What follows is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.


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Despite the scandals, most politicians at Hillary Clinton’s level are already extremely wealthy. If they mismanage their country, they normally face minimal consequences and they nearly always get to retain their wealth

In the corporate world, this safety net against mismanagement and accountability is called “the golden parachute”. However in the political world that parachute is more of a “fortress” where politicians can easily retreat to avoid any accountability for their often downplayed gross negligence.

Let’s call a spade a spade. Donald Trump would have as much as a “golden fortress” as Hillary in case either of them got elected. In the case the economy crashed while either of them was in command, neither would face direct consequences. (not impossible but very very unlikely for them to end up in jail or destitute)

However, there is remarkable difference. Unlike Trump, Hillary has, by virtue of her gender, many, many more avenues to avoid accountability.

Let’s not forget that the “patriarchy is against all women”, and she can always invoke that feminist mantra and say she failed because of the patriarchal system made by men. Perfect plausible deniability of any responsibility for feminists. Or in plain English feminist can always say

“it wasn’t Hillary, it was the patriarchy”


When the patriarchy is to blame for Hillary’s bad decisions, you have a recipe to bankrupt a country. Despite all this, her followers are incredibly eager to exculpate and downplay all of Hillary’s flaws.

Look at what is happening right now. Despite the mail server scandal, the ongoing email probe and the mounting evidence on her blatant disregard of  laws, Hillary’s supporters STILL bend over backwards to defend her in full stubborn mode.

The leftist media is also guilty. After Romanian hacker ,Marcel Lehel Lazar AKA “Guccifer, easily hacked into then exposed Hillary’s laughably vulnerable email server , NBC delayed reporting on it for more than a month.

Just put two and two together: Why would NBC delay such a profitable story and forego all that advertising money? Most likely, they intentionally sat on the evidence to avoid damaging Hillary’s chances of winning the election.

Wealthy politicians are often shielded from repercussions from their actions, because their followers often lie on their behalf and make excuses for their behavior. This abdication of responsibility only worsens when it comes to female feminists in power.

But it could get much worse (in orders of magnitude worse) if the American people elect a woman or a member of a minority. Why? Because those de facto victim status automatically take away accountability from that woman/minority member.

Hence why with politicians, the last thing you want is to give them even more avenues to avoid accountability. Gender or race are some of the widest avenues to achieve plausible deniability.

This de facto plausible deniability makes it incredibly easy for supporters of the woman/minority member to dismiss valid criticism as mere “discrimination”. Just the way Muslims disregard valid criticisms as “Islamophobia”

That false “discrimination” blanket statement is almost always absent with white straight men, because almost always, the first thing that comes to mind when criticizing a white male is:

“Yeah, he fucked up”

As opposed to what comes to mind when criticizing a woman/minority members:

“Yeah, that woman/minority member fucked up but I’d better don’t say anything because don’t want to be accused of discrimination…”


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