Feminist Weapons of Mass Defamation vs Master Milo (Part 1 of 4)

NOTE: This article was featured at theralphretort.com

DISCLAIMER 1: What follows is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent #GamerGate. Truth with zero protocol will be used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll status. For those who stayed, read on;







Hailing from the O-UK, journalist Milo Yianopoulous AKA @Nero has become one of the most prominent pro #Gamergate figures of the movement’s early existence. Why? Primarily because he is a fabulous sexy & handsome gay man of multiple talents (besides giving celestial blowjobs…allegedly…) not only is he able to write magnificent, fact-checked scathing prose but also, he remains undefeated when debating feminists on live TV and every single time he does so, he publicly destroys them by unconsensually banging their dogmatic leftist minds with his signature use of a merciless sandpaper condom of fact-checked logic (to add insult upon injury, the legend says the sexy bastard gave many of the feminists he defeated, a painful, long lasting hate-lady-boner after they went home defeated, un-railed & with goopier panties to wash that night…how dare you torture the intellectually anorgasmic master Nero…)

But why does he keep defeating them? Well, first and foremost, there is the fact feminists as a group, have not been intellectually challenged for about 30 years and refuse to learn or give up their old and tired “Dumb Feminist Discourse Weapons” (dfdws for short) that heavily rely on playing the victim along with their signature “moving goal post” false logic during debates. With that complacent and intellectually lazy track record,  it is not a surprise that watching Nero debate feminists is like watching a fifth grader punching toddlers at a daycare.

But what makes Nero so special anyway?

Why is a mere glorious fag so much of a challenge even for the elite creme de la creme of radfems? 

Why even the most dishonest members of the pink cradle of filth located at very the heart of the Orwellian United Kingdom stutter and fail to doublespeak when facing Nero?

Well, truth is, this fabulous Saiyan fag is a very difficult target to acquire. First of all, he is one of those rare, fact-based, quick-as-fuck debaters that still manages to be funny (most debaters are either or but rarely both) secondly, feminists themselves have consistently shown a shameful dependence on the same old, tired and ineffective Dumb Feminist Discourse Weapons (dfdws) that just won’t work against Milo. But for the sake of argument, let’s examine only 2 of the main failures,


“You don’t understand feminism because you are a “privileged cis man!”

Nope. Won’t fly. He is as gay as skittles. Or as a giraffe. Or both.


Fig 1. Master Milo’s spirit animal. Yes, he tops from the bottom.

(besides, feminists would risk sounding too homophobic if they ever said to him “you privileged white gay man!” but that may change according to Milo himself)


“You don’t understand feminism because you are just a  racist white man!”

Nay. Pointless. Dumb to even try. 

But the few who have tried failed humorously as Milo has openly stated he “only” fucks black dudes and yes, he is a power bottom…allegedly (although that “only blacks” label is a misnomer, since he’s known to make impromptu exceptions) Feminists hate the fact Milo is protected by his fabulous gay umbrella.

So, in a nutshell, feminists REQUIRE white straight men to successfully lie and play the victim by using their dfdws BUT the moment you remove the “straight white male” factor? Feminists facing Milo end up looking little pink baby goats trying to ram into a wall of logic.

Does not matter how we look at it, Milo is an anomaly; a bright gay star of traditionalist antimatter, a rare self-outed homo of the political right who cynically & unapologetically wears his gayness like an armor covered in gorgeous libertarian gay teflon. A gentle intellectual savage that deflowers pink intellectual pygmies after breakfast; a rising star that just keeps winning against feminists (although, last time he was at the JRE, Milo did wince then graciously lost against Joe Rogan’s rough, hard,throbbing & unstoppable verbal Jiu-Jitsu and ever since, legend says Nero’s balls get moist when he listens to the JRE)

For those reasons, Milo remains the most powerful, gloriously undefeated pro Gamergate fag.

Yes, gender-traitor ladies and cis-pigs of Gamergate, our Nero is both untouchable and invincible.

Hold on,

Is Milo Yianopoulous TRULY “untouchable and invincible” ?

Sadly, the answer is: NO.

Leaving humor and hyperbole aside, just like anybody else, Milo has weaknesses and this brief 4 part series is an attempt to prevent him from repeating history.



What if feminists stopped using the same old discourse weapons and instead started breaking the law to effectively retaliate against Milo? See, this brings up the most important question:

Why would feminists want to risk jail time just to nuke Milo?

Exactly. Because Milo discredits them and that will cost feminists lots of money.

Make no mistake, feminists have been researching him for a while and if Milo keeps winning, feminists risk losing what they really care about; governmental grants. These grants allow them to maintain their ornamental, high-paying bullshit jobs as well as their authentically privileged and comfortable lives. Feminists in positions of power will do whatever it takes to keep their fat paychecks coming & avoid looking for a real job.

Because people like Milo influence and convince the public. Then the public influences and votes for the “patriarchal” politicians feminists get their money from. See, the inconvenient truth is that feminists get their money from the “patriarchy” itself; daddy government. Feminists are glorified parasites.

Furthermore, feminists in positions of power are not the cute & dumb ones Milo has to debate, not at all, the ones in power are the ones who send the dumb, good-looking feminist mules to get unceremoniously railed & mauled by Milo. It is only a matter of time before those in power acknowledge Milo’s rising popularity and upgrade him from mere “inconvenience” to a potential risk to their illicit income. Especially now that Milo will start touring the many universities he has been invited to. Many, many pink fatwas & weapons of defamation will be aimed at him, even if protected by his fabulous gay umbrella/shield, feminists will find a way to get to him.

Because of the influence Milo will have on public opinion, feminists in power will try to nuke him, to neutralize him with powerful, dirty & unlawful tactics we will refer as,


Feminists Weapons of Mass Defamation (FWMDs).

These weapons are divided into 5 categories metaphorically referred as “DEFCONS” 5, 4, 3, 2, & 1 respectively. In short, DEFCON 5 is the softest and resembles everyday bitching WHILE DEFCON 1 is the worst and means feminists have mercilessly gone nuclear and want their target psychologically & physically harmed.

All DEFCONS are derived from documented real life cases. Even the extreme of DEFCON 1 is not hyperbole, feminists have a clear documented track record of using these FWMDs against their victims. After each DEFCON, we will briefly mention a “textbook case” of a documented victim/target.

Unfortunately, Milo is no different, he is just another target.

He will be attacked mercilessly with the same FWMDs feminists have used in the past and are very unlikely to take any pity on his case. Here we go,




Soft Defamation    

FWMDs used: At the school-yard, female bullies isolate, male bullies hit. By the same token, at this stage, feminists will resort to the adult equivalent of school-yard bitching using words such as “misogynist”, “privileged” and “pig” amongst many others.  However, verbal aggression from adult feminists ONLY looks like annoying-as-fuck word of mouth complaints. Its real purpose? To isolate the target. This isolation tactic is subtle but the target will start silently losing friends and acquaintances. Furthermore, from this point on, feminists will stick to these 3 constants,

  1. Seek zero accountability
  2. Exploit as many false accusations as possible (because they are “free”)
  3. Tell themselves their retaliation is always justified because they are the “true victims”

Efforts: Local word of mouth defamation which leads to moderate online tattle & research on their target. Expect to lose friends and acquaintances.

Purpose: Local isolation of target

Textbook case: 

Anybody non leftist, in disagreement with them. Too many to count.

Is Milo at Risk?: He graduated long ago.



Medium Defamation

FWMDs used: At this stage feminists have already started circulating a basic, incomplete “doxx draft” on you (AKA work in progress doxx) at this point, most of them will REMOTELY resort to name calling on social media while a few will amp up the defamation campaign by actively emailing & calling your place of employment (notice that at first, they will only call your boss but they won’t call you, hence the work-in-progress-doxxing).

Important distinction: The uncomfortable truth for feminists is they will behave far worse than their foes at 4chan/Anon boards at this and all other stages. Even if feminists retards say 4chan pizza gives them PTSD they are just crying the same wolf they do with the misuse of the word “rape”.

Yes, 4chan/Anon fags doxx & intimidate to get bizarre LULZ but they know their limits very well because what they want is laughter NOT jail. Feminists on the other hand have no limits, they will actively seek both psychological and physical harm of their targets through the manipulation of“white knight mules” from DEFCON 5 all the way to DEFCON 1. From this point on, even if feminists escalate to another DEFCON, they will still integrate and keep using tactics from the previous ones because feminists do not abandon DEFCONS, they recycle & amplify them.

Furthermore, if their target is male, feminists will notoriously add & abuse the adjective “rape-apologist” to their list of false claims. This is not an accident, they will convey the weight of the wordrapist WITHOUT actually using it to avoid charges of libel. The empathy gap will be heavily exploited from this point on and since a large loud number of females falsely claim to be victims, your place of employment concludes that,

“you must have done something”.

Efforts: Remote libel & release of work-in-progress-doxxing. Expect to get doxxed. Expect plenty of complaints by calls/emails at work. Expect to get fired. Also, from this stage on, expect regular threats into your personal email as well as being hacked & constantly DDos’ed from this point on. Just like your employer, your web host may drop you.

Purpose: Get you fired

Textbook case:


Abby Nugent: artist & author of the remarkable SJW satire site Plebcomics (she was researched, hacked, doxxed then fired from her job)

Is Milo at Risk?: Yes, even by his own admission, but he does not give a particular fuck.

This is the end of part 1 and believe me, from here on, things only get worse for Milo & the others.

How fucked up can feminists get?

Find out on part 2.

Thank you for reading.


End of part 1


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