#UpsetAllAnitas: How to Upset the Left (INTRO) 2 of 3

DISCLAIMER 1: What follows is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent #GamerGate. Truth with zero protocol will be used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll status. For those who stayed, read on;

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#UpsetAllAnitas: How to upset the left intro part 2 of 3.

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As you may remember, on part one of this series, we analyzed the hypocrisy of the left and their rotten transapples which just give a bad name to their own glorified transcommunity. We also reviewed how people like Ben Shapiro managed to expose one of them (Zoey-Robert Tur) on Dr. Drew’s show. The way Shapiro manipulated Tur was by manipulating and taunting until Tur exploded. Again, you need to provoke and taunt leftists until they expose themselves. That is in and of itself the essence of Sun Tzu’s quote,

master― Sun Tzu

However if you are going to embark into this journey, you must also remember this:

Your enemy’s anger and ego are their burden. But If you want to win, cut all ties to your anger and ego. They are a burden.

header 4 (copy)



Having no emotions is a fallacy. 99% of all human beings have them. The difference is, some learn to control them better and some have ZERO intention of learning to control them. Hence the emotional behavior of ​ feminists and SJWs​. They live in a fictional world made of feelings. They are mere slaves to their emotions. SJWs do not control their emotions, their emotions make their decisions for them.

SJWs tend to have little or no emotional discipline, so much so, that even mere text “triggers” them. If emotions were food, SJWs would be morbidly obese compulsive eaters and emotional discipline would be daily exercise. Just like morbidly obese people who claim exercise would turn them into “muscular monsters”, SJWs claim emotional discipline would turn them into “emotionless monsters”

If you want to be better than SJWs, you have to have emotional discipline. It is not a choice, it is a must.
No need to sugar coat it: If you lack the emotional discipline to ignore insults you will fail miserably. If you are impulsive, you will fail.


Yes, if you cannot control your emotions, you will be defeated. Do not lie to yourself. Don’t embark on this journey if your sails are full of impulsive and emotional holes.

This begs the question, how do you train yourself against the delusion of your own negative emotions?

Simple. You gradually expose yourself to them.

Imagine feminists are annoying-as-fuck talking spiders and every time you see one, you just want to grab a shoe and smash the fuck out of it. Not really a phobia but close. This urge is clearly a problem because, while desireable, smashing them with shoes is not a solution. The urge to avoid feminists drivel is a problem because feminists won’t stop talking any time soon. So what is the solution to the urge to smash an annoying-as-fuck feminist talking spider?

In psychology they call it graduated exposure therapy. But in plain English it means that you desensitize yourself. If something annoys or scares you, you start by exposing yourself little by little to that thing that causes you a problem until you desensitize yourself. There are many methods to desensitize yourself  but let’s keep it practical and simple: All you need is Youtube.

Laci green


  • Watch 5 minute chunks of of hard-core retarded feminist content on Youtube (Laci Green or Anita Sarkeesian videos or shit like that)
  • Force yourself to watch the whole 5 minutes without flinching or reacting, just take notes.
  • Remember: Force yourself to remain silent and not to react. Zero pauses, zero reactions, zero facial gestures. Only notes.

At first, this is quite challenging but If you manage to slowly train yourself to witness their idiocy without falling prey to your emotions, you will gradually build a much higher tolerance to their verbal poison. In time, you will be able to increase your time to 10 or even 15 minutes.

While high tolerance is not immunity, the moment your tolerance allows you to watch more than 10-15 minutes then you may be able to move to the next stage:


Pause the video then verbally reply with a well reasoned argument, no swearing, just be blunt and and direct based on the notes you took. Imagine you are having a debate with them and you are replying to their delusions in front of an audience. Yes, it makes you look like a nutjob to reply to a computer screen, but just do it alone and train yourself to react less and master your emotions. I assure you, there is no shortage of retarded feminist content on youtube.


And, no, I am not a fucking Zen Buddhist. I just realized long ago that feminists and SJWs almost never train their emotional discipline. Look at them, they live a false emotional reality where mere text like this “triggers” them. If you want to be better than them, you need eliminate your emotional weaknesses to defeat them. You have the right to be angry, but your anger has no right to do your thinking. Always be a cobra, never a raging ape. You are the master and commander of the ship and your fury should only be a secondary tool. Master Hitchens put it best:

The finest fury





header 3


Because of Sun Tzu and Hitchens, (and secondarily because of people like Shapiro), I have been wondering how to manipulate and defeat feminists like Anita Sarkeesian and her acolytes. The hypothetical ideal plan would be an undercover recording of how she is coached by Jonathan Mcintosh during her rehearsals pre-shows and pre FemFreq recordings. The ideal would be to record them red-handed in the act of planning their lies. The plan would go like this:

  • Secretly record them when they are plotting
  • Then clandestinely release said recording, showing how she is spoonfed everything she has to say.

Such recording would expose her as the glorified puppet she is, taking away her victimhood in the process. But that in and of itself is a contradiction because the target should not be the puppet but the puppeteer : Jonathan McIntosh.

Nevergo full mac

Granted, McIntosh is so far into the left, he has made himself a laughing stock and an internet meme that when people speak in extreme emotional absolutes, they are referred as gone #FullMcIntosh. He is so irrational that instead of saying #NeverGoFullRetard we could instead say #NeverGoFullMcIntosh.

But it is precisely because of this intense emotional impulsiveness that leftists like him would become a perfect target for a leaked video. Why? Just imagine a drunk, emotionally wounded and vindictive Jonathan Mcintosh on video, spilling all the beans on how he planned the hoax for the FemFreq Kickstarter. That? That would be a golden dream. Such a video would be a Schadenfreude wet dream…

Sadly, you cannot have everything in life.

(However, plenty of people read this site, who knows? Maybe someone could ambush them and release the video or even propose a better idea in the comment section.)





header 4

Proper manipulation


But even if that Troll’s wet dream ever came to fruition, it would only be a band-aid on the dam, because Anita is just one of many copies of herself. Those “copies” are other less known feminists who are just as hypocritical and will replace her as soon as she is forced into shameful retirement.

However, those other “Anitas” will have the same ideology and similar weaknesses, thus, what is needed is a longer lasting set of solutions. What is needed instead of wet dreams of viral videos is more down-to-earth plans that can be done within #GamerGate. Let me put it this way, imagine Anita was the Vatican. Clearly while we cannot get rid of it at once, but we can expose their corruption and damage their credibility through proper manipulation. We could even play a 3 stage game; first toying with their weaknesses then exposing them, roughly speaking all taunt campaigns would have the following sections:

  • #Wound their Ego
  • #Taunt Them
  • #Expose Them

As previously noted, when SJWs are properly manipulated, they get angry and go out of character, and THEN they show their true colors. Just like it happened with Robert-Zoey Tur blatantly threatening to physically assault Ben Shapiro on live TV.

But what do I mean by proper manipulation? In a nutshell, you intentionally make your targets upset in order to document and #Expose their hate.  Then their #Exposed and publicized hate will erode their credibility. You need to verbally punch first.

As previously stated, there is one caveat: You must refrain from getting upset. I cannot stress this enough:

Your enemy’s anger and ego are their burden. 

But If you want to win, cut all ties to your anger and ego. They are a burden.


I can confidently tell you that you cannot defeat them if your emotions control you. Before you manipulate them you need to become the master and commander of your emotions. Or, in other words,


Yes. I just quoted myself. Yes, 100% Troll narcissism.


Intense emotions are a handle that allows retards to be carried like doggy shit bags. The stronger the emotion, the bigger the handle. And just like bags of dog shit someone has been leaving on your yard, you want to grab them by the handle and dump all of their shit on their own yard. You want to publicly force them to own their shit.

But what if you make the mistake of getting upset? Then you will feel a sudden itch on top of your head, then some redness and a sudden burst of stupidity will sprout out from your temples, and then you will grow a handle to allow anybody with more emotional discipline than yourself to carry you. Once you become a shithead, they will take you for a ride. You’ll become this:



Logically, instead of becoming a doggy shit bag, you want to develop the emotional discipline to control yourself and learn how to manipulate your lefty SJW enemies. You want to taunt them like Shapiro did. But you want to be better prepared than Shapiro and avoid choking on your words.

Had Ben Shapiro’s encounter with Robert-Zoey Tur not been recorded, the left would have avoided all accountability because it is in their nature to avoid owning their shit. They are hypocrites and cowards, hence why you must #Expose them in an organized fashion.

Remember: You need to taunt them on social media until they grow handles from their retarded heads. Once their impulsive emotions have turned them into doggy shit bags, THEN IT IS YOU the one that can take a whole lot of them and:




This is the end of part 2.

On part 3 of this #TrollSchool INTRO series we will analyze the Queen of Trolls himself: Milo Yiannopoulos

Find out how to butthurt feminists like Nero on part 3.

Thank you for reading.


End of part 2



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