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Why The Feminist Wonder Woman Film Will Bomb

eva wahlstrom boxing


Doesn’t domestic violence upset you?


What is more upsetting is that I punched Eva. She is so weak she can’t punch me back and I’ve enjoyed every minute of domestic violence I have inflicted upon her all these years.

Look at poor little Eva’s face, all swollen and deformed. You can tell she did not like it when I forced her look at the camera with that child-like face of hers.

To be honest, I have zero regrets about punching Eva. She was asking for it.

I actually quite enjoy beating her up because it gives me long-lasting erections.













Now, look at these guys:


see no efect


By the way, I also punched all of the guys above. Yes, my erections were even stronger.

See? There is this raw and impulsive concern for injuries sustained by a woman. But guys? Nobody panics.

Maybe you are still upset I said I punched Eva, but possibly, you realized what I meant when I said I also punched the guys.

Truth is, I lied to trigger your empathy gap.

I lied because I have never met Eva Wahlstrom, she is a professional boxer and her black eye was a result of fighting another woman. I never punched any of the guys either*.

See, I lied to see how you would react, most likely many of you reacted as expected but will not confess to it.

Human nature is sometimes more predictable than what it seems. We instinctively react to injuries sustained by women with a level of concern very  similar to the concern we express with injuries sustained by children. However, the injuries sustained by men rarely have the same effect on us.


We all have this immediate concern, this protective reaction when it comes to women getting injured. But when it comes to women trained by men like Eva? Those give us a mix of concern and admiration for their learned resilience for their resolution to imitate men. Her injuries are testament of her discipline and resistance as a modern warrior.

See, that is the problem with the feminist Wonder Woman film, she will never look as authentic as real female warriors like Eva Wahlstrom.



mma warriors

The appearance of wonder woman in Warner Brother’s “Batman V Superman” was ornamental at best and a waste of money driven by feminist ideology at worst. In a film world of fantasy you really have to work hard to lose credibility as fantasy and the Wonder Woman Character is one of those examples. Even as fantasy, Wonder Woman played by Israeli actress Gal Gadot failed to live up to any female MMA warrior.

Even little 6 year old  girls can see the stark differences between a female MMA fight punch and one by the Gadots Wonder Woman. One is real the other one fails to even convince a child.





The main reason for movie studios to produce superhero films is because of money and the main reason for studios to use actors instead of cartoons is because people have an easier time imagining themselves as part of that fictional world with actors dressed in goofy suits.

It is like children that want to wear a spiderman costume on Halloween to feel like spiderman and superhero movies are an extension of that, whether adults want to admit to it or not, it is the rule of the hero’s journey and how audiences place themselves behind the hero.

Logically little girls will want to dress up like Wonder woman for halloween but the problem is the big girls who have never become adults, those are the one that end up cosplaying like retards and believing the lie of women being “powerful” without even training like a man. The logic works for children but it should not for Tumblrettes.

In principle, female characters like wonder woman use actresses like Gal Gadot to pitch the message of “relatability” to childish female audiences to make money but the problem is, solo female superhero movies have a bad track record of bombing at the box office.

By the way, the Hunger Games is a work of fiction based on a book not a superhero movie. Feminists love to mix them to try to give themselves imaginary validity but to date, solo female superhero movies have been financial failures, 2004’s Catwoman was a clear example:


2004’s Catwoman is what happens when you let your investment be controlled by feminism: You lose your money.

Everything from casting a “brown-minority” actress to the costume design was a social justice-driven failure waiting to happen. The movie did not even make its production money back.

Here is the problem, some of the decisions made with  the Wonder Woman movie truly resemble the decisions made with the feminist Catwoman fiasco.

Both made the mistake of casting the wrong actress for the role. On one hand Halle Berry was cast because she was brown, and on the other Gal Gadot was cast because she is from Israel. If you put two and two together, let’s assume the producers also have strong ties to Israel so they may have made that decision based on their patriotism not sound capitalism.

This is not the only mistake they have made, the production of this feminist film has been a collection of dumb ideological decisions from its very beginning.





It is not a secret the Wonder Woman project has had a lot of false starts and lots of directors attached to it. It makes sense, it takes a lot of overpaid people to polish a feminist TURD before the studio realizes a feminist TURD will always stay fecal, but WB is a specially deaf and blind kind of studio, so much so they green-lit this feminist TURD.

The people attached to direct at some point ranged from Marvel’s Avengers Joss Whedon , Karyn Kusama (“famous” for directing the fecal Aeon Flux) to Kathryn Bigelow (Hurt Locker)

They finally managed to convince Michelle McLaren (famous for directing TV series such as Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones) but she ultimately quit the gig last minute by citing the classic “creative differences” But the real reason behind her leaving? Simple,


McLaren reportedly wanted to direct something as epic as Game of Thrones but the studio doubted she could pull it off and got cold feet. Wew…Warner, for a studio pretending to be pro-women that was truly condescending and anti-woman but true.

If the woman does not have the chops, she does not get the job so eat your heart out Jezebel writers. Too bad that WB’s decision only proves the following feminist-unfriendly point: Female directors are expensive movie studio niche-pets that do not reliably make money at the box office.

BTW, remember Bigelow’s Hurt locker? Good movie but female directors don’t make money reliably and it made so little money at box office that the studio had to go suing torrent sites and its users. Yeah great business model, get money via settlements. Seems Wonder Woman producers will have to do the same to recoup some of the millions they will lose. If only they had chosen an actress that looked the part…


Look at those “wonder” spaghetti arms. Look at that anemic and leathery neck. Let’s not sugar coat it, Wonder Woman is not supposed to be anorexic and Gal Gadot was miscast. There are so many attractive and well-built unknown trained actresses that could have been cast for a fraction of the money paid to anorexic Gal Gadot. To top it off, Gal Gadot is a terrible role model for little girls who may end up with a higher tendency to developing eating disorders.

Casting anorexic Gal Gadot was at really makes you wonder how delusional the producers were to think something along these lines:

“Yeah let’s make wonder woman sub-standar, no wait… Let’s make her frail, rickety and anorexic…yeah that anemic Gal looks like a wonder…”

Granted, they forced her to train and eat but again, it does not matter how much you polish an anorexic TURD like Gal Gadot, the TURD stays anorexic. There are many many other problems though…




Another giant problem superhero solo movies and female characters in general have is that they lack both physical and character flaws therefore they lack even imaginary credibility or, in other words, they suffer from the “black widow effect”.


As a result we have female characters that dress stupidly for fights, wear perfect make up regardless of the battle and on top of that, the male characters take far, far more simulated damage than any female character.

Here is the inconvenient truth: Feminist Movie directors are afraid of simulating damage to an actress because it hurts the sensitivities of the feminist audience and also hurts toy sale$. People do not want to see women suffer because they look like children.

It is a curse because if you make the female character realistic, you lose money. Male characters can get shot in the head in full screen but female characters always get shot off-screen.

The result is female characters that look superficial even when compared with imaginary characters like Ironman or Captain America.

Let that sink in, female characters are so weak that they even look fake in a fantasy world.

Female characters need to be “grounded” by the male sacrifice on-screen otherwise characters like Black Widow will turn into full sailor moon characters. They are too flawless and often success and empowerment is given to them, they do not earn it.

Wonder woman will suffer from exactly the same “Black Widow” effect because you can tell the studio is somehow playing it safe to try to make some of their money back out of their feminist TURD garbage fire.

However, just for the sake of argument, imagine if the studio had had the balls to portray a true MMA-like wonder woman, one without feminism, one true female warrior that earned her success instead of being “empowered” Imagine a Wonder Woman without feminism.



sense of consequence


You will never see a wonder woman with realistic battle wounds (even wounded game characters like Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft look more realistic) or a realistic battle suit. Obviously, the suit they designed is specifically made to sell toys but it would also be obsolete in battle, a realistic suit for battle inspired by the Greek would look like a male soldier’s but if you start going that way, the presence of a female like Gal Gadot also becomes obsolete. The character really is a nightmare for any director.

The truth about female characters like Wonder Woman is that they are glorified Sailor Moon characters for children in the bodies of adults: Feminist women.



Feminists want wonder woman to “win” but what they forget is that enormous pressure they directly put on any given female director.

They already know full well female driven superhero movies have a dismal track record at the box office (AKA things like the fecal Berry’ Catwoman) plus, female directors do not reliably make successful movies and instead are niche-pets of the industry. To top all of that off, they put all that pressure on a pet-niche female director? That is either sadistic or more likely just delusional.

Feminists truly seem to hate their own female directors judging by all the weight they put on those tiny female director shoulders.

A sound business decision would have been contacting a competent mangina with a track record of printing money to direct their feminist fiasco, someone like Joss Whedon.

The guy is a complete feminist drone that sympathizes with Anita, but to be fair, he knows how to make money. That is exactly what business is all about, you put the ideology aside and you take people’s money but the studio still went with a female director.

Why would a studio douse their money with feminist gasoline?

Answer: Sheer Feminist Stupidity AKA narrative over facts.

Furthermore, after the partial failure of Batman v Superman, it was in Warner’s best interest to produce a box office hit not a bomb.

Warner Brothers decision of  producing a feminist box office bomb like Wonder Woman is almost as dumb as Sony Pictures producing a feminist fiasco like their feminist Ghostbusters.

This is what is truly baffling about Warner Brothers: they are working on feminists acts of faith, not sound business decisions.

They know the odds are stacked against ANY female director they choose yet they still decided to throw their dollars to the garbage fire of feminist movies. These rich DC people are not only delusional but stupid.



Thank you for reading

*it is Mercedes Carrera the one that takes care of my erections instead.


Why Professor Gad Saad is The #BasedGadfather with Academic Balls of Steel

Gad Saad diversity_corrected


Let that sink in. The diversity that counts is the one academia condemns: Intellectual Diversity.

The bearded man above is Canadian professor Gad Saad. You should take note because he makes more enemies per day  than you or me in our whole lifetimes.

Unlike many others in academia, he has mastered the art of making enemies by telling the truth about several religions such as: Feminism, human sexuality, organized religion and gender politics.

Overall, he is an atheist to the religion of feelings and subjectivity. An Atheist, Lebanese, Jew, Evolutionist, Academic that won’t lie to spare your feelings. He dresses in black. He is based. He has earned the respect of millions.

His powerful nickname? The GAdfather.


Not only is he knowledgeable, articulate and charismatic, the GAdfather also has the balls of steel needed to make many, many enemies in so many different fields of dogma on a daily basis that could hardly be counted. All by telling the truth with zero politically correct protocol both in person and in social media.

In many ways, he is far, far more based than based mom CH Sommers and Milo because he is neither gay nor an elderly lady. He does not have those shields at his disposal.

Let me give you a brief example of how based this man is. During the recent events at Depaul University where Milo was assaulted and his speech disrupted by Black Lives Matter criminals, the GAdfather minced no words and immediately condemned their criminal actions, behold:


 First he directly blasted Black Lives Matter criminals:















 Then he directly blasted his own leftist academic colleagues for not condemning the actions of BLM criminals



 Then he directly blasted DePaul Authorities:




 Then he told DePaul authorities they had no balls:




 Then he started blasting BLM sympathizers:






 Then this hateful witch radfem came into the scene:






 She kept insisting…






And insisting with her sheer stupidity… 






Until the GAdfather exposed her







Then he succinctly told her to GTFO





And remarked her sheer idiocy  


Despite the fact radfem Lisa Marr is a LAW librarian she was so cynically hateful and opposed to free speech that she earned her own featured article here at theralphretort




But the GAdfather is not vulgar, mind you, most of the time he is quite the opposite, he is a gentleman and possibly one of the most civil human beings you can encounter.

The stark difference? He just won’t lie to spare your feelings. That in and of itself is unalloyed blasphemy to feminists and SJWs.

Granted, he still is part of academia right? So it would at least stand to reason that he has to match one of the following three categories:

  1. Knowledgeable but boring and often socially inept (STEM)
  2. Charismatic but their knowledge is either lacking or ornamental (Humanities)
  3. So knowledgeable and charismatic that they should not be teaching (CEO/Mass Media Host)


Problem is, professor Saad does not quite fit any of the three categories above simply because usually academics in category 3 tend to be hypocritical enough to skillfully lie and avoid making too many enemies even if tenured or working for mass media conglomerates.

Professor Saad is in fact tenured yet he keeps telling the truth about us human beings without mincing words and with little regard to the customary politically correct hypocrisy that characterizes academia.

His academic honesty has cost him plenty opportunities because the leftist mass media, either tries to censor him or avoids him altogether.

Again, as mentioned in category 3, because of his charisma and knowledge, he should instead be working in media producing documentaries.

But his delivery is a catch 22, he is so honest that the average leftist media outlet either tries to excessively censor him or avoids him altogether to prevent hurting the feelings of their leftist audience.

Quite a paradox to be so good and honest yet not marketable enough despite being a marketing professor. However, professor Saad’s talent has caught the attention of people like Joe Rogan.

That was when professor Saad truly hit a massive form of online alt-mainstream simply because Joe Rogan does not care that much about lying in order to spare feelings either. Plus, Joe’s censorship is so minimal that is negligible when compared to the draconian censorship of old media TV stations.

Add to that the fact that Joe Rogan’s new media audience is so massive and internet-based, he does not have to censor academics like Saad, at all (besides, Joe is far more outrageously vulgar in his own right)

Suffice it to say that Joe Rogan liked professor Saad knowledge and delivery so much that he has become a regular and every time he is featured, Gad’s audience grows exponentially. You really have to like someone to have 3-hour conversations torturing your bladder, three times over two years.

To top it off, what makes Professor Saad remarkable is that he delivers the information in a fascinating mix of both layman and academic style full of real humor and the end result is that audiences rarely ever doubt what he meant. Perfect match for podcasting.

His class resembles his podcast appearances. It covers the evolutionary roots of consumer behavior, which include subjects as varied as human mating, sexual signaling, dark side consumption (pathological gambling, compulsive buying, eating disorders, pornographic addiction), intra-sexual competition (which includes male-on-male violence), among countless other “triggering” topics.

Suffice it to say that if feelings shaped objective reality, he should have been fired long ago. His evolutionary psychology knowledge is evolutionary poison to the regressive creationist mindset of feminists.

If Milo is the “gay sandpaper condom of fact checked truth” then Professor Saad is “the giant barbed jackhammer of fact-checked evolutionary truth who reams the whole excavator arm of knowledge up the rectum of leftist academic hypocrisy with verbal sand as lube.”

In perspective,


Legend says the direct language used during his class has deflowered and prolapsed too many feminist “feelz” to count. Not a single drink was ever bought.

Add to that he is Lebanese-Canadian, Jewish and on the bronze side of the skin color palette and you have a very difficult target for feminists to hit without sounding either racist or antisemitic.

“White privileged man”? Good luck with that. He is straight and cis-gendered but other than that he is part of a protected minority made of SJW teflon.

Did I mention the language used in his class is a nightmare for feminists? It is truth without protocol. This makes you wonder what kind of people feminists need to be in order to be automatically upset by the truth.

If you attend it and you happen to be a feminist/SJW, you will very likely experience immediate & intense metaphoric rectal discomfort because professor Saad  openly rejects the need for trigger warnings and will only give you one single quasi-trigger warning per semester along these lines:


(It is not a joke, he actually offers one per semester. That is it.)

This begs the question: If he is so brutally honest why hasn’t he been fired by the largely leftist academia?

The answer is simple. He is too precise and talented.

See, here is the thing about the GAdFather, he exercises the precise professional separation of feelings from facts. Plus he does not have much competition. To most, what he does in a semester is career suicide. To him? Just business as usual.

Also, look at him, to be fair, he looks like a tanned & sexy jewish papa smurf with tons of academic swag, who would have the heart to fire him?

Plenty of SJWs would want to, I know, but by looks alone, he looks like Ron Jeremy had been designed by Pokemon artists. The GAdfather is adorable-looking erudite “truth-savage” who hit the ovarian lottery both in looks and intelligence.

sexypapasmurfBTW, if you go to his TL, every photo of him looks like #Gadporn, and no, I did not invent that term, he did. How many academics would do this?



Jokes aside, stating facts is a sin to the religion of feelings and feminism and in that regard, Gad Saad is sometimes reminiscent of  antitheists of Christopher Hitchen’s caliber.

For all these reasons and many more, you should buy his his book the consuming instinct.




Look at the cover, look at that bright red giant price tag attached to a sensual nude female. Look at her bright & red everted lips suggesting beautifully engorged labia.

It is a cover that is 100% unapologetically stating women and their sexuality are the original source of advertising.

It really is a great enjoyable and brutally honest read about what makes us biologically human & I cannot recommend it enough.

Click here to buy his his book:

The Consuming Instinct

In conclusion, the man is objective and as a result, his humor is so outrageously honest that is a delight to hear him explain things.

See, here is the things about human beings like Gad Saad, he finds comedy where others can’t because he THINKS about life which is the antithesis of those feminists and SJWs who see mostly life as a tragedy. Why? Because they “feel” everything. Or, as Horace Walpole said:




Compare the behavior of  feminists vs Gad Saad’s and you will soon realize that feminists are so unhappy and bitter simply because their thoughts lack quality while men like Gad Saad are the living opposite of theirs.

The lives of feminists are too often a public display of wilful emotional misery and impulsiveness. Marcus Aurelius got it right almost 2000 years ago.

aurelious -quality

Thank you for reading.



Here is a collection of some of the best of Professor Gad Saad has produced to date

*Subscribe to his youtube channel, (he destroys plenty of SJWs and their feels on a regular basis)

*All of his appearances at the Joe Rogan Experience:










*Watch the 15:00 mark, he manages to tell a few academics how intellectually dishonest they are to their faces, at their university. Gloriously unapologetic and #BasedGadFather is the barbed jackhammer of fact-checked truth.




*His presentation at Concordia TEDx (I know TED sucks but he got away with offending them)












DISCLAIMER 1: What you just read is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent anybody but myself. Truth with zero protocol was used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I said based on my Troll status.

For those who stayed, once again thank you for reading;

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Feminism is Murder – Feminists Tried to Murder Dean Saxton


3-name (copy)

As you saw on the video above,  Preacher brother Dean Saxton exercised his right to offensive free speech, he offended a lesbian feminist and she retaliated the way radical religious people do: She tried to murder him by hitting him over the head with a baseball bat. This criminal’s name is Tabitha Renee Brubaker.


The reaction from the corrupt leftist-feminist media? They are falsely portraying Tabitha Renee Brubaker as the “victim” because she was “silenced” and she is “only a 19-year-old kid”.

Let that sink in, the “virtuous” predatory left is actively trying to portray the attempted murder of an innocent US citizen by a lesbian feminist as “justified”.

When did the attempted murder of “offensive” men become “progressive”?

Welcome to Feminism: The invisible pink Sharia law we all live in.



1-name (4rd copy)

When faced with the black and white situation of attempted murder, witnesses and Tabitha’s arrest, feminists do not have much ground to stand on.Tabitha is a criminal. However feminists, as the hypocrites they are, may predictably be quick to defend the actions of their murderous sister Tabitha Renee Brubaker by telling lies like the following:

“look at her, she looks like a kid!”

The truth is convicted criminal Tabitha Renee Brubaker is no “child”. She is 19 and clearly, she is old enough to attempt murder.

Another predictive lie feminists attempt to use about the victim, brother Dean is that:

“He was asking for it”

Sure, as if that was also acceptable when rapists say the same about their victims. See the blatant double standard?

Alternatively a 3rd lie feminists could claim is that:

“He was only hit over the head with a baseball bat, he did not even bleed that… much..”

Allow me to state convicted criminal Tabitha Renee Brubaker aimed her blow to Dean’s temple, had she not missed, Brother Dean would now be concussed, vegetative or dead.

Some of the worst traumatic head injuries happen after impacts to the temple/temporal lobe and often result in memory loss, impaired vision, speech problems, epilepsy or death.

Tabitha Renee Brubaker’s intent was murder, just like Valerie Solanas tried to kill Warhol.

3-name (copy)

Kudos, to those spectacular feminist hypocrites working in media and justifying their own brand of “progressive” murder.

NOTE TO REGULAR READERS: For those who don’t know, brother Dean is a Christian preacher who pushes free speech to its ultimate consequences: He is extremely “offensive” to specific liberal people.

He uses a megaphone to say in real life what would normally be said online by trolls like me. He is “offensive” but brother Dean did not break the law before, during or after the event took place. He was cowardly assaulted and could have ended up dead.

NOTE TO YOU RETARDED LEFTISTS: I am a full-on anti-theist, I reject Brother Dean’s religion along with all the others including your feminist religion. But it does not matter how much I dislike Christianity, Brother Dean’s right to free speech must be defended.

It does not matter how “offensive” he is, no verbal offense justifies the murder of an innocent human being, we no longer live in the bronze age you regressive retards.

Learn the difference you leftist neophytes: Offensive free speech is NOT hate speech, therefore offensive free speech is 100% legal. Your feelings do not decide what is illegal, law does.

Even if you don’t like the message, you must support free speech as a principle otherwise we all lose it. It is one of the fundamentals of western civilization.

VOLTAIRE Free Speech




See, here is the greatest paradox in this situation: The criminal perfectly matched the behavior of radical Muslims who try to murder those who offend their religion yet  the radical Muslim murderous behavior came from a “progressive” lesbian feminist and the victim was the religious man.

The insult upon his injury was that these progressive feminists started wildly cheering after he was hit with the baseball bat. Almost as if they were yelling their god was the greatest, just like radical Muslims do after someone is beheaded.

Again, feminists were cheering the attempted murder of an innocent man in broad daylight just like their Radical Muslim counterparts.

You just can’t make these things up.

Judging by the behavior of its members, feminism is a radical religion. You would have expected the religious man to be the “aggressor” the “predator” because “men are evil” and “women are always good”  according to the religion of feminism.

Well, at least that is on paper because in practice, it is the opposite and feminism is a murderous religion.




See? You have to understand the innate “virtuous predatory-victim” mindset of the regressive left. To them, it is a matter of “switching” from victim to predator whenever convenient.

First they attack THEN they accuse others of being the aggressor. Their nifty hypocritical tactic is called DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender roles) or just DARVO-flip for short.

Feminism is a form of socially fashionable “virtuous predatory-victim” one that can switch back and forth from victim to predator whenever it is convenient.

In the case of convicted criminal Tabitha Renee Brubaker, despite the fact that the assault took place in broad daylight, plenty of witnesses testified and the criminal was effectively arrested and charged, “somehow” she is now the victim. To top it off, the leftist media falsely claim she was “silenced”. Why would they lie so blatantly? Answer: Because it is convenient to turn one of their  predators into a false victim.

1-name (3rd copy)

That level of psychopathic disconnection from reality and the ease to justify the crimes committed is not different from what the leftist media has done in the past, because as long as the perpetrator is female, the left will try to justify her actions to levels of insanity. Even if it is first degree murder, they will try to excuse it or bend over backwards to avoid the death penalty. Just like it happened with murderer Jodi Arias. They will do DARVO-spins all day until they get what they want.

This is delusional levels of DARVO-spinning being done by the leftist media are so blatant that they should be condemned and rejected but instead? They regularly get away with it. It is just incredible how the regressive left media blatantly equals hurt feelings after verbal insults with a justification for murder.

1-name (4rd copy)

Imagine if the were roles reversed:

A 19-year-old male preacher hit a lesbian in the head with a baseball bat.


The left would lose their radical minds and demand  that 19 year old’s head on a pike.

See, if you want to turn the “progressive” regressive left into raging pack of radical Muslims, all you have to do is offend them enough. As a result, their hot-heads become hotter than usual and all of their “progressive” and  “civilized” clown grease melts away until their hyena faces are visible.

But these feminist predatory hyenas will not stop acting even without their clown grease. Just put two and two together, if you were a predator what would you do to try to pass as a victim even after being caught red-handed?

Exactly. You would roll on carrion to try to smell like a victim.

Tabitha Renee Brubaker is hyena and the leftist media is actively trying to roll this hyena on carrion to portray her as a victim. Convicted criminal Tabitha Renee Brubaker is an impulsive wannabe murderer. She will offend again, next time give her due process and put her in jail. No double standards.




Think of all the people the regressive left people find “offensive”: Milo, Sargon-Carl-Benjamin-Sargon, BasedMom-CH Sommers, Atheist Richard Dawkins, Phil Mason-Thunderf00t, BasedGadFather-GadSaad, TheHoneyBadgers, Antifeminist-Lauren Southern and many many other public libertarians.

But do you know what libertarians truly are for the regressive left?

Simple. They are targets for physical assault & murder.

The inconvenient truth is that the left is a “progressive” and glorified lynch mob driven by emotion not reason. The moment they are upset enough they will jump for assault or murder. Their civilized behavior is just a facade.

After their true selves commit the crime, they will DARVO-spin the blame and claim they were “the victims” and “had no choice”.

People like Milo Sargon and BasedGadFather Professor Gad Saad are possibly the ones at the highest risk at this point because despite the fact they do not go to the level of offense Brother Dean goes, they do aggregate many more enemies everywhere they go both IRL and on social media. They just have much greater audiences than that of Brother Dean and what you have is a ticking pinless grenade painted in regressive pink.

Think of this scenario: Milo is at a conference at a University, security fails again, he gets hit over the head with a baseball bat by a Black Lives Matter or a lesbian activist. The lesbian activist puts him in the hospital or murders him then blatantly claims Milo was the “bully” on national television.


Does that ring the bell?

Let me jog your memory:


During a rally, Donald Trump was interrupted in mid-speech by anti-Trump activist Thomas DiMassimo who tried to climb the stage but fortunately was is stopped by security. The result in the leftist media? CNN blatantly excused and downplayed Dimassimo’s actions to the point of giving him air time to falsely claim Trump was the “bully” but not himself despite being the opposite. Dimassimo was the offender yet he DARVO-flipped the guilt to instead accuse Trump of being a “bully”


As we have elaborated upon before, the prime target for murder by the regressive left most likely is the one man who has offended them the most to date:

Donald Trump.





Make no mistake, even if they hypocritically portray themselves as “religions of peace”, the regressive left is a religion of violence just like radical Islam.

What matters is not what you say but what you do. Your behavior counts, and the left’s behavior shows the signs of being as criminal and murderous as radical Islam itself.


Thank you for reading.

















DISCLAIMER 1: What you just read is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent anybody but myself. Truth with zero protocol was used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I said based on my Troll status.

For those who stayed, once again thank you for reading;

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Black Lives Matter is Violence: Milo assaulted at DePaul University

Black Lives Matters is Violence: Milo assaulted at DePaul University



While giving a talk at DePaul University, Milo was interrupted  by Black Lives Matter Criminals who, not only invaded the stage and stopped the event, they also physically assaulted Milo Yiannopoulos himself then made direct assault threats against him while still on stage.

These Black Lives Matter Activists have once again, ratified EVERY single negative stereotype about Black People in America: Impulsive, violent and Criminal behavior all executed by these parasites ON STAGE.

The real victims? Decent Black People like math major Katie Danforth, who tried to stop these Black Lives Matter Parasite-Criminals from disrupting the event, all in vain. Look, she was almost assaulted too:

Honest, law-abiding and hard-working Black people like her will be too often unfairly lumped together & judged by the actions of Black Lives Matter Criminals like these. One of them has already been identified, his name is Edward Ward. If you know the female suspect’s name, notify the police.

attractive people (corr)

Too many things went wrong at this event. But please, remember that the only viable course of action is the legal one: We need to expose these Black Lives Matter Criminals and their complete disregard for the law WHILE separating them from decent black people like math major Katie Danforth. That distinction truly matters.


distinctions matter (corr)


Here is the video evidence:



(Skip to 10:40 to see Katie)

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DISCLAIMER 1: What you just read is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent anybody but myself. Truth with zero protocol was used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I said based on my Troll status.

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Feminism Is Instinctive Hate


DISCLAIMER 1: What follows is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent anybody but myself. Truth with zero protocol will be used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll status.

For those who stayed, read on;

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Behold the essence of feminism:

Lisa Marr’s Impulsive irrational and instinctive hate.



Feminism is Instinctive Hate.


Yes, radfem Lisa Marr managed to express the sheer irrationality of the religion of feminism in one single tweet after based Professor Gad Saad condemned the events at DePaul University where Black Lives Matter Activists physically assaulted Milo.

On the left, we have the original tweet where Lisa Marr implies she cannot reason and can only let her instinctive hate dictate her deformed version of reality.

On the right, we have what her KKK-Nazi counterpart would instead say about black people. Same hatred, different label.


Just for the sake of angering radfem Lisa, here is again a version of herself hating her very own Black Lives Matter friends;


Just let that sink in. For people like Lisa, your hate dictates your reality. Forget the law, forget reason, forget objective reality, the only thing that counts is your instinctive hate. She is free to hate anybody with zero accountability.

See, feminism is a form of “virtuous” predatory hypocrisy and since “nobody has it worse than women”, hypocrites like Lisa can always conveniently become “the apex victim-predator” and everybody else becomes fair game to prey upon. A victim that can easily become a predator whenever convenient is the essence of the religion of feminism.

As a feminist, you become a “virtuous apex victim-predator” at will.

But how can someone like Lisa get this retarded? What does a willfully ignorant radical feminist like Lisa do for a living?

What could her occupation be that keeps her so far removed from objective reality, from learning, from books and knowledge itself?



Oh…she is a library technician…

Granted, she hates Milo but if she works for a Law Library, at least she must have some basic idea of what free speech is, right?



Let that sink in again, a law library technician that sternly opposes free speech and publicly says,

“Disturb anything and everything if you are angry”

So let me get this straight, the more outraged you are, the more justified you are to assault people? To riot? To burn cars? To start lynch mobs? To murder people? Where does it stop Lisa?

Oh yes, wherever your rage and hypocritical convenience dictate it. It would not be surprising to hear this from an impulsive criminal in jail but a library technician openly endorsing criminal behavior?

You are a  L-A-W  LIBRARY  TECHNICIAN Lisa Anne Marr.

Out of everyone else, you should be the first to support Free Speech not oppose it.


You cannot make feminist fecal matter like this up. It does not matter how many years a radfem like Lisa spends working for an organization whose main purpose is to spread knowledge about the law, she will forever remain a willful radical neophyte. Lisa is a creationist-like parasite painted in pink.

Lisa Anne Marr is another feminist neophyte like Melissa Click in the leftist Academia. You are an academic parasite and a shame to Law Schools Lisa Anne Marr.

lisa_and Melissa


Just like Melissa Click, Lisa needs to conveniently distance herself from questioning her belief system because the core of feminism precludes her from even entertaining that thought. Melissa’s & Lisa’s minds at their core, are not too different from the center of this diagram.

inside her head

If her hate dictates her actions, let’s take Lisa’s instinctive hate to its ultimate consequences.

How about a TERF version of Lisa that hates transexuals?


Or how about a version of Lisa that hates Latinos?


How about a Radical Muslim version of Lisa?

allahu lisa

It always escalates quickly with radicals… 

See? Saying that you instinctively hate someone extends to all radical groups and they all want to believe their hate is the “right brand”.

But you may wonder how a person like Lisa that “only” hates Milo can be portrayed as someone that hates a whole group of people? Wouldn’t that be “unfair”?

Of course it wouldn’t simply because hateful bigots like Lisa Marr do not follow reason and can easily extend their hate to whole groups of society depending on their mood.

I mean, it’s not like feminists ever hate 49% of humankind, right? After all, we all know all feminists are “man lovers” and they never hate anybody with XY chromosomes. Right? Unless Milo had the wrong kind of XY “privileged” chromosomes…

Think about it. Why would a feminist hate a gay man like Milo? A member of a minority feminists often swear to defend? Isn’t that a cardinal sin against the foundations of the PC dogma?

See, the explanation for Lisa’s hatred for Milo is far less elegant than what one would expect. It would stand to reason that Lisa sees someone like Milo like another “white privileged man” and by her radfem “logic” he is not a “real” member of a minority that is easily discriminated against. Amazing how Milo himself predicted that feminists would turn against white gay men.

The impolite truth is that feminists are not reliable because their dysfunctional reptilian brains lead their actions and gay men should not have chosen them as allies.Feminists are glorified hyenas ready to eat each other whenever the chips are down or it becomes “convenient”.

When your logic hinges upon emotional convenience, you are anything but a feminist pinless hate grenade ready to detonate against anybody that “deserves it” and your hateful behavior is always “OK”.

See? When someone as retarded and impulsive as radfem Lisa Marr lets her hatred lead her life and actions, they see no problem with their behavior. Would you like to know why?


To feminists, their hate is “justified” therefore their brand is an “acceptable” form of hate. Just the way the KKK, Hezbollah or other radicalized hateful groups justify their actions.


If their brand of hate is justified, all kinds of racist hateful people can say exactly the same about their own racial hatred, any group that hates another group based on their ethnicity or gender can claim the same justification.

Can we then say that a “little” hate does not really count in the feminist community? Of course not because Radical Muslims, Neo-Nazis or the KKK can easily lie and say the same about their own hate.

The simple answer is that all hate is indefensible.

But retards like Lisa Marr are unable to be intellectually honest and admit that even a small amount of hate is still indefensible.

But wait, these contradictions just continue because there are other groups who also allow their instinctive hate dictate their perception of reality.

Groups that radfems like Lisa openly endorse. Would you like to know who these people are? Exactly, radicalized groups like Black Lives Matter.

What an amazing irony, radfems like Lisa Marr endorse hating gay men like Milo just the way the KKK hates their beloved Black Lives matter friends. To top it off, the hate BLM activists have for white people is not different from the hate KKK members have for black people.

It is just a different hypocritical label.

Same hate, different labels, all of them indefensible. But these people will remain willfully ignorant for as long as they can because it is convenient. Just like the KKK, BLM or ISIS, Feminists are the worst humankind has to offer: Hypocrisy and hate combined.

In view of this, it is no longer surprising radfems like Lisa Marr agree and endorse impulsive and unlawful behavior perpetrated by BLM radicals. They sleep in the same radical bed.

Logically, an incompetent hypocrite like Lisa Marr would only get offended after caught red handed endorsing criminal behavior. Guess what she did? Exactly, Lisa played the victim and did a DARVO-spin (Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender) to spin the accusations against her towards other people, look:




No Lisa, people who defend free speech are not “wolves” you are the hyena rolling on carrion trying to pass as a victim. Despite all this, I defend your right to free speech because the more you barf your stupidity, the more it will be exposed and the more you will discredit feminism.

Feminists like you Lisa do these classic Feminist DARVO-spins too often and too predictably. They shovel their fecal feminist statements and expect people to just accept their hate but as soon as they get any blow back, they instantly turn themselves into little damsels.

Feminists on the internet are like members of the KKK playing the victim as soon as people reject their hate. This image depicts Lisa Marr’s behavior and the unalloyed hypocrisy of feminist behavior in general.

lisa shoveling

If you shovel excrement on others, don’t be surprised when you get defecated on, you spectacular hypocrite Lisa Anne Marr.

Thank you for reading.