KNIGHTS OF WHITE GUILT PART 1: Kneel before the #BlackLivesMatter Jesus!

DISCLAIMER 1: What follows is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent #GamerGate. Truth with zero protocol will be used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll status. For those who stayed, behold;

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Kneel before the #BlackLivesMatter Jesus!

part 1



Look at the picture above, look at their willful humble vulnerability, their closed eyes, the chains around the child’s hands, look at the yoke around the child’s neck and how both the chains and the yoke unite the child and the man in their fervently religious apology. Notice how the child is being psychologically abused, observe how he is being taught through guilt, he is responsible for the past because he is white, notice how he is being falsely told he is somehow responsible for the slavery that took place hundreds of years before he was even born.

See the shirts they are wearing? The ones that say that say “So Sorry”? That is the religious slogan used by the Lifeline Expedition Project, an organization that fuses, religion, guilt tripping and child abuse to apologize to modern black people born hundreds of years after those who were enslaved. All because of the slave trade between Africa, Europe and the early country who would become the United States of America.

But America is a nation built on the side effects of a religious exodus. Religion has been, at the very least, integral part of the American identity. But Judeo-Christianity itself is also the pollution in the air the American identity has been breathing since its birth. Even if Thomas Jefferson tried to clean the air with a razor blade, religion still remained as the deeply ingrained plantar warts in the feet of America. Look at a dollar bill, the famous “In god we trust” is not a metaphor, it testament of the pervasiveness of religion in early America.

But it goes well beyond legal tenders, religion is etched into the American identity as the concept of sin, the concept of crime, the concept of slavery, all fused together perfectly into the word “oppression” which can be generously thrown around by liars of all kinds: feminists hypocrites, religious hypocrites as well as hypocrites from all “oppressed” ethnicities.

“oppression” does not need to be true, it can be abused as much as the ego of a hypocrite allows for personal gain and to harm the credibility of real victims, it just has to strike the right religious guilt nerves to work.

Worst part about the religiously charged catch-all word “oppression” is, people of all walks of life fall for it hook line and sinker, even if the person is an atheist, their reaction expresses religious guilt, especially if they are white and feel they are “privileged”. Why? Because we all are supposed to feel guilt by default.









Bad news, you were born defective, I was born especially “defective” and so did everyone else, there is nothing you can do about it, just accept the guilt and pay the tithing and the guilt fees like everyone else who is white. Even if you are an atheist, god made you defective and the psychopathic imaginary man in the sky still wants you to love him after he fucked & donkey-punched us all at birth.

In the Judeo-Christian religions fairy tales we are supposed to be born “sinful” no matter what we do, we are born imperfect and into sin.

The biological reality if far from those glorified myths from nomadic tribes written on rolled animal skins: In reality, every child is born blameless with no memory of what happened before his or her birth full of beautiful potential.

It is just criminal to poison and stunt the potential in the mind of a child by telling them within their first 10 years of existence that they are flawed and “sinful” and no matter what they do, they will always be damaged, flawed and sinful.

Why does religion do this?

Because it is good for profit.

The more you guilt trip people from infancy, the easier it is for them to be controlled like a mass of emotions then after you tell them enough guilt tripping lies, then you can ask them for money. Tithing they call it. It is not a coincidence some politicians speak like priests or vice-versa, it is all about manipulating a mass of  people and their mass of emotions not by saying

“We’ve hurt Jesus”

they instead say,


“We let the opposing party hurt America; we have hurt America””

And guess what? It works. The victim of crucifixion becomes the nebulous word America, that is how they guilt trip you so effectively, by using pre-existing religious structures in most Americans’ minds and a fair amount of verbal sleight of hand. Just like Pastors, politicians also require tithing but they call it “presidential campaigns”. In essence, guilt is the greatest profit amplifier because it fuses with religion and politics and people don’t even notice.



However, the biological reality of a child being born blameless is almost universally accepted among the non religious, the skeptics and the Atheists unless we start talking about slavery. Because when it comes to slavery, for some fucked up reason, even for some “skeptical” atheists children are born kind of “sinful” and have to pay for the sins of their ancestors. Why? Because they were born white.

It is fascinating how even some hard-core atheists fall for the trap of a re-labelled version of the original sin and they express near-perfect religious white compunction. They bend over backwards to make sure their children bear the same camouflaged religious guilt but when asked point-blank they just don’t like the question and feel guilty about even entertaining the thought they are not responsible for the past. Politically correct guilt takes over their otherwise “skeptical” minds.

Let me state it thusly,

White Man’s Guilt is a direct result of religion affecting religious and non-religious white people.

That is often when even hard-core atheists allow their children to be indoctrinated into white guilt at school. The worst part is that, those parents provide the tacit admission that those white children, just by virtue of their lower levels of melanin in their skin, are doomed to be racist unless they are “properly” told from an early age they carry the weight of all the white people who enslaved others in the past. Then this happens at school,



Obviously the activity above involving chains yokes and blaming was not guilt tripping, it was just a harmless leftists “slavery awareness” exercise to prevent the otherwise inevitable little Neo-Nazis that parents take to school every morning from reaching their final form. It sounds almost as when feminists say;

“Teach men not to rape!”

But these “slavery awareness” teachers swap it for;


“Teach white children not to be racist!”


Why the implicit accusation? Wouldn’t it suffice for parents to teach their children racism is as bad as any other crime? Why the focus on white children? Why the focus on early “correction” of their “whiteness”? Were they born “flawed”? Oh wait, yes religion says so, but obviously religious guilt-tripping is cunningly swapped for the double-speak term“awareness” AKA for political correctness and to properly deform the minds of children from an early age; to make sure they are irreversibly shaped into the desired white guilt,




See, religion and politics are very similar when they use their verbal sleight of hand to make you believe you owe something the way you “owe” god for allowing you to live your sinful life. Just like a magician, they swap something without you even noticing and you end up believing it. It is the art of verbal sleight of hand.

Logically, leftists reading this would accuse me of the same “crime of swapping” ideas to “deceive” readers, but let me pretend I gave a particular fuck about said leftist and just ask you this: if you adopted an orphan baby who is the biological son/daughter of a convicted murderer and a drug dealer prostitute, would you tell that orphan child in your care the following thing every morning?

“Look, your parents were criminals and you are doomed to be a criminal unless I GUILT TRIP YOU INTO NOT BEING ONE!”

First of all, anybody that says that to a child should be put in jail for child abuse because children are born blameless. Even if the parents were the worst criminals, the child knows nothing and is, again, blameless. But for some fucked up religious reason white children are “not” supposed to be born blameless and MUST, at some point of their lives, be guilt-tripped for the crimes of their biological ancestors, but nobody seems to notice it is child abuse. Those minds are bound into the shape of guilt and given the giant plantar warts of religion to make sure their minds limp properly and never go astray from the leftist path of guilt.


Again, that is not religion, it is just leftist “awareness”. That “leftist awareness” indoctrination starts with early education then continues all the way to college, just to make sure they worship the right kind of “atheist” god, the one that does not look like one but is as much as a martyr as he needs to be. Would you like to meet him?









For those who had the disgrace to have been forced to go to church in childhood, you may remember how things go, first a mild-mannered Mr wearing a black dress is super polite to everyone, then the podium business starts, then out of the blue he switches into a full psycho mode and starts yelling & telling people off, and as a child you kind of get excited because finally someone is talking to your parents the way they talk to you, then the loud bossy man in the black dress keep pointing to the anorexic dude who got beat up, and every time he points at him he says


after the 70th time he says the same thing you kind of get it, maybe all of the adults gave the anorexic dude a beat up, maybe he owed them money, then when they pass the basket you also want to give them money because you also kind of feel like you also owe them a Jesus and since they don’t make them anymore you just put money in the basket. See, all the yelling & the theatrics by the man in the black dress kinda worked because he succeeded at guilt-tripping you, you killed that beat-up anorexic zombie guy.

But what if it got worse? What if there were millions of Jesus dudes getting verbally abused, and beat up or shot by the police? What if people told you ever since you were a kid somehow you are responsible. What if it got worse and they told you at school, at home, at the movies, on TV and everywhere else white people just like you used to beat them up & abuse them anyway they wanted and have them as slaves? See? Many of us had this heavy sensation in the stomach that feels almost like something bad happened. It is called guilt. Every black person abused by the evil white person in the movies becomes a replica of Jesus but far more powerful because unlike Jesus, there are thousands of stories of far worse beat ups, torture and homicide.

Feeling guilty already? Usually at this point they inset the paypal/bitcoin account and ask you for money after telling you how much black people get killed by the evil white people who read tabloids.

Perhaps a few people would have donated had I kept going with the guilt tripping with far more theatrics and gory pictures.

But that was the point, guilt tripping works to get money out of people’s pockets the way they do it in churches with the tithing basket. It is a well rehearsed scam based on a gigantic lie. Wanna see? Ask yourself this question;


How did you murder Jesus?

I mean, did you beat him up? Did you kick him in his holy zombie nuts when he was carrying the cross? Did he carry it funny afterwards? Did you at least trip him when he was carrying the cross downhill? Did you at least poke him in the eye?

No? Neither did I because it is FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE.

We were not alive 2015 years ago. If anything, you and I were just star-dust back then.

Despite all this Christians feel guilty for a murder that took place 2015 years ago. Yes, it is a hilarious scam. Either Christians are retards or naive or they having their money stolen gives them a celestial hard-on (same with other religions). Or maybe they are just delusional.



Now ask yourself this question,

How did you contribute to the slavery of black people?

Didn’t work? OK let me rephrase it with SJW sauce and Tumblr rage-pink,

“Did you know that whether you support it or not you, as a white person, you benefit today from slavery!?

“You are part of the Modern Slave Culture! You benefit from their free labor and how this country was built on their broken backs!” 


“Modern Slave culture”? Mhhh sounds oddly familiar to the scam of “Rape Culture” but also sounds re-branded. Or maybe both are re-branded religious texts? Let me show you by swapping a few words,


“Did you know that whether you support it or not you, as a sinner, you benefit today from the crucifixion of Jesus!?

“You are part of the Sinful Crucifixion Culture! You benefit from his free labor carrying the cross and how this country was built on his broken back!”

Now let’s try it with rape culture,

“Did you know that whether you support it or not you, as a man, you benefit today from the rape of women!?

“You are part of the Rape Culture! You benefit from their free sex labor carrying the cross of getting raped without compensation and how this country was built on their raped puna**s!”

Ok granted that last one did not come out as well as expected, but you get the idea. It is all a scam, just the way you are not responsible for the murder of a Jesus 2015 years ago, you are not responsible for the slavery of black people either, just because you are white it does not mean you are responsible for slavery. Truth is, none of what happened to black people in the past before you were born is your fault. You were not even born.

Let just take a life of white guilt, from daycare all the way to college to its ultimate supplicant consequences shall we?

But what would happen if a white person was indoctrinated into feeling they were born “defective” ever since they were in primary school? What if they firmly believed they are sinful, racist even if they do not notice? You know, just the way sinners commit sins without even noticing? What if they had an enormous amount of 40+ years of pathological guilt and they wanted to make up for it at any cost? Wouldn’t their behavior mirror that of a Christian that was given the unique opportunity to apologize to Jesus in person?

Well Imagine those desperate supplicant white people were two women who fervently wanted to apologize in person to one of the many #BlackLivesMatter Black Jesus (who also happens to get their panties wet every night).

Even better, imagine said women wanted to be publicly be supplicant enough and shamelessly display their crippling, massive white guilt to the media in order to earn some celestial cock from one of the #BlackLivesMatter Black Jesus themselves? Would you like to meet those women?

Melissa click sosorry

The infamous “I need muscle over here” Melissa Click


The infamous “my name is 1952” Janna Basler

It just baffles the mind how guilty these two must feel to publicly try to prove they were the “one good white person” when it would have been so much easier to have just used this flag like the people at the beginning of this article.


FAT WHITE GUILTIf Janna Basler were honest



So where is the rest of the #Mizzu nutjobs?

Part 2 will elaborate on #Mizzu fiasco and how white guilt shaped the actions and the psychology of these 2 white knight ladies as well as other SJWs.

This is the end of part 1.

Who else desperately seeks narcissistic guilt?

Find out on part 2.

Thank you for reading.

End of part 1




penance part 2



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