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DISCLAIMER 1: What follows is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent #GamerGate. Truth with zero protocol will be used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll status. For those who stayed, read on;



If you have made it this far, you want to know if Milo is at risk of being assassinated by a person in power and the answer is;



Caveat: That is as long as he stays within his current line of journalism.

However, if he starts leaking documents in Assange/Snowden ways then yes, he would be at a similar level of risk. This begs the question, now that he is starting to ruffle the feathers of feminists from all levels of power, what is Milo’s current level of risk?

Mhhh…how can I put it nicely…


I am just gonna leave this here…


As you may have noticed in the graph above, the gay umbrella protects Milo well enough but it does have some “holes”, namely the gay umbrella cannot protect gay men from false accusations of rape or pedophilia, why? Because as long as they have male genitalia, there is room for radfems to lie. Let’s not forget Lauren Southern escaped the accusations of pedophilia thanks to her female biology and absence of a penis.

Also, as you may have noticed in the graph above, Nero is so fabulous, he covers the whole spectrum of defcons from 5 all the way to 1, hence the colorful background just like Paul Elam. The main difference between Paul Elam and Milo (besides Paul not being gay or young or fabulous) is that Paul DOES NOT have the power of Milo’s gay shield umbrella either. Plus Milo gets away with being far more charismatic and well, charming as fuck.

So rest assured, Milo is so far “safe” when compared to people like Julian Assange (if having thousands of feminists psychos demanding his balls be served on a silver plate can be considered “safe” anyway) However, there is one or two things Milo could learn from Assange’s defeat.


Julian Assange

Long story short, Julian Assange leaked plenty of confidential info through Wikileaks, several governments wanted him either silent or dead then those governments planted 2 fake groupies to exploit one of Assange’s weaknesses: women. He took it hook line and sinker then Assange was falsely accused of “Swedish rape”.

What is “Swedish rape”? Assange had consensual sex with the both groupies but they decided to withdraw consent the morning after because Assange had not worn a condom. Yes, if Tumblr was a country it would look like Sweden because their definitions of rape are as batshit insane.

In a nutshell, as Assange gained fame, he lowered his guard and as any sex-starved mega dork, he was overwhelmed by the copious amounts of “free” pussy thrown at him. The result? Assange perfectly fell for the mouse trap, perhaps he did not know that if the cheese on the mouse trap smells just like pussy… the mouse should stay away from it.

Why is this meaningful? Because the enemies Milo is facing are just like the planted radfem groupies used to ambush Assange. Case in point lesbian radfem Anna Ardin as well as Sofia Wilén were as poisonous as radfems can get, want proof? Anna wrote this a few months before she ambushed Assange,

Anna Ardin’s 7 steps


See? No hate or need for retribution at all in the instructions above, they are full of that charming feminist “equality”. Furthermore, the instructions were on her own blog, which not surprisingly, she deleted, then the morning after she was allegedly “raped” she tweeted Assange was “an amazing person” then guess what? She deleted those tweets too. Prior to her false accusations against assange she had a long history of conflictive relationships both at work and in her personal life and plenty of people noticed her inconsistencies and archived them. That is the profile of poisonous radfems that will plot against Nero, but how? Unlike Assange, Milo’s vulnerability is NOT pussy but black cock, right? Well turns out radfems have been getting a little crafty and hypocrites like Matress girl managed to successfully recruit a black gay man AKA Marcus Hunter to make a false rape accusation on her behalf (as previously seen in part 3 of this series)


Radfems recruiting Gay liars

So, let’s imagine the worst case scenario where radfems plot the way Swedish radfem Anna Ardin did but instead of setting up a honey trap filled with pussy they fill it with black cock just for Milo’s enjoyment. Far fetched? Hardly. As you can see above, it has already happened (at least partially), but here is the silver lining; if you imagine the worst worst possible future, you may stand a much better chance at preventing it from ever happening, almost as if you could run your own personal Kobayashi Maru inside your head or almost as if a defeated version of yourself came from the future to pay you a visit and tell you where you will fuck up. Most of us have a natural rejection towards intentionally contemplating failure but overconfidence usually leads to the kind of defeat Assange experienced. See, ego is an obstacle and If Nero wants to be better than Assange he needs to be more Milo than Nero and be very aware of his vulnerabilities.



When it comes to talking about vulnerabilities, we need to make an important distinction between who is Milo and who is Nero. Milo is the gay man with a past radfems will want to investigate for hit pieces, defamation and lies. Milo is the gay man with ex-partners, friends and family members that radfems can approach for nefarious purposes similar to the hit piece like they did on Elam. In that regard, Milo is at least vulnerable by proxy. On the other hand, we have “Nero” a public, fabricated character based on a version of Milo’s ego with the volume turned all the way to eleven. But, ultimately, Nero is just a fabrication with an an ego so unreal it just blatantly trolls for effect. However, if the fabricated persona of Nero and its gigantic ego starts influencing Milo’s behavior, then, then we may have our first item on the list of vulnerabilities: Overconfidence, like the one that cost Assange his freedom.

Yes, both Milo and Nero can fuck up. If Milo becomes “Niro” without even noticing, plenty of radfems will keep track of that lapse to better ambush him. Now, I may or may not have, hypothetically speaking, removed a few items from the following list of Milo’s vulnerabilities;


  • His wardrobe: yes, as perplexing as it sounds

  • His job: Yes, Breitbart could fire Milo under specific circumstances

  • His reputation: Yes, Milo’s reputation as fringe as it may seem could still be forever besmirched

  • His sexuality: Yes through an Assange-like event

  • His health: through an Assange-like event

  • His family: through hit pieces or threats

  • His friends: through hit pieces or threats

  • Current & ex partners: through hit pieces or threats

  • His pets: If he has any

  • His psychology: (Removed*)

  • (Removed)

  • (Removed)

  • (Removed)


* Why I removed them?

     1. I don’t have enough info

     2.Milo is not my target


Again, this list is intentionally truncated because the only person who can truly complete it is Milo Yiannopoulos. However, I would still like you dear reader to join me in a thought experiment which involves a very different form of character assassination. Let’s imagine Milo is visited by a future defeated version of himself 10 times in a row.



Here is a sci-fi concept the terminator series made very simple: visitors from the future.

Let’s borrow this concept and let’s imagine we replaced Sarah Connor with Milo and instead of Arnie, Milo is visited by a gorgeous blond terminator from the future who who does not hunt him down and instead only sits down and tells Milo 10 case scenarios where he was defeated in the future. At first, Nero is a little pissed by the Machine’s brutal & sexy honesty but since defeat would be worse than being verbally abused by a muscular, leather-bound, mysteriously familiar-looking & sexy blond murderbot, he listens attentively and at the end of the session, Milo thanks the blond Terminator with several blowjobs (because we all know Milo is into fucking machines…allegedly)

Sci-fi & jokes aside, The concept of PRE mortem is used in economics to force successful companies to think of a hypothetical catastrophic and irreversible event. Usually economists just tell cocky CEO’s something along the lines of;


“OK here is the exercise, your company has failed catastrophically, tell me what went wrong”


Usually, there is a long silence & the CEO just draws a blank.


A few awkward seconds later, the CEO gets upset but tries to smile to hide his/her wounded ego. They don’t say it with words but if their nervous smiles could talk, they would say something along these lines;


“But…but…we are too big to fail!…Don;t you know WHO I AM?!”


That confusion & puncture to the ego is precisely the point of the thought experiment; unlike a postmortem where the patient has already died and you look for what caused the irreversible damage, a PRE-Mortem forces you to rethink, to look for cracks in your present structure to “reverse” damage before it even takes place; to prevent rather than cure. In many ways it is cold risk management.


A PRE-mortem forces you to think what could go wrong and take preemptive action. In plain English, a premortem is a glorified way to voluntarily mutilate most of your big ego to force you to see where you may be already fucking up.


So what would 10 PRE MORTEMS for Milo look like? Well first of all, the Terminator would have to look more fabulous…


Radfem projectiles

PREMORTEM DEFEAT: Milos wardrobe is irreversibly soiled with liquids or unknown semi solid matter.

NERO’S MISTAKES: Milo upset feminists when cameras were not recording and projectiles were available (food, drinks or unknown matter) as a result feminists reacted like apes flinging excrement. Alternatively, Feminists plan and ambush Milo to soil him then record the planned attack only to parade it on social media as it happened to RooshV.

CONSEQUENCES: Loss of fabulous English wardrobe, embarrassment, conjunctivitis. Feminists celebrate with kazoos up their feminism.

LIKELIHOOD: Low to medium depending on Milo’s “sassiness” that day.

Radfem Beat-up

PREMORTEM DEFEAT: Milo is in hospital because feminists hired someone to beat him up & break one of his limbs.

NERO’S MISTAKES: Milo was alone and no camera was recording, being intoxicated did not help.

CONSEQUENCES: Health is impacted, visits to shows & universities have to be cancelled due to convalescence, feminists celebrate.

LIKELIHOOD: So far low (feminists usually want martyrdom only for themselves)

Hit Piece

PREMORTEM DEFEAT: Radfems release a hit piece after interviewing disgruntled family members/ex-partners to smear Milo based on his past. All are lies allowed no honor among feminists.

NERO’S MISTAKES: Milo did not preemptively make amends with said family members/ ex-partners.

CONSEQUENCES: Depending on the seriousness of the allegations some visits to shows & universities may have to be cancelled, Milo may need to waste resources on a lawsuit, feminists slow him down and celebrate.



False Assault Claims

PREMORTEM DEFEAT: Milo is in police custody for having punched a planted butch radfem he mistook as a male in a slut-walk, the radfem punched him first but the video only shows when Milo punched her, the radfems secretly punched each other off-camera to fake/enhance the injuries.

NERO’S MISTAKES: Milo had no bodyguard, was not recording the interaction and the only video available was the faked one; it was all a setup.

CONSEQUENCES: Financial loss due to legal defense, shows & universities cancel invitations, feminists celebrate.

LIKELIHOOD: Low to medium. Even shoving a radfem would be amplified into false assault allegations.


Planted Drugs

PREMORTEM DEFEAT: Milo is in police custody for possession of illegal drugs.

NERO’S MISTAKES: Milo left his baggage unattended after banging a hot stranger, the stranger had been hired to plant evidence, after the stranger left then the police was given the heads up & Milo was detained.

CONSEQUENCES: Financial loss due to legal defense, Shows & universities cancel invitations, Milo loses his job, is incarcerated, feminists celebrate.



Planted Child Porn

PREMORTEM DEFEAT: Milo is in police custody for alleged possession of child pornography.

NERO’S MISTAKES: Milo left his computer and/or smartphone unattended after banging a hot stranger, the stranger had been hired to plant the evidence, after the stranger left then the police was given the heads up & Milo was detained.

CONSEQUENCES: Financial loss due to legal defense, shows & universities cancel invitations, Milo loses his job, is incarcerated, feminists celebrate.

LIKELIHOOD: Moderate to high

Planted STD

PREMORTEM DEFEAT: Milo is intentionally infected with an STD then falsely exposed as willingly infecting a planted victim.

NERO’S MISTAKES: Milo delegates all condom wearing responsibility to a stranger hired to infect him who then claims it was Milo the one who infected the hired stranger.

CONSEQUENCES: Depending on the STD, it could range from a simple course of antibiotics to or chronic conditions and financial loss due to legal expenses. Shows & universities would cancel invitations, Milo retains his job but his name is moderately smeared, feminists celebrate.


False Rape Allegation by a female

PREMORTEM DEFEAT: Milo is in police custody after having sexually assaulted an inebriated female he never met, his sperm is found in the rape kit.

NERO’S MISTAKES: Milo banged a hot male stranger who had been hired to obtain his sperm then spike his drink, the hired male gave the condom to the hired female who faked everything for “feminist social justice”. Milo had zero video evidence for his defense.

CONSEQUENCES: Financial loss due to legal defense, shows & universities cancel invitations, Milo loses his job, is incarcerated, feminists celebrate.


Unknown. May depend on setting. Chances are exponentially higher in campuses like the ones he is scheduled to visit.

False Rape Allegation by a male

PREMORTEM DEFEAT: Milo is in police custody after having had sex/sexually assaulted an underage male.

NERO’S MISTAKES: Milo got drunk and banged a hired black gay underage male who looked older. The morning after the teen claimed he had been drugged and raped, planted radfem witnesses also back him up. Milo had zero video evidence for his defense.

CONSEQUENCES: Financial loss due to legal defense, shows & universities cancel invitations, Milo loses his job, is incarcerated, feminists celebrate.


Unknown. May depend on setting. Chances are exponentially higher in campuses as radfems like Mattress girl recruited black gay males to lie on their behalf. Also leftist media sites have been known to have hired Escorts only to ambush then smear their competition.

False Pedophilia allegation by a radfem mother

PREMORTEM DEFEAT: Milo is in police custody after having allegedly molested a child.

NERO’S MISTAKES: A radfem mother is hired to abuse her own child/train them to lie to blame Milo the way they often train them in family courts AKA “silver bullet technique”. Several planted radfems backup the radfem mother. Milo was drunk and had zero video evidence for his defense.

CONSEQUENCES: Financial loss due to legal defense, shows & universities cancel invitations, Milo loses his job, is incarcerated, feminists celebrate.

LIKELIHOOD: Unknown to High

This one is more complicated as mothers willing to train their children to lie about a stranger are harder to find but if handsomely paid, she would find ways to falsely claim there was improper touch and since the empathy gap would work against Milo, the pink umbrella would fail as well and the mother’s false testimony would suffice to either smear or falsely charge Milo. Let’s not forget too many leftists are still upset at Milo for exposing their pedophile champion Nicholas Nyberg and too many of said feminists often are “closeted” registered sex offenders blatantly grandstanding almost like Ted Haggard. It is sad, but nothing ethical can be expected from delusional liberals who defend pedophiles.  



I lack the necessary info on your psychological weaknesses, don’t lie to yourself, we all have them. Think about them and I suggest you do at least 3 PRE-mortems on your psychological frailties & work on them; you know them better than anybody else.


Minimum 3




Stern security on mobile devices and computers, change passwords regularly and never leave them unattended or else the chances of planted false evidence increase exponentially

I would like to be mistaken but I would theorize that in the following months, while on American soil, Milo’s most reliable enemy will be his own cock. Just like it happened to Assange. His second enemy would be his own computer/smartphone.



It is not a coincidence Milo has already hired a bodyguard (of course the black cock said body guard was born with had nothing to do with Milo’s hiring process…of course) But ideally, Milo would require a reliable non feminist female escort/bodyguard whenever he is in the open without cameras recording. The reason for this is that thanks to the empathy gap, a woman’s testimony is usually worth that of 10 men. Heed my advice Milo, you need a female bodyguard, unlike the male ones, females are very hard to spot and can easily get away with beating up radfems. (BTW as soon as the beat ups start I demand youtube videos)



If the female escort is not always available Milo needs to always be recording (ABR), this includes all interactions with strangers and all sexual encounters. All recordings would have to be encrypted with AES-256 then archived online. Granted, these concealed recordings would be in a gray legal area at best but it is strongly advised because when confronted with false claims, gray evidence is better than zero evidence.


This may upset a few of his hard-core admirers but the inconvenient truth is that a gay journalist like Milo does not rank very high with the big boys the way Assange or Snowden do.

Granted, Milo is an anomaly; a bright gay star of traditionalist antimatter, a rare self-outed homo of the political right that exposes feminists in written/televised catfights but he is NOT a threat to any government official or high ranking member of the military. It would be wise he stayed on the safe side of journalism.


I like you fabulous bastard, but when nobody has your back, you gotta move your back.

Stay truthful & you will always have my support. Do not let them silence you Milo.


Do not let them silence you Milo


Granted, I am just a Neo-Troll, Milo is very successful and I am not. The purpose of criticizing him somehow harshly is to prevent a potential trainwreck. I however, doubt he will be offended by this series and I discourage you from getting offended on his behalf. But if you must, go walk the vicarious path, it is not like I was gonna start giving a particular fuck.

This is the end of part 4.

Part 4 is the end of this series.

Thank you for reading.

End of part 4 .


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