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DISCLAIMER 1: What follows is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent #GamerGate. Truth with zero protocol will be used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll status. For those who stayed, read on;



Not even 310 days have passed since the Charlie Hebdo shooting and now France has been hit again by Islamic radicals but this time, the terrorist organization ISIS has claimed responsibility for the multiple Paris attacks. Now, as we speak, the escalation is taking place and despite the fact this nascent conflict looks different, the reality is, this is not a new story, it is a mini 9-11 event for the French people where the French government is likely to respond to the attacks the way the USA did in 2001; it is France’s loss of innocence after 310 days of illusion.

But, that which looked like innocence sadly was also illusion, France had lost its innocence long before these attacks, now, like USA did after losing its innocence in 2001, France will declare its own “war on terror”. Problem is, war is, in and of itself, the continuation of the same problem not a solution. First, people take sides, then the destructive noise of war starts. Just look at Syria, it no longer is a country.


We can see a toothless subset of how wars start on social media, first the finger-pointing then the taking sides then the noise then the insults then the witch hunts and everything devolves into noise, at least that is what Twitter verbal wars suggest, problem is that the “viciousness” people display on social media is not really “viciousness” it is honesty turned all the way to 11, because 11+honesty is the way people actually think inside their heads, throw in the layer of anonymity and you get trolls way worse than me. Throw in anonymous hypocrites and you soon get a competition to see who plays the victim best.

Soon after an Islamic terrorist attack, hypocrites on social media start mixing religion with race and try to openly play the victim using bullshit terms like “Islamophobia” or “Antisemitism” soon after that, everything becomes a victimhood olympics.

The problem with the term “Islamophobia” is that it is a lie.

Why? Because Islam has no specific ethnicity, I myself have seen and spoken to:

  • Black Jews from Eritrea
  • Asian as fuck Muslims from Malaysia
  • Russian Jews that look pasty white bread as fuck
  • Powerful Black Muslim dancer dudes from Sudan
  • And the list goes on…

This is not only “anecdotal” look at the news people of all ethnicities are born or convert to Islam. When this is pointed out hypocrites grasp for straws and say,

“Arab-looking people are the only victims of Islamophobia”

Which is even worse bullshit because it negates all the other multi-ethnic Muslims they previously claimed were also the “victims” of “Islamophobia”. These hypocrites who claim “Islamophobia” are also playing the moving goal post with their own people and also lying to them.

Are we also going to declare Christianophobia? How about Buddhiphobia? Jainismphobia? Scientologyphobia? (Yes, Tom Cruise is a creepy fuck but he would get worse if you gave him the free victim card) the answer is simple, no, we are not because Islamophobia and all the other theo-phobias are lies.

Either we declare a phobia for each religion as “valid” and everyone lies to play the victim or we do not give it to any religion and nobody lies to play the victim.

So fuck their Islamophobia lies, fuck their Antisemitism lies, fuck their Christianophobia lies and their other lame victimhood olympic attempts. Either it is racism or it is not. Do not mix racism with theology just for personal advantage because any religious person is 100% able to say they changed their religion at any moment BUT THEY CANNOT change neither their genetic material nor their ethnicity. Faith can be changed like clothes but ethnicity is your whole body. That is why those fabricated “Theo-phobias” only take value away from the real word:


Misusing words to play the victim is crying wolf in the lamest way just the way feminists cry wolf by lying and misusing words like “rape” without valid reason only to play the victim.

However, besides the lies and the playing the victim, when people are direct and brutally honest online, the 11+honesty is not the main problem, the verbal wars on Twitter mimic the early stages of a war and most wars start with people taking sides then retaliating and for retaliation to take place, an scapegoat is needed. The mob will look for someone who fits the bill, NOT the original perpetrator. Anybody that fits the bill becomes a target. One of those targets was Nora, as many of you know, Nora got heat despite the fact she is not even a Muslim anymore, she is an apostate. Granted, I have no doubts Norah is not made of blown-glass and is light years from being dumb and the last thing she needs is a white knight troll, so I am gonna leave it to her to fend off her antagonists and I will limit myself to point out something that did not seem to come up neither in the heat she got nor in the comments section: the fact that people who quit a religion are called apostates and unlike the other religions, Islam is especially harsh on those who quit the Muslim faith, how harsh? Well,

In Islam, all apostates are supposed to face the death penalty.

Of course, on the video below you can see how much both a young brainwashed and hypocritical woman and an old brainwashed hypocritical male are painfully reluctant to answer the question because they know it is one of the many murderous “secrets” of Islam, behold their Islamic avoidance and hypocrisy,




Now, let that sink in, in the western world people switch religions almost as it was used underwear and it is hard for them to face more than just criticism but in Islamic states? People like Nora are supposed to be ostracized and abandoned by their family members then executed publicly according to the detailed instructions for murder on the Koran. Why? Because they are “defective” members of Islam.

So, if anything, if a religion keeps its members in a constant of state mafia-like Stockholm syndrome where they will be publicly executed if they quit, the least we should do as westerners is to give those former-Muslims-now apostates a helping hand because they are quite literally risking their necks, because even if they live in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, or commonwealth nations, the retaliation via honor killings is unpredictable because even their own family members will hunt and kill them for “honor. This leads to the crux of the problem and its question:


Is Islam a problem?

The evidence suggests that,


(but not for all the apparent reasons.)


Let me put it this way, if religions were kids in a primary school and the only kid that was blowing shit up with explosives and hurting people was the kid from the Islam family, you, like anybody else would say:

“hey that kid is fucked up!”

And you would be half right and half wrong, a dysfunctional kid points at a dysfunctional family. Then, it would stand to reason that a dysfunctional religion, just like a dysfunctional family, would yield dysfunctional members. (also let me clarify I openly disagree with the hard-left when they say terrorists are “victims” terrorists that killed people cannot be “victims” that is leftist bullshit, terrorists are criminals, period) Now let’s imagine we go to the house of that fucked up child to check if all of the children of the Islam family are exactly as fucked up. And guess what? It is a mixed bag, some children from that dysfunctional household called Islam are the nicest children and some are extremely fucked up and murderous. So who is to blame? The parents of Islam AKA Mohammed and Allah? Is the Koran the only poisoned holy book that makes their children dysfunctional?

The answer would be a disappointing: NO.

Why? Well see, that is the other contradiction because the bible also contains plenty of instructions for slavery rape and genocide to name a few and with all the pedophilia the Vatican perpetrates is not like they have no innocent blood on their hands but the main difference is that none of the other religions that have instructions for murder or crime in their holy books is acting on them. While many religions contain instructions for murder, Islam is the only one actively carrying them out for terrorism. One thing is to have the instructions for a hate cake and the other is bake all your hate into and explosive loaf of murder. That takes intense lifelong effort and dedication.

So if all religions have instructions for crimes against humanity BUT Islam is the only religion “crazy” enough to act on its instructions, then,

Why Islam is the sole exception?

Because Islam is a murderous impulsive teen. See, the thing is that Islam has not had the same history as Christianity in other words, Christianity was every gram as violent and fucked up 500 years ago (look at all of the genocides committed in the name of colonization) also notice how apostates to Christianity also faced public execution (hence the inquisition) but 500 years is long enough time for one major religion to split and disappoint people enough for it to become a rather toothless old man, hence why nowadays switching religions in the west is like a free market. Islam on the other hand, metaphorically speaking, is a raging psychopathic teen; a newcomer into the free market or theology who ONLY wants a monopoly where he murders those who quit the monopoly, and that? That is the fastest way to lose a monopoly because that only creates more and more closeted apostates.

It would stand to reason that at the speed things are going, in 100-200 years or less, people will see apostates from Islam just the way we see atheists nowadays. But the issue at hand is that Islam is now young, reckless and murdering both its enemies and its “defective” members. Ask men in Iran if they can be openly gay, they won’t say “yes” because being gay in Islam means to be“defective”. Because being a gay Muslim means you are a dead Muslim. That is NOT a sustainable business model for a religion in today’s networked world and it is a matter of time before people in the Muslim world start voicing their discontent because they would just think,

“hey the other religions let me switch without cutting my head off, this is not fair…”

Again it is free market, if you went to a car dealership and they told you that  you had to keep the car for life even if you did not like it, even if it broke down or if you ever complained about it? The dealership itself would decapitate you. If Islam was a car dealership, you would soon start looking for ways to stop driving or start saving money for a one-way plane ticket.



So what is the solution to Islamic terrorism?

Well I can tell you one thing;

Invading is not working because it is increasing the problem.

Why? In a way, the invasion to Iraq started a domino effect that created several consecutive power vacuums. After dictator Saddam Hussein was executed there was an immediate power vacuum then almost automatically plenty of dictator wannabes competing for that power started fighting the US forces. Then the domino effect that started with Saddam Hussein continued to destabilize the middle east then ended up in the Arab spring then another dictator was executed (Gaddafi got semi impaled in the rectum then killed) then another power void took place and saw its immediate competition rise for that available power. Then Assad (the Syrian dictator) is still supposed to die and as soon as he does there will be another power vacuum and many newcomers to try to grab that power.

See the pattern? Every time a dictator dies, there is a tremendous power “void” and plenty of new wanna be dictators competing for it.

Those wannabes competing for power do not fight their battles directly, what they have is pawns and plenty of cannon fodder to fight their battles for them and those cannon fodder soldiers do have an “intense dedication” to fight the invaders from the west or bring their own need for retribution to the west.

As we said before, one thing is to have the instructions to make the hate cake an another is to have the intense dedication to bake it. Would you like to know one of the sources of that “intense dedication” to hate the west? Behold,


“There is nothing more cruel and more pure than a child”

– J.Black/ S. Watanabe


Child soldiers are the future of most wars. Hideo Kojima is not a stupid man and despite the fact he is into the entertainment business he understands very well the utter perversion of the human spirit by the manipulation of children.

Is there a chance children who became orphan in the Iraqi war grew up to join the ISIS of today?

Not impossible but western analysts would be too eager to highlight the white guys who grew up privileged in the west and in a completely “perplexing” way they became radicalized and joined ISIS.

See, another job to analysts have is to be full-time hypocrites to save face on behalf of their employers, the “white radicalized” dudes are very very unlikely to outnumber the orphaned children of Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria. The chances of the Syrian war generating PTSD-ridden children soldiers who may become the future members of something much worse than ISIS are much higher. Just imagine you are 5 years old and your parents died in a blast, then Islamic soldiers take you in and raise you telling you the ones that killed your parents were the westerners. Wouldn’t you want to avenge your parents after years of being “baked” into brainwash and hate? Even worse, what if the Westerners actually killed your parents by mistake or by collateral and they even had the gall to offer blood money? No wonder they blow themselves up. They burn their humanity in that oven of hate since childhood. Every child soldier is a potential hate cake being baked for years and years in the suicidal oven of Islamic radicalization.
It is a matter of absolute urgency to prevent new generations children soldiers from taking place then becoming terrorists but most governments are too busy trying to kill the present ones, the solution may not be only killing most adult Jihadist of today but also preventing the present children soldiers of today from becoming the Jihadist of tomorrow, not by killing them but by extracting them from those war-torn areas and reforming them, because between reforming an adult and reforming a child I would put far more effort and money on the child’s reformation. If the adult terrorist has killed people, give him/her the death penalty or put him/her in solitary confinement away from indoctrinating more people into their Islamic radicalism. The adult had his/her chance and missed it, they deserve jail or the death penalty because they are not children anymore. Children soldiers on the other hand, those do deserve a chance.

There is no future without children and damaged children will only yield a damaged future in their country and our countries, reforming those children could heal the future.


Perhaps the best way to defuse a bomb is by preventing it from ever being built and perhaps, only perhaps the one unexplored way to defuse the problem with Islam is not making the war bigger but encouraging apostasy in the Islamic world as well as investing a few billion dollars in extracting children soldiers from wars, because a few billion would be way cheaper than having several future nuclear suicide bombers.

Thank you for reading.


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