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DISCLAIMER 1: What follows is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent #GamerGate. Truth with zero protocol will be used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll status. For those who stayed, read on;





On the second part of this series, we will continue with the list of feminist weapons of mass defamation AKA FWMDs.

Grab a cup of coffee, wine or popcorn because it only gets worse with the last DEFCONS: 3, 2 & 1.

(BTW, there is an extra DEFCON at the end, but that one? That one is as darker than the longest night)




High Defamation

FWMDs used: At this stage whether you have been fired or not, feminists will REMOTELY use these 3 powerful weapons of mass defamation to further smear you both privately and professionally:

1.Woman Beater

2.Sexual Harasser-Rapist


These powerful weapons will be massively broadcast via social media, emails and calls to flood your place of employment, they will magnify any doxx/dirt they have found in your past and/or will falsify evidence then shamelessly broadcast. Again, evidence is usually ignored and feminists heavily exploit the empathy gap as camouflage. As a result, usually your place of employment will not question them & instead make your head roll, because keeping you in the company gets “expensive”. They rely on the fact that suing them for libel is expensive and slow while getting you fired happens first then without an income, their target is even less likely to sue, besides they mostly libel you anonymously.

Efforts: Severe Libel. Expect hit pieces if you are a public figure. They will remotely swarm your place of employment. It is at this stage that their doxxing becomes much more detailed but still incomplete. From this stage on expect being hacked by more experienced hackers (hired) & more money being used to rent increasingly better botnets to DDos’ed your host. Just like your employer, your host may drop you as you have become a liability. from this point on. From this stage on also expect your first threats on your personal number. They usually leave you a few “mute” messages in your voice mail. Expect regular threats of muffled voices. If unsuccessful, they will move to the next stage to manufacture evidence.

Purpose: Smear your name & make you unemployable.

Textbook case:


Lauren Southern

Libertarian & commentator at The Rebel media (falsely accused of pedophillia and child pornography by slut walkers)


Liz Finnegan

Ex gamergater & current commentator at Escapistmagazine.com (herself and her children were doxxed by leftist anti gamergaters )

Is Milo at Risk?: Yes




Physical Ambush

FWMDs used:  All the previous stages worked remotely but it is from DEFCON 2 on that feminists will abandon remote tactics and instead get their claws out and move into specific forms of PHYSICAL confrontation with the specific purpose of ambushing the target. It is also at this stage feminists will exploit the empathy gap by playing the victim to their maximum which yields a fascinating paradox; the weaker the feminist appears, the stronger she actually is. Warren Farrell put it best:

“The [ultimate] weakness of men is the facade of their [absolute] strength and the [ultimate] strength of women is the facade of their [absolute] weakness.”

–Warren Farell (The Myth of Male Power)

Make no mistake, the sole purpose of the physical confrontations is to ambush the target to manufacture evidence on any or all of these 3 main charges (among others)

1.Woman Beater

2.Sexual Harasser-Rapist


Feminists will falsely accuse targets, recruit false claimants, practice extortion for money, use self-inflicted injuries or taunt others to obtain them, publicly taunt and provoke to fabricate evidence or even give public, Oscar-worthy performances to assault then commit perjury & successfully lie to the police. Feminists will willfully commit all these known crimes on the assumption that even if caught red handed, females benefit from how the legal system perceives them and, as an unfair result,  the sentences are extremely lenient towards females even if they commit murder. If single, they will make false rape accusations domestically or in campus. If married, they will exploit the Duluth model and falsely claim domestic violence. Even worse, if children are available, they will train the children to falsely claim the father molested them which is known as the “silver bullet technique” (which is often suggested by feminist lawyers in family courts)

Efforts: Persistent provocation to ambush and manipulate both the police & legal system. Some limited forms of assault and property damage. Doxxing becomes very accurate but still limited to the main target. Purpose: Put you in jail for as long as possible.

Textbook case(s):


Jean Paul Nungesser

The now proven innocent target of Emma Sulkowicz AKA “Matress Girl



Pick up artist & shrewd shock-marketer, Daryush Valizadeh, a has successfully trolled feminists & is at an extremely high risk of being ambushed (more on that later).


Paul Elam

The always open target for feminist, he is the founder and director of the prominent MRA site avoiceformen.com.

Is Milo at Risk?: Yes. Imminently so.




Subsets of Murder

FWMDs used:  At this stage feminists will stop bothering with the manipulation of both the law and the police. Instead, feminists will break the law to inflict both psychological and physical harm to their target. This is the adult school-yard equivalent but instead, female bullies will isolate THEN ask their male bullies to hit & pretend to kill. They will go nuclear on their target by using others as tools for retaliation.

1.Precise Multi-Doxxing

2.Psychological Proxy Violence

3.Physical Proxy Violence

At this stage the doxxing information has grown into chilling accuracy and now it covers multiple targets; the main one and several members of the target’s family. Besides being cheap, doxxing has a twofold effect on their targets as the steady flow of threats keeps the target in a state of alert (psychological war of attrition) which disrupts them psychologically and financially (targets are often fired then forced change their place of residence) Just like hyenas, feminists have targeted the young the old and the sick in the herd and at this point some family members are starting to break under the pressure.

The third natural effect of the publicly available doxx on you and your family members is the increased chance of proxy violence AKA someone other than the feminists themselves will do their dirty work. This is by design: proxy violence is a premeditated result of doxxing.

The ones that carry out the crimes are easy to manipulate”white knight mules” who will break the law on behalf of feminists. If caught, the mules will take the fall as well. Because of this, Feminists blatantly support the release of information on their targets even if it includes doxxing children. The “white knight mules” go to jail, the feminists don’t. Doxxing leads to proxy violence and proxy violence leads to subsets of murder.

This is how subsets of murder work: “white knight mules” do not want the liability of actually killing the target because males do not dodge jail as easily as feminists or violent females in general (most mules are male) so what the mules do is the following: they to try their hardest to make you believe they can kill you & your loved ones anytime, then, they take a “test bite” by damaging your property or killing one of your pets. Unfortunately the first “test bite” is in and of itself the subset of murder most people under duress dreaded to ever see, because it is the materialization of months of nightmares (today my pet, tomorrow my children? what am I gonna do?) Sadly, after the first one has been taken, you may need to also ask yourself these questions;

Can your friends family members also be doxxed & be found?

Can they be smeared/get fired/threatened/?

Can their/your pets be murdered or your property damaged?

Make no mistake, feminists WILL NOT spare your loved ones, they will terrorize them and if that fails, they will move to the last stages of DEFCON 1: Bomb threats by sending actual objects in the mail as well as the previously mentioned form form of kidnapping and murder that involve little or no legal consequences: your pets.

It sounds appalling but feminists have successfully done that in the past to people like Erin Pizzey along with bomb threats (which is not new to Gamergate, it is well documented feminists have been using bomb threats long before gamers were even a target) Pizzey’s documented case of harassment, threats in the mail and harm to her pet  bears a number of similarities with the one endured by Dr Jeffrey Wigand and his family (however unlike Pizzey, his was exercised by a corporation)

It is important to make the following distinction: most feminists at DEFCON 1 will almost exclusively use proxy violence to avoid direct legal consequences. Very, very few feminists take matters into their own hands to vandalize your property. Feminists give the order and “white knight mules” to do their dirty work even cameras are rolling.

Lastly, when faced with evidence of their hate, feminists play victim and compare anybody they disagree with with Hitler or Isis but who can we compare feminists tactics of retaliation without playing the victim?

Simple. Feminists mimic the Italian mafia.

Both hate journalists, if you don’t agree, they blackmail you then threaten you and if everything fails, they will take care of you your income and your loved ones.

Efforts: Feminists manipulate “white knight mules” to intimidate and commit crimes/subsets of murder such as bomb threats, damage of property, assault, murder of pets.

Purpose: Subsets of murder. Psychological harm. Physical harm as collateral.

Textbook cases:


Erin Pizzey 

Antifeminist DV researcher & author. we have covered her story before.


Dr Jeffrey Wigand

Researcher whistleblower & anti tobacco activist, we have covered his story before.

Is Milo at Risk?: Yes. Imminently so.





F-WMDs used: Non Applicable. Different category.

Efforts: ?

Purpose: Assassination. 

Textbook case: ?

Is Milo at Risk: ?

Does Milo qualify for DEFCON TERMINAL assassination?

Find out on part 3.

Thank you for reading.


End of part 2


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