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Have a Bitter Christmas you 2016 Sore Democrat Losers!

Holy Pepe!

Aren’t Democrats the Sorest Losers!

You 2016 Sore Democrat Losers really are the salty gift that keeps on giving and it truly is a pleasure to rub so much daily salt into the countless wounds of your bleeding leftist ego.

You Dems never expected to lose the 2016 election and every time you hear the words “President Trump” your ego tears another wound and bleeds a little more. Especially this holiday season when we, the Alt-Right & Pro-Trump people, will keep sticking our fat and salt-covered fingers into the countless gaping wounds of your ego without any of your consent.

Let’s get started!

Here is a Christmas song for you all 2016 SORE DEMOCRAT LOSERS!



Suffer you weak, narcissistic Democrat bitches!


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DISCLAIMER 1: This article is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent anybody but myself. Truth with zero protocol will be used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll status.

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Meet the Feminist Behind Youtube’s Censorship: Susan “icky” Wojcicki (Part 2 of 2)

DISCLAIMER 1: What follows is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent anybody but myself. Truth with zero protocol will be used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll status.

For those who stayed, read on;

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Feel free to checkout Jack’s site)

Welcome to part 2 of 2 of this series on the blatant censorship spearheaded by radical feminist and Youtube CEO Susan “icky” Wojcicki.

As you may remember, on part 1, we saw how YouTube has been enforcing their SJW-based censorship on videos that do not conform to their leftist views and how they have been blatantly ignoring the virtually unanimous user backlash against their policies.

We also learned how all of these actions were orchestrated by Youtube’s feminist CEO Susan “icky” Wojcicki.

On this part 2, you will get a clearer understanding on what kind of radical feminist Susan Wojcicki is, how she managed to get a job she is abysmally unqualified for and how hard Silicon Valley leans to the left.









The current Youtube CEO Susan “icky” Wojcicki spoke at a hard-core feminist gathering called The 2015 Grace Hopper Women in Computing Conference”

Said feminist conference is characterized for being hell-bent on artificially increasing the number of females in coddled 1st world technology jobs. But like most western feminist organizations, it is also conveniently uninterested in those physically demanding, high mortality, dirty jobs where women are also conveniently absent but men aren’t.

The 2015 Grace Hopper Women in Computing conference is the modern equivalent of clique of high-class Victorian women complaining about the repetitive types of fabric for their daughter’s Sunday dresses while the slaves pick the cotton elsewhere.

See, the thing that about Susan “icky” Wojcicki and most western feminists is that they conveniently refuse to understand those biological pesky biological facts that go against their leftist narrative.

Facts such as the “Scandinavian Paradox” which causes most feminists’s feelings to rectally bleed pink every time is brought up.

Why? Well, it is in Scandinavian countries like Sweden, where women truly have the freedom** to study whatever they want without any financial or social obstacles, they consistently choose occupations that involve social interactions such as nursing while almost entirely avoiding STEM occupations.

Yes, women in those Scandinavian countries refuse to compete against men despite having no obstacles to do so. In essence, those Scandinavian women are living proof feminism is a lie. But feminism is obsessed with brainwashing people with that 50-50% gender ratio in the workplace.






Images from: Brainwash-Hjernevask – Chapter 1: The gender Equality Paradox

Hjernevask = “Brainwash” in Norwegian

Logically, this biological facts over their feminist narrative has confused the fuck out of the government ideologues in those very Scandinavian countries.

And what do these ideologues do? They pour millions into pointless recruitment campaigns to train and hire more women to attain that 50-50% unicorn-like feminist ideal on all occupations.

The result? The artificial ratio goes up a couple of points for 1-2 years then women go back to their preferred occupations and this biological phenomenon has been statistically documented beyond reasonable doubt since 1986. These facts were clearly explained in the outstanding Norwegian documentary series “Hjernevask” AKA “Brainwash” 

The above documentary series was so successful and accurate that it resulted in the several Scandinavian governments closing down the Nordic Gender Institute.

Why did they close it? Not out of acceptance to biological facts mind you. Rather, it was mostly because of the international shame it caused when those Scandinavian ideologues were exposed as frauds.

BTW, here are the seven parts of the documentary, all legally available on Vimeo. All of them highly recommended for later viewing.

As you would expect, North American feminists are twice as retarded as the Scandinavian ones and are actively trying to replicate the failure of the Scandinavian Paradox in North America.

Just like Scandinavian ideologues, Susan “icky” Wojcicki and all the radfems at The 2015 Grace Hopper Women in Computing conference, are not concerned with facts, they are all hell-bent on artificially increasing the number of women in STEM fields, not because of logic but because of the utopic compliance with a 50-50% gender equality unicorn from the Scandinavian Paradox.

Unlike most engineers working for Google, Susan “icky” Wojcicki is not concerned with facts, she is concerned with her own ideology. Just like Twitter’s Jack Dorsey or even worse, Facebook’s Apex Radfem: Sheryl Sandberg.
In light of all this, it is clear that the current YouTube CEO: Susan “icky” Wojcicki is a mediocre, ideologically-driven feminist YET she somehow managed to get the CEO job.

This begs the question:

Why would the founders of Google, Sergei Brin and Larry Page give Susan Wojcicki so much power?


Simple. It all started in a small enclosed space in her house.





**Provided that a Syrian refugee does not rape & kill them them first.




Let’s tackle the question head on:

Why would Sergey Brin give the job of Youtube CEO to an ideologically-driven radfem such as Susan “icky” Wojcicki?

Well, in layman’s terms, it was Sergey’s cock the one that made that decision, not his brain.

Let me explain, it all started here, in this Garage circa 1997-98. Back then, Sergey Brin was just a middle class aspie student at a Standford University and one of his professors, Stanley Wojcicki, kinda offered both the garage and his 2 daughters to Sergey.

Unfortunately Sergey was, shall we say…so much of an unfuckable aspie that even those god-awful-boil-in-the-ass-ugly-horse-faced sisters passed on the offer.

Instead, one of those horse-faced daughters (Susan) married another guy then rented the garage to Sergey (because Susan and her husband, could not make ends meet with her useless humanities degree).

Then Google started gaining traction and the aspie-duo Brin-Page changed the world.

A few billion dollars and a few years later, (circa 2007) Sergey was stupid enough to marry the second of those horse-faced female abominations: Anne Wojcicki

Obviously, being a billionaire did not preclude Sergey from letting his cock make a few key decisions for him, such as cheating on his horse-faced wife with an ok-looking Chinese-Jewish Google glass employee.


The result? The wife took off (as of 2016 their divorce was in a limbo) and the Google Glass project was “mysteriously” cancelled. The company keep saying they will bring it back but they are just glorifying an act of cheating on behalf of Sergey Brin.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, both Sergey and the Wojcicki’s are Jews of two very different varieties.

That kinda matters when it comes to getting so many favors.



It is not a secret that inside Google there are many different tribes and among them there are members of the Jew tribe, however, within the Jew tribe there still are classes of Jews, some are excellent, some are parasite-like.

For instance, Sergey Brin comes from a very successful and intelligent Jewish variety that had to flee the Soviet union because Jews were being discriminated over there but the Wojcicki’s? Those are mere Polish Jews of the mediocre parasite-like variety.
See, after immigrating to the USA, (when Sergey was only a child) Sergey grew up as a narrow savant with amazing intelligence but with poor social skills.

Then around 1997-98, Sergey and another unfuckable aspie-dork with a weak and defective larynx (Larry Page) set up the first Google mini server at the Wojcicki’s garage in California.

It was at that time that the father, Stanley Wojcicki, kinda offered both the garage and his daughters to Sergey and he was dumb and sexually desperate enough to marry one of those horse-faced female abominations: Anne Wojcicki.


This was a serious problem, especially considering the fact that women in the Wojcicki tribe are naturally born with congenital defects making their faces resemble those of female horses was not the real deal breaker*.

The deal breaker was the lack of talent despite them being Jews.

(Also, Sergey truly has a mediocre track record of giving power to talentless feminist idiots within his company (such as Marissa Mayer, who single-handledly killed Yahoo with her feminism)

The reality is that the Brin-Wojcicki marriage was a tragedy.

Why? Well because a fortunate billionare Jew that can easily afford any woman in Israel, somehow managed to chose the ugliest, barely-human-looking Jewish woman available then reproduce with her.

Let that sink in.

A billionaire with an IQ well above 130, managed to make one of the poorest, most retarded choices a man can make: To damage the genetic future of his own children.

That truly was a tragedy to all Jews.

His marriage to a member of the genetically defective Wojcicki family was a genetic disservice to all Jews on earth.

In fact, Sergey Brin and Anne Wojcicki got married in 2007, had two foal-faced children, then divorced in 2015.

So Sergey Brin managed to fuck up his own genetic future not once but twice.

Nobody wants little foal-faced Jew children, even if they are rich. Too bad that those much needed abortions never took place.

However, during those 7 years, the Wojcicki’s managed to milk plenty of money and power from Sergey Brin while Anne funded her own company 23andme (with Sergey’s money). Also, Susan managed to snatch the role of Youtube CEO.

Not bad for a pair of genetically defective female parasites of the Wojcicki variety.


*That is what paper bags are for.


So let’s answer the original question once and for all:




Why would the founders of Google, Sergei Brin and Larry Page give Susan Wojcicki so much power?

Answer: Because Susan “icky” Wojcicki is the Jewish sister-in-law of one of the Jewish Google founders; Sergey Brin.

Susan Wojcicki did not earn her Youtube CEO success, she was handed down “success” by her brother-in-law Sergey Brin.








Radical feminists like Ellen Pao (Reddit), Adria Richards (SendGrid) or Marissa Mayer (Yahoo) have managed to consistently divide and polarize the communities they were supposed to unite.

Susan “icky” Wacicki has also started diving and polarizing hers despite the fact she was supposed to save Youtube.

See, the problem with Youtube is that despite the fact of being a wildly popular platform, it does not make enough money. (hence why putting a radical feminist at the helm will only make things worse)

Youtube is used massively because it is “free” but despite its world-wide user base, it struggles to pay its own bills through its advertising business model.

It just keeps growing and growing and with so many non-paying customers, storage space will eventually become limited due to mounting costs (after all, there is so much “free” space for 4k/8k videos and beyond shot from so many mobile phones).

Youtube really is a paradox that needed an engineer-marketing genious to make it profitable, not an impulsive radfem like icky-Wojcicki.

Her latest changes to the platform have alienated a fair number of youtube users because the new youtube guidelines and policies are starting to resemble those of Twitter.

Why? Simple, both icky-Wojcicki and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey think alike: all the way into the far left.

Now, if we see what Twitter is doing to its own platform, we can see that by “sanitizing” and mass-banning people “with the wrong kind of ideas” Dorsey is pushing those users and their audiences right into the arms of their competition. In other words, Twitter is quite effectively feeding their own potential replacement: Gab.ia


The equivalent of this for Youtube may be Wojcicki’s current obsession with “sanitizing” her platform by mass-banning people thus directly feeding its direct competitor: Dailymotion.



Will dailymotion welcome all of youtube rejects? Hard to say.

For starters, unlike Youtube, Daily motion does not have the near-bottomless budget Youtube has, yet, it is far more lenient in it’s policies, you know, like Youtube used to be.

Perhaps Netflix, Microsoft, Twitch or even a brand new platform would be able to capitalize from what Wojcicki is irrationally and impulsively banning.
This Orwellian trend is very unlikely to stop, quite the opposite: mark my words, the next item on icky-Wojcicky’s list is to pre-sanitize the Youtube comment’s section via automated tools and an AI will censor you before any human sees your “problematic” comment.

Then, as the AI progresses, in 5-10 years time, your videos will eventually be pre-banned before any human sees them.

Mark. My. Words.

However, as of the time of this writing, there were two possible outcomes for Youtube under Susan Wojcicki’s power:

A) Slow burn

Youtube becomes fully Orwellian, any resemblance of free speech is squashed by AI censoring algorithms then it dies or Google sells it. Whatever happens first.

B) Sudden Death

Wojcicki truly fucks up, runs Youtube into the ground then is replaced by a real engineer CEO.

To be honest, my money is on A.

Susan Wajcicki is to Youtube what Marissa Meyer was to Yahoo:

The most “Progressive” form of Cancer for a Corporation: Feminism.

Because #FeminismIsCancer.



Thank you for reading.





Meet the Feminist Behind Youtube’s Censorship: Susan “icky” Wojcicki (Part 1 of 2)

DISCLAIMER 1: What follows is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent anybody but myself. Truth with zero protocol will be used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll status.

For those who stayed, read on;

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Feel free to checkout Jack’s site)






The purpose of a religion is to infect a community.

First, a religion embraces the group, then it extends and metastasizes within it in order to exterminate anything that it finds “offensive”.

Religions use the ancient “Embrace, Extend & Exterminate” approach.

Unfortunately, both the Google corporation and the YouTube community have already embraced a religion that also aims to extend itself and exterminate anything that it finds “offensive”.

That religion infecting YouTube is called feminism and it has a leader:

YouTube’s current feminist CEO, Susan Wojcicki.


In February 2014, almost inexplicably, a mediocre, uglier than a horse feminist with a worthless humanities degree became YouTube’s CEO:

Susan “Icky” Wojcicki

Then things started to change in YouTube for the worse.

As of August 2016, YouTube had drastically changed its guidelines. They’ve consistently been demonetizing videos that are arbitrarily deemed “offensive”. This effectively has censored hundreds of prominent YouTubers by taking away their income simply because they did not agree with the “popular” feminist opinion.

Then YouTube started recruiting “YouTube heroes” or, in other words, hordes of SJWs ready to mass-flag anything that would match their new feminist guidelines.

The reality is that “Demonetizing” is a short, euphemistic way of saying:

“If you offend feminism, we won’t pay you, no matter how hard you work or how many people like you”.


A prime example of this censorship by “demonetization” was a YouTuber with “only” 4 million subscribers: Philip DeFranco

YouTube’s initial response to the uproar?

Among others, they managed to directly respond to a certain Patricia Hernandez  (rape-obsessed Radfem) who works for an “insignificant” corrupt website called Kotaku.

YouTube followed their tepid response to the uproar with this incredibly dishonest video:

You can see the video above has regressive progressive undertones smeared all over it: it features politically correct minorities (a gay feminist man and an innocent-looking female feminist) using “proper language”.  Which falsely represents the thousands of male engineers building YouTube every day.

The result to the above travesty?

DeFranco did not buy their lies nor did the audience.

Look at the staggering number of dislikes. It almost looks as bad as a feminist-Ghostbuster-trailer-train-wreck:

Despite the many efforts to downplay the backlash, people still rejected their lies.

But allow me to rub some salt and add a little color to the bland, grey and politically correct dislike ratio on their video. Allow me to just highlight how much universally panned their false explanation was.

Behold the beautiful honesty of 84k red dislikes:


Firstly, a few relevant things about the video:

It is full of jump-cuts. The explanation for the heavy editing of a meager 3-minute video is that either they are retards in front of a camera (despite the fact they work for a video company) or it was heavily scripted.

My money is on the latter.

Secondly, we have a feminist by the name Zindzi McCormick who holds a humanities degree from one of the hardest-leftists schools in the US: Brown University.

Yes, the same Brown university with actual safe spaces featuring cookies, coloring books, Play-Doh, blankets and photos of puppies for its triggered “adult” students.

These details may seem trivial but critical decisions such as drastically changing guidelines, responding directly to redfems at Kotaku, placing leftists without STEM training in positions of power, making them appear on heavily scripted videos and YouTube’s management outright ignoring the audience’s backlash are not “coincidences”.

Not at all.

Those events are part of a cancerous trend coming from YouTube’s main feminist source: YouTube’s CEO Susan “Icky” Wojcicki.

Point in case, look at the sheer number of dislikes and just put two and two together. The audience is clearly not buying their lies YET YouTube’s management is hell-bent on enforcing them. What would be the reason?

Exactly. Narrative over facts.

If your audience is unanimously against your new rules, wouldn’t it be in your best interest to change them?

One would think so. But YouTube management won’t be looking at facts objectively anytime soon.

At least not as long as there is a feminist narrative to obey and Susan “Icky” Wojcicki is the one hell-bent on enforcing them even if it means burning YouTube to the ground (just like Ellen Pao did with Reddit: she wanted it to be hers or to have it burned to the ground).

At least, that is what corporate feminists do. They #BurnItForEquality and Susan “Icky” Wojcicki is one of them.



Susan “Icky” Wojcicki’s narcissistic motivations became crystal clear in 2015. She attended a “little” feminist conference called “Grace Hopper Women in Computer Celebration 2015”, when she was still fresh from her YouTube CEO promotion.

When addressing the audience, out of all the fascinating engineering feats that influence YouTube massive viewership, out of all the technologies developed by Google, she chose to open with this (skip to minute 6):

“Let me start with a story of my own life…”

“let me talk about myself with little girls as an excuse.”


This strategy Wojcicki used was reminiscent of another radfem by the name Adria Richards who used the same “what about the girls!?” moral panic tactic to broadcast her narcissism (along with her Joan of Arc delusions) to get two innocent men ejected from a conference just because she heard a joke unrelated to her. Then she proceeded to publicly boast about it.

Feast your eyes:


Adria’s dishonest actions escalated incredibly fast, to the point of one of the men getting fired, the Anonymous swarm getting involved until the toxic bitch got fired. It was so chaotic that the whole drama event became known as #DongleGate and was preserved on the dankness of Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Just like Adria’s, Susan’s narcissism was not subtle at all, it was a vulgar act of self-promotion through a perfunctory and apocryphal “heart-warming” anecdote.

But since we all know personal stories get old pretty fast, Susan had to take her feminist narcissism to the next level.

See, when a radfem says that:

“Girls are discriminated in STEM fields!”

They are not really talking about the “girls”, they are talking about themselves and how they remember their own inferiority complex while growing up. They do not care about present day “girls”, they only use them as an excuse to talk about themselves.

By the same token, Susan “Icky” Wojcicki was not really talking about her daughter, she was publicly engorging her narcissism by using her own child as an excuse, as a mere shield.

Then she went on to saying that her actions and decisions are instead motivated by her “altruistic” need to help little girls like her daughter, who could not even use the computer at home because her evil brother had “conquered it”.

Right…because according to feminism, her son has to be “evil” and her daughter is the default “victim”.

Men are default abusers, her infant son included.

(plus Wojcicki is rich enough to buy at least 10 computers to each of her children)

That is how low feminists go. They use their OWN children as an excuse to peddle their feminist religion.

And despite all these lies, nobody called her out.




See, here is the other problem with wealthy feminists in the tech industry such as Susan “Icky” Wojcicki:

They want to have it all without sacrifice.

Wojcicki is so deeply invested in the feminist narrative of “having it all”  that she publicly claims to make a daily effort to be home every day at 6 PM to have dinner with her 5 children, (yes, she cynically took maternity leave 5 times in the last 17 years) in her own words:

“I try, because I found that if I’m home for dinner, I can get the scoop from my kids on the day.
After my kids go to bed, I check email. It’s about having that balance,”


Here is the inconvenient truth: 

Susan “Icky” Wojcicki is a failed part-time mother at best and her children have been raised by highly paid strangers.

There is no “balance” in her life. 

“Getting the scoop” means she is a mediocre mother and only gets a mere fraction of her children’s lives.

Feminists like Susan Wojcicki, are faithfully invested in a feminist religion of ideals while they turn a blind eye to the glaring facts of their reality: Their children are not truly theirs, they are flesh and bone trophies raised by strangers and offered to the religion of feminism.

That is the saddest part: Children tend to pay the price of a greedy feminist mother who wants to have it all. Those children usually grow up wealthy yet neglected.

Women cannot “have it all”, men can’t either.

Nobody can, because being “Jack of trades, master of none” also applies to parenting.

Furthermore, despite Wojcicki’s net worth of at least $350 million, (versus Sergey Brin’s 38.2 billion, which proves how much of a talentless parasite she is) she is painfully aware how much of a mediocre mother she is.

She knows she missed meaningful, invaluable parts of her children’s lives all because of her obsession with work.

Imagine you are a wealthy dysfunctional mother with a misplaced sense of purpose who has been brainwashed by her university and social group.

How would you deal with your mediocre mother guilt?


By overcompensating vicariously.

In other words, Wojcicki’s brand of corporate predatory altruism where she recruits “YouTube Heroes” to mass-flag content is just a desperate attempt to make up for her mediocre role as a mother.

In a nutshell, this Icky-Wojcicki witch is censoring YouTube to overcompensate for her own guilt.

Furthermore, despite their name, YouTube Heroes are not “heroes”, they are a mere glorified online lynching mob using “reporting forms” instead of pitchforks and nooses empowered by a failed rich mother with a misplaced sense of guilt.

It is just fascinatingly retarded how a mediocre feminist mother such as Susan “Icky” Wojcicki can use her job to try to convince herself she did not fail at motherhood.

What a double-espresso feminist retard.

The fact that radfems like Adria Richards and Icky Wojcicki are moved by a deep need to regulate, censor and suppress male behavior and any non-leftist ideas because “men are evil and women are good” should have prevented them from working in the tech industry. Instead, the opposite happened.

Both Adria Richards and Susan Wojcicki were given power by virtue of being women not by earning it. And nobody in those conferences called them out on it.

Why? Simple. Silicon Valley AND Google itself lean hard to the left which explains why tech conferences often are such blatant feminist snake pits.

This is the end of part 1 of 2.

On part 2 we will finally see how Susan “Icky” Wojcicki managed to snatch the YouTube CEO position and her many connections in Google. Stay tuned.

Thank you for reading.