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DISCLAIMER 1: What follows is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent #GamerGate. Truth with zero protocol will be used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll status. For those who stayed, read on;



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On the 3rd part of this series, we will see how the textbook cases we saw on part 1 and 2 may set a precedent for future attacks on Milo. We will also see what a DEFCON TERMINAL assassination is and who qualifies for it. Logically, we all want to know the answer to the following question;

Does Milo Yiannopoulos qualify for a possible DEFCON TERMINAL assassination?

Get some bitter coffee or the driest wine you can find and read on. Here we go,



As you can see, the rainbow graph above ranks the textbook cases we saw on part one and two which consisted of: satirists, anti-feminists, journalists & people who have spread verifiable information on feminism AKA “whistleblowers” such as Erin Pizzey. The “rainbow” league is quite self-explanatory but there’s also a few visual markers worth mentioning;

*Explosion: The bigger the explosion the greater the impact the attacks by feminists had on these people’s lives, some recover some do not.

*Pink Female Umbrella: This is almost exclusive to women and relies heavily on their appearance, the more attractive they are the higher chances of them being given special privileges AKA “pussy pass” However, fabulous male gay specimens such as Milo also have a similar yet imperfect pink gay umbrella with some holes in it, which leaves them open for attacks (more on that later).


NAME: Abby Nugent 

HIT WITH:screenshot70

BACKGROUND: We covered her story on part 1 


Abby rose from her ashes. She is based as fuck & won’t back down.



NAME: Lauren Southern

HIT WITH:    image07

BACKGROUND: Outstanding libertarian & commentator at The Rebel media protested against feminism at a slutwalk in Vancouver Canada by deliciously trolling them by holding a sign with the blasphemous message “THERE IS NO RAPE CULTURE IN THE WEST” 

Which resulted in radfems reacting like radical Muslims being told Mohammed only ate bacon back in the day; they slutwalkers just exploded and immediately retaliated by first issuing this libelius almost hilarious petition on change.org BUT then radfems escalated their fWMD’s to DEFCON 3 by swarming her political party with demands to eject her, then went full DEFCON 2 on Lauren by blatantly accusing her of rape, pedophilia and being a child pornographer all during the same slutwalk despite the fact cameras were rolling and entirely discredited all of their claims. Even after being proven wrong, the radfems kept mindlessly hitting the same wall like pink retarded roombas of doom. To add delicious insult to their dogmatic injuries, while most feminists dodge the law by using the pink umbrella/pussy pass, in Lauren’s case the same pussypass backfired and only helped her. It was a joy to witness how radfems completely lost their menses on an enemy that was several orders of magnitude more difficult than Milo; a young, attractive anti-feminist female wearing a 14’ sandpaper strap-on of fact-checked truth that came to their slutwalk to publicly rape their dogma in front of cameras and proceeded to put all of that glorious iconoclastic porn up on youtube for the world to see, not once, not twice but three times so far, in that sense, Lauren herself is a super Milo on estrogens.

Hyperbole aside, the attacks coming from the radfems were rushed, improvised and poorly thought out but EXACTLY because of their rushed nature, this example is as perfect as it gets to show the bare dishonesty of radfems. They threw everything at Lauren; abuser, rapist and pedophile and it all failed. But had Milo done the same at that slutwalk alone? He would still be fighting the pedophilia claims. If we compared Milo’s fabulous gay umbrella armor vs Lauren’s pink pussypass umbrella armor, hers wins hands down simply because of her female biology. Allow me to put it bluntly; even as a talented & handsome gay man, Milo is extremely vulnerable against the charges of rape & pedophilia because he has male genitalia.


Even though her political party ejected her, she was reinstituted. She is based as fuck.  


NAME: Liz Finnegan

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Ex gamergater & current commentator at Escapistmagazine.com Liz Finnegan is another remarkable antifeminist female with above average looks who was targeted by radfems. Liz fully and unapologetically supported Gamergate from its early beginnings and as the movement grew, so did her popularity as she had the “distasteful” idea of showing feminists with pictures of herself holding dated, hand written snarky notes stating she was not a “sockpuppet” account controlled by a “white fat cis male gamer” like feminists & corrupt journos had been claiming. Her almost daily pictures were stuff of legend & had an effect comparable to shoving live bullet ants into the labia of anti-gamergate feminists then rubbing them in with a tender cunt-punt; it was painful, direct & long-lasting. She was the living refutation of corrupt journos lies and a very difficult target to acquire until feminists decided to play as heinously dirty as they could:

Liz and her children were doxxed and threatened by feminist anti #Gamergate supporters.

Feminists made full use of full DEFCON 3 as well as many elements of DEFCON 1. Liz was forced to retire as her children were the main reason for her decision.


RETIRED?: Partially.

Still active on Twitter but will abstain from using the Gamergate tag.


NAME: Jean Paul Nungesser

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BACKGROUND: The now proven innocent target of Emma Sulkowicz AKA “Mattress Girl

is extremely relevant to the a future potential case of libel against Milo. Why? Because Emma successfully enlisted her gay friend Marcus Hunter to lie on her behalf and claim he had also been “raped” by the innocent Jean Paul Nungesser.

Let that simmer. A radfem’s lies were so flimsy she had to ask an openly gay man to commit perjury on her behalf. Guess what? The gay liar went along with it.


This gay liar to be more specific

Nungesser’s may be the first reported case of a double-tap “bisexual” false rape accusation. Even if Nungesser was the proud owner of a non discriminatory never-bored-on-Friday’s-German-cock, that still does not change the fact this second gay accuser was nearly ignored by the leftist media. See, we keep coming back to the empathy gap and how it helped Emma Sulkowicz dodge the law BUT at the same time indirectly prevented Marcus Hunter from being taken as seriously by both the University and the press because most people, possibly including you, had not even heard of the second accuser nicknamed “Adam”.


What the leftist press won’t show: both liars

See, the leftist media will consistently avoid certain inconvenient stories because they are just “ too problematic” for feminism because even if lesbian couples abuse & kill each other at alarming rates, the feminist media will  ignore them all. Even if the story involved a “clearly” oppressed black gay man raped by a white privileged man, the story was deemed “inconvenient” for feminism. Besides…Chocolate-swordfights stories are kind of un-sexy for sites like Jezebel.


At least so far, Nungesser has declined to show his face publicly but has taken the university that supported the destruction of his future to court.


NAME: RooshV 

HIT WITH:image00

BACKGROUND: Pick up artist Daryush Valizadeh AKA RooshV trolled feminists/used “offensive” free speech to troll feminists with proposals such as “rape should be legalized” as a result, feminists promoted him for free but also ambushed him in Montreal Canada.

The Montreal DEFCON 3 ambush consisted of a feminist bringing several male white knight mules to the bar Rush was at, the radfem posed as a female fan of him then suddenly threw a beer to his face. Unfortunately, RooshV failed to react against the radfem as expected and the mules could not jump in to start the beat up, instead, the mules had to follow & taunt him all the way to the hotel he was staying in, none of it worked. Since the radfems had to dump their frustration somehow, it is not a surprise his site has been regularly under DEFCON 2 DDos.

RETIRED?: Not yet.

But thanks to the Streisand effect he blatantly bet on, he is at an extremely high risk of being framed for rape at any of the countries he visits, (just like it happened to Julian Assange). No criminal record yet.


NAME: Paul Elam

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The founder and director of the prominent MRA site avoiceformen.com  is an always open target to feminists but because his line of work is to study feminists, he thwarts & avoids them incredibly well and unlike the fat lazy feminists, Elam is a retired ex-military with more than enough discipline. Also, his age is a meaningful factor as feminists have had a hard time ambushing him for rape or sexual harassment (he does not party like RooshV). Feminists were so desperate they had to look for estranged members of his family to write a hit-piece on the man. It was a blatant low blow because they could not get to him any other way. Yet the old wise man is still standing and what he has started is unlikely to stop:

Exposing the hypocrisy of feminism.

However, the hit piece is a relevant precedent and something similar could be used against Milo (more on that later). Let’s call a spade a spade, Papa Elam is white, male, straight, fact-based, right leaning and unapologetic because of that and many other reasons, he just shamelessly manspreads over the whole colorful spectrum of DEFCONS (hence the colors on the right). In many ways, Paul Elam is the open target Milo might be if he were not gay young and fabulous. So far, the uncomfortable truth is that Papa Elam and his site are the most notorious online MRA piñata available for fat feminists to hate on.


Paul Elam’s spirit animal on the far right

RETIRED?: Nope. He’s based as fuck.


NAME: Erin Pizzey

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Antifeminist DV researcher & author. we have covered her story before.

RETIRED?: Nope. Still very active despite her age.



NAME: Dr Jeffrey Wigand

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BACKGROUND: Researcher whistleblower & anti tobacco activist, we have covered his story before.

RETIRED?: Nope. Still very active but belongs to a different category.



Just like in the olden days; it is not the same to tell the truth about a peasant than about a king, one gets you in trouble, the other gets you killed. See, journalists are the modern “whispering plebs”, these modern “troublesome” plebs are the ones that talk too much but the ones that truly become “problematic”? Those are the ones that tell the truth about those with power. When a given journalist knows “too much” they tend to be censored or assassinated. Why? Because good journalists unveil & spread verifiable information at the expense of their own safety. Great journalists on the other hand, do so at the expense of their own short lives. Yes, for some fucked up reason assassination is still the price of some forms of journalistic excellence.

See, that is the interpersonal paradox with good journalists like Milo; the more hate they get without getting fired, the better their chances they are doing a good job. Milo, like other pro Gamergate journalists has managed to ruffle feathers fragile enough to warrant him unpleasant “gifts” in the mail such as this,


An intimidating syringe with an unknown spooky liquid? Who would have thought lefties would go that far? See, when dealing with enemies with zero morals, paranoia becomes a moderately useful tool.

Problem is, some journalists forget about common sense because well, common sense is not always that common.


At the end of all those colorful DEFCONS, everything becomes mostly grey and black. You may recognize some of the faces in the graph below as plenty of those in power have them in their sights.


Unfortunately, as you can see on the right, Michael Hastings is very unlikely to be the last journalist to meet the assassination fate. From left to right, in white, we see the 3 dots stage AKA “you should probably shut the fuck up now” immediately after, thanks to mass media & depending who is watching at any given time, we have a vast, stressful grey zone where termination is both imminent and unlikely. It is in that constant state of uncertainty where Edward Snowden, Julian Assange andBradley Manning and many others exist. But after all that uncertainty we have the vast peaceful blackness of DEFCON TERMINAL. Each stage surreptitiously leads into the next and at some point, it becomes a clear-cut decision for those above to forego the need for warnings camouflaged as threats. Those rules have not changed much, they are the same ones that applied to foolish whispering plebs against a prince and his army. It is not about “fairness” it is just how things are. Everybody gets their wake up call but we will never find out if Hastings missed it or ignored it.

So where is Milo?

Well, for those keeping track the answer may already be clear but many other pending questions will be answered on the final part of this series.

This is the end of part 3.

Part 4 will be the end of this series.

Will it also be the end of Milo?

Find out on part 4.

Thank you for reading.

End of part 3