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DISCLAIMER 1: what follows is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article. Truth with zero protocol will be used, please get very, very offended.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent #GamerGate. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll status. For those who stayed, read on;

ignited fears

Anything will ignite with the right kind of spark.

Mine, yours or anybody else’s minds are no exception.

Because it is the steady stress of negative emotions that make us all ignite the darkest.

Some of us are dry wood, some green wood, some mere tinder but sooner or later, we all ignite. All it takes is the right kind of spark for the darkest parts of the human mind to ultimately combust; to burn ever so intensely into the fires of a severe mental breakdown, leaving only the forgotten ashes of the target’s persona.

Or, in plainer English, long enough real harassment campaigns will drive anybody fucking crazy.

See, the purpose of an authentic harassment campaign is psychological attrition. Extended, surgically planned psychological stress is the mark of authentic harassment campaigns where the target’s psychological fragility determines how long before the planned external stress causes the desired mental breakdown.

It is not a matter of “if” it is a matter of “when”.

In authentic harassment cases, targets are psychologically worn down until they have to choose between the integrity of their minds or giving in to the demands. And since few people like to doubt their sanity for years to come, they just capitulate.

Giving in isn’t  a hard choice. It’s not like you  proudly offer a toast every new year’s eve and go,

“Here’s a toast to my awesome mental breakdown of 2012!…fuck the Mayans by the way…”

No, most people avoid talking about their mental breakdowns because it is hard to boast about going temporarily insane. Hard unless you are as publicly insane as a feminist. Does it ring the bell why feminists love to “share” stories of their mental breakdowns? They do so because many of them are either fucking insane, like to pathologically guilt-trip people or both.

However, besides the mentally ill ones, we also have the manipulative commercial feminists; hypocrites like Sarkeesian, Wu or Quinn have never experienced an authentic, carefully orchestrated, surgically executed, extended harassment campaign.

Would you like to know who performs those with merciless excellence?

Feminists themselves.

One of the most heinous documented cases of extended harassment executed by feminists was the one suffered by antifeminist DV researcher & author Erin Pizzey.


Erin Pizzey back in the 70’s

In the late 70’s & early 80’s Pizzey was authentically, progressively & consistently targeted by feminists with death threats by phone, and mail as well as many mailed bomb threats (even the police told her to notify them every time) It became so common for her to receive suspicious packages that the police had to routinely bring the bomb squad to inspect them. It escalated to the point that in several ocassions even during book tours, she received more bomb threats & she had to be escorted by the police to lower the chances of her being attacked. Feminists went as far as shooting and killing nearly killing one of her dogs then kidnapping the other two, the false flags & psychological warfare kept escalating to the point there even was speculation the feminists groups she angered were posing as a pedophile ring to lead the police astray (but neither the feminists nor the alleged ring were ever captured). The assailants consistently wore Erin Pizzey down not for days, weeks or months, it was a harassment campaign that spanned several years and forced her to move from the UK to the US several times. Eventually, Erin Pizzey was successfully driven to a brief mental break down by her own former allies; feminists.

But let’s address the elephant in the room, what did Erin Pizzey do to cause the unalloyed ire of UK feminists? Well, in short, Pizzey unceremoniously raped the beast of feminist dogma. She did so in ways no one had ever done before by studying the behavior of women in domestic violence cases and determining dysfunctional females tend to be as abusive as their male partners (DV gender symmetry) and by studying & interviewing women in battered women shelters, she observed it was also the dysfunctional women the ones that often initiated and intentionally caused domestic violence to obtain a “masochistic orgasmic release” or “orgasmic rage” often by taunting their partners to the point of physical violence where women behave like emotional terrorists with their families. Yeah, Erin went in hardcore & dry on the feminist beast and didn’t even let it bite the pillow.

But she was not done, oh no, after bitch-smacking, donkey-punching & raping feminism in the face, Erin Pizzey spat into the beast’s eye by requesting funds for shelters that would help male victims of domestic abuse, what am I saying, let me correct that, she did not “spit”, she put out a lit cigarette in the eye of the feminist beast.

Perplexingly, instead of exploding, the beast went silent and retreated. That was the moment when the feminists put Erin Pizzey on a hit-list to terrorize her and her family for years to come.

PIZZEY NOWADAYErin Pizzey nowadays (AMA #1 & AMA #2) & why feminism is hate against men

Granted, what if Pizzey was lying too? Because, let’s be skeptical, some brief parts of her story sound remotely similar to the poorly concocted stories liars like Quinn, Wu and Sarkeesian have pulled out of their leftist rectums so far.

So, the obvious question is what would make Erin Pizzey more likely to be authentic & verifiable? See, unlike Sarkeesian, Wu or Quinn, Erin filed multiple police reports throughout the years and provided ample evidence of the extended harassment campaign against her & her family. See, just like hyenas that target the young, the old and the sick in a herd, feminists targeted everybody linked to Erin Pizzey’s family to make her break down by proxy. Think about it, let’s say you are not psychologically fragile and you can manage the stress of real, surgically executed harassment for months or years. Can you guarantee your mind will never falter? How about your loved ones? Can they last forever? See, the reason why authentic harassment campaigns are more successful with people with families is because just like hyenas, feminists target those who are more psychologically fragile; the younger or older the person is, the higher the likelihood of psychological fragility.

Furthermore, the harassment campaign endured by Pizzey bears a striking resemblance with the one executed against whistleblower Dr Jeffrey Wigand

wighamDr Wigand during one of his several interviews for “60 minutes”

While Pizzey’s campaign was executed by a leftist-driven, highly organized corrupt group, Wigand’s was executed by a  financially-driven highly organized, corrupt group.

While Pizzey blew the whistle on the corrupt feminist organizations in the UK, Dr. Wigand blew the whistle on the rampant corrupt practices by the US tobacco industry in the mid 90’s. This resulted in his story being adapted into The Hollywood film “The Insider” which closely depicted a fraction of the authentic harassment campaign experienced for months by Dr Jeffrey Wigand and his family.


Rusell Crowe as Dr Wigand

His sin? As previously mentioned, he blew the whistle on  his employer, the third largest tobacco company in the US back then. Logically, the already fraudulent company retaliated against him by first firing him, then proceeded to systematically defaming and smearing his character then tried to silence him before he could give any more information on the illegal use of harmful chemicals such as acetone added to tobacco to artificially increase nicotine absortion (among many other additives)

He also was authentically, progressively & consistently targeted by several individuals (allegedly hired by his former employer) that used death threats by phone, letters, suspicious packages and in one instance, one death threat contained a bullet. He then notified the police but the investigators bizarrely confiscated his computer instead, these odd events were later explained by the fact he kept relevant evidence against his former employer in said computer (just put two and two together)

Due to the stress his marriage and his mental health started to decline then his wife was the first to break under the stress & one day she ominously told him,

You have put us all in danger, and I want you out of the house.”

That was not an accident. The collapse of his marriage was a direct result of the surgical pressure exerted by his enemies. His morally responsible actions cost him his job, his house, his marriage and almost his life and even to this day he still regularly gets death threats he dutifully reports to the authorities. Just like with Pizzey, Dr Wigand’s experiences are a textbook example of what an authentic harassment campaign is like and unlike commercial feminists such as Sarkeesian Wu or Quinn, he has given clear and ample testimony on video and before congress of the blatant abuse of power exercised against him by a corporation to both hide its illegal practices and to silence a man and his family by terrorizing them for months. Again, one of the tactics used against both Pizzey & Dr Wigand was especially heinous; in both cases their enemies targeted their families to force them to capitulate. This was especially effective with Dr Wigand because his wife took the children & effectively left him. Had his enemies won, the failure of his marriage could have been easily been chalked up to the classic 

“he must have done something to upset his wife”

Thanks to the empathy gap, men are seen as guilty until proven innocent by default. Unlike Pizzey, had his aggressors succeeded, everything he went through would have been falsely attributed to 

“toxic male behavior”

instead of a corrupt organization illegally targeting him.
Make no mistake, authentic cases of harrassment campaigns like the ones experienced by Pizzey & Wigand only highlight the bold-faced lies told by Sarkeesian Quinn and Wu et al. 

Had Sarkeesian Quinn and Wu known, their lies would have been far, far less mediocre.

Thank you for reading.



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