How I rectally hurt the University of Bristol: Milo VS Rebecca Reid Debate update

DISCLAIMER 1: What follows is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent #GamerGate. Truth with zero protocol will be used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll status. For those who stayed, read on;

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How I rectally hurt the University of Bristol: Milo VS Rebecca Reid Debate update

nero bristol update

Long story short:  Milo debated feminist Rebecca Reid and thoroughly sodomized her feminism on stage with a sandpaper of fact-checked logic. No surprises here.

But there was a problem: the video of the debate the University of Bristol posted had painfully low volume for dialogue, so logically, you had to crank it up. But when people clapped? It would leave you almost deaf.

Then Trolly yours fixed the audio, fucked up the colors and re-uploaded a copy of their video with zero changes (save the audio and the colors) then promoted the video here at the Ralph Retort.

The views on their official crappy volume one? 97K in 14 days. (despite the official promotion by Milo & Breitbart)

The views for my edit? 13K  in 12 days (with nearly no promotion).

Add to that 318 likes & 1 dislike. So maybe just maaaaybe that means 13k people may have understood the audio I fixed a little better. After my community service was done I almost forgot about the video.

But guess what? Two days ago  I received this demand from the University of Bristol TV station,


Whaaaaaaaaat? WTF? Since when does my channel have the cooties?

Why would they ask me to remove something that is indirectly helping their work?

Then it hit me: Look at the majestically blasphemous name of my piss-poor youtube channel:


Your Proud Trolly Channel brought to you by Trolly Yours.

So, if we put two and two together, the University of Bristol TV station got all butthurt because of the name of my channel: FEMINISM IS CREATIONISM.

Well, here’s the thing for UBTV, I would not have caused them all this rectal pain, had they done their fucking production job by cleaning the audio before uploading their mediocre edit.

But why would they have done that in the first place? Simple. UBTV’s social justice warrior interns do not like Milo and since they could not silence him in the first place, they tried to keep him as low volume as possible. Of course, that is by Occam’s Razor.

So, let’s get to the point.


Fuck you UBTV. I will not take the video down.

If you DMCA me, then I will re-upload it until you get tired or you get my channel banned.

If you get my channel banned, then I will  open 3 or more new ones, re-upload it to each one & promote them here.

Every time you try to censor me I will expose you on this website.

Bring it on, I can play this game all day.

I will wear you down & keep re-uploading the video to expose your hypocrisy.

Here is the video again.

Fuck you again UBTV.


Unlike you UBTV, I don’t have courses to attend or schedules to comply with, so I am more likely to win this little battle for attrition. BTW, I am also used to getting banned, hence my 33 suspension victories on Twitter.


Bonus: This is the only other video on my channel, you dear reader be the judge if this is the real reason for their butthurt.

BTW dear filthy readers o’ mine: If any of you wants to mirror the video on your channel, please let me know & I will upload it to Google Drive for you.


I may, however take it down ONLY if Milo asks Ralph directly. Other than that? Fuck you a 3rd time UBTV.

Thank you for reading.


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