [ I am reporting actions ] offensive disrespectful or in disagreement with my opinion” 

The image above is what Twitter considers a way to report “abuse” but in reality it is just a statement of the religion inside Twitter: Feminism. For religions, anything can be “offensive” and anything can be used against those who do not believe in the right kind of god: women.

It just speaks volumes of the prevalent ideology inside Twitter and it is so dense that it is indistinguishable from a religion that desperately wants to ban all dissent. The reality is that this is not something new, religions have used the same tactics Twitter is currently using throughout history in order to discriminate atheists/non-believers and to easily label them “Satanists”. But on Twitter? Their catch-all word for “Satanist” is “misogynist” and the “report form” above is just a glorified written witch hunt.

That is why hearing that someone who criticized feminism and as a result, has been suspended from Twitter once again this week no longer surprises anybody. It just sounds familiar, religiously familiar.

See, banning people like Thunderf00t, The AmazingAtheist, JudgyBitch, The RalphRetort and many other prominent Twitter users has become a routine and it  is no longer a cause for concern, rather, it is a cause for utter contempt towards Twitter and the travesty of their Terms of Service. Their TOS is an easy to manipulate, politically-driven, broken system that falsely tries to portray itself as “fair”. It is a blatant, public and vulgar display of corporate hypocrisy.

Twitter consistently makes use of vague, intentionally nebulous, nearly meaningless terms such as “Aggressive Following”, “offensive” or “in disagreement with my opinion” to justify nearly any suspension. Any.

And even if you play along and follow all of their nebulous “rules” like Thundef00t did, they will still find ways to say you were “aggressive”. Sounds familiar? Yes because it is the same moving goal post vocabulary and tactics used by feminist & hypocrites like Brianna Wu. As a hypocrite, anything you don’t like can be labelled as “aggressive” and if you are a leftist hypocritical corporation like Twitter, ANYTHING qualifies as “aggressive following”

Twitter’s TOS is a mediocre lie painted as “equality” and it is a direct reflection of feminism itself because it closely mimics the  same feminist moving goal post dogma peddled by hypocrites like Anita Sarkeesian; make no mistake, Twitter is a feminist-driven company.

Just like feminism, Twitter actively tries to portray itself as “fair” for both genders but from the onset, they give rights and nearly no obligations to those with “the right ideology”, but if you EVER dare have the “wrong kind of ideology”? Good fucking luck, because both feminism and Twitter will have you ejected and banned. What truly is blatantly hypocritical regarding Twitter is that they will easily label you an “abuser” while actively sheltering morbidly obese, pathologically dysfunctional true abusers who have the gall to portray themselves as the “victims” while cynically manipulating Twitter via their “blockbots”/scripted objects of mass censorship, quite easily, Randi Harper could commit any act of harassment and her feminist friends working at Twitter will make sure she is NOT suspended.

In view of all these problems, how can a system that empowers and encourages mass censorship be defended or respected?

Exactly, it can’t.

Twitter and Feminism  are  religions, not intelligence.


But then, why waste time with a Marxist snakepit like Twitter? The reality of Twitter value is less than elegant;

Twitter is a wall to plaster messages on for free.

I for one, refuse to follow and respect a broken system such as Twitter’s TOS because it is as invalid as a theocracy or feminism itself; allow me to state it thusly;


BTW, feel free to quote me on that & get me banned, I have plenty of backups.


The problem of a small group of people constantly telling a much larger group of people what to think is not new, it is called dictatorships and Twitter is a dictatorship of the corporate variety. It won’t be neither the first nor the last one to exist.

Let’s wind back the clocks and examine what happened with 4chan, it used to be the bastion of “free expression” but then its administrator Chris Poole betrayed the users and started censoring them.

Now let’s remember what happened to Reddit under Chairman Pao, it used to be the bastion of “free expression” but then its interim CEO & administrators betrayed the users and started censoring them.

Now let’s focus on the present; Twitter falsely labels itself as a place for “expression” but its administrators constantly betray & censor its users.

How about Gamergate? Twitter administrators constantly betray & censor anybody that supports Gamergate.

How about 8chan? As sad as it sounds it will very likely meet the same fate.

Do you see the pattern in all the above cases?  All of them share a fatal flaw: a host.

That is the fatal flaw most of the users of Reddit/4Chan/8Chan/Gamergate consistently share, they all make the same mistake;  they all require and rely on a host. They rely on it too much and constantly get burned by it; it is a crutch. As long as you depend on a host, it can shut you down any time it wants.

In other words, if you build your house on pink quicksand, don’t be surprised when it is gone.


Why do people lie? Because it works.

Why do SJWs/Feminists lie to censor? Because it works AND gives them a dopamine high.

Feminists and SJWs get off on their delusional Joan of Arc-like delusions of grandeur every time they ban/ hurt someone’s career. Make no mistake, the act of banning someone who thinks differently, gives them a false yet warm sense of imaginary achievement, it gets them off the way they can’t in real life; theirs is a glorified SJW orgasm for intellectually anorgasmic people; feminists.

Feminists themselves are Pavlovian female dogs trained to wet themselves every time they see the loud confirmation of someone being suspended, theirs is positive reinforcement of their lowest reptilian ambitions.

But what if they no longer could get off on it?

That would be painful and deliciously oppressive.

The solution would be not preventing them from banning but encouraging them to do so WHILE taking away all the pleasure from it. The solution would be a script that would renew those suspended accounts as soon as they get banned, just like a hydra that grows new heads as soon as you cut one off, in other words, a sort of “Hydra script”


I too, have been pondering on this question lately;

How can we murder Twitter/TWTR in a cold, organized manner?

Well first of all we need to look at its weaknesses; Twitter is a unicorn that does not make much money, unlike Google with “Alphabet”, Twitter has failed to diversify and is a one-trick donkey. The strength of Twitter is its userbase because that is what they sell to advertisers, they say “hey look, we have all these people you can sell your product to” take away all of those users and Twitter is dead.
Therefore the best way to kill Twitter is to cause an exodus of users so that their stock price crashes. The best thing? Twitter has given us the reverse blueprints of their own demise.

Let me explain, If feminists like Randi Harper created a script for mass censorship of accounts, the best response would be creating a hypothetical script for mass creation of “hydra” accounts to augment free speech.

In a nutshell,  for every “head” or account banned/cut off, the script would automatically create two or more replacements just like the mythological monster. So, for every blocked account there would be 2-3 clones automatically created complete with tweets and auto-follows. The implications of such script would be interesting to say the least as Twitter would have a hard time coping with the number of accounts created and would eventually have to make signing up far more complicated (thus further hurting their already ailing stock price) or they would have to implement mass banning themselves and go full on SJW-Randi-Blockbot on all of their users which would cause collateral damage then an exodus of angry people which would also quicken the demise of their stock. See, the best way to murder Twitter as a company is to undermine their ailing stock (even though their “Steve Jobs savior” AKA Jack Dorsey is back) Twitter’s Achilles heel is their overvalued stock. If the stock loses most of its value or if they lose most of their users or both, they will have to sell the company to Facebook, Google or even to something like Sina Weibo.

Despite the fact this script does not exist yet, all software started with a seemingly odd proposition such as this. Let me explain to you how it would work for you as a user, let’s just imagine you downloaded the extension for chrome/Firefox add-on, then it would automatically start backing up your followers and most recent tweets. The best thing? You would barely notice it until it became necessary because all of it would be done in the background.

You got banned? Click on the “hydra me” button and 3 copies of your now defunct account will be activated while your most recent tweets are being recreated in the background.

You lost all of your followers? Click on the “Hydra my followers” button and your backed up list of followers is recreated and your community starts being rebuilt.

Your favorite accounts got banned? Click on the “hydra follow” button and you will re-follow all of your favorite now multiple accounts with the click of one button.

You don’t like that many buttons? No problem. Just click the big green button “Hydra EVERYTHING”

More banning? No problem. More banning means more accounts…and much more frustration for them.

Think about it, Twitter still relies on interns to avoid making the mistake of shutting down accounts en masse, thus these interns are always outnumbered and have to look at the tweets by the “flagged” accounts to decide if they fit their nebulous very flexible TOS but if they were overwhelmed by the number of hydra accounts? They could not keep up and they would be forced to either stop banning people as often or they would have to amp up their dictatorship and end up with a ghost town. The hydra-script/ Hydra-bot would be a catalyst for their hypocrisy and tendency to ban people with the “wrong ideology”. Furthermore, outside Twitter, by banning en masse, Feminists/SJWs would be multiplying the “problem” they wanted to suppress, this is called the cobra effect.


Here we get a little technical so read the long version if you are into programming.


Corporate dictatorships tend to have the bad habit of not  learning from history mostly because their egos are too big; for example, the music industry never understood mp3s until Apple took advantage of a vast grey market of illegal mp3s and gave people a big cynical hard drive called iPod. Blockbuster never understood streaming until Netflix ate their lunch. The movie industry never understood torrents until the Piratebay opened the torrentgates.

How about the present? Which corporate dictatorship is going to bite the dust the way Blockbuster did? Who is headed to experience great losses or even their own demise? Well, banks come to mind, because they have not yet understood charging obscene amounts of money for money transfers angers their customers and perhaps Bitcoin will start eating their market by charging incredibly low flat fees. (for example whether you transfer $100 dollars or a million dollars you still pay the same low flat fee of~1-2 cents)

So what do banks and bitcoin have to do with Twitter and the “Hydra-script”?

Simple, just like banks, Twitter has taken for granted its customers and routinely abuses them which opens the door for a system based on the Bitcoin protocol to take over, but first let’s use the following analogy to clarify what Bitcoin is and how it could be used to successfully harm Twitter, in simple terms;

Imagine you are a bank and you make money by charging people obscene amounts of money for small things like money transfers, your customers complain but since all the other banks do almost exactly what you do, you just laught to their faces or tell them to leave, on top of that even if your customers wanted to start their own banks, they can’t because the “ledger” or the list of transactions to all of your customers is secret and only available to you. Then a certain new irreverent fucker called “Bitcoin” comes to town and breaks all the rules you built your business upon. This new fucker gives a copy of all bank members & transactions to each of his customers and makes them all anonymous and they MAY no longer need you because each computer is a mini bank, if one goes down, there is thousands of other users with an identical copy to take its place and they make your old business model irrelevant. 

Now let’s apply the same idea to the proposed death of Twitter

Imagine you are Twitter and you make money by charging advertisers obscene amounts of money for small things like selling them info about your customers, your customers complain but since all the other social networks do almost exactly what you do, you just laught to their faces or tell them to leave/ban them, on top of that even if your customers wanted to start their own social networks, they can’t because the “ledger” or the list of customers and their followers is secret and only available to you. Then a certain new irreverent fucker called “Hydra-Bitcoin” comes to town and breaks all the rules you built your business upon. This new fucker gives a copy of all social network members to each of his customers and makes them all anonymous, they MAY no longer need you because each computer is a mini social network, if one goes down, there is thousands of other users with an identical copy to take its place and they make your old business model irrelevant. 

Granted, Bitcoin is still in its diapers & we do not know if it will be successful but there is a chance a variation of it may replace many aspects of banks in the very near future if banks keep refusing to adopt it. By the same token, if the Bitcoin protocol, (which is open source) could be adopted to gradually migrate Twitter’s user database and allow each user to keep an exact mini copy of the whole social network you would gradually cause theTwitter beast to keep bleeding users which would result in an irreversible loss in its stock value while  the de-centralized “Hydra-Bitcoin” social network would slowly grow and overtake its former users.

Why? Because of the lack of censorship and the freedom a headless, descentralized network offers just like GamerGate has tried from the beginning. However, the Bitcoin protocol is far more resilient than Gamergate because it would only be a matter of an ill-advised decision inside Twitter to erase the hashtag along with anybody that supported it, which would result in an enormous backlash. Such decision would irreversibly harm both Gamergate and Twitter because of the resulting user exodus, if the exodus continued for long enough, Twitter would keep bleeding from its stock value, then it would stand to reason that at a given point, Twitter would have to be sold before it lost more value the way it happened to 4chan. However, we come back to square one, as long as you depend on a host, the host has the power to shut down your “toxic community”  at any moment it pleases.

But Bitcoin? Pfft! Bitcoin is its own host and you have to turn off all of the computers in the network to stop it and since all each user has the incentive for keeping the PC on because as long as you do, you will keep making money by “mining” bitcoins. Which brings us to the best part of this proposed de-centralized social network nicknamed “Hydra-Bitcoin”; there would be an incentive to support it. Still, let’s get cynical every possible user of the proposed network would ask the following simple question,

What’s in it for me?

The answer is simple, what is in for you is free speech.

Plus, the longer you keep your PC running the more you mine/generate a currency generated by the network and for the network and the longer you keep it on, the more you help a community that has no censorship, no political leanings and no dictatorial nanny-corporation shutting people down.

Plus, it is hard to think the real Satoshi Nakamoto individual/collective would oppose dismantling a leftist dictatorship like Twitter.


This is just a very, very, veeeeeeery incipient draft for coders to bounce ideas around, feel free to propose take and create anything you found useful. After all, many big things had very small and simple beginnings.

Thank you for reading.





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