#UpsetAllAnitas: How to Upset the Left (INTRO) 3 of 3

DISCLAIMER 1: What follows is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent #GamerGate. Truth with zero protocol will be used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll status. For those who stayed, read on;

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#UpsetAllAnitas: How to upset the left intro part 3 of 3.

Part1         Part2       Part3




taunt Campaigns

gay troll


Following the guidelines we discussed in parts 1 and two of these series, I’d like to propose a list of #Taunt campaigns where we emulate the same 3 stages (ideally without having to actually have any Jews beat up by murderous trannies). Instead it would have to be precisely executed via butthurt #Taunt campaigns which would feature the following stages:


  • #Wound their Ego
  • #Taunt Them
  • #Expose Them


However, there is twist. Remember that SJWs/Leftists have one weapon?

Yes, they play the victim.

That weapon would have to be preemptively taken away. All of these proposals have to feature exactly that: Preemptively taking away the chance of them playing the victim.

How? Simple. They have to feel ridiculous to even entertain the thought of playing the victim. We will call this twist *the prestige. Here is an example:

Milo Yiannopoulos faces a feminist during a live show, he calls one of them “Darling.” Feminists lose their shit but they secretly know it would be ridiculous to claim Milo is a misogynist because he is gay as fuck therefore *the prestige Milo uses is knowing he takes away their “play victim” weapon. Behold his thuggish fabulousness:


Just in case you missed the faces feminists made when they were disrespected by the word “Darling”:


See, the taunting did not stop at the TV show. Milo took it to online media by Tweeting this taunt to radfem @Cruella1 (the one that looks like an ugly nun in civilian clothes)




Allow me to elucidate Milo’s *prestige tactics visually:

notice the trolling

Milo is a prime example of what it means to troll radfems until they expose themselves. He taunts them until they expose their violent vicious nature behind their facade of kind and harmless Neo-nuns for “equality”.

As previously stated, once feminists are upset, they become vicious and show their true colors. Usually, when feminists/SJWs become enraged enough on social media they will start making:

  • Physical assault threats
  • Threats through #KillAllMen genocidal “jokes”
  • Threats through #PenisMutilation “jokes”
  • Thinly veiled death threats
  • Thinly veiled rape threats (if you are female)

See, feminists are easily carried away by their raw emotions and if properly manipulated, they will do exactly that which they claim to oppose: Threats of violence.

Want proof? After the Dr. Drew Show, Robert-Zoey Tur was so enraged that he challenged Ben Shapiro to go to the parking lot to give him the beating he deserved. Guess what? Since the “filthy Jew” Shapiro declined his offer, Robert-Zoey Tur went to social media and agreed he wanted to give “filthy Jew” Shapiro the pure Nazi curb-stomping he deserved. Behold:


curb stomping

In case you did not know what “curb-stomping” means, here is Edward Norton’s character from the film “American History X” curb-stomping a “filthy black” 

curb stomping


Because, let’s be truly progressive, what else do Jews deserve other than what Neo-Nazis do right Robert-Zoey Tur?

Wew…First physical assault threats, then an invitation to a fight in a parking lot then a threat of blunt force trauma to the head which would have resulted in a broken teeth, jaw, neck and almost certain death. Tsk, tsk, tsk…How unladylike of you Robert-Zoey Tur.

See? All Ben shapiro had to say to enrage Robert-Zoey Tur was just one simple question:

“What are your genetics, sir?”

Then Robert-Zoey Tur was enraged enough to smear itself not only on TV but also on social media. See? All you have to do is give these “peaceful leftists” enough rope and they will hang themselves.

Want another example of  “giving rope” to an enraged feminist on social media? Something similar happened to radfem Kola Boof who threatened to kill and mutilate multiple antifeminists who opposed her feminism. Just in case that was not vicious enough, Kola also threatened to commit acts of cannibalism with the remains of the women she threatened to kill.

See, the inconvenient truth is that, deep down, feminists also want to execute those who insult their feminist religion. Sounds familiar? Behold:

Koola Boof mutilation

But of course we should not take threats from feminists seriously! After all they are all just like children right? Oh wait, women are legally equal to men. Too bad impulsive feminists like Zoey or Kola think of themselves “as above the law”. They are not.

Remember: Your job is to keep calm and taunt feminists like Robert-Zoey Tur or Kola Boof until they have a meltdown & show their true colors THEN you archive and screenshot their threats.

You have to expose them the way I am doing it right now because both Robert-Zoey Tur & Kola will be notified of this article on social media. Both will be upset and who knows? Maybe they will have another meltdown or will start lying again. It won’t matter. It is all about exposing them.

Some of the following proposals may be more feasible than others but feel free to modify them or even suggest new ones in the comment section.






This is one of the simplest taunt campaigns. Just quote a feminist who is complaining about something Milo said. Then add the hashtag #MiloRapedMyFeelings at the end. Example:

nero raped mah feelings


  1. #WOUND FEMINISTS’ EGOS:  Go to @Nero’s feed and dot-reply or just retweet their grievances. The fucker is very prolific so there is no shortage of those. Remember to add the “TRANSLATION: #NeroRapedMyFeelings” at the end of your retweet. Attaching this picture every time you call the feminist/SJW “darling” would also be helpful: nano-darling
  2. #TAUNT FEMINISTS’ ANGER: The intention is to “trigger” feminists by using the word “rape” WHILE removing your accountability as you clearly stated it was a metaphor about feelings not actual sexual assault. Remember, not to swear and just tell the feminist things like “Oh cupcake, don’t take #NeroRapedMyFeelings so seriously, it was just a joke” or something like: “Calm down darling, you take metaphoric rape too seriously” The more you call them “darling” the more you remind them of Nero and the more likely they are to explode. Once they become vicious, they usually go for out-of-the-blue comments on your penis size or just for direct penis mutilation “jokes”or #KillAllMen “jokes.” You should welcome their penis-related comments with comebacks like “Darling, why do you bring cock to unrelated conversations? Why the obsession?” Remember, your job is to taunt them until they explode.
  3. #EXPOSE THEIR TRUE COLORS: While you are taunting them, open another tab and go to archive.is. And as soon as the radfem or SJW you are taunting snaps, copy the link to their tweet, change tab and archive it. I cannot stress this enough ARCHIVING THEIR VICIOUSNESS IS A MUST OR ELSE THEY WILL ERASE THEM. Don’t waste time retweeting or telling friends of the threats the SJW just made, because 99% of the time, SJWs will erase them. Remember, we are not dealing with rational people, they work on impulse and their anger is a premature orgasm, as soon as they “come” they will have second thoughts, feel guilty and erase it.

Lulz are had.

trolls are had







Patrice O’Neal’s brilliant Pepsi Cola Rapist joke is a perfect example of a “ethnic-cannibal joke.” We have a black guy cracking jokes about black guys or in other words, we have the member of a minority cannibalizing his own minority. White feminists and SJWs? They can’t even complain about “racism” because it is a member of the same minority  cracking jokes about the exactly same minority. As a result the SJWs and feminists just choke on their anger because they can barely criticize someone who is telling cannibal jokes. It was just brilliant, like Patrice himself. (Fuck! You are sorely missed you majestically vulgar iconoclast. May your memory last forever. Patrice O’Neal.)

I propose a marathon of the most offensive, most racist jokes told ONLY by cynically ethnic cannibals AKA “ethno-cannibal joke squad.”

  • Black people tell the most racist anti-#BlackLivesMatter black jokes.
  • Asians tell  the most scathing jokes about bad driving.
  • Mexicans tell the most merciless jokes about illegal Mexicans.
  • Gay men tell the most discriminatory jokes about homos.
  • Women tell the most unapologetically misogynistic rape jokes.
  • Indians tell the most unforgiving curry-smelling jokes.
  • Muslims tell suicide-bomber jokes.
  • Whites tell white trash jokes.
  • And so on

The purpose is to hold leftists hostage and preemptively preclude them from complaining about discrimination or racism because it would ONLY be the matching minorities telling jokes about themselves.

THE ONLY RULE: Only minorities cannibalize their own matching minority-specific jokes. Zero minority mixing.

The success of this operation hinges upon this rule. Failure to do so will result in the left being given ammo for their hypocrisy and calling #GamerGate racist. If properly executed, the left would be as mortified as restrained vegans being force-fed meatloaf.

Predictably, out of their unbridled outrage, the SJWs will impulsively promote this. Breitbart may benefit especially if it is done for a good cause. These #CannibalJokeMarathon‘s could become monthly events. These are the suggested stages to follow;



  1. #WOUND FEMINISTS’ EGOS: The internet, reddit and Twitter and everything else is combed to gather a giant list of effective short offensive jokes.  The the audience votes to weed out mediocre jokes and only the best jokes are put in a final list of ~300 or more jokes. Jokes are split by gender and ethnic packs then EXCLUSIVELY given to the matching groups. Nobody knows exactly who is will read what. Video submissions that follow the one rule are also accepted but only the best ones will be played during the live stream.
  2. #TAUNT FEMINISTS’ ANGER#BIGMILO-like marathon starts by Milo reading the one rule out loud for all participants to to follow. Only trusted guests (who will abide by the rule and that received matching jokes) are invited to ensure they will not derail the event. Ethnic cannibals eat their own kind with the best jokes LIVE and the best prerecorded video submissions are interspersed with the live event to give live guests coffee & pee breaks. The best jokes are archived from the live chat for the next marathon. The onslaught of political incorrectness  swarms social media as the #CannibalJokeMarathon starts trending. The left is rectally wounded. Then, Buzzfeed, Salon, The Daily Beast and all the rest of the leftist online outlets have a collective rectal meltdown. Then Breitbart traffic surges. The second cannibal marathon is even more outrageous and features black people wearing blackface and bright red lipstick while telling the most offensive yet funniest jokes about black people. Same applies to women who tell tell rape jokes while preparing sandwiches while chained to the kitchen. The left explodes and wants Milo removed from the internet. Milo laughs his way to the bank.
  3. #EXPOSE THEIR TRUE COLORS: Logically, outraged SJWs will be so offended, so rectally wounded that they very likely use racist attacks themselves against the members of minorities telling the jokes, said racist attacks will be continuously archived and the best ones are compiled into a list. The screenshot of each offending tweet is manipulated. First the photo of the original SJW is changed from a minority to a generic photo of a “white privileged male”. The result? A perfectly offensive tweet originally composed by a minority SJW that looks as racist as it can get with the original twitter handle left intact.  Then, all the manipulated tweets are compiled into a “wall of abuse” which is sent back to online leftist snake pits like Buzzfeed. As expected they won’t do their job and check the source. Leftist outlets like Salon.com or Buzzfeed are then asked to report all of the “racist attacks”. The result? The outlets bite the taunt campaign hook line and sinker then think the “white cis males” are real and get the minority SJWs suspended instead.  Then the whole strategy is revealed on a youtube video, then Buzzfeed is exposed and will have to retract the story.

stage 2

trolls are had

Lulz are had.





Now go and #UpsetAllAnitas but before you do…

Remember: When dealing with the left and its regressive SJWs this is a rule to live by.



This is the end of part 3

Thank you for reading.

Now get to work.

End of part 3


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