#UpsetAllAnitas: How to Upset the Left (INTRO) 1 of 3

DISCLAIMER 1: What follows is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent #GamerGate. Truth with zero protocol will be used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll status. For those who stayed, read on;

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#UpsetAllAnitas: How to Upset the Left (INTRO)

Part 1 of 3

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header 1

Anita Sarkeesian is one of the many leftists, feminists and SJWs who have a common shared “progressive” goal. They want to force you and everyone else to convert to their religion:



How? Easy.

They want you to join them in their leftist religious groupthink based on the following mantra:

Anita-listen-and-believe 1080

“Listen and believe”


Yes, “listen and believe,”- The same demand religions expect of their “sheep-like” followers.  These sheep have to think the same way and exercise the same benevolent suspension of reasoning for their religion to “feel” real. But if anybody disagrees? That is feminist heresy.

See, Anita’s cultish request is as subtle as a pink pinless grenade lobbed from the lands of feminism, AKA the vast undeclared pink religion.

Of course, not a single one of her followers will admit they belong to the Sarkeesian cult.

Of course not, Anita and her acolytes will verbally deny that they are a religion, but they will confirm it with their behavior and their blatantly religious demand:

“Listen and believe”

Their public actions are vulgar displays of dogma thinly coated with media designed pass off as “pop culture criticism.”- And just like a religion, feminism has a dysfunctional relationship with that abusive brute who non-consensually penetrates its tenets and ideas with that long, throbbing and blunt object called “Reality” (all while feminism has to bite the pillow and bleed in silence).

No. I don’t give “rape trigger warnings.”


No. I do not give a particular fuck if a feminist gets “triggered” by mere text either.

However, what would Anita do with the above sentence if she were given absolute power?

Simple. If Anita had limitless power, she would erase not only the rape metaphor above but this article in its entirety. She would also do the same with the rest of the Internet.

Just like a religion, feminism would subject the whole internet to: 


That, in and of itself, is another problem with feminism; feminists like Anita have a dysfunctional relationship with language, metaphors and sexuality. That’s why they want to limit and censor all of the above.

Censoring sexuality in games? That is just the beginning.

The next step will be the internet, then all porn. Like most religions, they want to regulate and limit your ideas and your sexuality. Also like most religions, the Sarkeesian Cult should be dismantled. They are the enemy of sexuality, free speech and freedom of thought.


header 2

Logically, the first thing before defeating an enemy is finding out what their weaknesses are, and in the case of Anita’s political side, their main weakness are:

  • Their inflated egos.
  • Their grotesque dependence on their intense emotions
  • Their impulsiveness

See, feminists, SJWs and leftists usually operate on raw emotion, not reason. That makes some of their behavior predictable, not quite an Achilles heel but close enough if they are properly manipulated. But this yields an even more important question: If their egos and anger are their weaknesses, what weapon do they use attack others?

Simple. Their main weapon is to play the victim.

Thus taking away their main weapon leaves them open for an attack but then the following giant obstacle presents itself:

if you attack them, you give them their weapon back. Then they play the victim again.

See the paradox?

How do you defeat an enemy you cannot attack?

See, the solution to this puzzle is to take away their weapon, THEN ridicule them and wear their emotions down until they lose control and become the bad guy or just quit. The solution is attrition, not attack. Or as Master Sun Tzu put it,

master― Sun Tzu

Would you like to see it in practice? Well during a debate on Dr. Drew’s show, journalist Ben Shapiro did the following to transgender Robert-Zoey Tur:

  1. Intentionally stated scientific facts
  2. Took away Tur’s “play the victim” weapon
  3. Made the SJW lose control and exposed Robert-Zoey Tur’s violent & hypocritical nature.

Since SJWs have the bad habit of claiming their comments are taken “out of context” here is the whole context. Just in case you were curious:

Once again, behold the leftist hypocrisy in all its religious glory:


See? Here is the contradiction, as you can see at the end of the video, even before Robert-Zoey Tur started his hormone replacement treatment he was a lousy, bitter and violent person by his own admission. See, the inconvenient truth is that a sex change is not a magic solution for their often poor pre-existing mental health; often the need for a sex change masks a glorified mental illness and does not improve their suicide rates much.


Rotten apples like the impulsive, mentally ill Robert-Zoey Tur give a bad name to the trans community and to the many otherwise decent, mentally balanced and rational transpeople there are.

Because of psychos like Zoey Tur, decent transpeople are often painted with the same broad brush, I am talking about decent people like these,

photjenn  @PhotoJennBo


hidden tara@HiddenTara




The people above have consistently demonstrated their will to distance themselves from the cancer of feminism by exercising their right to think by themselves. I may not agree with every single thing they say but I do respect them for their undeniable critical thinking. Also, notice I referred to them by their female names and the reason is simple: They have earned that courtesy. But psychos like Robert-Zoey Tur? They do not deserve that courtesy at all.

The remarkable transfemales I listed above are only 3 of the many decent rational transpeople there are. Do not let psycho rotten apples like Robert-Zoey Tur smear these kind, valuable and rational transpeople.

But again, impulsive, mentally ill transexuals like Robert-Zoey Tur are examples of the leftist Neo-nuns for “equality.” They are bastions for hypocrisy instead of equality. These leftist nuns have a violent and vicious nature behind their facade of kind and harmless equality.

Granted, that applies to leftist murderous trannies like Tur, but how vicious does the nature of actual female leftists get? Simple. It is much worse because unlike Tur, feminists will not get their hands dirty, they will send their male white knights to do far more damage than a simple beating.

What makes female feminists much worse than a violent tranny from hell like Tur is that feminists have near zero legal accountability and zero boundaries when it comes to inflicting violence by their white knight proxies.

But going back to Shapiro, just like Tzun Zu stated, Shapiro partially exercised the supreme art of war and subdued the enemy without fighting. The enemy (Zoey Tur) was successfully manipulated into exposing themselves thus showing their true violent colors. Make no mistake, Ben Shapiro successfully manipulated Robert-Zoey Tur simply by asking this:

“What are your genetics, sir?”

Notice the “sir” was what triggered Tur and allegedly authorized him to retaliate with physical violence. See? Pure Leftist hypocrisy. The more outraged you are the most justified you are to commit physical assault. Despite all this, Shapiro’s efforts were not a complete success and Ben only partially managed to win the battle. Why? Because he made the mistake of being taken by surprise by Tur’s sudden threat of physical assault and he only managed to barely mumble the following lame comment:

“Well… that seems mildly inappropriate for political discussion?”

Shapiro also made the mistake of not publicly pointing out how easily the “virtuous” and “peaceful” left resorts to assault and how the panelists immediately bend over backwards to justify physical assault. He should have confronted them and asked why their anger justified violence, he should have made them eat their words ON THE SPOT.

Granted, there is a chance he was playing the part but my money is on the chance Shapiro was truly surprised by the sudden threat of physical assault and choked a little mentally, which is surprising because Shapiro is usually one of the sharpest Jews in the market of ideas. But that day? His performance was almost lackluster. (Most likely it was the bacon he had for breakfast that morning; he needs to start buying better Kosher bacon and a decent brand of coffee. Stingy Jews…)

What really saved Shapiro’s performance was that everything was recorded as a perfect example of the sheer and unalloyed hypocrisy of the left. The same left that falsely advocates for “peace” is the one that blatantly threatens those who do not subscribe to their religious tenets.

As expected in the dystopian world we live in, after the threat of assault, nearly all of the panelists started to blame Shapiro for “provoking” Robert-Zoey Tur.

TRANSLATION: “You were asking for the beat up Ben. Next time don’t be so offensive.”

That tactic the panelists used is called DARVO (Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender). Again, just like the Vatican does, feminism immediately resorts to DARVO when exposed.


All this drama took place just because Shapiro stated biological scientific facts. See? Feminism even imitates religions to near perfection with the classic opposition to scientific facts. Biological facts are poison to leftists like Robert-Zoey Tur just the way evolutionary facts are poison to Creationists. As Shapiro demonstrated, the best thing you can do is take away their victimhood and taunt them until they expose themselves.

This is the end of part 1 and believe me, from here on, things only get more offensive for feminists.

On part 2 of this #TrollSchool INTRO series we will learn how #Taunt and properly manipulate feminists. 

Find out how to take feminists for a ride on part 2.

Thank you for reading.


End of part 1


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