What follows is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.


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You have to wonder the genuine reasons Hillary Clinton wants to become the next president.

It can not be about the money, she is already extremely wealthy. It is also unlikely she is perusing it because she wants to “make America great again”. First, because that slogan is already taken and second because her “democratic” socialism is unlikely to help the ailing American economy.

The country is already up to it’s neck in debt, and expecting companies to pay more taxes to feed their socialist beast is shamefully absurd. Companies are far more likely to flee to foreign countries, with much lower tax rates, before Hillary tries to exponentially increase them. Expecting companies to foot the bill for feminist socialism is just as delusional as feminism itself.

So no, Hillary is unlikely to have America’s best interest in mind. By Occam’s razor it would make much more sense that she is doing it because she wants power to compensate for her intense and fossilized inferiority complex (like most feminists in their 70’s do).

Most women who embrace feminism do so to cope with past sexual assault trauma and/or overcompensate for an intense inferiority complex.

Think about it; most women who embrace feminism do so to cope with past sexual assault trauma and/or overcompensate for an intense inferiority complex.  That should tell you what you need to know about Hillary.

Do not mistake her for a noble person. Hillary is a feminist and therefore a hypocrite. She wants power: plain and simple.

What most likely motivates her is a need for recognition. A need for status. Just put two and two together. She needs this much validation and prestige, because deep down she knows she is just a tiny inhabitant of the giant shadow her husband (that still to this day) casts over her.

Just look at her last name, she is even a parasite at that level. How do most people remember her?

Exactly, “Bill Clinton’s wife”.

She is a glorified appendage that never earned recognition of her own. Her husband’s last name “empowered” her. Why did she change her last name all those years ago? Why would she serve the patriarchy by becoming Bill Clinton’s property?

Simple, she was “empowered” by her parasitical nature. She is a hypocrite, she adopted and kept that last name because it gave her the recognition and power she could never earn on her own. She is a feminist parasite.

Make no mistake, Hillary Clinton is a careless a parasite on so many levels that she doesn’t even try to be a competent liar or care about covering her tracks. Giving near absolute power to an ardent corrupt feminist like Hillary would be suicide for the American economy.

Here is the thing about power, you either claim it yourself or someone gives it to you out of guilt or pity. The inconvenient truth is that Feminists were “empowered” by men. Power was given to them out of guilt/pity but they never earned it.

That in and of itself is the summation of feminism and Hillary’s life. She has been given possibly countless concessions and opportunities because of collective pity towards feminists. Feminists have the bad habit of painting the word “PARASITISM” in a bright euphemistic shade of feminist pink to make it look like their imaginary “empowerment” word.

If success is given to you, it is not success. It is a lie.

Same applies to intellectual respect and success in life through hard work. Both have to be earned.

That is why most feminists are a public refutation of intellectual honesty. They lie to themselves and then to everybody else about their true intellectual capabilities. They even go as far to publicly perform the following most spectacular form intellectual dishonesty and DARVO (Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender):

White feminists are the authentic product of privilege YET they have the gall to accuse all white men of “privilege”.


Last time I checked, intelligence was not a penis but if it were, feminists would also have that chronic form of penis envy.

Judging by her actions, Hillary Clinton believes laws do not apply to her and her pigheaded democratic followers are a public demonstration of true ignorance, just like Islam.


Thank you for reading.


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