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DISCLAIMER 1: What follows is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb“allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent #GamerGate. Truth with zero protocol will be used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll status. For those who stayed, behold;


I would like you to analyze the image above with its now known context: in September 2014 a gay man got sassy with a feminist THEN a male posing as a female successfully claimed the moral high ground with tone policing just like any other SJW. But guess what? It all flew under the radar because back then nobody knew that “Alison Polk” was in reality the recently unmasked Steven Polk.


Steven Polk AKA the real Alison Prime


But the last part is the most important one: a male posing as a female claimed the moral high ground by standing on a gigantic lie then coated it with another thick layer of lies, but on the surface? That “Alison Polk” tone policing reaction looked as convincing as any other female SJW because Steven Polk’s true SJW nature bled through his lies.



As the months passed, the number of followers for the fake Alison Prime account kept growing and the number of lies Steven Polk had to tell also grew exponentially. As the days became weeks and the weeks became months Steven Polk kept pulling the strings of his puppet; an imaginary attention-seeking, sexually attractive, young and slim lesbian woman created by the real attention-seeking, sexually unattractive, godawful-boil-in-the-ass-ugly, overweight bisexual male.

For him and his puppet, everything was a daily lie, however, the only constant in his behavior (besides the lying) was his closeted SJW nature, the tone policing above bleeding through the fabricated persona was precisely what happens with liars as their nature oozes out through their lies, despite wearing his blatant Alison Prime mask, despite the gender reversal, despite the mountains of lies, Steven could not hide his true SJW nature. Why? Because Stephen Polk blatantly crowned it with a giant SJW confirmation by contacting no other but Nicholas Nyberg. Yes, after Steven Polk’s house burned down and his true identity was revealed and started getting heat for his lies and fraud of $9K, his first impulse was NOT to contact the police but to contact a confirmed pedophile and sworn enemy of #GamerGate. Let that sink in, of all the people he could have contacted, friends, family members, the police, the FBI or any other pertinent authority, what did he do? He went straight to the enemy. His excuse? Behold,


“I was scared…OK!?”


That is it.


Steven Polk was not being facetious or even trolling. No, Steven Polk, the 31-year-old morbidly overweight male liar attempted to convince the world his emotions justify treason all while crying like a bitch, then getting even bitchier and shouting to shut people up. Let me give you the translation in their SJW language;


“I was scared…OK!?”
“I am a traitor because…because…my feelz……OK!?


The best thing is, despite all of his lies, Steven confirmed with this single action exactly who he was from the very beginning: a SJW.

He just blew his cover beyond any reasonable doubt.

Think of it this way, If Steven Polk had been a Russian double agent during the cold war, he would have looked convincingly American, spoken perfect English and claimed he was a proud American patriot but as soon as things got a little rough, he would have run straight for the Russian embassy while crying like a bitch in his native Russian. (If you have time, do try to listen to the stream, it really is worth it)


There is also a second silver lining in this dark SJW cloud of treason, Steven Polk is an almost perfect textbook case of a SJW using tricks that usually work to artificially win arguments but in his case, they all failed mostly because he was too busy crying like a bitch to remember his imaginary pussy is in reality his cock and testicles. But had Steven been a female? He would have been showered with leftist pity from left to left. It is very rare for SJWs to be caught red handed over and over for 3 hours without them rage-quitting or hanging up. Even from the very beginning Steven Polk opened with lame as fuck appeals to emotion by saying


“It is for my family and for my family, also my family and for my family”

Why? Because he knew he had no other ground to stand on but to try to obtain as much pity as possible from the get go but failed to remember crying like a bitch and crocodile tears only work with feminist women NOT men. Then there was his perfect use of SJW pauses as there was a consistent 3-5 seconds pause between Steven Polk hearing key questions then answering them as opposed to his almost immediate answer to more generic questions, usually liars like him need to pause because they have to rethink or try to remember what lie to tell. He even “failed to remember” when his father had passed away. Think about it, most people remember at least the month when a close relative passed away, but he kept making pauses after being questioned and contradicting himslef with sloppy lies over and over. He just kept getting caught red-handed lying, then, he would change his last lie when proven wrong, then when finally cornered he would get defensive and upset and finally admit to his last lie only to start lying again with the next question, which resulted in the hosts being forced to play a bizarre 3 hour-long whack-a-mole marathon with because the retard-Polk would not stop lying. Almost every statement he made could be turned into the opposite, and said opposite would be more likely to be true, especially after hearing him say: “I swear I am not lying!” for the 20th time only to be caught lying again 1 minute later or, in other words,


“I swear I am not lying”


“I swear I am lying again”.



But this is truly odd behavior begs the question; why would anybody keep lying over and over for almost 3 hours? Did Steven Polk enjoy being verbally gangbanged with multiple sandpaper condoms of truth for 3 hours? Or is he just plain retarded? Leaving aside his possible gangbang fetish, there may be some answers to some of those questions.




Granted, the level of merciless verbal honesty Steven Polk endured for almost 3 hours possibly was due to his paraphilia and perhaps it even made him horhy but let’s just imagine for a minute Steven had been an actual biological female during the same interview, with exactly the same questions, see? The same level of verbal honesty immediately turns into “verbal abuse” in most people’s minds. Why is that? Why the double standard? Aren’t we supposed to champion “equality”? Let’s imagine a female lied about her identity and tried to pass as a MALE cancer survivor. See? It just does not have the same punch. However, if said female had tried to pass as a 12-year-old girl who had cancer? Oh…you see? That really grinds the gears in most people’s heads (or stomachs), but even a female like that would not get the backlash Steven got. The problem with this is that a person like Steven does not have the default biological right to pity, the right to benefit from the empathy gap AKA “pussy pass”. Even if the hypothetical female on the phone had lied just as much as Steven, she would have just been given a slap on the wrist, but males? Good fucking luck getting away with anything because people are gonna be as brutally honest as they can online and offline. This is one thing that sails over most people’s heads, that thing is the fact that in many situations, men are held to truly merciless standards when compared with the default fluffy standards applied to women which, can result in men like Steven Polk perhaps rectifying their behavior, but women? Not so much because they know they don’t have to and get away with the most heinous lies. Want proof?  What if I told you once upon a time there was a lying bitch that lifted weights daily but still claimed she had cancer and had had 17 strokes? What about the second lying bitch who openly claimed she was gonna die of terminal cancer, started an online campaign, got ~$5k from friends, family and strangers then got caught red-handed lying? How about the third lying bitch who got ~$7K  with her own fake cancer campaign? How about the fourth lying bitch who scammed ~$350K just to cover her gambling addiction and never had cancer? How about the 5th lying bitch blogger that claimed had brain cancer “cured herself” and got over one million then had the gall to charge 45K for a 60 minute interview? How about all the others? How about the possible hundreds that never get caught with their scams?

See the pattern? They all lied for toxic pity, they all benefited from it, they all played the victim after getting caught and they all got away with it. To top it off, they charged for each interview to play the victim on national TV. Yes, when these lying bitches went into the interviews got paid and had the gall to blatantly use pure DARVO techniques, or, in other words, “Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender” some even had the gall to use bleak and lame attempts at humor.


Furthermore, what they all share is the use of female vulnerability as camouflage, they are hyenas trying to play dead, to pass as something else, to look like carrion not as predators just like Nicholas Nyberg using his fabricated female identity to camouflage his pedophilia.



When compared, Steven Polk is just one of the dumbest hyenas around, the kind that uses the same tricks of female camouflage Nicholas Nyberg uses, similar to Nicholas, Steven is a predator that damaged not only the credibility of female cancer patients but also all the females in #GamerGate and females online in general (now, because of Steven Polk, claiming any female gamer is just another #SockPuppet account just got easier for corrupt journos or SJWs). But in Steven’s case, there are differences because the advent of the internet has also brought new expressions of old mental disorders; today a narcissist’s mirror has been replaced with daily selfies massively broadcast on social media. But it gets worse, in the past a mother who would secretly smother her newborn to gain sympathy and attention then lie has been replaced with these hypocrites who kill avatars of themselves with fake cancers only to massively broadcast themselves, to gain online attention, to gain mass sympathy and of course, to gain money. Harming others close to you only to gain attention is referred as Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy however, Steven Polk’s case is rather unusual, unlike the lying bitches with fake cancers who do not kill their own children but instead kill their online Avatars with imaginary cancers for profit, Steven used an avatar of an avatar of himself (an imaginary woman) then used that imaginary woman’s cancer and loss of fertility to profit and get money for his fortuitously burned house. Here is the insult upon injury, had his house not been burned, most likely he would have used Alison Prime to scam people for years which yields the possibility (as mentioned during the stream) he was crying like a bitch because he was caught not because of what he did. Add to that he also used his online avatar to manipulate women into sending him nude pictures. Wew…what an odd piece or perverted narcissistic work. Steven Polk truly is an odd combination of pathological liar, Narcissism by online avatar proxy*, Munchausen Syndrome by online avatar proxy*, with a dash of blunt retardation and again plenty of odd indirect narcissism.




Steven is also an example of the “cry wolf” effect in full force, because feminists and SJW’s like him have the bad habit of crying wolf only for personal gain, they use it to keep using words such as: “victim”, “survivor”, “abuse”, “misogyny” or “rape” until the word loses its original meaning and authentic victims have to go to greater lengths to be believed. Do people like the lying bitches with fake cancers, Steven Polk or Nicholas Nyberg care about real victims? Very unlikely because their behavior is the evidence not their crocodile tears when caught.


Think about it, these narcissistic hyenas only care about their own benefit while forcing authentic victims of cancer to go to greater lengths to be believed. Why? Because photos no longer cut it for a person to be believed, just like it happened to courtrooms last century, now social media will need to move to video because let’s not forget that only 50 years ago, convincing photographic evidence used to save some people from jail in a court of law but, as the technology progressed, people started wising up and quite frankly feeling plain dumb when considering the possibility of being taken for a ride with Photoshop fakes. The result? Most static photographic evidence is inadmissible in court. It would stand to reason this will soon happen to most social media profiles and people will just feel dumb to even consider the thought of believing someone and risk being taken for a ride with Photoshop fakes. Or, as the saying goes,



Put yourself in Steven Polk’s utterly dishonest shoes; once you start lying YOU HAVE TO keep lying because that is what SJWs do, it is in their nature. See, good liars need to have excellent memory or else they pay the price Steven Polk did because mediocre sloppy liars like him just shoot themselves in the foot until they run out of toes and to be honest, with that level of mediocre lying he clearly has no future in politics.


At best, Steven Polk is an attention-seeking, overweight, sexually unattractive male with psychological problems that may range from Narcissism, Pathological lying, Personality disorders along with a bizarre form of Munchausen Syndrome by online avatar proxy*.


Or, in plainer English, he is a dumb fat weirdo with no talent to lie.

To be fair, If you or I had Steven Polk’s fat & un-fuckable yeti ass, perhaps we would also have posed as sock-puppet women. It must be hard to be an “oppressed” #TransYeti lying faggot.




* “Online Avatar Proxy” is not official to the DSM-5 & it may have been coined for the first time in this article, but trolls don’t count for serious research.


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