#AlisonCrime: Have you seen this dead couple?

DISCLAIMER 1: What follows is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent #GamerGate. Truth with zero protocol will be used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll status. For those who stayed, behold;

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was featured at theralphretort.com)


#AlisonCrime: Have you seen this dead couple?






Steven Polk, the compulsive liar, the thief, the scammer, the traitor, the coward that cries crocodile tears on cue. The man that who pretended to be an online female cancer survivor for over 5 years and almost got away with it. Fortunately, by a series of fortuitous events, his lies were exposed. He did however, get away with $10,000 of unlawfully obtained money after he pretended to be a woman whose house had burned down. His actual house reportedly did burn down but instead of asking for help using his real identity, he pretended he was a woman in need for help, THEN the money started pouring in. If only he had been a smarter not ot have turned around exactly when the local press took the photo that unmasked him, I am talking about this photo,


Steven Polk AKA the real Alison Prime

After the photo above appeared on the local newspaper his whole 5-year old Twitter scam was up. Granted, there is very little to like about a the liar-thief-scammer-traitor-coward-that-cries-like-a-bitch, but then he had the wonderful idea of giving the two, now legendarily infamous extended interviews to TheRalphRetort.com. That was when the tank of pig manure hit the plane’s turbine.

As astonishing as it sounds, Steven Polk managed to spend over 3 hours trying to lie over and over only to get caught red handed only to start lying again. However, from that stream of poorly concocted lies coming from Steven’s yeti-like ass, there was one bold-faced lie that stood out like a sore bleeding thumb: Steven claimed the woman whose photo he had been using for at least 5 years was dead. He also claimed she had given him full permission to use her image, for anything he wanted, fraud included in his case.

It just sounded like a poorly concocted lie and it became more logical to consider either of the following two choices,

A) The woman is actually dead but never gave him permission to smear her name.

B) The woman and her boyfriend are alive but they do not know what Steven Polk did.

Let’s assume she is dead and her image has been used for fraud. If she is dead, her family will want to sue Steven Polk. If she is alive, she will be pissed and sue for unlawful impersonation, which carries a sentence of up to 3 years in jail and a $10k fine in the state of California but could be more depending on the state. Add to that a few extra years for the charge of fraud and possibly tax evasion.

There is a slight chance the woman was an orphan (or has a criminal record and wants to stay out of the social network limelight) but that does not mean the boyfriend(s) would not care. How about her extended family? What if she was married? How about her friends and acquaintances? Most likely they would care about preserving her memory if she actually is dead. Or as they say,

Speak no ill of the dead *

*Don’t get me wrong, as a troll I am perfectly OK with people making fun of evil dead people and, if after I die I qualify as one, so be it. But the woman in the pictures? Who knows? Maybe she was a nice person or maybe she was a bitch but her family would still care about her memory. But the gall Steven Polk had to piss on the suffering of cancer patients and use it to scam people? Even for a Troll of my ilk, that is pretty low.


Let’s keep it simple and fast. We want to make sure we do not ever fall for the trap of a fat dude like Steven posing as a woman again. How? Well the solution is to upload suspicious photos of “alleged women” to  two main photo forensics websites that streamline the detection of fakes. How? Well let’s just start with a practical example: Hamburger Radfem Randi Harper is well-known to be not only godawful-boil-in-the-ass-ugly but a landwhale fat-fuck (also as blue). Add to that pig-nosed Harper has the bad habit of photoshopping her Piñata-like body to look falsely slim. Obviously, for this basic test we needed an untouched photo of Piñata-hamburger Harper. I was unlucky enough to have found this recent, seemingly unedited photo of Harper. For reference, here is the archived original from her desperate fan Joshua (yes, there are men THAT desperate).


Oh, you desperate supplicant Joshua





Now that we have a picture that appears to be close to what we were looking for: Almost untouched and copied only a few times, (possibly only from Joshua’s phone to Twitter servers). This is important because the more a picture is saved and re-saved, the more it starts degrading especially in the .jpg format.


As you can tell, there are two main image forensics tests : TEST 1 AKA “ELA” and the TEST 2 called “Noise Analysis”. So in a nutshell the ELA test should look moderately rather dark with originals. But the more degraded the copies of the file get, the darker it gets, one last thing about TEST 1 ELA, whenever you modify the edges of an image, the more purple-ish red-ish it gets.

The last one is the TEST 2 Noise Analysis in a nutshell that one should look as grey as possible, the more modifications are made to a file, the more colorful noise it gets. (note on Harper’s space-invaders dress: unknown why it appears to have generated minimal noise) Of course, I am oversimplifying it. Now that we just saw what an original should look like, let’s look at a modified picture where her face and body look nearly the same,



I apologize for hurting your eyes with Hamburger Harper’s quarter-tonner appearance, she looks very similar at first sight (almost identical) but as you can tell, the image says MODIFIED, now you can see that on the TEST 1, the background became darker while modified objects are getting very very noisy and purple-redish.

One last thing; bear in mind we are about to use the same tests with the dead Alison pictures to see if they were modified or not. But first, we need to see the extreme effects of multiple copies of a heavily photoshopped picture that has been copied to oblivion. In short, we need something fake as fuck and super degraded. I think I got the perfect  example,





Now let’s look at the extreme effects of both photoshopping and image degradation due to multiple copies. Look at the darker and noisier samples my avatar causes, it is so degraded almost comes black. Now if you wanted to read more on this and get technical you can go to this  site with moderate tools for detection  or a more complete site with more tools  but I suggest you leave that for later.

Disclaimer: Yes, my twitter photo is fake as fuck. This trolly Troll is guilty as charged. My avatar is as an amalgam of 10-15 photos of different random guys I photoshopped to obtain a profile nobody could claim ownership of. With this picture Twitter keeps letting me open accounts (33 so far), and even though they do not last open very long, I enjoy the ride. That is the price to pay in this trolly line of business. Plus, it always puts a smile on my face when a feminist says “I am not that ugly and should go out more” or when gay guys hit on my profile. If only they knew they were talking to a ghost.



As you can see above, Steven Polk had a lot of fake profiles at different sites, so I had to go to each one and collect all of his fake pictures. Then I had to sort out the ones he used the most often which happened to look like the same woman. Why? Because Steven had a hard time creating new convincing-enough fake pictures so he had to search for look-alikes of the woman he was portraying to give variety to his scam. Problem is, he was kind of blind and some of his chosen fakes did not even look like the main one at all. But as you can see above, he had 4-5 favorites that looked very similar, almost as if they were pictures of the same woman. Those five “favorites” were uploaded to the photo forensics sites to check if they had signs of heavy photoshopping. Why? Because it would have been pointless to have gone on a goose chase after a ghost like myself.



Here you have the five favorite stolen profile pictures Steven had in his online accounts forensically analyzed at a very basic level. One last thing, all of the 5 images came back with “NO METADATA” meaning things like the date they were taken or model of the camera were absent. Usually this means the file is a screenshot or a copy too degraded to have any metadata left. Look at the TEST1 and TEST2 results to look for signs of photoshopping,


sample 1

The photo above is very degraded but does not appear to be heavily photoshopped.



sample 2

Also very degraded but the woman looks very similar to the one above. Notice the cartilage of the nose looks different because she is pressing on it and smiling, not impossible to do on photoshop or Z-brush, 3DsMax or Maya but again, something that good would have cost the money Steven did not seem to have.


sample 3

A few interesting points, look at the point and shoot camera she is holding, either that photo was taken before smartphones came out or she just has a fetish for old bulky cameras.

Also, the eye color looks different so she may not be the same woman, despite the similarities.



sample 5

This is where things are getting interesting, there does not seem to be many signs of heavy photoshopping on the male’s face nor her warped breast during the boob grab. Overall, there seems to be a chance this is a real picture of a couple/fuck-friends.


sample 4More interesting details: She has longer hair so perhaps this photo was taken after the boob grab one. Notice the wine and the cup in the background, notice her finger nails and his more formal attire. It does not look like they are getting married but looks a little more than just  fuck-friends. Almost as if the relationship had progressed and they went out to a restaurant instead of just Netflix&chill fucking. If that is the case, we may now have two families interested in suing fraudster Steven Pollock. (SIDENOTE: If only I had had access to Facebook’s internal face recognition database to cross-reference the couple.)







The first problem was the chance the photos were fake, either photoshopped or computer renders. However, a photoshop is far cheaper than a render and a professional render that cannot be told apart from a real photo could cost several thousand dollars. Logically, since Steven relied mainly on 4 repetitive pictures, he did not seem to have the budget for professional renders.

However, If those 4-5 repetitive pictures are renders, then he is an expert in 3d modeling. But that begs the question, why would an expert stop at only 4-5 photos? An expert would have produced at least 1 or 2 near perfect fakes per month. Things do not add up when we consider the possibility of renders. So far, evidence suggest that the 5 main pictures were not computer renders nor photoshop fakes. It seems more likely Steven stole the pictures from a real person.

MILDLY INTERESTING DISCOVERY: While batch-downloading the photos from Steven Polk’s social networks, one of the files featuring the couple was originally named,


There is a chance that Steven Polk re-baptized that woman as “Kara” in his delusions, or perhaps, just perhaps, “Kara” could be a clue to her actual name.


Unfortunately the subject’s ears were covered in most photos. Visible ears would have been more convenient, as they tend to facilitate identification. However, to further the possibility that the 5 subjects in the pictures are not renders, we can see a couple of subtle biological features that are possible but very hard to achieve on a computer render. Case in point; the Lesser Alar Cartilage AKA the side of her nostril appears to deform similarly in photos 1, 2 and 3. Furthermore, if this is in fact a dead woman, some of her dental record appears to match (at least visually) look at the space between the canine and the premolar. That space seems extremely similar in pictures 1 and 3. The gif below illustrates the possibility that we may be talking about the same woman,


mouth comparison

Possible Dental Match of Subjects 1 & 3 



Let’s push Steven Polk lies to their ultimate consequences.

We either find the living woman or the dead woman’s family will sue Steven Polk for damages.

Let’s also find the strawberry-blond male in the picture below. If we find him, we may find her. 





Thank you for reading.







For reference, here are the 5 original “subject” images used. Feel free to make your own searches; drag them to the google search bar or at karmadecay.com. Or perform your own image analysis at the cited sites: site one or site two.




me_again__but___current_by_alisonprime sent_to_queenie who_nose__by_alisonprime






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