What follows is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.


I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent #GamerGate. Truth with zero protocol will be used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll status.

For those who stayed, read on;

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Dear Candace Owens,

It has come to my attention that your Social Autopsy project aims to remove anonymity from online trolls like me by exposing their real personal data and I am convinced you should expose me.

Allow me to introduce myself. My online nom de plume/guerre is Jack Outis.

I am a proud online Neo-Troll & writer formerly for and from time to time for Please allow me state beyond reasonable doubt the following:

  • I am proud of targeting hypocritical psychologically fragile adults of the feminist/SJW variety.
  • I am proud of asking them about their past mental break downs.
  • I am proud of asking them about their past sexual abuse/molestation.
  • I am also proud of telling them I do not care about their suffering after they have confessed their past struggles.

Let me clarify, I am especially proud of harassing them until they suspend my disposable Twitter accounts (40+ suspension victories so far).

Why do I do this? Because each suspension represents a victory to me. Because I want them to know their censorship is ineffective. Because the internet is not a place for thin-skinned princesses. Because the web is the place where religions, including feminism, come to die.

Here is the rotten cherry on top: I do all of the above “abuse” with mere text and images and by using socratic questioning, none of them illegal.

What I do works because my targets are too narcissistic to stop reading thus they willingly increase their pre-existing psychological damage. I just provide the offensive content and they do the rest of the work. See? Cynicism is more offensive than lies because by your belief system, I should not be proud of what I do, yet I am.

I am truly proud of trolling adults and following my rules.

It is very unlikely to shame someone for what they are proud of, isn’t it Candace? Worst part is, I do derive both physical and intellectual pleasure from trolling.

This is not a turn of phrase nor hyperbole, I do get noticeable dopamine surges from planning then writing offensive comments and prose like the one you are reading. Then the dopamine release only increases when the text and images elicit a raw & visceral response from the target of my harassment or, when I witness the random collateral idiots getting offended by my content. Be it on social media or in the comment section, I take great pleasure in getting a rise out of unsuspecting, impulsive people.

When I experience this satisfaction from offending people, my heart rate increases, my pupils dilate, my attention span increases as well as my overall alertness. At first I thought it was just the placebo effect or the combination of writing and caffeine but I have run some tests and purposefully eliminated all caffeine for a week before crafting then releasing previous provocation pieces to rule out other factors. Same results. My observations appear to be near conclusive: I consistently get dopamine/adrenaline surges out of offending people online and I derive great satisfaction from it.

Do you find my observable behavior “pathological” Candace? How about “predatory”? How about “hateful”? Do you think I am worse than a rapist a pedophile or Hitler? I too have enjoyed being called all of those endearing nicknames.

See? When my target resorts to calling me those colorful adjectives, they reduce themselves to the equivalent of a raging anthropoid flinging their own excrement at me. This visceral reaction is the tacit confirmation my provocation worked and just puts a big grin on my face. Think about it, using adjectives is often an unmistakably expression of raw emotion. The more extreme the adjectives, the more upset they are likely to be and the bigger my grin*


the jack.png

I came to terms with my eventual unmasking either by people like you or acquaintances of mine. It is not a matter of “if”, it is a matter of “when”. But the question persists, what do you do with the troll who stays a troll even after you have taken away his/her income and possessions? What do you do with public trolls?

Look at my online track record Candace, look at my writing, at the images I produce and you may eventually entertain the idea that most of it is possibly deliberate. If you ever reach such conclusion (provided you emotions allowed you to think) you may have an even worse epiphany:

My trolling is an act of will.

Why would anybody in their sane mind, dedicate the time and effort to such pointless “hateful” endeavour?

See what I did there? Keep reading and I’ll let you conclude whether I am compos mentis or not.

The first thing you may notice is that I follow some rules. Why? Because it would defeat the purpose of emotionally manipulating others if mine were at the helm. Don’t you think? My bad, I meant to say:

“Don’t you feel Candace?”

As you can tell dear Candace, I am a prime target for projects like yours, and according to your stated goals, it would be in your best interest to disclose my private information so that I dearly pay the consequences of my online behavior. I should lose my job, savings and possessions so that I stop trolling. Right?

At least that is what you implied in this interview you gave to Ethan Ralph, when you were asked this question at minute 0:23:

“What are your thoughts on online anonymity in general?”

To which you replied with this convoluted valley-girl rambling:

I like that question, I guess the way to think about it though is that if everyone wasn’t allowed to be anonymous (just to answer that on the outskirts and not talk about social autopsy) Um…people then wouldn’t harass because there would be a genocide? And then, you would think…you wouldn’t have to worry about the issue? It would it could deplete itself. Is if you can/ if everyone is able to be seen, then you could just imagine that people wouldn’t be openly saying all these awful things. And that people that are saying these disgusting volatile things online that we were talking about were people who were anonymous not the people who were in plain sight.


My work as a troll is not to decipher your poorly organized verbose question-sounding quasi-statements resulting from your poorly organized thoughts Candace, (BTW please learn to speak properly, statements should not end with rising intonation) but today I will make an exception:

“What are your thoughts on online anonymity in general?”

“If we remove online anonymity, trolls will stop being mean.”

So let me get this straight Candace, you are saying being public prevents you from committing crimes?


Allow me to remind you feminists also say that we should:

“teach men not to rape”.


By your “logic” we should then,

“teach trolls not to be offensive”

See? Feminists intentionally make the implication that “all men are rapists” and in your case Candace, it appears you imply “all trolls are criminals”.

Am I a rapist or a pedophile to you Candace?

Maybe both? 

While feminists firmly believe rapists should be “taught not to rape” you, on the other hand, firmly imply trolls should be taught “not to troll”by exposing them.

Does it surprise you I just compared myself to a rapist or a pedo?

Is everything terrible Candace?

Either the world is terrible or you live in a comfortable delusion because If everything the terrible then nothing is.





Rape victims often become feminists. They use feminism as a coping mechanism against hurtful past memories. Hence why I skip everything and just ask them point-blank who raped or molested them in the past then I assure them I do not care about their suffering because they are not children anymore.

I am serious, I truly do not care about an adult’s past sexual abuse be it male, female or trans.

Would you like to know why Candace?

Exactly. Magnitude.

An adult feminist with intense rape memories and PTSD (medically diagnosed or more often self-diagnosed) does not even rank when compared with the suffering children with cancer endure. The magnitude of the suffering a tiny human being with no experience, no context, no ill will and no past offenses has to endure in a losing battle against cancer must be respected.

Because of that a child with cancer has all my respect because neither you nor I or any other adult will ever suffer as much as them because we, as adults have the advantage of many years of context and experience, but children with cancer do not.

Hence why I blatantly tell “depressed” feminists like Cara Santa Maria things like this every time I have the opportunity:




See, deep down, there are parallels between feminists and you Candace. While a feminist was defined by her past sexual trauma, you yourself appear to have been defined by the trauma of “bullying” you have publicly confessed to have experienced.

Did the bullying cause your eating disorder?

Did it cause your anorexia?

If so, here is the thing about anorexic women: They are a frail walking ad that says “help me”. As the disease progresses, the slimmer and more vulnerable they get, the more they turn themselves into the mimicry of a defenseless child. Instead of adult women, they are just walking “guilt-trip” ads. It would stand to reason you have also actively guilt-tripped your boyfriends with your frailty dear possibly anorexic Candace.

By the way, have you seen yourself in the mirror today Candace?

You may look fat. 

See, feminists also have the bad habit of trying to look like adults while behaving like children, anorexia included. Does your boyfriend know this? I get it, it is just too convenient for you to have him as an unpaid stand-by quasi therapist.

After all, legally speaking, he is also your de facto amalgam of a beast of burden/ATM/sperm donor after your future divorce, so it makes perfect sense you use him as a psychological pillow at the time being.

Why? Because you do appear to be damaged goods dear Candace and women like you tend to have very very short marriages, just like feminists do. Like them, nothing will ever be your fault.

But i digress, maybe bulimia is also involved and you are even more broken than the expected. But don’t worry, all that manipulation you do is for a “good cause”.

Furthermore, while a feminist claims to believe her actions are for a greater good, you also might believe your emotions will eventually protect younger people who are as vulnerable as you once were. See, one of the many pitfalls of the emotional solipsism you seem to share with feminists, is to assume your emotions dictate reality.

Correct me if I am wrong dear Candace, but by “reverse engineering” your transparent actions, it would stand to reason that by virtue of trying to prevent the ultimate consequence of bullying AKA suicide, you yourself must have been suicidal at some point.

Is that what happened to you in your darkest hour while under the pressure of bullying Candace?

How many mental breakdowns did you have Candace?

Did the bullying make you suicidal?

Is your eating disorder your fashionable way to “finish the job”?

If that extrapolation is not off, it would seem you want to prevent your past from ever happening to others, in essence, you want to prevent your very personal suicide thoughts from ever happening again in someone else’s head. I get it, it is a highly functional form of thinly veiled narcissism that some feminists also indulge in, some even call themselves “Joan of Arc” for pathologically defending the rights of imaginary IT girls.



It also seems you have a fixation with defending children you baby sit despite the fact you do not have any of your own. Is this fixation related to your past Candace?


In other words, were you molested in your childhood?

If so, was it a family member Candace?

If you have read this far, you may already have intense emotions unrelated to love for me dear Candace. Despite all this, I would still want to ask you the following question:

What would it take for you to accept me as an ally?

Even though we seem to agree with possibly the most important universal moral foundation there is to human kind, you would more than likely make a moral judgement against me based on your emotions not your reasoning.


To you, what I do is immoral. To me it is merely amoral.

To you, my actions describe my thoughts. To me, my thoughts dictate my actions.

To you, I am a time-bomb. To me, I am mere text.


See? Intense emotions are an obstacle for reasoning. Let me ask you again dear Candace:

What would it take for you to accept me as an ally?


It would never be enough.







I get it, despite the behavioral parallels, you still claim not to be a “bad” feminist dear Candace, then let me ask you the following question:

What is your drive Candace?

What makes you embrace this illusion of sanitizing the internet?

So far, this is what I see in you, either you are:

A) A mildly shrewd marketer playing a convincing character
B) A woman with the heart of a stork

Let me entertain option B Candace, let me tell you why you may have the heart of a stork. It would stand to reason you are still a fertile woman with a good ~100-200 eggs left and you are doing this sanitizing endeavour with the best intentions regarding your narcissistic ovarian future**

Or in plain English, you want to sanitize the internet before you have your own children. Right?

You may gullible enough to believe that if you start sanitizing now, by the time your still to be born children become teens they might inherit a “better internet”.

Do you want to shelter your imaginary children from what you went through Candace?

Would you like to prevent them from ever entertaining the suicidal thoughts you once had Candace?

Is that it?

See, in that respect you are more of a mix of option

A) As superficial as Anita Sarkeesian but coupled with

B) Your female stork-like heart AND mind that only sees the surface of things.

The internet has a surface that cannot be “sanitized” because the cores of the deep web, the darkest ones, the ones you and most people do not know about, cannot be cleansed. The deep web is where true crimes against humanity regularly take place. Here is a subset for you to easily digest.

The deep web should be your main concern Candace, not the surface of it. But that would be too much work for your bird-brained head. Wouldn’t it?

Furthermore, have you considered that the social decay countries like the USA experience regularly may have to do with the “anger” trolls express?

How would your Social Autopsy project stop the average unemployed teen with anger issues and access to a smart phone from ever trolling again?

Would Social Autopsy give that teen a job?

Would it give that teen better parents?


A better past?

Better memories?

Add to that the fact the problem with the surface internet is not the trolls, the problem is people themselves.

Trolling is a form of honesty, it is an amplification of what people truly think in the privacy of their heads. Hate, racism, misogyny, misandry, misanthropy, crime, you name it.

Projects like Social Autopsy cannot prevent people from entertaining hateful thoughts in the privacy of their own minds and people like you only motivate trolls like me to express such thoughts in writing. The more you try to suppress it, the worse it gets.

Because only human actions should be limited by laws, the human mind should be limited by nothing.

Freedom of thought is a concept short-sighted storks like you tend to struggle with.

People like you create trolls like me Candace. The moment you sanitize the internet, trolls like me will either smear it further or move to the much worse deep web.

See? Don’t be surprised your stork brain had only seen the surface, storks like you aren’t that smart to begin with because all you care about is your eggs dear Candace.

Your intelligence resembles the noble job storks have when they bring the babies from Paris because both your intelligence and their jobs are as fictional.
You are no hero; all you are is a mere glorified ovarian stork with a misplaced metastasized sense of altruism dear Candace Owens.





Let’s take your potential altruism to its ultimate pathological consequences. Let’s pretend you are given full unlimited power to regulate the internet dear Candace. Here is how it might play out:

  • First, you would disclose all identities of trolls like me.
  • Then you would attempt to cleanse Facebook Twitter and the like.
  • Logically, you would struggle to come to terms with the suicides of those random teenagers falsely accused of being trolls by real trolls.
  • For each suicide you would become accustomed to telling yourself the following mantras:

“That suicide was not my fault. I do this for a good cause. It’s for the children”

“That other suicide was not my fault. I do this for a good cause. It’s for the children”

“Last week’s suicides were not my fault. I do this for a good cause. It’s for the children”

  • Lastly, you would struggle to pass laws to prevent the thousands of now public trolls from becoming even more offensive than past public trolls like Milo Yiannopoulos.
  • After passing a few laws, you would realize the problem constantly multiplies itself but much worse in the deep web.
  • In short, all of the above would fail over and over and over again while getting worse on the deep web end.

Make no mistake Candace, I have given a fair amount of thought to the eradication of problems like me and I keep coming back to square one:


The problem is not anonymity, the problem is not the trolls themselves, the problems is the human mind.


See, just like people, trolls are an amplification of what truly happens inside most people’s heads: Hate, racism, envy, greed, viciousness, you name it. They are all forms of honesty facilitated by the amplification of anonymity.


In other words, even if all forms of online anonymity were eradicated, the problem would persist by virtue of the troll mindset because we are all hateful, greedy and offensive in the privacy of our own heads.

You are like me and I am like you Candace, the only difference is that I am cynical but anonymous about it.


(And I do it all via mere text & images.)

See where this is going?

We could keep shutting down sites, networks or even complete areas of the web and the problem would keep happening. The problem is not the sites or the web, the problem is the people.

People generate hate, people generate the “mean” side of the web and as long as you have people, you will have “abuse”. For each head you cut off from the hydra 3 new ones will regrow just like it happens with online piracy.

But wait, you are also part of the problem Candace, because by sheltering people you only create an endless list of fresher ever more vulnerable targets for trolls like me. You quite literally are serving them on a silver plate for us to consume. See? You are not that noble.

No, Candace, your stork-idea is destined to fail because it is too superficial to see the real source of the problem. You could take trolls like me down but for each one like me there will be 1,000 worse ready to go public and take my place and unlike me, they usually have zero rules to follow.

There is even the potential risk that being a public troll becomes a reason for pride just like in cases like Andrew “weev” Auernheimer.

So tell me Candace, what do you do with public trolls? What if the troll stays troll even after unmasking them? What if they take pride in going public? The problem is not the anonymity, the problem is their filthy minds.

Think about it Candace.

Aren’t minds like mine the reasons for all of your concerns?

What do you do to suppress the minds of trolls like me?

What can we do to prevent minds like mine to ever happen again, to eradicate them from the genome?

Remember: As long as you do not eradicate the source, proposals like yours will be doomed to fail.


Final solutions must be found dear Candace.

We both know some truly violent things have to be done for the greater good of the world because absolute altruism should always be taken to its ultimate consequences.

Why? Because it feels right.

But take heart dear Candace, you may not be alone in your journey…




Thank you for reading.

*Granted, on occasion offending people also gives me an erection but I blame Mercedes Carrera for it. Besides, the inescapable oxygen the internet breathes/smells as salty as porn itself.
** 12 ovulations per year and considering you are in your late 20’s/early 30’s which results in approximately ~200 eggs left but only ~100 of them optimal for a healthy baby, give or take if you are around  27-30.


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