The Patriarchy Won! Gregory Alan Elliott Found Not Guilty!

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The Patriarchy Won! Gregory Alan Elliott found not guilty!


Great news fellow toxic males of the internet!

I am proud to announce Gregory Alan Elliott has been found: Not guilty.



The ego of ALL Canadian Feminists was rectally wounded after Mrs Stephanie Guthrie was handed the worst legal beating of her radical life: She lost the case!

This victory marks the beginning of a much better, much more abusive and proudly misogynist internet for all of us privileged males. Today, the Internet is a much better toxic place for us the privileged white cis male pigs.

But let’s not forget this whole feminist drama started all because Torontonian radfem Stephanie Guthrie became enraged after seeing the punch Anita video game at Immediately after, she started pink-foaming at her radical mouth and started a campaign to get the programmer of the Anita beat-up game fired!

The programmer in question Ben “Bendilin” Spurr laughed his ass off at the desperate attempts by the pack of rad-bitches to get him fired.



But a man with balls of steel appeared on the Twitter stage to butthurt Guthrie: Gregory Allan Elliot (BTW please visit his fund he needs your help)

Elliot, a proud member of the patriarchy, started telling radfem Guthrie to shut the fuck up without using any threats. However, Guthrie managed to convince the Canadian legal system her butthurt feelings represented a legal case. Gregory Alan Elliott was then falsely accused of criminally harassing Stephanie Guthrie (and a second radfem bitch Heather Reilly) over several months in 2012.

But today, that radical and retarded 4 year journey started by a group of anorgasmic radical Torontonian radbitches has come to an end!

Now the patriarchy can go back to work comfortably oppressing women and taking all their rights away!

Also, we can now comfortably go back to punching Anita in the name of the patriarchy!

Be proud! Be toxic! Be male!
Be worse than a radioactive Hitler!

Let’s all hail the Patriarchy!

(Also let’s celebrate with sweet anti-feminist pics in the comments below!)



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