Milo Yiannopoulos VS Rebecca Reid – NOW FEATURING AUDIO


DISCLAIMER 1: What follows is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent #GamerGate. Truth with zero protocol will be used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll status. For those who stayed, behold;

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was featured at



TL;DR The original audio sucked, I fixed it. Video + downloadable soundcloud MP3 available below.

Dear Gender-traitor-sock-puppet-“ladies” and Cis-gendered privileged pigs of #GamerGate, it is with utter Schadenfreude that I announce Milo has, once again, given a thorough railing with a sandpaper condom of fact-checked logic to another feminist: Rebecca Reid.

The public and disgraceful nonconsensual intellectual railing was hosted at the oversized & overpriced daycare for the meekest future unemployed parasites of society  the University of Bristol.

But there was one technical problem: The debate almost had no audio and the volume was so incredibly low and puny for most of the dialogue, you had to crank it all the way up 11, but when the audience clapped? It was ferociously deafening.

The low audio was so dismal, the comment section was peppered with complaints. I then went to their “about” section on their YouTube channel, just to see who the fuck had been unprofessional enough to release such disastrous final edit. This is what I found;

UBTV is the University of Bristol’s TV Station run by UoB Students.

Yes, it shows it is run by students. Most likely Breitbart had no control over the final edit. (but should have fixed it on their “highlights” edit)

Long story short: I fixed the audio but fucked up the colors (apologies, it shows this Troll is color blind). 

I am therefore releasing the video with improved audio along with the audio-only file for you to download on Soundcloud.





Why did I do it? Because feminists bitch and demand others “do the fixing” and I am not a feminist: I hate bitching without fixing.


Notes for Milo: The uncompressed WAV is available should you require it for RadioNero (if you ever fucking resurrect it you majestic fagasaiyan).

Also, consider either recording your debates with your phone, or buying this small recorder to place in your breast pocket during debates or, possibly, buying this fully featured one if one of your colleagues can place it nearby before each event.

Because, If people cannot hear you Milo, you completely defeat the purpose of exercising your right to free speech.

Especially on social media as the attention spans are just too low for anything above 5 minutes: Most people will watch a lolcat video instead of trying to decipher your teeny garbled audio.

Also, for a man who pays so much attention to the detail and quality of his written thoughts, you did not pay any attention to the quality in which your spoken thoughts were broadcast in this instance. Think of your audio at Bristol as a version of you that was dressed so poorly, it almost looked like a homeless person as opposed to your actual impeccable physical appearance, compare them and you will realize both constitute quite a paradox in quality.

It is unprofessional of you to expect your audience to decipher mediocre, badly recorded audio. Plus, it will save you lots of editing and complaints from lowly, color-blind trolls with mediocre punctuation skills.


Bring on the heat: I can take the heat, I won’t get out of this kitchen. If I criticize Milo, I want to be questioned and criticized at least twice as harshly if not more. Besides, I am far from being a fucking femi-princess so leave your most brutal criticism in the comments section, anything goes, I will read it and own up to my mistakes. I agree, I fucked up the colors. I, agree; my, punctuation: is. mediocre.

The audio? Here’s a few notes for audio nerds,

First the applauses had to be normalized to -1dB (they were a fucking deafening drill to the ears) then it took nearly 2 hrs for RX to remove the room noise and hum at the most accurate settings then 1 hour to get the right compression with 2 different plugins applied 4 times. Finally, the whole wave was normalized to -1 dB (I originally wanted to remove much more of the annoying-as-fuck echo but that started creating metalization & artifacts). I would have done more but with every extra day, the video loses relevance and quite honestly, I did it pro bono, so fuck it. The colors? My second monitor was not calibrated. How bad do they look to you? Leave your comments below.



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