DISCLAIMER 1: What follows is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb“allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.
DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent #GamerGate. Truth with zero protocol will be used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll status. For those who stayed, behold;
The nature of natural Chu2


It is hard not to consider the possibility Arthur Chu was behind the anti #GamerGate bomb threats of May 2015 because he is so emotionally invested against #GamerGate that every time there is a pro #GamerGate event, his mind just seems to “unravel” to put it mildly.
I have always wanted to know how many mental breakdowns Arthur Chu has had in the past. How many times he has gone past his breaking point and how he managed to come back missing a few fragments of his mind every time. How his mind came back ravaged, maimed, incomplete and how he became more psychologically fragile with every subsequent emotional breakdown. How much he struggled against the inescapable gravitational pull of the gradual fragmentation of his mind with every single instance he looked into his own inner abyss and his desperate imaginary sanity just clawed its own eyes out in horror. No, It is not a matter of “if” but a matter of how many he had.
It would also be interesting to hear his tangents, his desperate and ineffective ways to play the victim then how he would start making death threats and how he would get frustrated, defensive then violent and how he would burst into tears after a few hours of “enhanced interrogation” only to finally go mute and stare 1000 times into his last coping mechanism. Too late, I forgot to give a Guantanamo trigger warning.
But more seriously, writing is an act of forethought and a subset of the writer’s mind, (guilty as charged) but more importantly, if the person can write prose of fearless unalloyed beauty you can expect him to at least have an organized mind. Arthur Chu’s text on the other hand, is a public refutation of forethought and reason. The evidence of his public texts suggests he is too impulsive to think clearly before typing while constantly and pointlessly resorting to deleting his most impulsive tweets (unfortunately for him, the internet never forgets) and since his impulsive text is a subset of the writer’s mind, it would stand to reason his mind is, in orders of magnitude, more fragmented than what his twitter texts express. Even if he despises the fact, Arthur Chu’s twitter feed is a public record of his poor mental health. It is only fascinating he himself has written about people with mental health issues without noticing his own poor mental health first.
The nature of natural Chu3
Arthur Chu’s actual quote
His feed, as well as his life, are both a source for mockery (he currently is a well known public lolcow) as well as testament to the broken Pandora’s box containing his mental disorders, his denial, his impulsiveness and his mediocre coping mechanisms all so badly put together that his psychological fragility just oozes out onto twitter’s leftist grounds regardless of how hard he tries to keep it together; he just snaps too often. Again, if his text is a subset of his broken emotional reality, just imagine how badly he must be snapping in person, he is too tacitly broken to even respond to honest harmless tweets like the one I sent him,
covered in cracks and glue
Granted, one thing that happens to the skin of a morbidly inflated ego is that it gets very very thin, so no wonder why he never replied neither publicly nor privately, how could he? He would risk another breakdown.
But what would be even more interesting than Arthur Chu’s mental breakdowns would be the events that led to them. Why? Because those events defined him.
Look at him today, he is a highly impulsive, narrow savant publicly carrying a mountain of rape guilt. His current barely put together public persona is the few pieces of his former sanity he managed to put together only for them to get publicly smashed over and over again; make no mistake, Arthur Chu’s sanity is a public piñata with zero rational candy inside, routinely smashed by the merciless graphene baseball bat of reality. The only thing inside? The wrappings of a long gone candy: Jeopardy past glories.
Let me clarify, this intense burden of rape guilt he carries on his narrow plump and shiny shoulders is not speculation, he has gone on record on video describing how he feels intense remorse for his past actions that involve and were not limited to the rape of one or more of his former friends/acquaintances (just skip to minute 28.)


So in a nutshell we have Arthur Chu: an ex-rape accomplice turned anti-rape activist to compensate as much as possible for his rapey past. But it gets worse, deep down, Arthur Chu’s actions revolve around his narcissism and his need to grandstand THEN be noticed as the “one good man in a sea of misogynists”. To place himself as the lone “noble dolphin” in a sea of toxic male sharks full of heavy MRA toxic metals. See, it makes sense he tries to prop himself up so much, he needs to, mostly because he is such a lump of unfuckable lard that even in a world full of gay rapists, his mouth, rectum and genitals would always be safe. It’s just that lumps of SJW lard like him HAVE TO beg for pity fucks or would never get laid otherwise.
Granted, he is indeed grandstanding, but Arthur Chu is no “noble dolphin” in a sea of sharks. That trick he uses is known as the “one good man”, it is a strategy used by white knights in shiny feminist armor to smear those they perceive as competition only to make a point, to highlight themselves or, put in a far less glorified way, Arthur Chu is a fat male walrus stomping and defecating over as many of the other males just to gain access to the few ideologically “compatible” females, worse thing is, it worked and the lump of Chu-lard got married to, wait for it: Feminist Eliza Blair.
Fortunately, Arthur Chu is unlikely to reproduce as his rectal safe space (exclusive home to Eliza’s immaculate-white™ strap-on engraved with the words “Clench for Momma Dworkin®” in pink bold Trajan font) is unlikely to yield any living SJW offspring, besides, last time I checked, peggers like Arthur Chu happen to be almost universally rejected even at cheater’s websites like the one he frequented before he was caught red-handed.
But how likely is Arthur Chu to be a bottom pegger? Judging by the level of intense guilt he exhibits regularly, his past as an accessory to rape and intense need for public validation, it would stand to reason he would consider himself the equivalent of a sinner of the “rape culture” variety, where the rape of a woman stands for the crucifixion of Christ. What do sinners do to atone for their sins? They self flagellate in the name of Christ because well since the only Christ available is dead well they have to do punish themselves. But what if zombie Jesus was available in his undead gory “glory”? Wouldn’t it make sense for any good delusional Christian to let Jesus do the flagellation? Of course they would and Arthur Chu is a sinner who happens to be lucky enough to have billions of living copies of the god he worships: Women.


Just the way a Christian would let Zombie Jesus crucify them back in holy retaliation, Arthur Chu lets his wife Eliza Blair sodomize his privileged male rectum back with a strap-on in holy feminist retaliation to atone for his rape guilt. Anybody in their wrong mind would let a representative of the feminist Christ do the raping of Arthur Chu’s rectum. To that injury to feminism, add the insult Arthur Chu’s body is by default XY imperfect (just like Joss Whedon’s) for not having a womb or vagina to rape, so it only makes sense Arthur Chu would obsessively use enemas then humbly offer Eliza his only orifice to be raped in the name of feminism: His unholy brown male rectum.
 The nature of natural Chu
Also, most likely, Arthur Chu offers Eliza Blair an apology on behalf of all men with every single of Eliza Blair’s thrusts. (at the time of this writing it was still unconfirmed if Eliza’s strap-on squeaker testis squeaked in-sync with Arthur’s apologies)
The grandstanding and apologizing on behalf of all men does not stop there no, not at all, it keeps going into sheer feminist lunacy. How bad does it get? Well, let’s imagine you are a male feminist that wanted to broadcast yourself as the “one good man” and be the shame not only of your neighborhood but or your state. Scratch that, you want your country and yourself to be a laughing-stock. Scratch that, you want to be a worldwide laughing-stock and make yourself the subject of universal mockery only to play the victim and say,
“Here my maidens, I endured all this mockery for thee, please reward me with the gift of thy holy punani”
Don’t believe it? Here it is, 4 “men” apologizing on behalf of all the other men, just to get pity fucks.
It really looks as if they were apologizing for their sins then thanking lord Jesus…
All hail Punani-Jesus!

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