@CultOfVivian’s Open Letter to Traitor @LiberalLunacy Shannon



@CultOfVivian’s Open Letter to traitor @LiberalLunacy Shannon


Everybody agrees you have no principles. You are a cancer to our community and quite honestly, the world would be a better place without you.

I know you will be the usual coward and will not publish this, but this is what I feel about Shannon’s betrayal to all of us on the side of GamerGate who, unlike you, still care about ethics and justice.

Open Letter to @liberal_Lunacy Shannon,

You have betrayed us all Shannon. You have  betrayed GamerGate, you have betrayed ethics and you  have betrayed your own humanity. The money I and others gave to your cause should have been enough to at least have reconsidered before you even tried to spread your poison with your “line in the sand” article. It hurts to feel betrayed by people like you Shannon, I really thought you were better than that. But then you tweeted this:




At this point you have caused me so much pain that I no longer know who is worse; you or Ethan Ralph. Your “line in the sand article” was not ethical, what you did to me and the rest of us was admitting you never cared for what we felt as human beings. You never admitted you caused us pain, you never admitted that by publishing that hurtful article you treated us like subhumans. Any decent human being would have at least tried to talk to us to obtain our permission to publish something so hurtful. Before contacting the cancer of GamerGate: Ethan Ralph.

By associating with him you have confirmed what you truly are; a cancer too. You are cancer to me, you are cancer to the justice of GamerGate and you are cancer to human kind itself.

Why would I have to respect you? You have hurt all of us. After we gave you our kindness, after we helped you with your stairlift with money we could have used for real charities, you betrayed us all. The minimum you owed us all was the decency of not talking about Lily or Sarah. You owed us the decency of leaving both subjects untouched.

You owed people like me the decency of not attacking us and not questioning our human qualities. I try to be the best human being I can. And in your case I even gave you money. After everything I did for you, after all this community has done for you, what did I get? Attacks and threats.

I did not deserve any of the abuse I have received because all I asked was human decency for Sarah. In my heart, I know I am not wrong because unlike you, I care about all people.

You owed us all the minimum decency of agreeing with the basic human decency we all strive for in GamerGate. I know you cannot understand this, but you cannot criticize our basic human decency, that is what I, for one, stand for. That is what you should have stood for. You should have been with us not against us. Now, it is too late, you are against us all. There is no going back.

Even if you gave us all our money back (which you should), even if you repaid all the money we KINDLY gave you for your stairlift, it would not be enough, you have caused too much pain. Much more than what you could imagine. Much more than what you can pay for both morally and financially.

I have tears in my eyes as I type this. You have attacked us all Shannon, you have not only hurt us but you have also caused us all irreparable emotional damage by abusing our trust. But to be honest, I no longer use the Gamergate HT anymore, because every time I do, I just get attacked by people like you. I no longer have to open myself to attacks because I know I can have a sense of morality and standards without tying myself to these people.

I am tired of being a kind person to people who betray me. From today on, I will be a nice person to people who deserve it. You do not deserve it because you are against human decency. I will tell you right now I am glad you are sick and you suffer. People like you deserve to suffer. I really hope at some point you get so sick you can no longer type your poison to hurt us all.

I hope Ethan Ralph also gets sicker than you and loses everything he ever had because I will do everything in my power to make sure he cannot hurt anybody else with his poisonous website. All the pain you have caused us all has finally made me understand that if YOU use any means necessary to make us suffer, we are justified to use ANY means necessary to cause you irreversible financial harm. If you have no limits, we should have no limits either.

People like you and Ethan deserve to be sick and end their days the worst way possible.

I know I am not alone in what I feel right and I know I am morally superior to all of you because, I know I don’t have it in me to cause this much pain to good people but you are not good people and you will pay for all the pain you have inflicted.

Thanks for all the pain you’ve caused.

Enjoy the stairlift Shannon.

Nicole Sund /@CultOfVivan


















Logically, the above letter is satire.

It also is an extrapolation of the extremely emotional tweets made by Nicole Sund AKA @CultOfVivan following’s Shannon’s article “A line in the sand” Yes, it was written by me Filthy Neo Troll Jack Outis not Ralph. Let me clarify:


The satirical letter above is an is an exercise on Nicole Sund’s SJW implications  and predictable behavior. Which also happens to be an extension of the things feminists like her say without thinking. They just feel and react on impulse, like reptiles.

Logically, when Vivian sees this article, it will almost certainly be labelled “poison” but she will be very, very unlikely to elaborate on the implications she made in her original tweets.

Why? Because she would be shooting herself in her retarded radfem foot. What she should say is things like “that is hateful” or “that loser troll is reading too much into my tweets” or “he is creepy” she should also try to use her most common tactic: “I am being attacked”

Let’s go over her tweets and their implications to understand the reasoning behind the expansions applied to the letter above.

BTW When I was planning this piece, I came to the conclusion it had to be the kind of language a SJWs would relate to. BTW, if you are a SJW and while you were reading Nicole’s fake anger and you experienced a hate-hard on then a sudden loss of blood pressure, that was the point. The piece had to be not “over the top” to blend in. It had to be based on raw feelings and little else. The kind of thing feminists would write and almost immediately delete out of shame, someone as idiotic as Vivian herself. Logically, SJWs also need to justify their viciousness by using a tool called DARVO (Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender.) The more they revert the roles and accuse their target of “vile-inhumanity” the more leeway they give themselves to be as vicious as those meanies they “hate”.

Just like it happened to Chichiro dev, the leftist media avoided and ostracized her because she did not have the right kind of ideas feminist outlets were looking for. Shannon is like Chichiro Dev. and Cult of Vivan is the Leftist media. Vivian will never forgive the fact Shannon does not have the “right kind of ideas”.


1 Original Tweet:


Implication: Perfect DARVO











Expansion: She is attacking a person but since she knows Shannon is handicapped she had to reverse the roles and paint Shannon as the attacker. As much feminists do, they replace the pronouns “I” and they instead use “us” using a collective gives the impression that Shannon “hurt” so many people, her handicapped status no longer factors in and she “has to pay”.



2 Original Tweet:

Implication: I am morally superior. I do not need your morals.

Expansion: Since Vivian considers herself morally superior anything goes because the more outraged she is the more justified she is to retaliate. Pure SJW “superior justice”



3 Original Tweet:

Implication: “we own you, therefore you can’t criticize us”

Expansion: We paid for your stairlift, I owe your opinions and ideas. Then Vivan closes with a nice DARVO. Oh Vivian, thanks to your hypocrisy Ralph can get a few thousand clicks. You idiot.



Thank you for reading.



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